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Chapter 902 - There’s Still a Third Round

You could never have too many outstanding talents even if it resulted in competition. That would be considered a good type of problem.

Not every team had Sharpshooters, but when teams selected talents, class was only a reference. It wasn’t usually a deciding factor. In the end, what mattered was the player’s skill level. Moreover, the Glory combat system wasn’t rigid. Oftentimes, players were simply more adept and familiar with their original class. Switching to a new class just required some grinding and getting used to. There were very few cases where a class was completely incompatible with another.

Thus, in this average stocking rankings, when these two brilliant players appeared and Ye Xiu came up with this idea, none of the club guilds lost to Ye Xiu in this area.

Friend invites flew at these two players like snowflakes.

Ye Xiu himself was a bigger name than any of the existing guild leaders, but compared to what the other invitations represented, his invite was undoubtedly the lightest.

No matter how it was said, Happy was a newly-formed team. Happy was still a team in the Challenger League. With a powerhouse like Excellent Era in this season’s Challenger League, Happy’s future prospects was extremely unpredictable.

But the other guilds? The teams supporting the guilds stood steadily rooted in the Pro Alliance. What they could provide to these two players was very different from what Happy could provide them with. Even Excellent Era extending an invite was more solid than an invite from Happy. Their confidence could be more easily trusted.

Ye Xiu’s friend request still went through smoothly, except when he messaged him, it took a long time before he finally got a response back: “In the middle of an event…….”

Ye Xiu was stunned.

“Christmas event?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Yes!” The other side quickly replied.

“They haven’t finished all three rounds yet!?”  Wei Chen, who had come over to watch, cried out in astonishment. 30 stockings wasn’t their final total? It was only their total after two rounds. If they continued with their average stockings per round, after three rounds, the two players would end up with around 45 stockings.

Ye Xiu had felt that above 40 stockings could be considered pro level. He originally thought that these two players weren’t quite there, but from the looks of it, their skill level was rather high-end. Could they really be pro players?

Ye Xiu didn’t hurry to ask. The other side was currently busy with their event. Ye Xiu waited patiently. As for when the event would end, that was very easy. He simply needed to watch the average stocking rankings closely. Once their round ended, there was no way those two wouldn’t be able to get a single stocking. When their numbers updated, it would mean that their final round of the event was complete.

Ye Xiu didn’t have to wait long. Sure enough, the average stocking ranking for this two-player team updated.

46 stockings! 

The final total for None Dare to Attack and Lower Your Head was evidently at the top. 

Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had obtained 51 stockings because they had achieved a grand slam in the first round through some very good luck. If not, according to their performance in the second and third round, their average stockings per round would be around 15 or 16 stockings. For three rounds, their total would have been around 45 stockings too.

None Dare to Attack and Lower Your Head looked as if they lost to Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun, but their competitiveness wasn’t below Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun.

“Pros?” After their event ended, Ye Xiu immediately messaged them. If they were actually pro players, there was no need to waste any time on them.

“No.” Their reply gave Ye Xiu a thread of hope. However, he understood that this outstanding achievement must also have been noticed by the various club guilds. Fishing for talents in the game was one of the main duties of a club guild. If they didn’t ask at all, that would be neglecting their duties. Ye Xiu reckoned that these two were currently receiving a bombardment of messages. It was hard to avoid receiving concise replies.

“Are you busy right now?” Ye Xiu was very understanding.

“Yes.” The other side replied bluntly like before.

Ye Xiu didn’t waste time and went straight to the main subject: “Your skill levels are very high. My guess is that the top teams will reach out to you. What are your thoughts? Are you planning on moving along this path?”

“It’s being considered.” The other side replied simply.

“Haha, have you considered trying to get more of a challenge?” Ye Xiu said.

“From the Challenger League?” The other side replied. From the looks of it, they weren’t experts like Mo Fan who had no knowledge of the outside world. The other side had a good understanding of the Glory pro scene and knew that Lord Grim’s Team Happy was currently participating in the Challenger League. The other side could hear Ye Xiu’s intentions.

“What do you think? Are you interested?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Haha, no.” The other side directly put the nail in the coffin.

“Actually, participating in the Challenger League can be considered a warm-up. Then, the next step is officially joining the Pro League. It’s a very good transition!” Ye Xiu wasn’t discouraged and continued to put out facts and reasons.

“Is there even a need to do that?” The other side replied.

“You guys are very confident!” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” The other side replied.

Ye Xiu looked at Wei Chen and Chen Guo, expressing rather apologetic expressions. 

