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Chapter 906 - There’s a Ditch in the Snow

This was just an ingame event, so there was no reason for None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head to wait for Steamed Bun Invasion to arrive. It would be more reasonable if they took this chance while Lord Grim was alone to gang up on him.

However, neither of them did that and instead they actually waited. They had always thought that Ye Xiu was afraid of losing face as a God of glory if he lost to them, and that’s why he had been afraid to seek them out until now. However, when had Ye Xiu actually cared about his identity as a God? He had always operated according to what was reasonable and logically. If Ye Xiu was in their shoes, he would’ve long since taken advantage of their lack of backup to strike, unless he had some sort of other goal. It was these two, who hadn’t even become official pro players yet, that had already begun to take pride in their desired status.

The two were poised for battle. All that was left was for Steamed Bun Invasion’s arrival.

"Sorry about being late!"

Steamed Bun Invasion was quick about getting here. As he arrived, so did his voice, and his brick.

The two knew that Steamed Bun Invasion was coming, but his sudden attack was out of their expectations. Though his brick didn’t hit anyone, Lower Your Head’s dodge was hasty and rushed.

"Let’s hurry it up. It’ll be troublesome if other groups interfere," Ye Xiu as Lord Grim swung the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella down from over his head, attacking rapidly with a Gatling Gun. The continuous stream of bullets flew at Lower Your Head. She was about to yell at Steamed Bun Invasion for his rude surprise attack, completely unprepared for Ye Xiu to follow suit so quickly. She ended up unable to dodge the Gatling Gun.

Gatling Gun produced a stream of bullets. Experienced players wouldn’t miss a single shot after hitting their target a single time. Ye Xiu was, of course, counted among these "experienced players" and unloaded all of Gatling Gun’s 20 bullets into Lower Your Head. However, as a low leveled skill, it didn’t deal that much damage. It was just when someone was hit by the continuous firing, their character would be affected by the impact of the bullets, looking as if they were having an epileptic seizure. It wasn’t a pretty sight.  The two, prideful of what they were going to be, couldn’t take this humiliating beating.

"Despicable!" None Dare Attack yelled as she returned fire. The bullets flew, but Lord Grim opened up his umbrella and used it as a shield against damage as he closed in.

Lower Your Head was even more furious, being the target of the attack, but she hadn’t let it get to her head, deciding against taking immediate revenge and instead aiming for the other target, Steamed Bun Invasion.

Lower Your Head rolled behind None Dare Attack, kneeling with her gun ready to shoot. However, all she could see in front of her was the stretch of white snow and not a hint of Steamed Bun Invasion.

Lower Your Head turned in a full circle, but still did not see Steamed Bun Invasion at all. However, there were plenty of small snow piles and ditches on this map. It wasn’t hard for a character to hide among this, so Lower Your Head started to take note of these piles and ditches, shooting at them in an attempt to scare Steamed Bun Invasion out of hiding.

On the other side, None Dare Attack was getting closed in on by Lord Grim who charged forwards her with his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Gunners, even a Sharpshooters that possessed close-combat abilities, would never easily allow an opponent close in on them. None Dare Attack continued firing as she backed away using Aerial Fire, drawing out the distance between them. The two were very in sync with each other. As None Dare Attack backed away, Lower Your Head didn’t need any prompting to follow her movements, retreating at a 45 degrees angle with None Dare Attack’s line of retreat.

Yet that was when Lord Grim suddenly gave up on pursuing None Dare Attack, using Shadow Clone Technique and leaving his shadow behind as he charged towards Lower Your Head. Lower Your Head hastily turned to attack him. Lord Grim sprinted across the map, pulling Lower Your Head’s view with him. As she turned to face opposite of None Dare Attack, she heard the sound of laughter behind her.

"What’s happening?" Lower Your Head could tell that this laugh probably belonged to Steamed Bun Invasion, but didn’t dare to turn around, afraid that she would expose an opening to Lord Grim. She could only ask.

"It’s an invisibility cloak," None Dare Attack’s disappointed voice came from behind her. Currently, she had been grabbed by Steamed Bun Invasion’s strangle.

"Aiyo, your voice, you’re a girl right?" Steamed Bun asked with delight.

"Are you cute?" Steamed Bun asked excitedly. "...."

Collapsing Mountain! Lord Grim had managed to close in on Lower Your Head as he circled arounds, dodging her shots. Now, he had unsheathed his sword, swinging down from overhead with a Collapsing Mountain.

However, the two characters weren’t that close, so Lower Your Head had plenty of time to dodge the blow. Yet Lord Grim didn’t end his attacks there. His sword struck the ground, sending out shockwaves that blasted a small circle in the snow. The flurry of of snow erupted, obscuring the characters from seeing each other. Using the cover from this flurry of snow, Lord Grim used Slide Kick, sliding straight through the snow and hiding the direction in which he aimed to slide in. Lower Your Head didn’t dare to let down her guard, hurriedly jumping back. Her guns were raised and her eyes were glued to the ground in front of her, prepared to shoot without hesitation at the slightest movement.

