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Chapter 905 - It’s Easier Like This

In the five versus two battle, the five-player team was annihilated by the two in the end. The crucial question of who among the five players had the stockings immediately lost its meaning when the team was exterminated. 

“Gaining the upper hand by showing our strength, I like this style!” Ye Xiu praised.

The event continued. 

The second pair, third pair, and fourth pair…...

The stockings continued to be collected by players. The battles grew more and more frequent because the number of players that had acquired a stocking had increased. Among the unceasing announcements from the system, None Dare Attack  and Lower Your Head were undoubtedly the most eye-catching names on TV. The system continued to notify everyone about the two picking up stockings. In comparison, the stocking total for Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion’s group, who were ahead of these two in the team rankings, was unsightly. Until now, their total was still zero. 

However, who among the players of this map, would care whether their performance was good or bad? They only cared more about whether they could get their hands on any stockings.  

A new pair of stockings spawned at the north-western corner of the snow hills. A small group coincidentally passed by, so they went to pick it up with surprise. However, the gun muzzles of two Sharpshooters suddenly spat out gun fire. They used Aerial Fire continuously and arrived before them in an instant, moving as if they were sliding across the snowy grounds.

The battle began before anyone had the time to pick up the stockings. However, the five-player team obviously showed no interest towards fighting. They wanted to get the stockings before deciding on anything else, but None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head’s train of thought was clear. The two didn't show any intentions of collecting the stocking and simply attacked the opposing team.

The sharpshooters coordinated harmoniously, and their bullets flew out continuously. Unfortunately, the five-player team didn’t have a character from the Gunner class, so the five’s attack speed was not as good as the two Sharpshooters. None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head kept their distance while scattering the wild enemy attacks. 

The five-player team finally picked up the stockings, but what good did it do? If they couldn’t deal with their current opponent, the stocking would eventually drop back on the ground. 

The ending was rather tragic. The team who had the stockings fiercely attacked the two, but the two then split up and pincered them. They didn’t know who to attack. On the other hand, the two were extremely familiar with suppressing, switching fire, and focusing targets, so the opponents were cleared up one by one. In the end, they collected the dropped stockings on the ground, changed directions, and left.

“Truly not bad.” 

Once the two left, a character jumped out from a small, snow pit. 

Ye Xiu spun Lord Grim’s view around and scanned the battlefield where the fight had happened, as if he was reflecting on the previous fight. However, he soon headed for the direction None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head had left for. 

At this moment, Steamed Bun was also squatting in a snow pit, but this time, his view was no longer locked on one position. Instead, he constantly spun his view 360 degrees left and right, noticing if anyone got close. 

There it is!

In a certain place, a team of players walked this way while looking in every direction. Steamed Bun continued to stare. As he stared, he saw that the team of players didn’t plan on changing direction. As a result, he suddenly leapt up from the snow pit, rolled forward, turned around, and ran. 

At the same time, the system gave an announcement: Steamed Bun Invasion picked up a stocking. 

Others might not care which among the two two-player teams had collected more stockings, but the two teams themselves cared quite a bit.  

When she saw this notification, None Dare Attack subconsciously opened up the ranking. When she saw it, she let out a straightforward sneer. 

“Only one.” None Dare Attack laughed. 

“Haha, all the stockings are with us. They are thinking too much.” Lower Your Head spoke. 

“I look forward to them sending themselves to our door .” None Dare Attack said. 

“At least they have a stocking with them.” Lower Your Head spoke mockingly.

After that, the two laughed and continued to rush across the snowy grounds, looking for stockings or teams with stockings. They didn’t notice at all that, at a relatively far distance, a shadow was always following them. It appeared from time to time in the snow. 

None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head’s number of stockings continued to accumulate. They had already become the target of everyone on the map. However, the two were Sharpshooters, so their attack range was long, so they had a lot more flexibility. This way why they gained the upper hand most of the time, without having to spend too much time on the defensive. 

In the past, the moment the two collected 15 pairs of stockings, all of the stockings in the whole map might have been collected, so there would be a 120 second countdown. If this was a normal team and they had so many stockings, they would definitely hope for the two minute countdown to be over quickly. However, the two despised this setting. It was because of this countdown that they were never able to find a target with stockings within the time limit, so the event would finish. This was why they weren’t able to achieve a grand slam. 

As for this time, when the two, once again, broke through the record of collecting 15 stockings, there was still a pair of stockings with an uncollected status. 

This was an unprecedented situation, so the two became a bit excited. If they could continue to keep their current total, then they had the chance of getting a grand slam. At this time, the two completely forgot to compare with the other two-player team, they looked eagerly everywhere for their target.

There were twenty stockings on the entire map, and one was uncollected. None Dare Attack’s team had 16 stockings.

