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Chapter 901 - Stockings Per Player Rankings

From just this single round, Happy’s achievements were exceptional. However, in the current rankings, their numbers didn’t stand out much because Happy had only completed one round, so for now, no one noticed anyone except for Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion. These two had actually grabbed a grand slam and even obtained rewards for it! Both incredible pieces of Orange equipment were announced publicly in the global chat. It wouldn’t be possible not to notice.

The top guilds were gloomy!

Seeing their current achievements, 31 stockings was their best record so far. This record was equivalent to around 10 stockings per round, just half the number of total stockings in a round, but now Lord Grim had come out and snagged 20 stockings in one round, double their achievements. It was truly infuriating.

But what could they do? They had failed to form an alliance. Even if they did, because of the randomness of the event, there were many variables that they could not control. From the start, there was no way to directly oppose Happy.

The various guilds were distressed! Ye Xiu and the others had begun another round already. After knowing that achieving a grand slam came with a reward and that the reward was quite good, this achievement definitely needed to be pursued.

However, Happy did not adjust their team arrangements. The group of five was still the same group of five. The two were still the same two. The three were still participating individually. Getting the most stockings overall took precedence. After all, a grand slam wasn’t exactly an easy feat.

Everyone quickly used up their three event chances.

As expected, a grand slam wasn’t easy to get. Tang Rou, Wu Chen, and Mo Fan tried their best, but none of them managed to obtain a grand slam. Individuals didn’t have any helpers. They had to rely on their own skill for everything. As a result, if the all 20 stockings were picked up and distributed among many players, it was truly too difficult once the countdown started.

The only reliable method was to give up on a stocking to win more time to search for more stockings. However, relying on this method to achieve a grand slam might put you in an infinite loop. In the end, it was because you were on your own. You had limited information about the movements of the other players, so it wasn’t possible to complete an effective stocking robbery. Without efficiency, in the later stages, you would likely be a walking stocking bag. It might just be better to forcefully end the round with what you had.

On the other hand, Wei Chen’s team achieved a grand slam once in the following two rounds. Wei Chen pretty much copied Ye Xiu’s strategy. He didn’t feel embarrassed about it at all. As a result, along with a bit of luck, they swept the field with all 20 stockings in the second round.

The grand slam rewards didn’t disappoint them either. Each player in the team was rewarded with a piece of Orange equipment. All of them were top-tier equipment that didn’t lose out to Apocalypse Star or Sundering Apocalypse.

However, in the third round, their luck didn’t go so well. In the end, they ended with only 17 stockings, one less stocking than their first round.

As for Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun, their luck didn’t go as well in the next two rounds. They ended up with 15 and 16 stockings respectively.

Their grand slam in the first round had a lot of luck involved too. Just take how Steamed Bun followed that last team closely. That team decided to take a gamble and put all of their stockings on a single player, allowing Steamed Bun to snatch it all for himself in one go. If they had split the stockings between each member, no matter how fast Steamed Bun may be, he wouldn’t be able to chase all five members.

The goal of Ye Xiu’s strategy wasn’t to go so far as to achieve a grand slam with every run. The strategy was to guide the overall situation. Then, when an opportunity arrived, they would strike, obtain a whole bunch of stockings at once, and take the lead. At the same time, their strike would mark the end of the round. That was Ye Xiu’s original goal. Being able to achieve a grand slam at the end had been a pleasant surprise. The occurrence could only be encountered not sought out.

After these three rounds, even if Happy wanted to avoid attention, they wouldn’t be able to. No matter if it was their teams or their individuals, their achievements put them far ahead of the pack. 

For teams, as the event continued, the original leading record of 31 stockings became 33 stockings. It had improved, but it was no longer in the lead. Wei Chen’s team was in the lead with a total of 55 stockings after three runs. It made the admirable record of 33 stockings set by the original scoreboard leaders turn into something incredibly tiny. After them, there was Lord Grim and Steamed Bun with 51 stockings too.

In total, Wei Chen’s team had the highest total, but their team was a five-player team like the others. Although their total was the highest, in terms of stockings per player, they lost to Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion by a wide margin.

Because when this duo popped up on the rankings, players took note that the rankings could also be looked at by stockings per player. As a result, in that perspective, one team in Happy was above Windward Formation’s team.

In the stockings per player ranking, Lord Grim and Steamed Bun Invasion averaged 25.5 stockings. It truly made the others jealous.

As for Windward Formation’s team, their stockings per player averaged to 11 stockings, number three on the ranking list.

