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Chapter 942 - Royal Style’s Tian Sen

Not being able to get wild bosses was definitely no small matter for a pro team.

A team’s strength consisted of the players and characters. Where did a character’s strength come from? Equipment! Where did equipment come from? Wild bosses!

In particular, after the new update and equipment underwent changes, if this situation lasted, not only would it be impossible to upgrade a character’s equipment, even god-level equipment might fall behind. If the strength of the characters were no good, the team’s performance would be affected. This vicious cycle might lead to an entire team’s downfall.

No team would sit and watch while this happened. Unusual times required unusual methods. Pro players usually wouldn’t split their attention for the game, but with the game affecting the life and death of a team, this type of principle could obviously be changed.

As a result, during this particular period of time, Glory nostalgically returned to when the Glory Alliance was initially created. At that time, the beautiful scene described by the PR from the various teams was now being displayed.

Playing with your idol!

2/16 3:38 PM. Level 70 World Tree. In the fight for Forest Guardian Vich, Guild Misty Castle ripped through the chaotic battle between three guilds under the splendid cover of an Elementalist. Among Guild Misty Castle was a pair of Sharpshooters who left a deep impression on everyone. After this battle, the players participating in this battle would remember that the Elementalist should have been Team Misty Rain’s God, Chu Yunxiu, and that Sharpshooter pair must have been Team Misty Rain’s newly signed beautiful sisters.

2/16 6:17. Sighing Ravine. In the fight for Sword Master Kayou, a Brawler from Guild Howling Heights charged into battle. He was unstoppable. No one could get near him. His support allowed Guild Howling Heights to take down the boss. This invincible Brawler must be the current number one Brawler in Glory, Team Wind Howl’s new core and God, Tang Hao. However, those with sharper eyes would have noticed that when Tang Hao’s Brawler charged into battle, an Elementalist stood by his side, providing cover for him. After a brief analysis, this Elementalist should be last season’s Best Rookie, Zhao Yuzhe.

2/16 was already a Sunday. There were many wild bosses remaining on the final day of the week. Everyone just had fun enjoying the performance from these pro players.

But on 2/17, the new week began. It could also be said that whenever a boss spawned every day, there would always be unstoppable characters scattered across the battlefield, deciding the outcome of the battle. From the classes of the characters and the guild, it wasn’t hard to guess who each character was. In the Glory forums, someone even began keeping track of which pro players came with each new boss spawn.

In that list, players found almost eighty percent of the players in the pro scene.

It was only until Friday and Saturday did the number of pro players in the game start to dwindle. Everyone clearly still had to focus their attention on preparing for their matches on Saturday night. There were a few who did the opposite though. During these two days, when the vast majority of teams wouldn’t distract themselves from the upcoming match, they ran to the game to fight for wild bosses.

These types of teams were those who were not strong enough to reach the top, but not weak enough to fall below. They generally did not have too high of a goal for this season already.  

Team Royal Style’s Tian Sen was particularily hard working during these two days.  

Team Royal Style was currently 12th place. Reaching playoffs at this point would require a miracle. Because of Team Royal Style’s current rankings, many had forgotten that they had once been a glorious powerhouse.

During the early days in the Alliance, Tian Sen’s Peaceful Hermit had been as famous as the Battle God and the King of Fighting. At that time, the Magician, the Sword Saint, the Great Gunner, and so on were still unknown cheerleaders!

The champions of the Alliance’s first season had been born out of the match between Excellent Era and Royal Style. From that day forth, Team Royal Style was a team that stood at the top of the Alliance.

However, after that, they trudged along a downwards path from the peak.

From being a contestant for the championship title in the finals, to being a team that always reached the finals, to a team that would need a miracle to reach the finals, times really had changed for Team Royal Style.

There were many reasons for this, but for people nowadays, regretting these mistakes wouldn’t change anything. Through their hard work and efforts, allowing Team Royal Style to return to their former glory was what could be done today.

Tian Sen was the flag character for Team Royal Style’s new generation. However, after this flag came out, the speed at which Team Royal Style declined actually increased.

Team Royal Style had fallen to a cheerleader team with no competition above and below them.

Tian Sen’s Peaceful Hermit was an All Star. That was their only honor. Yet even this honor was on the brink of death. In the new All Star rankings, Tian Sen and his Peaceful Hermit had been in 21st place. Behind him was Yang Cong and Zhao Ziyang, two typical grassroot players, as well as Zou Yuan, who was ranked because of his special circumstances.

Tian Sen could not accept this placing.  

He himself was one of the famous Golden Generation players. Peaceful Hermit had once been one of the three Gods, alongside the Battle God and the King of Fighting. How could this combination end up in such a low position? 

