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Chapter 907 - Ditch Kill

Back Throw, as a grab, had the effect of forcing the target to the ground. However, due to the terrain, there was a space between where the Back Throw ended and the ground, causing the effects of Back Throw to pass before impact. Lower Your Head was, of course, clear on this special quirk of Back Throw. As Back Throw ended, tossing her towards the ditch, she immediately adjusted herself, firing in an attempt to use Aerial Fire to change her path, get out from the control of this Back Throw and away from danger.

Who would’ve thought that the moment she wanted to shoot, a figure would jump out from the ditch? As she fell, the figure ascended and by the time a gunshot actually ran out, the figure had stomped down on her with a foot.

After that foot came down, another foot came down, and then another, and then another… and another...

Steamed Bun Invasion’s Striker skill Eagle Stamp had obviously been maxed out, allowing him to stomp down on her a full five times. By the time he was done, Lower Your Head had long since been stomped to the bottom of the ditch, unable to even cry. Beside her, None Dare Attack only had half her health left, looking very pitiful.

However, the current Lower Your Head couldn’t even secure her own safety; she didn’t have the time to worry about None Dare Attack. She hastily attempted to adjust her view, which had been messed up by Steamed Bun Invasion’s five stomps. Suddenly, a shadow descended and her view, which she had just raised towards the sky, was blocked. Lord Grim, the flashy guy, had actually opened his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella to jump into the ditch. Was there any need for a parachute for jumping just the height of this small ditch?

Yet in the next second, Lower Your Head knew her judgement was wrong.

Lord Grim wasn’t doing this out of boredom; there was an actual reason behind the opening of his umbrella. Under the changing light, a hand grenade fell from who knew where. By the time Lower Your Head noticed it, the grenade had already exploded. And how could they avoid it while trapped in this narrow ditch? A low-levelled hand grenade managed to blast the two self-proclaimed experts Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack right off their feet.

Looking up again, they saw that Lord Grim hadn’t actually jumped in. All he had done was shake his open umbrella over the ditch, just to throw that hand grenade down. Not only had he not come down, but Steamed Bun Invasion had also jumped out after the five stamps. Just as Lord Grim’s grenade explosion died down, Steamed Bun Invasion threw something down as well. It looked to be a beer bottle. However, Glory players knew that, while this was a beer bottle, it wasn’t beer inside, but petroleum!

Brawler skills were really just that low. If it was a hand grenade, skilled players could at least shoot and destroy it before it hit upon noticing it. As for a Petrol Bottle? If it was shot, no one could say for certain what the result would be.

Yet no matter what, this uncertain result was better than getting hit and set ablaze. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack had the same thought and the same rhythm to their attacks. Two gunshots rang out at practically the same time. The Petrol Bottle was destroyed in midair and the petrol that splashed out turned into small fireballs, streaking down at the walls and floor of the ditch.

The two did their best to dodge, but it was only then that they realized the Petrol Bottle was just a distraction, like how Lord Grim had opened his umbrella up over the ditch. Their true offense was only just beginning with this….

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were clear on what sort of disadvantage they were at, impatient to jump out from the ditch. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to fight back at all.

This ditch was obviously something Lord Grim’s duo had carefully picked. There were millions of ditches on this map, some shallow and some deep. Some shallow ones didn’t even come up to their knees. A deep one like this, that could hold an entire person, was like a well; this was probably as deep as it could go.

They had gotten to this area first! Lord Grim seemed like he had been following them all this way. This ditch couldn’t be a part of some sort of premeditated plan, could it? That meant that Lord Grim had found this special aspect in the terrain in the short amount of time he had been here, and now he was going to easily kill them in this ditch right here.

These two wouldn’t accept this so easily. The two had the same thought, raising their guns and firing wildly at the sides of the ditch, attempting to force the two to back off.

The two above them backed away from this attack, as expected. The two in the ditch took this chance to jump up, one after the other. They didn’t think to jump out together, but in a way that they could support each other to cover for one person’s escape first.

Lower Your Head, who was slightly faster with her jump, was primarily focused on providing cover. As her body rose out from the ditch, she didn’t bother to use Aerial Fire to aid her escape, but turned to sweep the two with her bullets in an attempt to force them even further back.

Yet by the time the bullets began to fly, another character had also arrived.

Lord Grim, sword in hand, came down heavily with a Collapsing Mountain. The airborne lower Your Head had no way of dodging this attack. She could only use the momentum from her firing to twist her character around a little. She didn’t want to crash into None Dare Attack while falling and take her down with her. She wanted to use herself as bait for this attack and aid None Dare Attack in a successful escape.

