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Chapter 945 - A Bit Brutal

The guilds that had received Shadow Tactician Shaan’s announcement gathered there. No interactions were made among each other because everyone knew that the one in charge of the guild might not be the guild leader. All the players were wondering which characters that matched the team’s classes were a pro player’s side account.

It was during this time, when Shaan swayed onto stage.

Among all the NPCs in Barrier Mountain, this boss possessed a mysterious identity. His class belonged to the Night Walker category, and was proficient in all four classes. He made full use of a boss’s OP spirit. Before pro players entered the battle with bosses, countless of players had fallen under Shaan’s dagger. There was no problem filling up a pile of A4 paper with the names of the fallen.

Until now, not a single guild had a systematic way to defeat the boss. It was all completely done by pouring out blood and tears.

During the week, Shaan was the last to spawn on stage among the eight Level 75 bosses. As for the former seven, due to the addition of pro players, six of the fights’ situation turned out to be very different. Since pro players would be intervening this time, what sort of situation would unfold? As every guild silently closed in on Shaan‘s spawning location, they all started to think about this matter.

Barrier Mountain, Forest Peak.

Shaan spawned in the mountains and woods, and had already been intercepted by three guilds.

Blue Brooks Guild, Herb Garden, and Tyrannical Ambition.

All three powerhouses had arrived.

However, everyone knew that in today’s fight for the boss, what determined their victory or loss was not the guild’s strength, but the strength of the pro players who personally came to command.

The forces of the three guilds formed a triangle, trapping Shaan.

"Wait and..." Someone from Tyrannical Ambition had only just opened their mouth to speak.

"Attack!" Players from Blue Brook Guild had already started to charge towards Shaan.

"See..." The guy from Tyrannical Ambition still managed to finish his sentence. However, the change came before his words, so he felt as if his face couldn’t hold his embarrassment.

"Young people..." Lin Jingyan couldn’t help but sigh as he watched the Blade Master rushing out from Blue Brook’s formation.

Blue Brook’s Blade Master went straight towards Shaan to attack without the slightest sloppiness. Who else other than Blue Rain’s Lu Hanwen had such energy and drive?

However, before Lu Hanwen’s sword struck, it was blocked by someone.

A Witch flew out from Tiny Herb’s side on his broom. He jumped down mid-way, and waved his broom to attack five times continuously. As a result, Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master was forced to change his target and ward off the opponent.

"It really is a world for the young..." Lin Jingyan sighed once again. In a blink of an eye, Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master and the Witch from Herb Garden had already fought numerous rounds.

The Witch from Tiny Herb that was able to be evenly matched with Lu Hanwen was undoubtedly the genius pro player Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie didn’t have the kind of personality where one would be in a hurried state to rush forward. But in this season, as a young and emerging genius, Lu Hanwen’s performance in the Rookie Challenge was spectacular. There were too many people who were comparing Lu Hanwen with Gao Yingjie.

Speaking of technique, Gao Yingjie, who was older than Lu Hanwen by three years, was more mature. However, if one was speaking of personality, even Tiny Herb’s team captain Wang Jiexi sighed himself: "If Gao Yingjie had Lu Hanwen’s spirit, then it would be great."

Obviously, these words weren’t spoken in front of Gao Yingjie. Unfortunately, Gao Yingjie still secretly heard it.

In fact, Gao Yingjie knew clearly what his flaw was. However, personality problems weren’t easy to fix, even when he knew where the problem lay.

However, Gao Yingjie still wanted to try. He didn’t want to let down the expectations of his seniors.

As a result, Gao Yingjie started to take note of Lu Hanwen. Not to copy, but to learn his energy and spirit.

It wasn’t Gao Yingjie’s style to rush forward and fight like what was done when competing for bosses. However, when he saw Lu Hanwen jumping out, he subconsciously felt the need to also have this kind of spirit. As a result, he also rushed out to attack.

The two eye-catching youngsters from the league this season had already gotten into a brawl.

"Say, Old Lin, we can’t let those youngsters take all the spotlight for themselves. The ones standing in the spotlight this season should be us." A Spitfire walked to the side of Lin Jingyan’s Brawler. He switched the magazine in his automatic pistol repeatedly, making continuous ‘clicking’ sounds. Evidently, he was a guy who liked to fiddle with things when he had nothing to do.

"Being in the spotlight? Isn’t that your speciality?" Lin Jingyan said.

"Haha, you shouldn’t be too humble. Let’s hurry up, we can’t let those little demons be too full of themselves!" Zhang Jiale grinned. The automatic pistol under his Spitfire suddenly let out bright and rhythmic sounds as the bullets entered the barrel of the gun. He followed up and started attacking.


The sound of gunfire echoed repeatedly. The shots that were fired out were brilliant and varied, so there were all kinds of shots with special effects. At the same time, his left hand continued to throw out grenades into the air. In no time, flames covered a whole area. Even the silhouette of the Shaan became fuzzy. When Zhang Jiale’s Hundred Blossom fighting style was brought out, people felt that this guy’s retirement from before must have been a big part of his master plan…...

Amidst the splendid flames of the explosion, Lin Jingyan’s Brawler had snuck in. The two veterans of the league unfolded their extravagant raid on the two rookies.

