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Chapter 888 - Sweep Away

Chen Yehui’s retort stumped Cui Li. For a moment, he didn’t know how to respond.

A God watching over a guild for a long period of time had never happened before. However, how much of a difference could one person make?

Cui Li couldn’t come up with any suggestions. In the end, he could only act like he was a leader: “You’re more experienced with matters in the game. I trust that you’ll be able to deal with it accordingly.”

Chen Yehui really wanted to cough up blood on Cui Li’s face. Fortunately, he could also see that Cui Li only appeared to be casting the matter aside. That didn’t mean he had truly flung it aside. He just couldn’t come up with any good suggestions for the time being.

How do we deal with Ye Qiu?

This topic had been studied by every team in the Alliance for seven years. Only one team managed to luckily escape this predicament: Ye Qiu’s home team, Excellent Era.

But now, the Alliance no longer directly competed with Ye Qiu, so they could turn a blind eye towards him and be worry-free. On the other hand, Excellent Era would need to face Ye Qiu in the Challenger League.

There was only way to return to the Alliance through the Challenger League.

The single subject that Excellent Era hadn’t bothered studying for seven years now needed to be compensated in this short amount of time. Whether it was in the game or in a match, they would need to face Ye Qiu.

Ask other teams for help? No. That would be too disgraceful.  

Cui Li was conflicted.

Excellent Era had forced Ye Qiu to retire because they knew that Ye Qiu was too difficult to deal with. As a result, they didn’t want him to run to another team and cause trouble for them. They didn’t think that he would be so stubborn and refuse to give up even after being forced out of the competitive scene. He even became Excellent Era’s biggest problem.  

Look down on him in strategy, pay attention to him in tactics!

Cui Li’s mental state started to become unbalanced again. He immediately recited those words silently to himself. After reciting these words twice, a lightbulb suddenly flashed in his head.

The responsibility of dealing with Ye Qiu still fell onto this person!

Xiao Shiqin. How to deal with Ye Qiu was a problem that Xiao Shiqin had certainly worked with during his career on Thunderclap. And Excellent Era had all sorts of detailed information on Ye Qiu. Why not let Xiao Shiqin study those thoroughly?

This year had gone by too chaotically. Cui Li slapped his forehead.

“I still have business to take care of. I’ll be going.” Cui Li patted Chen Yehui’s shoulder and said goodbye. He had an idea on how to deal with Ye Qiu, so he left. Chen Yehui was still standing there in a daze though.

The week break for the update flew by. In the blink of an eye, it was already 12/14. The ninth season of the Pro Alliance would resume again.

In these eleven days of intense leveling, there was very little difference in the leveling speed by the pro team’s characters. After these eleven days, all of them had reached Level 75. It was confirmed as soon as the first day began. According to the dungeon and monster experience gained, all of the clubs had calculated everything accurately. If it wasn’t enough to get these characters to max level, how could they allow the pro players to take their pro characters into the game and familiarize themselves with the update instead of power leveling?

In terms of levels, the pro characters had no advantage.

Since they could reach Level 75, other characters being power leveled all day and all night naturally hit Level 75 too.

That didn’t only include the core characters of the club guilds. Among the normal playerbase, there were many who leveled like crazy too. During this time, all of them knew that whoever reached Level 75 first would have certain advantages. Reaching Level 75 first meant getting a head start in dungeons and getting a head start on acquiring stronger Level 75 equipment.

The club guild players weren’t worried about this point though because they had obtained guides from Lord Grim and had started clearing Level 75 dungeons long ago. For them, leveling wasn’t as pressing a matter.  

In the six new Level 75 Heavenly Domain maps, there were a total of 10 five-player dungeons. Ye Xiu worked sedulously on his guides. Even though they would be able to reach Level 75 quickly through power leveling, it didn’t mean Ye Xiu’s guides had no value to them. Once their players reached Level 75, they would begin challenging these dungeons for the first time. Familiarizing themselves with every dungeon would take a lot more time than reaching Level 75.

However, with Ye Xiu’s guide, everything was now easily solved. If the dungeon could be beaten by lower level players, then once the players reached Level 75, it would be even less of a problem for them.

Each five player dungeon guide required one piece of Orange equipment. With ten guides, that meant ten Orange equips from each team. There were twenty teams in the Alliance. Excluding their friends, Heavenly Sword, there were nineteen teams for a total of 190 pieces of Orange equipment. A character in Glory could equip a total of thirteen pieces of equipment including their weapon. 190 pieces of Orange equipment was enough to fully equip fourteen characters.  

Of course, Ye Xiu never indicated what type of Orange equipment he needed. The club guilds weren’t so nice as to give him their best ones. Out of these 190 pieces of Orange equipment, Ye Xiu reckoned that there wouldn’t be a single weapon among them. From what the guilds paid him, his prediction became reality. Ye Xiu could do nothing about it. After all, he didn’t know what Level 75 equipment each guild possessed and had no way of demanding anything specific.

