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Chapter 944 - Training

It’s 7:45.

This sentence did more damage to Tian Sen than any skill. No matter how much he wanted to continue, Tian Sen had no choice but to log out of the game. After all, he was Team Royal Style’s captain, Team Royal Style’s ace, the one that carried his team on his shoulders. His sense of responsibility wouldn’t allow him to miss Team Royal Style’s official matches for any reason whatsoever.

Tian Sen’s Exorcist finally stopped moving. This was what would happen when you force logged off in combat. An online character that was under no one’s control was bound to be trampled over by others. Right now, it was still the target of the Boss’ aggro. Hidden Warrior Alyan continued to charge at Tian Sen’s Exorcist. This seemed to be exactly what Ye Xiu and co wanted. After Tian Sen’s Exorcist was killed, the aggro would be washed from him. If the aggro was washed from an All Star level player like Tian Sen, then washing it from the other members of Guild Royal Heritage would be a piece of cake.

Hidden Warrior Alyan was like the flash of a blade, appearing right next to Tian Sen’s Exorcist. A fist swung out and the claws on the back of that fist stabbed into the abdomen of Tian Sen’s Exorcist.

It was then that the members of Guild Royal Heritage suddenly moved into a fan shaped attack formation, throwing out every possible skill they could and blasting it at Hidden Warrior Alyan.

Tian Sen might’ve had to go offline, but Tian Sen’s departure might give them some form of opportunity, so Tian Sen had specially informed them of this before he logged out.

In this moment, the admiration Royal Heritage’s players had for their captain was endless. He was their god.

An opportunity had appeared as expected!

"Hahahaha, you’ve miscalculated!" Royal Heritage’s players laughed wildly. It hadn’t been easy holding it in, seeing the boss just moments away from being taken down.

Ever since Lord Grim had entered the competition for bosses, Royal Heritage went from being able to get a few scraps to becoming a bystander. Like any other guild, Royal Heritage loathed Lord Grim, who never played by the standards and sent everything into chaos. Recently, God Tian Sen had been coming to the guild to guide them, allowing them to gain some spoils in the competition for Bosses. Though, as a upstanding employee of the club, the guild leader worried that their team’s performance would be influenced by their god’s participation ingame, he understood Tian Sen’s intentions upon seeing his strained smile when mentioning their team’s current scores.

Royal Heritage didn’t have much of a chance to do anything of note in the current season anymore. The current retreat was to make way for a brighter future. Taking this update as a chance, Tian Sen came online often to obtain some high leveled materials, hopefully grabbing them a chance of striking back. For those teams without powerful foundations, they could only use this effort to slowly accumulate strength.

The continuous battles were all for victory. It wasn’t until this Boss that they had met the characters from Happy. They had suddenly all appeared, causing a storm cloud to appear over the head of Royal Heritage’s guild leader, even though there was a god among them, helping.

As expected, Lord Grim’s shenanigans had suppressed even Tian Sen, drawing things out until he absolutely had to leave. It was a good thing that with his departure, Tian Sen had created a game point for them. He might’ve not been here personally, but the competition for this boss had still resulted in Royal Heritage’s victory.

Royal Heritage’s players had been wildly laughing at Happy’s untimely loss, but when they looked carefully, they found that Happy’s characters had never moved from their original places, and they weren’t even looking over here. Lord Grim’s back was even turned to them and the others were all looking towards him, obviously listening to him speak.

Some Royal Hertiage players came over curiously. These people didn’t stop them from listening into what Lord Grim was saying.

"We were careless. Did anyone notice the Flying Meteorite Exorcism Talisman that Tian Sen threw into the air?" Ye Xiu was saying.


"If it was just one person who hadn’t noticed it, that’s excusable. However, we are a team, we should understand the situation on the field in its entirety, without any blind spots, using the support we have from one another. On this point, we don’t do well enough. Everyone needs to keep this awareness of supporting each other in mind. We need to keep an eye of our teammate’s blind spots at any given moment and fill in these blanks for them, allowing us, as a whole, to achieve a state where we have no blind spots."

None of Happy’s members were newbies anymore, naturally understanding the meaning to Ye Xiu’s words. They didn’t need further explanation; they just had to make this a habit.

"Okay, Tian Sen has logged off," Lord Grim only turned his view upon saying this, casually taking a glance at the Royal Heritage players, still excited over their boss kill. Then he said, "No pro players would be on at this time, so let’s end today’s training here!"

Training? What did he mean? What was that?

