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Chapter 904 - A Chance Encounter

Chen Guo wished she could see their faces filled with regret because they missed the opportunity to become champions with Team Happy. She even turned that into her motivation for working harder. Right now, she was loudly urging everyone in Happy to keep their spirits high.

“Of course.” Everyone confronted this event energetically. At this moment, they were busy switching the equipment from their main accounts to their alternate accounts. The equipment on their alternates were much worse than the equipment on their mains. In order to maximize their strengths, no one in Happy minded improving the strength of their alternates to the peak temporarily.

Everyone except for two people had corresponding alternate accounts.

One exception was Mo Fan. This guy had his own alternate, the Assassin, Not White that he had used before when scrap picking. Who knew when this guy managed to find time to level it up to Level 75. Everyone was using their alternates right now. Instead of requesting an alternate from Happy, he directly brought out his own Not White.

The other exception was Ye Xiu. There was no other active unspecialized characters in existence besides Lord Grim. Ye Xiu didn’t level up another unspecialized specifically for this purpose. In reality, even if he did, there might not be anyone but him who could level it up. Unspecialized characters needed to complete the Heavenly Domain Challenge at Level 50 in order to continue leveling up. That wasn’t something an ordinary person could achieve.

However, not having an unspecialized didn’t affect Ye Xiu much. He picked a random class from the alternates remaining and equipped it with some decent equipment to use.

The team members were the same. The class and equipment were the same. What else needed to be said?

Their achievements once again looked down on everyone. One group after the other popped up on the rankings. The club guilds watched. All of them were from Happy. They immediately understood intuitively. They were using this method too! The event had a limited number of attempts per account. In theory, the rewards should be more valuable than the rewards for an event that allowed for unlimited attempts. The club guilds thought of ways to give their most skilled core players alternate accounts to use. Happy was also doing the same. Though everyone could only watch it unfold gloomily, there was nothing they could do. 

Just when everyone was continuing to loathe Happy, a formidable total suddenly appeared on the rankings late in the afternoon. The big guilds were a bit numb to it at this point. They originally thought that Team Happy had started a third round of alternates, but when they checked, they discovered that it wasn’t by Happy, but Excellent Dynasty.

How could anyone in Excellent Dynasty have someone at that caliber?

As long-standing competitors, the numerous guilds knew each other very well. When they took a closer look at the classes of these Excellent Dynasty players, didn’t it seem similar to the class composition of Team Excellent Era?

Everyone was helpless.

Happy and Excellent Era, the two teams that were currently in the Challenger League, far surpassed their achievements in this Christmas event. What could they do about it though? Who let these people fight in the Challenger League instead of putting all their efforts into the Pro League?! The big guilds hoped their players could showcase their might, but they knew that it was impossible. As a result, everyone could only stare helplessly at the achievements of these two guilds.

“Excellent Era’s people.”

If the big guilds could see it, Happy was obviously not an exception.

“It isn’t strange.” Ye Xiu said, “If we have so much time, how could they not?”

“If that’s the case, then we have competition!” Wei Chen examined the current rankings. The two sides were neck and neck in the team and individual rankings. A difference of one or two stockings couldn’t be considered a lead until the very end. 

“We’ll just do our best. Don’t think too much of it.” Ye Xiu said.

The first day of the event ended.

On the team rankings, the team led by Wei Chen’s Windward Formation still held first place with 55 Christmas stockings. However, number two was no longer Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion with 51 stockings. On Excellent Dynasty’s side, it was clearly Xiao Shiqin leading the team, which sat at second place with 53 stockings. With just a 2 stocking difference, it was really too hard to say who was better than the other, but there is one point. Windward Formation’s team, as well as Lord Girm’s team, had explosive luck for one round. On the other hand, Excellent Dynasty had very consistent performances in all three rounds.

If it wasn’t for their luck? Happy’s alternate accounts answered this question. 51 stockings and 47 stockings. Without a grand slam, their achievements were lacking. With these totals, None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head were nipping closely at their heels.

“We can’t lose to them no matter what!” Chen Guo gave a death order as the boss. Although Excellent Era was her hated enemy, at the moment, None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head had caused an OT. Chen Guo’s aggro had temporarily shifted all her anger onto those two.

The next day on 12/26, everyone in Happy logged on. They instinctively checked the rankings.  

The rankings didn’t change much, but there was one notable change. It could be seen that the teams that obtained around 30 stockings or 10 stockings for individuals had been lucky. After another three rounds, they could not replicate their achievements from yesterday. Of course, there were still a few that did better. With another three rounds under their belt, others were now in the lead in the team and individual rankings.