Moreover, these Orange equips came from the dungeons that Ye Xiu wrote guides for, which meant these items all came from five-player dungeons. Orange equipment from five-player dungeons would be of a different quality than those from higher player raids. If not, why would raids be more difficult? Why would anyone bother running fifty-player or a hundred player raids?

In any case, Level 75 equipment was still superior to Level 70 equipment.

Ye Xiu and the others could only gaze at the equipment and lament at their own inadequacy*. As of right now, no one in Team Happy had reached Level 75. That didn’t affect their victory yesterday in the Challenger League though.

As for the Pro Alliance, their matches wouldn’t be as sloppy as the Challenger League matches. Countless players held their breath for these matches, ready to see the new Level 75 skills in action. They wanted to see how these skills were used in the hands of pro players.

The results were rather disappointing though.

Their disappointment wasn’t because of the Level 75 skills themselves, but rather that it seemed like all of the pro players had agreed upon beforehand not to use these new skills. In this round of matches, twenty teams played a total of thirty individual matches, ten group arenas, and ten team matches with 142 participating players. However, not a single player used a Level 75 skill.

The commentators, guests, and post-match analysis revealed the entire story. It was because the pro players still needed to study these new skills more, so they wouldn’t rashly use them in such an important match. The newly obtained Level 75 Orange equipment from the game still gave the spectators a sight to see.

Very few Silver equipment had been replaced by Level 75 Orange equipment. However, all of the Level 70 Orange equipment had been completely swapped out.

For small teams, this was good news. Their characters relied heavily on Orange equipment. Now that their Orange equipment had also improved, their character’s strength naturally improved a level too.

As for those important ace characters that relied on Silver equipment, for now, their Silver equipment could not be upgraded to Level 75 in a short amount of time. Level 75 Orange equipment didn’t lose out to Level 70 Silver equipment in terms of stats, but in terms of bonuses, the majority were slightly lacking.

Consequently, it can be seen that before Level 75 Silver equipment replaced Level 70 Silver equipment, because of the value of Level 75 Orange equipment, the disparity in character strength between strong and weak teams would be much narrower. It would have some impact on the direction of this season’s end results. Countless Glory experts made this kind of analysis.

In the game, as characters continued to hit the level cap and continued to acquire Level 75 equipment, dungeon clear records, raids, and wild bosses began being brought up.

Wild bosses once again became the most valuable commodities. But as countless guilds were wiped out, everyone knew that it was too early to battle these Level 75 wild bosses. It would be best to study those large raids first and strengthen their characters.

However, those were only the thoughts of ordinary people. To a God, wild bosses and raids could be carried out at the same time! However, there were too few Level 75 players at Happy at the moment, so their group’s strength was a bit weak.

Speaking of which, everyone in the team felt a bit ashamed. None of their characters were Level 75 yet, but in Guild Happy and even Guild Everlasting, there were already Level 75 characters. There were too many crazy levelers out there.

“Let’s also spend some time to level up.” Ye Xiu said. Their team’s leveling speed wasn’t fast, but their dungeon runs went smoothly. They were the only team that could run all of the ten-player dungeons every day. As for the other clubs, even though they were Level 75 and had Level 75 equipment, they were still working out how to clear these ten-player dungeons. Everyday, their teams would get wiped out. Then, the teams could only cry as they regained their lost experience.

Twenty-player raids didn’t need to be discussed. Just take the ten-player raids and add an even worse to it.

Fifty-player raids, hundred-player raids…… were the same as wild bosses. For now, they weren’t considered.

In the blink of an eye, a week passed.

Happy had yet to meet another strong opponent in the Challenger League, so they continued to steamroll their way through it. In the game, they spent this week leveling up, so everyone finally reached Level 75. At this moment, Level 75 five-player dungeon records were already being contested. Blood filled the air.

But that night, all ten five-player dungeon speed records on the record board were replaced with Guild Happy’s name. If it wasn’t because they were limited by the number of dungeon runs possible in a day, they might have taken up spots 1 to 10 for each record with Guild Happy’s name. Guild Happy’s records completely left the records by other guilds in the dust.

Rumors said that a player who had experienced the pioneering in the tenth server saw the record board and fainted on the spot. When he woke up, he hastily asked the surrounding players today’s date and asked whether he was in the Heavenly Domain or in the tenth server.

After hearing the reply, everyone sighed: “So the nightmare was real. What happened in the tenth server is being replicated in the Heavenly Domain.”

How could this be considered a reenactment though? Team Happy’s current team was much more elite than their team in the tenth server. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun were no longer noobs like before.

Seeing all of these Orange equips, Chen Guo couldn’t conceal her joy.

“They truly deserved to be record rewards. They’re better than those equips from those guilds.” Chen Guo praised. The 190 Orange equips that the guilds paid were truly low-end goods among the Level 75 Orange equipment circle.

*The author did a small play on words, instead of 望洋兴叹 which is a chengyu/idiom that means to gaze at the ocean and lament at one’s inadequacy, he wrote 望装兴叹 replacing the ocean part with equipment.

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