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Chapter 887 - Guide

Ye Xiu’s guide this time was different from his guides in the tenth server. At that time, the purpose of his guide had been for dungeon records, which required high precision. No matter how well he wrote that guide, it was simply not possible for every player to follow along.

But this guide? The main purpose was to teach players how to clear the Level 75 dungeons. Although the guide had certain requirements, Ye Xiu wasn’t aiming for efficiency, so the easier it was, the more people could use the guide.

This type of guide wasn’t just for the guild elite teams to use, but rather the general population. As a result, using the guide as their guild’s sole weapon wasn’t an option.

Although Guild Happy was still weak, the rain and wind that followed Ye Xiu in the Heavenly Domain definitely caught the eye of the club guilds. It wasn’t possible that his guild had no spies in it. This type of dungeon guide didn’t require a text document to read. Just by following a team a couple of times, an experienced player would be able to replicate the strategy on his own almost perfectly.

When the time came, the spies would share the information that they had learned, so why not just take the initiative to knock on their doors?

As a result, once the first guide was completed, Ye Xiu sent a mass message to all of the guild leaders on his friends list: “Guide, guide, would anyone like a guide?”

“Hm? What guide?”

The first one to reply was Tyrannical Ambition’s Jiang You. This guild leader had personally experienced the buying and selling of guides in the tenth server, so he was especially sensitive to this type of news and reacted swiftly. Afterwards, the other guild leaders followed up. No guild sat by idly.

“A Level 75 dungeon guide that teaches you how to beat the dungeon even with a level disadvantage, allowing you to compete for all sorts of records.” Ye Xiu mass messaged again and described his guide with attractive words. 

Guild Happy had filled the record board with First Kills and First Clears. Ye Xiu himself was a God, so the guild leaders didn’t question the efficacy of the guide. However, they also knew Ye Xiu wasn’t here because of his sense of altruism, so one of the enlightened guild leaders asked: “What price?”

“It’s not that expensive. A Level 75 Orange equip. Any would do.” Ye Xiu said.

Unless it was a dungeon record reward, the drop rate for Orange equipment was very low. However, the club guilds had a vast playerbase and didn’t lack in strength. With this guide, countless players could immediately begin clearing these dungeons. Considering the number of players and teams that could run the dungeon at a time, the production of Orange equipment was eventually ensured. 

No Level 75 Orange equipment had appeared in the market yet, but that didn’t mean the price was very high. This time, Ye Xiu’s asking price was quite conservative. He was worried about the guild leaders calling him out for being shameless, leading them to think about the deal more carefully. Once they pondered over it, they would most likely figure out that this wasn’t the only means to obtain this guide. If he gave an asking price that these club guilds considered trivial, these big shots would be too lazy to bother haggling and simply slam down the hammer. 

“Sure.” As expected, many of the guild leaders nodded their heads, but they didn’t forget to ask: “But we don’t have any at the moment! We’ll pay you when we get one.”

“Alright.” Ye Xiu replied. Apart from those guilds who held records, none of the other ones had any Level 75 Orange equipment, so their words weren’t false. Speaking of which, these guild leaders had no reason to act as shamelessly as little thieves. Even if the two sides were competitors, relying on such a despicable and low method was too unscrupulous.

Soon afterwards, he asked for the guild leader’s emails and started sending out the guides. At this moment, he received a message from Loulan Slash, who appeared rather distressed: “God, is this necessary? It’s just an Orange piece of equipment and not anything major, but you still want to trade it for a guide? Doesn’t that seem kind of pointless?”

As a matter of fact, to these powerful guilds, an Orange piece of equipment was nothing. Loulan Slash’s mind was very clear. No matter how good of a relationship he had, when it was time to settle a debt, he would not hesitate, but this matter made him feel rather gloomy. He clearly felt that an Orange piece of equipment shouldn’t qualify to be elevated to the status of “even brothers accounts should be settled without ambiguity.” Ye Xiu’s actions made him feel uncomfortable.

“Oh, don’t mind it. I just mass messaged all the guild leaders in my friends list.” Ye Xiu 

“Oh so it’s like that!” Loulan Slash felt relieved.

“I’ll send you a guide in a bit. With our relationship, the fee obviously isn’t needed.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” Loulan Slash was very happy.  

He soon sent the guide to everyone. Not long afterwards, the guild leaders PMed him: “What? That’s it?” Ye Xiu had only sent them a five player dungeon guide.

“Did you think an Orange equip would be enough to trade for every single dungeon?” Ye Xiu justified.

“So you’re saying one dungeon, one Orange equip?” All of the guild leaders asked.


“Will there be any other dungeon guides?” Everyone asked.  

“Do you guys still need them?”

“Of course!”

