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Chapter 909 - Mechanical Seeker

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack appeared at a very serendipitous time. It was clear that they hadn’t been facing this with a careful attitude. They had been lying in wait for the perfect time to strike. It was evident that these two weren’t arrogant enough to believe that they could win against the five members of Excellent Era, so they had kept an eye on this lone wolf member of their party, finally decided to strike.

"Heh, I knew that you two were up to no good. I was getting impatient, waiting for you to act," the Battle Mage, Footsteps in the Wind spoke up. The haughtiness in his voice made his identity as Sun Xiang obvious.

This guy had long since noticed that the two were following him, but didn’t find them worthy of his attention at all, still doing what he should and waiting for them to strike before dealing with them.

"We’ll make you pay for underestimating us!" Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were very prideful as well. They could definitely tell that the player behind this character was Sun Xiang, but they had no intentions of backing down. The tone of Sun Xiang’s voice made it obvious that he didn’t think them a threat, and that was something the two could not accept. They didn’t hesitate to mount a vicious offense.

The bullets that flew from the muzzles of their guns were like two beams, crisscrossing as they cut through the air towards Footsteps in the Wind. Sun Xiang let out a haughty laugh. Footstep in the Wind suddenly moved, using an accurate Z-Shake to dart between the two streams of bullets, taking advantage of the gaps between each shot. In an instant, he had closed in on None Dare Attack, who was on the right.

Sun Xiang’s finesse in his technique was beyond the two’s expectations. They hadn’t thought he’d be able to break through their pincer attack so easily, just by moving.

None Dare Attack hurriedly jumped away, shooting as she prepared an Aerial Fire to pull away. Lower Your Head followed, running as she shot and continued to cooperate with None Dare Attack’s attacks.

However, even their stationary crisscrossing fire wasn’t enough to suppress Sun Xiang, they were currently in movement, making it harder, and lowering the effectiveness.

"Random Firing!" Under these dire circumstances, the two moved in sync with a single call from None Dare Attack, simultaneously activating Random Firing and instantly increasing the amount of bullets that they were shooting. With that, Sun Xiang started to feel the pressure. He hadn’t thought that the two could craft such a precise web with their firepower using such a hard to control technique.

"Not bad, seems like I’ll actually have to take this seriously." Sun Xiang had immediately been hit by a few bullets, finding an excuse as to why he was unable to dodge the net of bullets. Footsteps in the Wind, swung his spear into a Dragon Breaks the Ranks, charging through the suppressive fire without care for damage. He even suddenly changed targets as well; originally having been set on chasing down None Dare Attack, he suddenly did a double take and charged towards Lower Your Head with his Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

However, the two weren’t close and Lower Your Head wasn’t so slow at reacting either. By the time Footsteps in the Wind had arrived, spear in hand, Lower Your Head jumped back quickly, tossing a grenade at Footsteps in the Wind.

But Sun Xiang’s hands were very fast and precise. Footsteps in the Wind swung out with his spear, using Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart. As it stabbed and destroyed the hand grenade in midair, its momentum didn’t slow, flying towards Lower Your Head.

Seeing this, Lower Your Head knew that this strike wasn’t something she could dodge with simple movement. She couldn’t cling onto the gunner idea of "distance yourself" either. Lower Your Head decisively lowered her body, sliding under Footsteps in the Wind with a Slide Kick. Not only did this not distance her from Footsteps in the Wind, but it brought her closer of her own initiative.

This move was courageous, but not particularly unexpected. Footsteps in the Wind suddenly jumped up to avoid the attack; it was evident that Sun Xiang had been on guard against this possibility already. At this moment, the airborne Footsteps in the Wind suddenly flipped, head below feet and spear in one hand. His body pivoted abruptly, spinning as he descended.

Lower Your Head’s Slide Kick hit thin air, her figure halfway in movement and about to jump up to pursue Footsteps in the Wind. She was completely caught off guard by such a sudden attack.

Lower Your Head couldn’t be blamed for being caught so off guard, even if it were Ye Xiu, it would be a new experience.

Dragon Flight!

This was a new, powerful level 75 technique for Battle Mages. Even the experienced Ye Xiu wouldn’t know a lot about this technique. On the other hand, Sun Xiang was a player specializing in the Battle Mage class. As soon as his character reached level 75, he began to look into the new skills made available by Glory. This Dragon Flight was something he had played out in his head in all sorts of different ways. The current Lower Your Head had become a lab rat for testing out this skill in actual combat. Speaking of, with Excellent Era in the Challenger League, a lab rat of Lower Your Head’s caliber was hard to come by.

This drilling attack didn’t only strike with the tip of the spear. The energy brought about by the spinning of the character erupted with the last stab, bringing on a swirl of air that kicked up snow and dirt that made it hard to see the two characters. None Dare Attack, anxious to come to Lower Your Head’s help, couldn’t even see her target. She could only shoot randomly at the tornado of energy. If she could hit or not all depended on her luck.

The whirl of energy dispersed quickly and the two characters became clear soon enough. Footsteps in the Wind stood pridefully, holding his spear in one hand as Lower Your Head dangled from the end.