In group in second place, players discovered a team that was also made up of two players. This duo averaged 15 stockings per player, meaning their current total was 30 stockings. 30 placed them in the upper levels of the overall rankings, but it still didn’t stand out, so it was no wonder that no one noticed them.

This duo consisted of a character called None Dare Attack and another called Lower Your Head. Both characters had the same class, Sharpshooters.

Because of Zhou Zekai’s rising popularity recently and Zhou Zekai being last year’s champion, Sharpshooters became the most popular class in Glory. According to the officially released statistics, a week after Samsara became the champions, the number of new Sharpshooters in the ten servers was no less than 50,000.

Who knew if these 50,000 accounts were alternate accounts who happened to be leveled up at this time, but it was still an unprecedented occasion. The game company couldn’t restrain themselves from reporting this incredible statistic to the public.

The influence of the pro scene on the game could be seen from this occurrence alone, but for the pro scene itself, this influence couldn’t be seen in a short period of time. From a long-term perspective, the higher the Sharpshooter player base, the more Sharpshooter experts existed. However, for pro teams, team composition mattered. Just because there were numerous outstanding Sharpshooters didn’t mean they were going to cram a bunch of Sharpshooters onto a team. So in the end, although there may be numerous experts, there were only a limited number of spots, leading to an even more intense competition. As a result of this fierce competition, many outstanding players were unfortunately unable to obtain a spot. The good thing was the ones who did obtain a spot were bound to be more outstanding.

No one knew where None Dare Attack or Lower Your Head came from, nor if they were new players influenced by Zhou Zekai. However, although their 30 stockings were still far from Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun, compared to other players, they were absolutely exceptional.

Most teams consisted of five players. Playing as a two-player team might be the most difficult way of participating in this event. In the individual rankings, everyone was on their own. For five-player versus five-player teams, the numbers on each side were equal, but two versus five was undoubtedly the biggest discrepancy possible in this event.

Yet even with that discrepancy, these two were able to obtain 30 stockings. Each player averaged 15 stockings. They didn’t need to be compared to other teams. They could even be compared with those in the individual rankings.

In the individual rankings, Tang Rou acquired 27; Mo Fan and Wu Chen both obtained 32. All three of them were far ahead of their competition. The highest total stocking count for the other individuals was still around 16 stockings.

This record was only one more stocking greater than the record set by None Dare Attack and Lower Your Head.

Despite being in the most disadvantageous position, these two were able to acquire 15 stockings each. If they participated in the individual rankings, they would be existences that looked down upon countless players.

“Who are these two……” After seeing the average stocking rankings, Wei Chen was curious about the two above them.

“Two sharpshooters……” After Ye Xiu saw their classes, he had clearly thought of something.


“Do you think they’re pro players?” Wei Chen guessed. 

“If they were pro players, which team has two Sharpshooters?” Ye Xiu said.

“Samsara?” Wei Chen blurted out. He was truly a Samsara spy. He knew Team Samsara’s situation very well. Otherwise, how could he have pretended to be a Samsara fan?

“So you’re saying one of them is Zhou Zekai?” Ye Xiu said.  

“Uh…..” Wei Chen didn't know what to say. Zhou Zekai only being able to get 30 stockings? Wouldn’t that be too embarrassing? After winning the championships, he was the undisputed number one player in Glory.

“Tiny Herb also had two Sharpshooters.” Qiao Yifan stood up and brought some information into the discussion.

“Uh…… I don’t think they’re pro players.” Ye Xiu said. Just take Zhou Zekai, the number one player in Glory. Just thirty stockings was too disgusting to look at! He couldn’t just step on other pro players either. If 30 stockings was inadequate for him, then how could 30 stockings be adequate for any other pro players? Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had snatched 51 stockings, no? Even though they had gotten lucky, Ye Xiu had pretty much figured out this event. Based on his judgement, if pro players competed with normal players, they would at least acquire a minimum of 40 stockings over three rounds. If they were lucky, they would get more. If they were unlucky, they would get fewer. Pro players could crush normal players with ease. Zhou Zekai being the number one player in Glory wasn’t the reason he would attain an outstanding record.

The reason should be because the opponents were too weak, so everyone was very amazing. 

“If not pro players…… then who are they?” Wei Chen said.

“Let’s see if I can add them as a friend and contact them.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you saying……” Wei Chen had thought of it. If they weren’t pro players, then they were definitely sleeping experts. After getting a better understanding of them, perhaps they had the potential to be stars in the pro scene. Moreover, it would be two at once.

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