“Then yes!”

“Hurry up and send them.”

“Wait! I’m still in the process of creating them.” Ye Xiu replied. In fact, not only had he not written them yet, he hadn’t even done any research on them yet.

The first guide was sent out just like this. Afterwards, each guild had their own arrangements. After Ye Xiu gave the guide to Chen Guo and Wu Chen, he continued with his work. 

Second guide, third guide…...  

After Ye Xiu wrote these guides, he directly sent them to the guilds. If it was too much, no one said anything. It wasn’t a twenty million dollar trade or anything.  

At midnight every day, the dungeons would refresh. Ye Xiu would go with everyone and run ten player dungeons. During that time, he noted if he could also create a guide for that ten player dungeon, but after observing for awhile, he gave up in the end. The difficulty of a ten player dungeon was much higher than the difficulty of a five player dungeon.

Ye Xiu joined the team and naturally took up the role as the leader. It was rare for Mo Fan to get a peaceful atmosphere, but Wei Chen was too used to yelling at him. Even though he wasn’t leading anymore, as soon as he saw that Mo Fan was doing something wrong, he called him an idiot, a fool, a dumbass, and so on, just like he had before. Mo Fan could only grind his teeth and quietly endure the insults. On the DPS charts, his numbers continued to improve. He was constantly getting better and he knew it.

Club Excellent Era.

After the talk with Xiao Shiqin, Cui Li went to talk with Chen Yehui, requesting him not to focus on Ye Qiu and concentrate on their guild’s long term development instead.

Chen Yehui hadn’t been in the meeting between Cui Li and the team, so he naturally had no idea why Cui Li suddenly said that to him. After thinking about it, he hadn’t crossed paths with Ye Qiu recently. Their club hadn’t suffered any losses because of Ye Qiu!

Even so, Chen Yehui acknowledged Cui Li’s words.  

“Don’t focus on Ye Qiu? Are you saying our biggest competitor isn’t Ye Qiu this season?” Chen Yehui said.

“It’s still Ye Qiu, but we can’t lose our cool just because of him. Don’t you think we put too much pressure on ourselves because of how highly we hold Ye Qiu? In terms of tactics, we definitely won’t underestimate him. No one knows how terrifying Ye Qiu is better than us. However, in terms of strategy, we need to look down on him so our team can maintain a calm mindset.”

Chen Yehui more or less understood Cui Li’s intentions. What he was puzzled about was that Cui Li was talking about the team. What did that have to do with the guild?

“Since the update, what has Ye Qiu done?”Cui Li suddenly asked again before Chen Yehui could complete his thoughts.

As soon as Cui Li mentioned this matter, Chen Yehui forgot about whatever strategy or look down; his heart was fretful: “Have you not looked at the game? Have a look.”

Chen Yehui turned his monitor with the game screen on it for Cui Li to see. Then, he opened up the Level 75 dungeon record boards.

The four Guild Happy names on the First Clear board stood out. Apart from that, there were a bunch of other names. Cui Li immediately noticed Lord Grim. After looking at the other names, he stared blankly: “These are……. Tiny Herb’s players?”

“Yeah, the night the update came out, the pro players were all sleeping, so Ye Qiu led Team Happy and achieved a bunch of First Kills. Once morning came and the pro players logged on to see the update, the other records were split, but at that moment, Ye Qiu collaborated with Team Tiny Herb and took down a twenty player dungeon together.” Chen Yehui explained.

“Oh.” Cui Li replied.

“I feel like the players on our team still have plenty of energy. At this moment, why didn’t we let them go for any records?” Chen Yehui was very depressed about it. He had talked to Cui Li about the matter of Team Excellent Era having energy to spare. When the update was dropped, he felt like it was the perfect opportunity. Who would have thought the Club would remain idle and let Ye Qiu take the spotlight? If Excellent Era’s players had stayed up all night yesterday, wouldn’t half of those records be under Excellent Dynasty’s name?

“See, see. I told you before to pay attention to calm yourself and keep your heart steady. Now you’ve gone over the top. I decided to reconsider sending our pro players to go into the game and beat Happy. The center of our work should revolve around studying the new update. In particular, working together with the technology department and make sure they get what they need. As for the pro players, they need time to familiarize themselves with the update too. They don’t have as much free time as you think.” Cui Li said.

This time, Chen Yehui was completely dumbstruck. What’s going on? Suddenly, Cui Li, who had been in the trench with him, had leaped out.

You’re going to let Ye Qiu continue his rampage?

Cui Li added again: “As for Happy, just think of them as another club guild like in the past and do what you need to do.”

Chen Yehui was about to cry. He couldn’t help but retort: “Like in the past? In the past, what guild had a God like Ye Qiu watching over them?”

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