Seeing this scene, Lower Your Head seemed to have lost terribly, hanging from her opponent’s weapon as if a sign off his victory. However, Ye Xiu knew that this was just a continuation of Footsteps in the Wind’s attack, a Dragon Tooth that stabbed at the airborne Lower Your Head. So, at the moment of impact, it looked like Lower Your Head had been impaled, dangling from the spear. Footsteps in the Wind quickly retracted his spear, and Lower Your Head didn’t fall immediately, but was hung, suspended in the air for a moment. It was obvious that it was an upwards attack that had caused this suspension.

"Go!" Sun Xiang yelled, thrusting out a Falling Flower Palm and throwing Lower Your Head out, right at None Dare Attack. Then, his Footsteps in the Wind used Lower Your Head as cover to swiftly run forward.

None Dare Attack moved to the side to get a better view and raised her guns to shoot. Footsteps in the Wind darted left and right, and soon enough None Dare Attack was within his attack range. His spear swung out at her, but when he stepped out, Sun Xiang suddenly noticed something strange underfoot, getting Footsteps in the Wind to look down and take a look. A Mechanical Seeker was climbing towards his legs.

Sun Xiang was shocked.

It wasn’t that this skill was particularly scary, it was just that he hadn’t noticed these two using this skill at all. The direction of his spear swerved, destroying the small machine on the ground. However, None Dare Attack took advantage of this tiny opening. At such a close distance, she still chose to shoot, and with a headstrong skill like Gatling Gun, too. The heavy machine gun whipped out was practically pressed up against Footsteps in the Wind’s chest, and a stream of bullets was fired wildly. No matter how strong Sun Xiang was, he couldn’t avoid such a close attack. Footsteps in the Wind was blown back by the stream of bullets from Gatling Gun.

None Dare Attack didn’t linger to savor the effects of this attack. Gatling Gun might be a cathartic skill, it was still a low level skill. It would be a waste if they used this chance to simply fire such a low leveled attack. After blasting Footsteps in the Wind by severals units, None Dare Attack cancelled the skill quickly, putting the heavy machine gun away, sniper rifle already in hand.

A single gunshot rang out.

This sort of distance, this sort of timing, None Dare Attack didn’t even need to aim, firing as soon as the gun was raised, striking a headshot.

Sun Xiang obviously hadn’t expected that his countering of that small Mechanical Seeker would cause so much trouble for himself. Thunder Snipe, that wasn’t a skill with low damage. He never expected another gunshot after taking that headshot. Lower Your Head, who had been sent flying by the Falling Flower Palm had already landed and, seeing the chance given to her, raised her sniper rifle without even fully getting up and scored another shot right after None Dare Attack’s.

Two headshots! Footsteps in the Wind’s health and Sun Xiang’s heart jumped.

He couldn’t let his guard down again!

Sun Xiang warned himself like that, but Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack took this chance after the two snipes to start a stream of shots again. They didn’t try to pull away this time, but take the initiative to close in on him. The two had realized, against a creme la creme expert like Sun Xiang, always trying to "distance yourself" wasn’t a good idea.

They did need to keep a distance, but how much distance was the question. Because of how skilled these top experts were, too much distance meant more time for them to react and move, making all their attacks futile. So against a top expert, distance wasn’t always a good thing. You had to stay within a certain range. That was the only way to assure your effectiveness.

Pulling away wasn’t just for escaping, but to defeat their opponent.

The two who had suddenly been enlightened didn’t retreat, but pressed forwards instead, closing in on Footsteps in the Wind as they attacked. This action caused Sun Xiang to scramble to react. Bullets flying over from such a close distance, and coming from two characters as well, it wasn’t possible to dodge them all like he had done before. Even if he dodged the first shot, the second would soon follow suit, dodge the second and the third would arrive even quicker.

That was why at this moment, the one who wanted distance themselves wasn’t the two gunners, but Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage.

Eventually, he managed to take advantage of a slip up in Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack’s cooperation, jumping backwards quickly to get out of trouble. Who would’ve expected that just as he landed from the second jump, that he would step on a small Mechanical Seeker and was immediately thrown forward by the explosion.

"F*ck! Who the hell!" Sun Xiang immediately yelled out. Currently, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were both in front of him and he could see their attacks clearly. Neither of them had used a Mechanical Seeker. Someone must be messing with him from the shadows.

As Footsteps in the Wind was pushed back by the impact of the explosion, he completed a 360 degrees turn in midair, showing Sun Xiang’s immense hand speed. However, he had found nothing in his look around, landing back in range of Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack’s close and clustered web of firepower suppression.

"Despicable!" Sun Xiang cursed at the two.

"Cursing at people just because you can’t beat them? Is that what the professionalism of gods is like?" Lower Your Head and and None Dare Attack were enraged, too, immediately retorting.

"Can’t beat you two? F*ck, you two really are shameless," Sun Xiang yelled.

"Die!" The two girls attacked even more furiously. Footsteps in the Wind was no longer in the control of Sun Xiang after being blasted by Mechanical Seeker, and despite his fury, he was put to an end by the two girls.

"What kind of person, really!" Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack weren’t delighted upon defeating their opponent, but were rather just angry.

"Me!" Yet someone actually answered them. The two were shocked, only to see a Brawler throw a fistful of sand over. The two subconsciously turned their views to avoid it, only to see a string of system announcements.

"Not good!" The two yelled simultaneously.

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