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Chapter 903 - Your Time’s Already Over

After Chen Guo said those words, she immediately felt regret because her past experience told her that every time she commented on anything related to Glory, Ye Xiu would always help her recognize that she didn’t know enough. This time, she couldn’t help herself and gave quick praise. As soon as she said it, she woke up to reality and glanced cautiously at Ye Xiu.

This time was an exception though. Not only did Ye Xiu not immediately “help” her, he nodded his head: “They are indeed quite good.”  

“Yeah.” Wei Chen also praised them, “They’ve got some skill.”

“I really don’t want to miss out on such great talents!” Ye Xiu sighed. He opened up his friends list and found the two of them again.

“After careful consideration, what do you think? Do you have any interest in joining Happy?” Ye Xiu messaged.

The videos had proved their outstanding talent. Such strong players gave them even more reason to stay away from Happy, but Ye Xiu didn’t want to give up on them.

“Still none.” The two were clearly together. Sending a message to one was equivalent to sending a message to both. Seeing Ye Xiu’s message, the two were a bit dumbfounded. The previous “we’ll contact you if we’re interested” had just been out of courtesy. But from the looks of it, Ye Xiu had treated these words as a task.

Compared to Ye Xiu, who was pestering them endlessly, after the clubs examined their skill from these videos, they immediately attached even more importance to them and became cautious.

They attached more importance to them because these two were worthy of being fought over. They became cautious because they knew that if they wanted to grab these two, they would certainly face many competitors. How could they sell the benefits of joining their team and convince them not to join the others?

The Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing off their capabilities.

Team Samsara could say that their team possessed the greatest Sharpshooter player and character in all of Glory. If you come to our team, we can bring out your strength to the limits. As for already having the best Sharpshooter, making the existence of these two Sharpshooters mostly worthless, they could only hope that the other side would not think of that possibility.

Promises of a future. Promises of status. And of course, promises of riches.

Every club told the other side the benefits of joining their team and hid the disadvantages. The other clubs became stepping stones for their own cause.

The top teams said come to our team, going to a weak team would just be a waste of your talent. On the other hand, the weak teams said come to our team, as soon as you join, you’ll be a part of the main roster; if you joined the top teams, who knows what would happen with all that competition.

In short, everyone enticed them with all sorts of things. Ye Xiu trying to persuade them with the advantages of participating in the Challenger League and growing with the team appeared extremely feeble.

These types of things would clearly be held in disregard by the two being fought for by all the top teams. This could be seen from the other side’s reply, who treated their ink as gold. Ye Xiu reckoned that if he continued pestering them, the two might very well be too lazy to maintain their polite etiquette and just block him outright.

“How unfortunate.” When Ye Xiu said these words again, he felt even more remorseful than before. This time, he clearly understood that Happy would not be able to acquire these two.

And at the same time, Lou Guanning was constantly messaging Ye Xiu trustingly, sharing what information he had. He was hoping for Ye Xiu to give him advice.

This guy, did he not know that Ye Xiu was also in a charge of a team and also wanted to obtain these two?

He understood all too well, but he understood these two players even better. They most likely wouldn’t lower themselves to play in the Challenger League, let alone for a grassroots team like Happy.

The two had prepared these excellent videos beforehand. Before, they had been nobodies, but during the Christmas event, they instantly amazed the world with a single brilliant feat.

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that it wasn’t a coincidence. Even if they didn’t appear today, sooner or later, these two would sudden pop up before everyone. That had been their plan all along. Through this plan, they could beautifully raise their value. Their ambition could be seen from this plan. They had been waiting for an opportunity that satisfied them, so they could have the upper hand in their negotiations.

“F*ck, Misty Rain increased the price again. Are they short of players?” Lou Guanning complained to Ye Xiu. As a new team in the Alliance, their strength was weak and their record was subpar. Apart from having money, there was nothing else worthy about Team Heavenly Swords. If they wanted to rope in these two, they could only rely on money.

Unfortunately, they encountered an opponent even in this area. Team Misty Rain performed consistently, but always failed at the final leg of the race. They nipped at the heels of these two very tightly. As for Misty Rain’s offering price, Ye Xiu didn’t know how Lou Guanning found out, but he didn’t ask. If their only opponent was Misty Rain, then Lou Guanning still had confidence.

Even when playing the money card, there was still a limit. No matter how eye-catching these two players were, they would still be rookies at best. Whether or not they would end up as dragons or as bugs, no one could be one hundred percent certain. Investments into rookies were always a risky venture. After several price raises, Lou Guanning started to hesitate about increasing the amount again.

