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Chapter 886 - One Step Closer

After working day and night, they had taken all the necessary first kills from the Heavenly Domain dungeons. All that was left were dungeons of larger scale, like those involving 50 or a 100 players. 

There was no exact answer for whether a group of pro players could clear those dungeons higher level than themselves because no one had tried before. It wasn’t possible for a pro player to hang around in game all day. This was only a special occasion where they had a small break during the season, so it was not like the summer at the end of the season. There was a match waiting for them after these two weeks were up, so they couldn’t muck around and slack off during this period of time either. 

After chatting casually with the pro players in the pro player chat, Ye Xiu returned to the game. 

“What are we doing today?” Everyone asked. 

“Making a guide.” Ye Xiu said. 

“Guide?” Everyone stared blankly. 

“I’ll be making a guide, you guys use this time to practice!” Ye Xiu said. 

Everyone scattered afterwards. Seeing that they weren’t going to dungeon today, Mo Fan became disappointed immediately. He didn’t expect that Ye Xiu would turn around and instructed Wei Chen: “You go help them practice in the dungeons!”

Wei Chen nodded. 

Team Happy didn’t have the specialized training software  the pro teams did. This was why all of their training contents were achieved by manipulating various kinds of environments in game. Of course, there was no lack of content for training in a dungeon, especially training which involved aspects of teamwork and mutual understanding. 

The dungeon’s entry was limited, so they couldn’t practice repetitively, but this didn’t put a dent in the players’ resolve. The entry was limited, but their accounts were not, so Happy prepared side accounts of all classes. Everyone would use the side accounts, equip them, and run the dungeons.

“But if it continues like this, when are we going to reach Level 75?” Chen Guo was doubtful. Their characters were not like pro characters of pro teams in the first place. Those guilds could level continuously for 24 hours. For the available time they had, part of it would be spent on training side accounts. Chen Guo thought it was quite a pity. 

“Compared to levelling up, it’s more important to maintain their daily training.” Ye Xiu said. “With our strength, it’s unlikely for us to lose just because our opponent has the advantage in level. In addition, they might not even have this advantage either. We spend more time playing the game than most players.”

Chen Guo thought it was reasonable, so she didn’t speak anymore. Due to Ye Xiu’s absence, the team was missing one person, but Happy’s current guild strength wasn’t exactly sitting at zero, so they were still able to call for someone to take his spot. However, a normal person wasn’t able to pick up the burden of covering for Ye Xiu in combat ability. Even the role of the main tank, which Ye Xiu was always in charge of, couldn’t be replaced by a player specialized in the Knight’s class. 

In the end, they found a healer. The main tank’s job was taken over by the valiant girl, Tang Rou. The group found a ten-player dungeon and immediately entered it. 

As for Ye Xiu? He also pulled out a group of people from the guild. 

Hearing that they were going to enter a Level 75 dungeon, the players were quite enthusiastic in signing up. Normal players wouldn’t even dare to dream about entering a Level 75 dungeon, even if it was just a small five player dungeon, but how could the people who joined Guild Happy not know about Lord Grim’s capabilities? Last night, those people from Happy were able to take down all kinds of First Kill records. This attracted a lot of admiration from players of other guilds. 

Now that Lord Grim was about to lead them to complete a dungeon, even though it wouldn’t be a first kill, it was enough to be enthusiastic about. 

Chen Guo was more familiar with the players in the guild, so it was Chen Guo who recommended a few decent players in the end. 

After entering the dungeon with the small team, Ye Xiu immediately started to study the dungeon in detail. The dungeon guide he was making this time was different from the efficient guides he had made in the tenth server, which aimed to break the record. Instead, he was aiming for a safe guide that aimed to complete the dungeon consistently. Evidently, Ye Xiu wanted to mobilize the guild’s strength of Happy early on. Otherwise, it would take forever for just the ten of them to collect enough equipment for themselves. 