In the end, it was all just wishful thinking. Collapsing Mountain accurately hit her body and Lower Your Head began to fall. Seeing that her fall hadn’t affected None Dare Attack, she was delighted, only to see the remainder of the Collapsing Mountain just manage to touch None Dare Attack...

Just this slight contact, Collapsing Mountain’s priority still managed to beat None Dare Attack’s jump.

The two of them had a plan for their escape, covering for each other as they jumped from the ditch, yet all this was defeated with one skill from Lord Grim. The precision of this slash was something neither of them were expecting at all.

The two, falling back into the ditch, received another vicious beating. However, they didn’t have any choice except to try and jump out. Yet each time they tried, their plans were foiled. They were trying their hardest, but it looked more like they were struggling.

They were screwed!

That was the premonition the helplessly struggling two had and it was a very depressing one.

Disregarding how easily the 18 stockings that they had worked hard on collecting were going to end up in someone else’s hands, just the battle was enough to make them cough up blood. If they were fighting on flat ground, there was no way they would lose in such an ugly way. They couldn’t accept this!

The two weren’t willing to accept this result at all, but in the end they never yelled out "let us out if you dare" or something equally immature. The two gritted their teeth, continuing to fight and charge and eventually get knocked back down.

This continued until they fell one after the other, dropping a ditch full of socks.

"Quick!" Ye Xiu called out. Steamed Bun Invasion darted into the ditch and the announcements came in a rapid stream. Eighteen pairs of socks quickly found an owner and Lord Grim had also swiftly picked up the pair he had thrown to the ground before. The 19 successive announcements made the players dizzy before the 120 second countdown popped up.

At this moment, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were anxious and impatiently waiting to revive at the revival point. The two were too depressed to speak, staying silent together.

They saw that they only had 120 seconds, and they had to wait 20 to revive… Even if they didn’t had to wait 20 seconds, they could only go and hope that they would be like a blind cat that found a dead rat*.

"Let’s split up!" The two weren’t willing to give up, each running in a different direction after the 20 seconds to revive were up. However, they made sure to consider the possible places Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion could’ve gone in those 20 seconds.

How would it only be them who were looking for Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion? All other 48 players on the map didn’t have any socks, crazily searching for the two!

Everyone charged around. There were many people running around like headless chickens, but no one had managed to come across these two yet.

A minute and a half... A minute...

50 seconds...

40 seconds... As time slipped by, their hope diminished. In the remaining time, even if they were able to find the two, who had the confidence that they would be able to defeat the two in this limited amount of time?

More and more groups gave up and in the last 10 seconds, only Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were still running around the map. Their names were for their opponents, but also to remind themselves. They wanted their opponents to lower their heads to them, to fear attacking them. But they themselves would never lower their heads, always fight to the end even if they only had the chance to take one last strike.

"Don’t run, let’s settle this!" In the last ten seconds, Lower Your Head sent such a message to Lord Grim.

"You guys have already lost." Lord Grim replied with a smiley face.

"Again!" Lower Your Head didn’t deny the results of this round, she just expressed their unwillingness to give in.

"We’re out of attempts," Lord Grim replied.

Lower Your Head coughed blood. Who said they wanted to use stockings to settle this? The event was too random. Even if they wanted to, they had to wait and see if the Random Number God** was on their side or not.

"Arena!" Lower Your Head yelled.

"No time," Lord Grim replied.

"Unless…" "Unless what?"

"Unless you’re willing to join Team Happy, then we’ll have time for as many rounds as you want," Lord Grim answered with a smile.

"That’s a totally different thing!" Lower Your Head was evidently unwilling to to make careless decisions about their future.

"Or how about a bet? If you lose, then join Happy," Lord Grim suggested.

"We won’t bet our future on something like this." Lower Your Head was hot headed about settling things in a match with Ye Qiu, but at times like this she was very calm and rational. This round of the event ended and Lord Grim and Steamed Bun’s perfect victory was announced on TV, as well as how they got the rewards for a perfect victory. Even with this, Lower Your Head didn’t let it get to her head.

"Then see you in the future!" Lord Grim replied then.

Lower Your Head wanted to continue to speak, but found out that Lord Grim had already logged out.

Meeting these two in this event didn’t cause any sort of waves in Ye Xiu’s mind. After using the three chances on his main account, he switched to a side account and completed the event another three times. Everything followed the routine. Accept the mission, enter the map, open the party list, look at the parties.

"This future… Isn’t it arriving a little too quickly…?" Ye Xiu found, wide-eyed in surprised, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack’s names in the party list. Yet, at the same time, he found some even more terrifying opponents.

"How challenging…"

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