Team Heavenly Sword’s current placing wasn’t good, but they had passed through the most difficult days. Although the team was still in danger of falling into the relegation zone, their future was trending upwards. Lou Guanning was more and more confident in being able to maintain their current position. At this moment, did he need to improve anything? Move up from 17th to16th, from 15 to 14th? 12th to 11th? If it wasn’t enough to enter the playoffs, then Lou Guanning wasn’t too interested. However, climbing to a spot that would qualify them for the playoffs from their current position relying on these two players didn’t seem very likely either.

From this point of view, these two weren’t very valuable to him either. After the offering price increased a few times, Lou Guanning considered giving up on them. At this crucial moment, he wanted Ye Xiu’s advice.

“Mm.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Mm?” Lou Guanning was confused.

“What you said makes a lot of sense.” Ye Xiu said.

“You have no other thoughts to add?” Lou Guanning said.

“These two are very ambitious. They aren’t going to be satisfied with just one aspect being good. They want both status and a future. At the same time, high pay would be desirable for them too. Just relying on pay probably isn’t enough for these two. In terms of status, for your team, you’re both the team’s owner and a player. Your voice will always be the biggest. As for the the future…… Heavenly Swords doesn’t look like they’ll have a brilliant future right now, right?” Ye Xiu satisfied his request and told him his thoughts.

“Okay…..” Lou Guanning could hear Ye Xiu’s thoroughness and decided to give up on them. Perhaps throwing enough money could buy them, but he would only be relying on money to make up for their other ambitions. This expense would certainly be enormous. Lou Guanning was wealthy, but he would never spend money recklessly.

Heavenly Swords withdrew from the competition, and at the same time, mid-tier and low-tier teams with no money or strength and could only promise them starting roles could only withdraw as well.

Ye Xiu still persevered. It seemed like unless they blocked him, he wouldn’t give up.

“If you join us, struggling starting from the bottom, going against the flow, all the way until you go up the entire waterfall, doesn’t that just get you fired up?” Ye Xiu urged.

“God, save your breath! Your time’s already over.” The other side really seemed kind of annoyed at Ye Xiu’s persistence. They had been too lazy to elaborate before, but this time, their words were brimming with ridicule. They were sincere though. Ye Xiu’s pestering didn’t make them block Lord Grim. Instead, they stopped caring and told him their true thoughts.

“Haha, it’s still early!” Ye Xiu calmly continued on. 

“Is that so? Then how about you prove that to us!” They had already torn off their facade and stopped acting polite.

“You guys don’t want to be a part of the miracle that will soon happen?” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ll wipe our eyes and wait.”

“What a pity.” Ye Xiu said.


“I feel like you two have missed an opportunity that will go down in Glory history.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Haha, we’ll go down in Glory history sooner or later.”

“Haha, I’ve already gone down in Glory history.”

It was just a difference of a few words, but the weight it held was completely different. “Beautiful!” Chen Guo slammed the table and yelled out. When the other side started mocking Ye Xiu, Chen Guo was completely furious. Chen Guo felt sad that Ye Xiu could only endure it, but after confirming that a peaceful conversation was no longer possible, Ye Xiu fired back. Such a flip of face felt even better than a flip of a page. Chen Guo was very fond of that.

“You should have done that long ago!” Chen Guo felt like Ye Xiu should have fired back a long time ago. Taking their mockery and responding by inviting them to witness a miracle was simply unnecessary.

“Sigh, I couldn’t win them over.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“But at least you made them angry.” Chen Guo said.

“I was being genuine when I said that it was a pity!” Ye Xiu said, “When our Happy becomes the champions, don’t you think they’ll regret today’s decision?”

“You were….. serious?” Chen Guo said.

“I was serious.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay, what a pity then.” Chen Guo said.

“Are you serious?”

“As if I was f*cking serious! Hurry up and continue doing those event quests. Stop wasting time!” Chen Guo roared.

Even though they had used their three attempts on these accounts, didn’t they have other alternate accounts? You could never have too many stockings. After everyone switched characters, they started running the Christmas events again.

“Those two better not think about joining our Happy!” Chen Guo said to stop wasting time, but she raised the topic again. She was still angry.

“Please. They never even thought about it in the first place, okay?” Ye Xiu said.

“You shut up!” Chen Guo yelled.

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