No one knew how much more effort it would take to lead a bunch of normal players instead of pro players, but this could also reveal more problems, so the guide would just have to be more specific. After all, the guidebook Ye Xiu was working on this time wasn’t for pro players, but for normal guild players. 

After coming out of the dungeon, Ye Xiu’s thoughts were merely in its rudimentary form, but the normal players were almost excited to death because they were able to get a Purple Level 75 equipment from this dungeon. The probability of getting a Purple equipment in a five player dungeon was low enough, so the chance of getting an Orange was even lower. Purple equipment were already rare enough to most normal players. 

This process continued for the second and third time. After all, it was truly difficult for a normal player to kill a mob that was five levels higher. As a result, making the guide was much more difficult for Ye Xiu. 

One day, two days, three days…...

Ye Xiu worked hard on the guide, but on the other team, Mo Fan was not relaxed at all. Even though Ye Xiu wasn’t present, Wei Chen’s competence in leading the dungeon was enough. Of course, it wasn’t hard to come up with sets of fighting methods that required coordination. As for Mo Fan? Wei Chen wasn’t Ye Xiu, so he didn’t hold back like Ye Xiu did. Wei Chen would directly call Mo Fan out when leading. 

Since Mo Fan realized the reason he couldn’t have a high damage output was because he didn’t fit into the team’s fighting style, he didn’t reject the way they fought. Under Wei Chen’s command, there were many puzzle pieces that fell into place for him: Ah, so it’s meant to be like this…...

However, for a rookie in training like Mo Fan, understanding by itself just wasn’t enough, he still made errors and mistakes continuously. Wei Chen’s way of commanding was also much ruder, words like ‘idiot’, ‘dumbass’, and ‘retard’ flowed out of his mouth like a river. Which person received a majority of these insults? Mo Fan, of course.

Mo Fan was also stuffed with anger from the insults, but Wei Chen’s insults weren’t unreasonable. As an unfavourable scrap picker, Mo Fan had heard all kinds of insults to his face and behind his back, so his tolerance for insults wasn’t bad. When the statistics came out after the boss was defeated, his results were always disastrous, but whenever it was time to check the DPS charts, the outcome was too devastating to even look at.

They were currently in a ten-man dungeon, and it was different from a twenty-man dungeon where it would have been impossible to find the location without entering the system. In the dungeon, Mo Fan performed by himself, so his statistics were higher than Chen Guo and Luo Ji’s, but now that they had been integrated into the system, Mo Fan’s result in his damage output was now worse than those two. 

They were currently running ten player dungeons, so unlike twenty player dungeons, it wouldn’t be so bad that he couldn’t find something to do within the team. In the past, for this dungeon, Mo Fan dealt more damage than Chen Guo and Luo Ji when he fought alone, but now that he had been integrated into the team system, Mo Fan’s damage output couldn’t even compare to those two’s.

Fortunately, he knew that the problem didn’t lie in their fighting style, but because his own skills had not yet reached the fighting style’s requirements.

Fortunately, he understood that this wasn’t an issue in strategy, but rather his ability to integrate and coordinate properly with the others.

Mo Fan continued to work hard, and his statistics slowly improved after every boss.

Mo Fan continued to work hard. With every boss that they defeated, his DPS improved.

Three days had passed and Ye Xiu was finally able to produce one guide. As for Mo Fan, his damage output results were finally able to surpass Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze and Luo Ji’s Concealed Light. However, from what they could see, those results were still too unstable. 

Three days had passed now. Ye Xiu had finally finished his first guide draft. As for Mo Fan, he had finally surpassed Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze and Luo Ji’s Concealed Light on the charts. His achievements so far were still rather subpar though.

But for Chen Guo and Lou Ji, this was saddening enough for both of them.

But for Chen Guo and Luo Ji, this already hurt their hearts.

Only a few days had passed, and Mo Fan had almost already gotten used to this kind of play style. This guy’s foundation was enviable for players like these two. 

It had only been a few days, yet Mo Fan had pretty much grasped how to coordinate with the team. His grasp of the foundations made these two players extremely envious.

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