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Chapter 943 - Just Off By One Strike

"I’m going to attend the match. I only need 14 minutes!" Tian Sen clenched his teeth and replied.

"What if there’s traffic?" Ye Xiu said.  

"It’s at our home stadium!" Tian Sen said.

"What if the elevator breaks down? From what I remember, isn’t the Royal Style building is pretty old. Do you guys frequently perform maintenance checks on the elevator?"

"....." Tian Sen was speechless. It wasn’t the time to chat about this, but the problem was that he couldn’t help but think about the loud elevator at Royal Style that kept on making noises whenever it went up or down.

Just one more strike!

Tian Sen gritted his teeth. However, this one attack had dragged on for three minutes already.

Tian Sen hadn’t forgotten about the match. He had calculated that there was more than enough time to kill this boss and hurry over to the match. How could he have known Lord Grim’s group would arrive midway, instantly complicating the match. 

Just one more strike and Hidden Warrior Alyan would fall, but he was stuck on this one attack.

Most players might not be able to imagine such a scene happening, but Tian Sen wasn’t surprised one bit. Pro players had the ability to achieve that. The one in front of him wasn’t currently registered by the Alliance, but no one would question his ability. The problem was that Tian Sen himself was being held back by him, which made him feel extremely unhappy.  

It was almost time for the match to begin, but he just wasn’t able to make this one final strike.  

It was already 7:43? He started panicking even more when Ye Xiu told him the time. Rushing to the stadium would take him at least 14 minutes. For insurance, he had originally planned to leave at 7:40, but this Cheng Yaojin who charged in mid-battle completed ruined his plans*.

Tian Sen hadn’t been too concerned about this bunch. He knew that their capabilities were impressive, but he had already established such an enormous lead. It wasn’t possible for Hidden Warrior Alyan’s aggro to switch over to another target at this point, especially with an All Star like him watching over the battle.

But he didn’t think that, not only would Lord Grim’s group not attack Hidden Warrior Alyan and fight over the aggro, they even protected the boss and focused their attacks on him.

Forcefully suppressing the opposing side from dealing damage was a rarely used strategy in boss battles because any team that could successfully accomplish that was undoubtedly the most outstanding team on the battlefield. It also required that team to have numerous safeguards. How could it be so easily done?

When Lord Grim’s group prepared to employ this strategy, Guild Royal Heritage even started laughing. They felt like Lord Grim’s group probably thought of themselves as invincible because they could go on a rampage in the game without any resistance. This time, they had bumped into Tian Sen. Attempting a blitzkrieg against him was too naive, no?

Reality met their expectations. How could Tian Sen be so easily killed? With the support of Guild Royal Heritage’s elite teams, he easily defended against the pressure.

Afterwards, Lord Grim’s group acted shamelessly in the eyes of Royal Heritage. Since they couldn’t get the boss for themselves, they want to inconvenience us?

That’s too unscrupulous! Look at the other guilds! After seeing how Tian Sen controlled the flow of battle and established a steady aggro advantage, they had already packed their bags and given up. Only Lord Grim’s group still wanted to cause trouble for them after knowing they couldn’t get the boss. They were too unprincipled!

Royal Heritage’s players were furious, but with their strength, they didn’t have the ability to challenge Lord Grim’s group.

Let alone Wei Chen, Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, Qiao Yifan, Wu Chen, even Luo Ji was no longer the same as before after undergoing such a long period of pro-level practice.

The skill level and experience of a God like Ye Qiu and professional training methods weren’t fake. If a random passerby was picked up off the streets, even if he could not be turned into a God or a pro player, training someone to become an expert better than normal players was absolutely not a problem.

Luo Ji went through another period of bitter practice during the break. He could already be considered an expert. In the Arena, he won more often than not. In any guild, he would be good enough to enter an elite group.

In this PK, Ye Xiu wasn’t going to put any restrictions on him to make it easier for Luo Ji to control his summons, because Luo Ji could already figure out how to best bring out his strength.

As a result, even though Lord Grim’s group was fewer in number, Royal Style couldn’t deal with them.

Neither side was able to do anything to the other, so the situation went into a deadlock. However with Lord Grim’s group causing trouble, killing the boss obviously wouldn’t go peacefully, especially with Hidden Warrior Alyan attacking at inopportune moments. If not, with Tian Sen personally watching over the fight, Royal Heritage could have brought this situation to a close with a sudden burst of attacks.

Royal Heritage grit their teeth, but they couldn’t do anything to the other side. From their view, as long as they could kill this boss, they would bring defeat to those guys.

At 7:40, it was only when Ye Xiu asked Tian Sen if he wasn’t going to the match did Tian Sen realize the despicableness of the other side’s strategy.