Yet, there was no movement at all. By then, the snowflakes had begun to settle again, and Lower Your Head realized that Lord Grim’s strike hadn’t been directed at her at all. She turned her view and saw Lord Grim jumping out of the snow at the end of his Slide Kick, his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella turning into a spear as he swung a Sky Strike straight at None Dare Attack. That was just as Steamed Bun Invasion’s Strangle ended. As soon as he let go, None Dare Attack was thrown into the air.

The two chased after the airborne None Dare Attack, unleashing a furious barrage of attacks at her. Lower Your Head hurriedly charged over to save her, and None Dare Attack was also trying to save herself. Figuring out their path, she raised her guns, preparing to use an Aerial Fire to forcefully leave their attack range. Who would’ve known that Lord Grim’s spear would be even faster than her bullets, managing to stab her before she was able to shoot, swinging her around in an arc with a Circle Swing, bringing None Dare Attack back onto the ground. Then, None Dare Attack suddenly disappeared. Lower Your Head startled at seeing this, but it wasn’t possible for None Dare Attack to die so quickly. She had probably just been buried under the snow.

Lower Your Head raised her guns and shot wildly, hoping to give None Dare Attack a chance to escape. It was then that Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion also disappeared into the snow and Lower Your Head’s bullets missed.

Lower Your Head was at a complete loss. The snow wasn’t that deep to allow a whole person to disappear just like that! Even lying down, there would still be a hint as to where they had gone! Yet just now, three characters had completely disappeared under the snow. Lower Your Head shot wildly at that direction again. Snow flew, but the three were really gone.

"What on earth?" Lower Your Head finally couldn’t help but ask. Her words exposed her cluelessness and that wasn’t something these two prideful people were willing to do, but she couldn’t care about that now.

"There’s a ditch…" None Dare Attack’s answer was filled with helplessness.

That’s right, the situation that had Lower Your Head at a loss was just because of a ditch in the snow. Lord Grim’s Circle Swing had thrown her None Dare Attack into the ditch, and then him and Steamed Bun Invasion had jumped in after her as well. The ditch wasn’t big, and the three characters were squished together, with barely any space to move at all. This was a very bad situation for a Sharpshooter, especially since it was two against one. None Dare Attack wanted to cry, hoping that her partner would come and save her.

Lower Your Head started upon hearing the answer before she realized what had happened and quickly threw a hand grenade in that direction. However, the grenade hadn’t even landed when there was a gunshot and it was destroyed by Lord Grim before it even landed.

Lower Your Head felt depressed! She wished that she was a Launcher at that moment. That way, all she needed was a Satellite Beam or a Heat-Seeking Missiles or a Stinger to make the two holed up in the ditch regret their decisions. And now? As a Sharpshooter, all she could do was jump up as high as she could and shoot a stream of bullets at the ditch after finding a good angle. Yet when the bullets flew out, an umbrella opened up over the exposed opening with a whoosh. It was Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella that had opened up in shield form.

A shield couldn’t completely prevent damage, but it could greatly reduce the amount of damage taken. Though Lower Your Head didn’t know the stats of the shield form of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, she knew she couldn’t beat a character in DPS while they had a shield up. It would definitely be None Dare Attack who would die faster.

This situation wasn’t one that Lower Your Head had ever experienced before. She had no idea what to do at all. Her character landed helplessly from her jump. On the party information window, Lower Your Head could see None Dare Attack’s health draining away rapidly, helpless in the ditch.

Lower Your Head didn’t have any ideas left and could only approach the ditch as she jumped and shot. By the time she got close enough to the ditch, she would be able to freely send her attacks down, and that would be enough to save None Dare Attack, right?

It was unfortunate that she never got the chance to. Seeing her charge towards the ditch, Lord Grim jumped up with his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella open. The umbrella that was bigger than most shields and hovered wildly in front of Lower Your Head and in that moment she felt like it was as if she had been blinded. This was a common tactic used by Knights and Lower Your Head obviously knew the best way to counter it was to pull away.

Pulling away was something that a gunner would like nothing more than to do, yet Lower Your Head was currently very unwilling. She raised her guns and jumped, actually wanting to jump over the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. This idea was more than a little too bold. It might work against a less skilled opponent, otherwise it could only be counted as a surprising move.

However, in front of the very, very experienced Ye Xiu, this decision wasn’t something so obscure that it would surprise him. Lower Your Head’s head had just peeked over the top when the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was already changing forms, breaking into two nunchucks. Lord Grim stepped forwards, using his hands to grab the jumping Lower Your Head and bending back. With a Back Throw, Lower Your Head was tossed into the ditch, too.

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