However, although they had a higher total, it was only temporary, unless Happy and Excellent Dynasty didn’t even attempt to run the event today.

Ye Xiu didn’t know if Excellent Dynasty would continue coming. He didn’t plan on finding out. In short, they began taking on the event leisurely. After the first round, there was already a reversal.

On their second run, another reversal happened. None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head had thrown those bitterly struggling teams with six rounds to the dust after just one round as well.

“Those two guys are just too arrogant!” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They were just trying their best at these events like everyone else. What arrogance? When Chen Guo looked at someone unfavorably, she often treated them completely unreasonably.

Then, the third round.

When they entered the map, they checked the blank scoreboard to see who was participating in this event. This time, when Ye Xiu checked the scoreboard, he suddenly blurted out: “What a coincidence!”  

None Dare Attack. Lower Your Head.

Ye Xiu actually saw these two names. They were like Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion, a duo. They were listed as participants on the scoreboard.

“Teach them a lesson!” Chen Guo was excited.

“The goal is to get stockings...” Ye Xiu said.

This rational and calm statement made Chen Guo feel annoyed. Fortunately, she understood how Ye Xiu did things and continued to egg him on: “They’ll definitely be obstacles.”

“Everyone is an obstacle in this event.” Ye Xiu continued to rational.

“But they’re not as big of a threat as those two!” Chen Guo stressed.

“That might not be true. It depends on the circumstances.” Ye Xiu said. He adjusted his headphones. It seemed like he was going to concentrate on the game and wouldn’t talk with Chen Guo anymore. He turned his head and shouted: “STEAMED BUN, WHERE ARE YOU GOING!”


“Keep a low profile.” Ye Xiu said.

“Understood.” Steamed Bun replied. At the same time, Steamed Bun Invasion started crouching as he walked. Sure enough, he kept a low profile.

Ten stockings spawned in the beginning. Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun hadn’t found any. None of the other players found any either. The peace and quiet lasted for quite a long time. At this moment, everyone thought the map was bugged.

This time, there was no snowstorm. The weather was exceptionally clear. As a result, the sunlight was strong, reflecting brightly on the snow. It was too hard to look at directly. Who knew how many times a pair of stockings had been missed because of the glare!

“Ow, it hurts!” Steamed Bun complained, “It makes my eyes tired. Does anyone have eye drops?” Steamed Bun cared a lot about protecting his eyes. No one usually treated his words seriously though, so when everyone heard his question, they pretended they didn’t hear anything.

But then from somewhere, a small bottle of eye drops flew towards Steamed Bun.

Steamed Bun caught it and looked in that direction. The thrower didn’t even expose his head, but only Mo Fan sat at that row of computers.

“You actually had some! How professional! How fancy!” Steamed Bun praised. He looked at the eye drops and asked: “How do I use it?”

“You’re actually going to use it?” Tang Rou asked. She seemed to be worried that Steamed Bun might somehow drink the bottle of eye drops.

“Help me.” Steamed Bun said.

“Raise your head. Close your eyes.” Tang Rou took the eye drops from Steamed Bun’s hands.

“If I close my eyes, how will they work?” Steamed Bun asked, while doing as Tang Rou instructed. 

Tang Rou used her left hand to open his eyes. With her right hand, she lifted the eye drops and dripped it onto his eyes: “Okay, don’t move. Blink a few times.”  

“You really are Little Tang! Your hands are so fast! Check out how fast I can blink!” Steamed Bun said, while blinking wildly.

“Amazing.” Tang Rou praised.

After getting praised, Steamed Bun stopped blinking. His head stayed in a raised position as if he had a nose bleed.  

“Steamed Bun, are you done!” Ye Xiu asked.

“Boss, would you like some. It’s all cold. It feels so comfortable.” Steamed Bun recommended.

“No need. Hurry up and get back to playing.” Ye Xiu said.

“What a pity.” Steamed Bun sighed. He continued to control his Steamed Bun Invasion and followed Lord Grim closely. At this moment, a stocking was finally found. First, everyone checked the name on the system announcement. Next, they checked the rankings to see which team he belonged to. It was something everyone did after a day’s worth of runs. Then, the entire team would become a target of everyone because no one knew if the stocking had been moved to another player.

At the entrance of a gorge in the snow valley, the team with the only stocking happened to encounter two uninvited guests.

Sounds of battle echoed. Gunshots resounded continuously.

After a short moment, a system notification appeared. None Dare Attack had picked up a stocking.

At this moment, the total number of stockings collected was still 1.

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