However, before the two parties could collide, a blue sword light suddenly lit up among the myriad of lights flashing from the Hundred Blossoms fighting style. Although it was only monotonous in color, it seemed like it could completely swallow the dazzling light effects. Streaks of brilliance followed one after another, and it split apart the formation of those two old guys.

Soon after, everyone saw large amounts of speech bubbles popping up.

"You two don’t have any integrity you’re even willing to do this to the cute newbies it seems like you only follow half of the the virtue of respecting your elders and loving the young in Tyranny and it must be the former half because only that half would benefit you!!!!!"

"D*mn, compared to this giant speech bubble, the covering effect of your Hundred Blossoms style is so weak." Lin Jingyan sighed.

"I have always suspected that the reason this guy never uses punctuation is because they leave too much of a gap, so the coverage wouldn’t be able used to its fullest potential." Zhang Jiale said.

"Look. There’s punctuation." Lin Jingyan said.

"The six exclamation marks have dropped to below his belt!" Zhang Jiale said.

The two veterans continued to ridicule, while battling against the guy who had just joined in. That person’s identity was easy to guess, compared to everyone else. It seemed that such a big speech bubble already became the signature move of Team Blue Rain’s Huang Shaotian.

"Can you two stop spouting rubbish the reason I do this is because the online game has speech bubbles but do they have it in matches? Do they do they do they????" Huang Shaotian yelled.

"This guy is even telling someone else to stop spouting rubbish, I really want to die..." Zhang Jiale said.

"Who wouldn’t?" Lin Jingyan spoke.

They spoke to each other, while their hands didn’t stop moving. In an instance, the three characters had exchanged numerous skills. Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire had already moved to the back to support, while Lin Jingyan’s Brawler continued to fight with Huang Shaotian directly at the front.

Although it was true that Huang Shaotian was a God at the peak of his career, he was still very cautious when he faced the two veterans teaming up. He didn’t want to let the two open the formation of 2 versus 1 so smoothly, so under the excellent quality of his speech bubbles’ covers, he turned around with a Triple Slash. He weaved past Lin Jingyan’s Brawler, and wanted to fight straight on with Zhang Jiale’s Spitfire.

Their advance had only carried out half way, when a character flew out diagonally. Like Gao Yingjie, he also came from Herb Garden’s troops. He was a Witch riding on a broomstick just like Gao Yingjie, however, his flight was rather crafty. This was to the extent that when he reached Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master, he connected his skills at a critical moment. As a result, it looked like someone jumped up and slammed Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master into the ground with his broomstick. Then a swish came as the broom swept again. Dust flew everywhere, and it almost buried Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master under a mound of soil.

"Shameless shameless shameless shameless! You’re all targeting me at once. Three of you fighting one of me! Don’t take revenge in the public just because you lost the previous match!!" Since Huang Shaotian, who was swept down, didn’t need to precede with any mechanisms, he managed to patiently put on all the punctuations this time in his speech bubble.

"It’s only because you’re too noisy." The Witch wasn’t going easy on him at all. Two magic potions were thrown out, and Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master was immediately trapped between skies of ice and fire.

"Huang Shao*, let me save you!" When Lu Hanwen noticed that Huang Shaotian’s wasn’t in a good situation, he knocked aside Gao Yingjie’s broom with his sword, and rushed forward swiftly to help Huan Shaotian.

"This is so embarrassing! Huang Shaotian, you should just retire and give your position to Little Comrade Lu. That’s the truth!" Zhang Jiale and Lin Jingyan sighed one after another.

"It’s hard to believe how well-coordinated you two are after becoming teammates You two echo each other!" Huang Shaotian wasn’t weak. Even if he was going up against three Gods, he wasn’t that easy to be killed. Under his controls, the Blade Master turned over with a Waning Wind Fading Grass. A ray of sword light was drawn in a circle around him, and helped him avoid the two characters beside him. A Rising Dragon Slash and Sky Plunging Blade followed like a sword immortal.

The surrounding players were all flabbergasted at this point.

Lu Hanwen and Gao Yingjie, Huang Shaotian and Wang Jiexi, and Zhang Jiale with Lin Jingyan... What sort of scene was this? This was just like the All Stars Weekend! Everyone forgot why they had come; they only wanted to be the audience, and seriously watch the people before them perform.

As a result, a small team of people was able to secretly close up to this area without anyone noticing.

"Wow..." When Wei Chen saw the group of pro players before his eyes, he immediately exclaimed with surprise: "Won't the contents of this training be a bit brutal?"

"Mm, it’s a bit over the top, so don’t feel like you’re pressured and go up fearlessly!" Ye Xiu said.

"Nonsense!! Since the contents are so brutal, shouldn’t we change our equipment?" Wei Chen said.

"If we lose the equipment that we’re used to, our battle rhythm will change. I think it would be best if we didn’t overlook these details." Ye Xiu said.

"F*ck, then why did you tell us to go in without pressure? If you have the guts, you can go up and let them make you drop your Myriad Manifestations Umbrella." Wei Chen said.

"Comrade Mo Fan." Ye Xiu turned his head around. It was the first time in his life he had proactively communicate with Mo Fan before a battle. "I have a serious task for you this time. If any of us happen to drop our equipment, you must snatch back our dropped equipment no matter what happens."

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