There were twenty pairs of stockings in the whole map, and one was uncollected. Some time passed and None Dare Attack’s team now had 17 stockings;

The two became more excited and nervous when another pair of stockings was picked up.

Don’t let the last pair of stockings be collected by another so quickly!  The two prayed silently. 

Eighteen pairs, there were two left! One of them was uncollected, and they knew which team  had the last one without checking the rankings: Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasions’ two-player team. 

“Say, would they let us find them?” None Dare Attack spoke. As the target of everyone in the map, the two had already fought with all the teams possible, except for the rival they had originally paid attention to the most. However, even though the two had appeared on TV a couple of times, they only have one stocking. This clearly showed that they had dropped stockings before. Since they had dropped stockings and didn’t dare to snatch stockings from them, the two began to look down on Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion even more. 

When other players didn’t have any stockings, they dared to overlook the gap in strength and attempted to snatch stockings. After all, there were no losses if you died. However, those two wouldn’t dare, so None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head thought that it was because those two were concerned about their reputation, and feared to lose face when they were defeated. 

“It’s God, yeah! If they really plan on hiding, I think even we might not be able to find them!” Lower Your Head said. 

“Hehe, we’ll see if they dare!” None Dare Attack said. She even sent Lord Grim a message, telling him their current position. 

“So generous! Calling us to come over?”

They didn’t receive any replies. Instead, they heard a person speak. The two were shocked, and jumped separately into two positions. They moved into a pincer formation towards the source of the voice. The two player’s ability in locating the source of the sound was actually pretty accurate. 

“Shouldn’t you be welcoming me?” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim came out from a small, snow mound beside him with his umbrella in hand. As he stood in the snowy grounds, he had a demeanor that no one else possessed. When the two saw Lord Grim from a close distance, their first impression was that his flowery and green equipment were quite revolting to look at. ‘If this was a windbreaker……’ the two thought. Yes, this was the general aesthetic standard that Sharpshooter players had: Windbreakers were the most beautiful, windbreakers are the most aesthetic, windbreakers are the most elegant. If a sharpshooter didn’t wear a windbreaker, then you’re not a good Sharpshooter. Players who couldn’t appreciate windbreakers must be noobs. 

However, after they looked over Lord Grim’s equipment, their thoughts finally returned to the subject.

“Were you beside us the entire time?” None Dare Attack spoke. The other side arrived the moment she had sent out her message. It would have been too much of a coincidence. Evidently, this guy was beside them from the very beginning, and he continued to keep an eye out for them. Was he…… preparing a sneak attack? If so, Lord Grim was not as cowardly as they had thought. 

“Yeah! I was always nearby, but I’ve never been so close before, so I didn’t know that you two were girls until just now.” Ye Xiu said. 

Though he had been following them previously, the distance was rather far, so he couldn’t hear their voices. This time, when his Lord Grim came out at the final moment, he could hear the two speaking and was quite surprised. These two had chosen male Sharpshooter characters. Their names were also quite domineering too. The Sharpshooter duo that had risen to fame overnight actually consisted of two girls.

“You’ve been following us this entire time!” The two cared more about this point. They didn’t have any reactions to Ye Xiu knowing that they were girls. Although the two had chosen male characters, their voices weren’t altered. They clearly didn’t intend on concealing their gender. There weren’t many males who played as female characters, but there were quite a lot of females that played as male characters. Girls would sometimes pick a male character because they liked the character’s appearance.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you plan on doing?”

“Do you need to ask? Obviously I’m here for your stockings.” Ye Xiu said.

“Despicable!” How could the two not understand at this point. This guy had planned on letting them sweep the field and then take all of their stockings in one go.

“Dealing with two people is much easier than dealing with forty eight others.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“Just you?” The two sneered.

“Of course not! I have a teammate too. Steamed Bun!” Ye Xiu called out.

“I’m almost there!” Steamed Bun’s reply came from outside the game. The other side didn’t know that though. When they heard Ye Xiu call out, they immediately looked around and put up their guard. There was no sign of Steamed Bun Invasion though. Only a system announcement appeared: Steamed Bun Invasion has picked up a pair of stockings.

The final stocking was collected and the 120 second countdown began.

“You plan on beating us in two minutes!” The two felt like they were being looked down on.

“You’re thinking too much!” Ye Xiu remarked. Following afterwards, Lord Grim raised his hands and a stocking was dropped onto the ground. The countdown disappeared.There was now one stocking that hadn’t been collected yet. 

“Don’t take it yet. That way everyone will that have much more time.” Ye Xiu said.

The two didn’t know what to say.

“Steamed Bun, hurry! They’re waiting!” The two heard Ye Xiu shout again.

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