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Chapter 908 - Watch from a distance a fight between tigers

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Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had already switched to their alternates. In between, Steamed Bun Invasion spent some time switching his equipment over. When they accepted the event quest again, they unexpectedly bumped into None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head again.

At the same time, Ye Xiu also noticed another team.

Excellent Dynasty’s team.

This team currently still had 53 stockings. This round would probably also be their first round today. From this team’s composition, this team was undoubtedly Excellent Era’s pro team. There was no need to question the strength of this team. Even if Wei Chen’s team had a higher total stocking count than them yesterday night, that definitely didn’t mean Wei Chen’s team could claim superiority to Excellent Era’s team. Of course, that only applied if Wei Chen wasn’t being shameless. For someone like Wei Chen, lying through his teeth was way too easy.

"You guys sure did run into trouble this time!" Chen Guo had felt extremely pleased when Ye Xiu buried alive None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head last round. This round, she saw that Ye Xiu had once again encountered these two players. Just when she was excited, she saw there was also Excellent Era’s pro team and immediately turned serious.

Wei Chen heard the news and turned his head. He saw the situation and said even more seriously to Ye Xiu: "What a good opportunity. Give them a good beating on my behalf."

Wei Chen’s words were obviously aimed at Excellent Era’s team.

Their three rounds today didn’t go as well as their three rounds had yesterday. They only acquired a total of 52 stockings total. If Excellent Era’s team had a bit of luck and obtained over 54 stockings, Wei Chen’s team wouldn’t be able to keep their spot as first place. Right now, this team was their only competitor. Even Wei Chen’s alternate team didn’t have such an exceptional record, making Wei Chen only feel more uneasy.

Their alternate team had switched equipment too, so the strength of their alternate team and the strength of their main team were pretty close. Yet they weren’t able to replicate their main team’s stocking total, showing that this event quest had many variables involved. Wei Chen’s main team had completed their three rounds today. Their stocking total wasn’t too incredible either, which was why they were so nervous. Seeing that Excellent Era’s team had come across Ye Xiu, Wei Chen was in high spirits.

"Yeah, pass me a cigarette." Ye Xiu said.

"Here here here, I’ll even light it for you." The current Wei Chen didn’t taunt Ye Xiu like he usually did and instead was very polite.

"What a coincidence." Ye Xiu said with a cigarette in his mouth, "I chose a Mechanic and I bump into Xiao Shiqin."

"With Boss Ye’s ability, a trifling Xiao Shiqin is nothing to be feared." Wei Chen said.

"Stop making so much noise. Go play on your alternate." Ye Xiu said.

"Yes yes yes." Wei Chen immediately returned to his team and continued instructing his team properly. The personality change was so fast that Chen Guo could only gasp in amazement.

"Steamed Bun, let’s do this! It’s starting." Ye Xiu shouted. Fifty players had finally gathered for this event. There were no other special newcomers. The system had begun counting down.

"Understood." Steamed Bun’s spirit rose.

"Let’s check the situation first." Ye Xiu said.

The two players entered the map and casually strolled around, waiting for the situation to develop. As for the other players, when they saw the list of other teams participating, they cried as if they had lost their parents. Bumping into just one freak team was enough, but they had actually encountered two. They didn’t know that the Mechanic, Listened Promise, and the Brawler, Rain, were actually another freak team using their alternates.

This time, the map was still snowy, but there was no heavy snowstorm that blocked their vision, nor was there was the blinding sun. The map was a small village wrapped in silver white. The stockings could be on the streets, inside the buildings, or on the roofs. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun weren’t in a hurry to search for stockings. After wandering around, Ye Xiu found a particular roof and immediately headed towards there. Two minutes had already passed, yet there were still no stockings found. No one knew if it was because the other players had already been struck a blow and remained passive.

Ye Xiu’s Listened Promise jumped onto that roof and the first system notification had appeared. The first stocking had been picked up by a normal player from a normal team. Then again, it had only been 20 days since the new level cap had been released. Those who could level to 75 definitely weren’t ordinary. Unfortunately, their opponents were too strong this time. No matter how fast they leveled, they could only be considered ordinary.

When the first stocking was picked up, the system chat stopped remaining calm. After all, not everyone was passive though. For example, None Dare Attack and Lower YOur Head wouldn’t remain passive when facing Excellent Era’s team. They might treat them like a test of skill.

Notifications began popping up again and again. Of the ten stockings, five were quickly found. Excellent Era’s team and the Lower Your Head duo still hadn’t appeared.

Who knew if it was because the two freak teams were not making any moves boosted the morale of everyone else, a small tide of notifications crashed into the chat. Two stockings had been picked up simultaneously. A fight had clearly broken out. Twelve stockings had spawned so far and seven had been acquired already.

Eighth, ninth, tenth…...

It seems as if the various teams had awakened. Their progress suddenly increased rapidly. In the blink of an eye, the total stockings acquired went from seven to ten. Among these, Excellent Era’s team finally revealed themselves. Through a non-combat way, they had found a stocking.