Lord Grim’s group wasn’t just there to inconvenience Royal Heritage. Their eyes were still set on the boss. They saw a huge weakness in Royal Heritage: today was match day. At 8:00 PM sharp, the match would begin. How could Tian Sen not go? As a result, they deliberately caused trouble, stopping Royal Heritage from killing the boss. Once the time came, even if Tian Sen’s Exorcist wasn’t dead, he would still be forced to leave.

7:40 was when Tian Sen had planned on leaving, but he was unwilling to! Because Hidden Warrior Alyan only need one more hit to fall. If their guild focused their attacks, that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, right?

But they couldn’t do it!

Tian Sen was the other side’s main focus. Whatever methods the other players wanted to use were easily seen through by the other side. Hidden Warrior Alyan stayed strong with only his final breath. He simply refused to die. His attacks in a red blood state killed many of their Royal Heritage players. What was even more infuriating was that the equipment dropped by these players were actually picked up by a Ninja from the other side. That Ninja was like the wind. He charged into Royal Heritage’s troops to pick the equipment up, and no one could stop him.

And just like this, in order to make that final strike, Tian Sen busied about for three minutes. During these three minutes, he was pretty much just fighting with Lord Grim’s group. Let alone striking the boss, if he wasn’t careful, he might be the one to fall in the end.

"It’s 7:44!" In the blink of an eye, a minute passed. Ye XIu reminded Tian Sen again. The ability to report the time like a bird was the greatest blow to Tian Sen. The more time that passed, the more panicked Tian Sen became.

7:45! I’ll have to go then! This is the final minute!

Tian Sen wanted to find an opening in this final minute, but Ye Xiu’s group had lasted for four minutes already, so how could they easily expose an opening in this final minute? Of course not. This opening would have to be created by Tian Sen.

Tian Sen no longer had a way out. He decided to put his all into this fight.

"If an opportunity appears, attack!"

These were his final words towards Guild Royal Heritage. He wasn’t sure if he could make the final blow himself, but perhaps he could create enough of an opening to let the others in the guild complete it. If that happened, the boss would still be theirs in the end.

Tian Sen’s Exorcist suddenly leaped up. Before his scythe could start swinging, a bullet was fired. Lord Grim’s weapon would be a spear, then a sword, and then a gun. Tian Sen wasn’t sure what to do, but this time, Tian Sen wasn’t planning on running. The scythe in his hands made three scarlet slashes. Boom boom boom. The three Anti-Tank Missiles fired by Lord Grim were sliced apart. Tian Sen’s Exorcist flew out of the smoke directly towards Lord Grim. He wanted to use this type of method to forcefully create an opening in the protective circle around the boss.

A cold light flashed. Soft Mist’s spear arrived with a Circle Swing. She wanted to throw Tian Sen’s Exorcist down to the ground.

Tian Sen reacted quickly. His scythe swung again, knocking Soft Mist’s spear aside. At the same time, he didn’t ignore what was ahead of him. After his scythe blocked Soft Mist’s spear, he swung it down, deflecting the Circle Swing from Lord Grim as well.

In that one leap, Tian Sen was able to complete five attacks. Scythes had an attack speed advantage over spears. In his hands, the scythe danced without restraint. He broke through all of these obstacles and was just about to reach Lord Grim. At this moment, Lord Grim moved to the side, and Tian Sen saw Hidden Warrior Alyan punch. A Qi Master’s Sky Piercing Strike blasted straight at him.

Those guys had actually coordinated with the boss. This attack was a Qi attack and couldn’t be blocked. He had already reached this step. He could only take the blow.

His Exorcist opened his hands and a talisman paper flew out. This was a special Exorcist talisman. A talisman could immediately release a skill. This time, right when the talisman was thrown out, pa pa pa sounds repeatedly sounded. At Lord Grim’s side, Steamed Bun Invasion had used an Inject Poison. Before the talisman skill could be released, thousands of holes punctured through it, making it fail.

This was the greatest weakness for Exorcist talismans. When a talisman paper was thrown out, if it wasn’t protected, the paper could be destroyed, which would be equivalent to interrupting the skill.

And then... there was no and then. When Hidden Warrior Alyan’s Sky Piercing Strike hit, Tian Sen’s Exorcist was blown away. Another part of the battle had passed. Who would have thought that, after Tian Sen had dispersed the Anti-Tank Missiles, he had thrown an Exorcist talisman into the air. Brilliant light blossomed from it.

Exorcist Talisman: Flying Meteorite!

Sparks filled the air. A meteor, dragging a tail behind it, descended. Tian Sen let out a victorious smile, but soon afterwards, he saw Lord Grim suddenly lift his weapon. That umbrella opened up and Lord Grim strolled over to the boss and protected him. The falling meteor crashed into the umbrella. The boss looked like he was completely unaffected.

"How treacherous. To think you hid an Exorist talisman." Lord Grim lifted up his gaze, appreciating the beauty of the flying meteorite.

"7:45." In the end, he still didn’t forget to remind Tian Sen about the time.

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