The Royal Heritage players who heard what Happy was saying were confused, but from Lord Grim’s tone, they had gleaned one scrap of information; Happy wasn’t interested in anything the Boss had to give. They seemed to be more interested in their exchange with Tian Sen.

Tian Sen was deserving of his title of god; he had probably given these incomparably inexperienced newbies some good battle experience.

The Royal Heritage players thought this to themselves with pride, but then froze.

Battle experience?


No way.

Watching the retreating figures of Happy, these players seemed to have realized something. Were these members of Happy here just to use the online pro players as practice? Was this their so-called training?

To know the truth, this player ran over to catch up. However, because of his lack of efficiency in using stamina, he wasn’t able to chase for too long. He did manage to hear some conversation though.

"Actually, we could’ve still tried to take that boss just now. It would be pretty hard to continue in that sort of situation, so we could have seen it as practice." Someone said.

"No need. That would waste quite some more time. We should focus our attention on more specialized training." That was Lord Grim’s voice.

"Are we off to watch matches for theoretical learning again?"

"Of course, these are all live teaching materials, we should use them to their fullest," Lord Grim said with a hint of laughter.

"Speaking of which, it’s a match day today, how about we watch a live stream?"

"Hm, that’s good, too… If we watch a live match, we can use the chance to have everyone take part in a live analysis of the battle situation," Lord Grim said.

"No way…" Everyone else chorused.

That was when the Royal Heritage player had used up his stamina and watched Happy’s members leave and disappear into the distance.

Team Happy was using the pro players who came in game to help their guilds get materials as practice opponents. The Royal Heritage player felt like he had found out something big and hurriedly ran off to tell his guild leader. As expected, his guild leader was also shocked.

However, after he recovered, what could he do about it? Get all the pro players to stop coming ingame for bosses to become Team Happy’s practice targets?

Yes… If it was the pros of other guilds, then sure. For our Guild Royal Heritage, we hope that our God Tian Sen will always be here!

It was then that God Tian Sen had finally arrived at the stadium. There was only a minute before the match was due to start.

"Try to be earlier in the future…" Knowing where Tian Sen had gone and seeing now that he hadn’t been late, the manager had originally been fretting anxiously, but only said this sentence casually upon seeing him.

Tian Sen was moved. He knew that this showed an immense amount of trust for him. He nodded with some force and swept past to get onstage.

"Did you get this boss?" The manager asked as he passed by.

"I… don’t know." Tian Sen was disappointed that he was incapable of answering this question. After logging out, he had rushed over. The battle ingame had definitely ended in these fifteen minutes, but he had no idea how it turned out.

"Do your best…" The manager realized that his question had made Tian Sen, who was about to go up to play, a little absent minded and immediately regretted it. In reality, he hadn’t thought Tian Sen would give him such an answer. Seeing this guy appearing only in the last minute, he had thought the other would give him a confident answer. Yet in the end, it was an uncertain one. Was it so hard even for Tian Sen to snatch Bosses in game?

The manager, who didn’t need to play, was rather free and called the guild department. He was obviously pleased to hear that the guild had taken the Boss, but then he heard of Team Happy’s attitude in this battle.

"Using Tian Sen as training?" The manager was stunned.

"I think, that’s exactly how it is," the guild leader said.

"What… what on earth is this about?" The manager was perplexed. Team Happy really was an anomaly.

At exactly 8, the battle between the twenty teams in the 23rd round of the Glory Alliance’s Tenth Season began.

Ye Xiu was completely correct. In this moment, no pro players would appear ingame.

Under such circumstances, Team Happy wouldn’t be conducting any practice.

However, not long after the match was over, Ye Xiu and co gained intel from ingame that the pro players had appeared.

After this period of organizing intel, the smurfs that all the pros were using could be easily compiled by anyone who cared to take note.

The names that had been reported had only just experienced losses or victories on the field. Now, they had come ingame with their different moods. This might be a new method of cathartic relief. Those who had won beautifully needed a place to relieve their excess energy and those who had lost, needed a place to release their frustration.

The more active it was online, the better it was for Happy to train.

Now, many pros had come ingame to battle, but where was the battlegrounds?

New intel soon arrived.

Barrier Mountains, Shadow Tactician Shaan had respawned.

A big level 75 Boss. It had currently not been figured out by the players yet. Just to deal with bosses, there would be many high difficulty NPC deaths. And now, it was facing a difficult moment. It was about to face the true cream of the crop Glory. Fortunately, this team wasn’t in harmony at all.

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