"None of them are in a hurry to act! How patient." Ye Xiu sighed.

Ye Xiu had tried the strategy of letting the opponent strike first before striking too, but that strategy didn’t work for every situation. You needed to have a certain grasp of the location of the stockings, so you would have a certain level of control, but in their situation? Ten stockings were scattered among eight teams. The stockings weren’t concentrated on a team, so striking first or striking last didn’t make a difference.

Xiao Shiqin obviously wasn’t so stupid as to not understand this simple line of reasoning. Ye Xiu reckoned that after he saw None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head, he adopted a wait-and-see strategy, or perhaps do the same as Ye Xiu in the past round and hunt down Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack.

However, how could Xiao Shiqin know that Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had just fallen for such a trap. This time, when they saw a formidable enemy, how could they so easily rush to stand out from everyone else. With both sides restraining themselves, the situation became somewhat messy.

"Boss, we’re still not acting?" Steamed Bun had been silent for a long time and asked.

"There’s no hurry. If this situation continues, we’ll at least be able to complete our mission of helping Old Wei snipe his competitor."

"Doing nothing and completing a mission! How brilliant!" Steamed Bun exclaimed in admiration.

"Of course." Ye Xiu said. His thoughts were obviously different from his conversation with Steamed Bun. Right now, it was a test of who had more patience. With Xiao Shiqin’s experience and foresight, Ye Xiu reckoned that if he really needed to be patient, he definitely would, but the question was did his team really need to wait?

His team consisted of five All Stars. Waiting and seeing was simply just to save some trouble, letting None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head to help them hunt. If they were really afraid, then they would be laughed at. Five pro players in a team afraid of two players that had stood out from the pack through an event? If someone claimed it, that wouldn’t be considered cautious or careful, that would be considered crazy.

So even though Excellent Era’s team was being patient, Ye Xiu didn’t think they had no plans.

As expected, they didn’t wait for None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head to act first. Excellent Era’s team was too lazy to keep wasting their time. A notification announcing that a character from their team had picked up a stocking opened their first attack. They couldn’t have made too many preparations during their previous period of silence. As soon as they started their attacks, they instantly swept half of the acquired stockings on the field. They weren’t like Happy and endured patiently from time to time. They were a team that once reigned over Glory. Being careful and meticulous facing some normal players would just be too shameful.

Excellent Era’s team continued to plunder stockings, and the system continued to spawn new stockings. Those without stockings were fearless, but facing tyrannical strength, fearlessness didn’t equate to victory.

Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun finally split up. They weren’t looking for stockings, but for players. Ye Xiu wanted to know what Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were doing! No movements had come from them yet. Could they also be waiting? That would betray what Ye Xiu knew, after coming across them!

Ye Xiu guessed that these two definitely wouldn’t give up so easily. Perhaps they also wanted to be the siskin behind the prey. Using this guess, Ye Xiu had a direction. If these two wanted to be siskins, they obviously needed to keep a careful watch on Excellent Era’s movements. As for Excellent Era? They were attacking everywhere, following the movements of stockings closely.

After coming across a stocking, Ye Xiu didn’t have his Listened Promise pick it up. Instead, he found a hiding place and quietly hid, calling for Steamed Bun to come over. If a team came by and disturbed them, they would come out and kill them.

This stocking became bait. Finally, Ye Xiu saw who he wanted to see.

One of the characters from Excellent Era’s team, Battle Mage Footsteps in the Wind, wandered to this location alone. After seeing this stocking, he went to pick it up without any hesitation. His confidence showed.

When Battle Mage Footsteps in the Wind picked up the eighteenth stocking, all twenty stockings had finally spawned. Two stockings still hadn’t been found yet. Among the acquired stockings, Excellent Era’s team had sixteen. As for the two that hadn’t been found yet, Ye Xiu actually discovered that this stocking had already fallen into Excellent Era’s hands. However, to extend the amount of time to get a better total, they intentionally tossed the stocking aside. If you paid attention to the system notifications and the number of stockings on a team, this method could easily be noticed.

Excellent Era’s strategy was actually very simply. With overwhelming strength, they used this method to prolong the amount of time for the event and fight for as many stockings as possible. For them, how many stockings they got simply depended on how much patience they had.

Sixteen stockings probably weren’t enough for them to be satisfied, but at this moment, there were already players who responded.

Two figures suddenly came out from behind, forming a pincer attack onto Footsteps in the Wind.

None Dare Attack!

Lower Your Head!

Announcement: I will no longer be posting on Gravity. Please go to's-Avatar for future chapters. I am doing this because I no longer gain any benefit from posting on Gravity. In fact, posting on Gravity simply takes up extra time on my part. Because of Gravity's ties with QI, chapters might still be automatically uploaded here in the future. However, I would appreciate it if readers move to QI, so that TKA's reader base is centralized on one site. Thanks for all the support you've given me so far, and I hope you're all still enjoying the novel :)

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