The other side didn’t say much, and the content was very simple, but Ye Xiu could read quite a lot about their situation from just that. The other side had a good understanding of the Glory scene. Even though they never stated their intentions, Ye Xiu could clearly sense the other side’s attitude. They had ambitions for the pro scene and were confident in their own abilities. It would be very difficult to convince someone like that to join their newly created Team Happy.

Team Happy currently had no status nor could they pay high salaries. Apart from Wei Chen and Wu Chen, everyone that had been netted in by Happy had grown together. Everyone practiced and prepared to become pro players together. However, for these two, whether it was confidence or conceit, their attitudes were no different than pro players. Perhaps they still had space for improvement, but at this moment, they considered themselves as mature already.  

Mature players would obviously choose mature teams. Team Happy was still in its preparation phase and naturally weren’t even be in their realm of consideration. It was the same reason why many pro players wouldn’t choose to join Happy, unless there was a special reason. However, for these two, Ye Xiu couldn’t think of a special reason. The other side had completely ignored the challenge and time allowed for adapting to the environment brought about by the Challenger League.

“These two guys are kinda crazy!” Wei Chen sighed.

Wei Chen wasn’t the only one who had these thoughts. The various club guilds had sensed the arrogance and confidence from these two. However, it was still their responsibility. They couldn’t judge them based on their own preferences. First, they did some preliminary probing to get a good read on their situation. At the same time, they sent this information to their club. The guild department was in charge of finding talents, but whether the talent would be used or not wasn’t within their scope of authority. It wasn’t as simple as just adding them to the guild.

When the club received the news, all sorts of specialists immediately convened to discuss the matter.

It wasn’t possible to determine their strength and start giving offers just from their performance in this event. Once the official discussions started, the clubs asked about their names, ages, and other basic information. Apart from that, they wanted to see recordings of them in combat. If not, sparring with them in the Arena was fine too.

In other words, the first thing that needed to be done was figure out their true level of skill before making any arrangements. Don’t look at how Ye Xiu immediately asked if they were interested in a challenge. If the other side had replied yes, Ye Xiu would have asked similar questions. Unfortunately, Happy failed to even reach that step.

Ye Xiu didn’t continue further understanding the two players, but someone had come to him for advice.

Lou Guanning.

Team Heavenly Sword’s boss and team captain had already received a recording of them in actual combat. He invited Ye Xiu to watch it together with him and help evaluate them.

“Sure!” Ye Xiu didn’t refuse. Even though he had no hopes of getting them to join Happy, Ye Xiu was actually very curious about them. He wanted to see just what skill level they were at.

The file was in Glory’s recording format. It was loaded into Glory and played. On screen, a 1v1 confrontation appeared. The two characters were None Dare to Attack and Lower Your Head. The two characters were wearing popular Sharpshooter attire, a windbreaker and a cowboy hat. The style had become popular because of Zhou Zekai’s character. Cloud Piercer’s long gray windbreaker and black cowboy hat practically became signature Sharpshooter equipment. It was as if wearing this type of equipment would let them bring out the same skill that Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer had. Later on, because so many copied it, players started to change up the color scheme.

The battle soon began. The two fought extremely intensely. Their fighting was dazzling to the eye. Chen Guo, who was watching on the side, felt her eyes go blurry, but not long afterwards, she turned her head and glanced at Wei Chen. Wei Chen curled his lips in disdain: “Fake!”

“Mm.” Ye Xiu nodded his head, “The two are cooperating together.”  

“What?” Chen Guo recovered from her shock.

“They’re not actually fighting.” Ye Xiu said, but continued to watch it carefully, “However, their purpose isn’t to trick people. They’re displaying their comprehensive capabilities.”

“Their skill level is okay.” Wei Chen said. The skill level shown on the recording was quite high. However, since it was scripted, they must have certainly practiced this routine. If not, how could all of their skill be comprehensively displayed so coincidentally? Wei Chen had considered this point in giving his final evaluation, so the evaluation was rather restrained.

“Mm.” Ye Xiu nodded his head in approval. Lou Guanning messaged him at this moment: “This was a practiced routine, right?”

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu replied.

“No wonder!” Lou Guanning was as stunned as Chen Guo, but his skill level was higher, so he quickly saw through the reason.

“There’s more as well.” Lou Guanning sent another file.  It wasn’t a Glory recording formatted file. This type of file usually had some editing involved.

As expected, this video were edits of their real combat. This time, it wasn’t a performance. The two weren’t each other’s opponents. It was clips of the two fighting alongside each other in the Arena. There were 2v2s, 2v3s, 2v4s, even 2v5s. Normal player skill levels weren’t enough to be a threat to these two players, so these recordings didn’t show whether they won or lost. It was entirely a highlight of their brilliant performances.

“These are very coordinated!” Chen Guo immediately blurted out after watching the video.

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