It wasn’t like Tian Sen wasn’t trying hard. However, in Team Royal Style’s current situation, weakness had permeated all levels of the team. The team wasn’t performing well, and their guild was extremely weak. The update was said to be an opportunity for mid-tier and low-tier teams to make a comeback, but Team Royal Style could not grasp this opportunity. In the competition for wild bosses, Team Royal Style was even more of a cheerleader than they were in the Alliance.

Through the rewards from the several holiday events, Peaceful Hermit was finally able to get his Silver weapon upgraded to Level 75. However, Tian Sen knew that the upgrading had stopped there. This weapon alone had emptied out Team Royal Style’s stock of materials. In the following days, Team Royal Style was still just a cheerleader on the sidelines in the wild boss hunts.

Tian Sen truly felt a deep fear in his heart. Even when he had failed to make it to the playoffs, he had never panicked like this before. If this continued, Peaceful Hermit would certainly leave the stage of Gods. Tian Sen definitely wouldn’t allow this to happen in his hands and in his generation.

As a result, Tian Sen began actively fighting in the game, assisting Guild Royal Heritage in their hunt for bosses. Even on Friday and Saturday, when the match date was approaching and the other pro players were preparing for it, he actually took this opportunity to attack again and again.

On Friday and Saturday, Guild Royal Heritage had a bountiful harvest. Tian Sen and Team Royal Style were in a slump in the pro scene, but in the game, they had complete control over the field. Don’t forget that Tian Sen was still an All Star player. He was the genuine number one Exorcist of Glory.

The team could not stop Tian Sen’s craze because they knew what Tian Sen wanted and what he was working hard towards. So when Tian Sen didn’t participate in the final practice before the match, Team Royal Style did not say anything.

The match was about to start. In the preparation room, there was still no sign of Tian Sen. Now everyone felt like he was getting a bit too crazy.

Even if Team Royal Styles couldn’t gain anything from this season, wasn’t giving up on the match too unprofessional?

The team members discussed this in the preparation room. From their understanding, Tian Sen shouldn’t be like this.

The expression on Team Royal Style’s manager face was ashen. He called again and again, but no one picked up. Helpless, he could only report it to his boss.

"Have you called anyone to look for him in his room?" The boss asked.

"I’ve already told someone to do that." The manager said. The match was taking place in Team Royal Style’s home stadium. Normally, after the players finished their last bits of practice in the practice room, they would rush to the stadium. Tian Sen not showing up to their final practice session wasn’t a big deal. They thought Tian Sen would hurry over to the stadium before the match started, but there was only half an hour before it began, and Tian Sen was still nowhere to be seen.

By this point, the teams had already confirmed their team line-ups. Even though a sudden accident would allow them change it, if they did, they could not change it again. The rules weren’t set only for Team Royal Style. That was just the way things were. 

Tian Sen was Team Royal Style’s ace player. Until the very last moment, Team Royal Style didn’t wish to give him up, whether that was for the match or for the fans, it couldn’t be done…..

However, they couldn’t get into contact with Tian Sen.

In the preparation room, a player suddenly thought of something. He pulled out the laptop that he carried with him, opened it up, connected to the Wifi, opened the game, took out the Glory card reader on him, and swiped his account card.

"Tian Sen is still in the game!" This player was called Chang Jianping. His relationship with Tian Sen was quite good. He finally found signs of Tian Sen still in the game.

"That guy! Did he forget the time?! Tell him to hurry over." The manager rushed over to Cao Jianping. He saw the screen and shouted. 

Chang Jianping had already clicked on Tian Sen’s character and sent a message to him.

No reply.

"What’s going on? Did something happen to him?" The manager suddenly had a bad premonition.

Chang Jianping suddenly thought of something. He saw that Royal Heritage’s guild leader was also online. Since Tian Sen wasn’t replying, he messaged Royal Heritage’s guild leader instead.

If Tian Sen was doing something in the game, the guild leader would obviously support him with all he had. The two should be together.

When Chang Jianping messaged the guild leader, he soon got a reply.

"In battle!" The guild leader replied.

"What time is it! What battle?! Tell him to hurry over!" The manager saw the reply and started flipping out. In his outrage, he even failed to think of calling the guild team to ask about Tian Sen’s whereabouts. 

Glory, Heavenly Domain, Setting Sun Waterfall.

The landscape was enchanting. It was a place, where those in love liked to swim around freely in. However, no matter beautiful the scenery was, once a wild boss spawned, a bloody storm would pass through.

Under the Setting Sun Waterfall, Hidden Warrior Alyan was quickly approaching death. The battle for the boss reached a climax at this moment.

A scarlet scythe whistled in the air, striking the fatal blow to Alyan. At this instant, a spear stabbed forward, accurately blocking the scythe to the tank’s side.

"It’s already 7:42. Little Tian, you’re still not going to head over? Don’t you have a match to play soon?" Ye Xiu, who was controlling Lord Grim, asked concernedly to an Exorcist.

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