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Chapter 84 – Manpower Needed

Ye Xiu’s beautiful confidence made Cold Night and Endless Night feel skeptical, but they had a very serious issue facing them right now.

“Brother, how many more days do you need until you’re Level 25? We can’t stay at level 25 forever to wait for you!” Cold Night said. Lord Grim was now Level 21 and he wasn’t madly leveling for 24 hours. It would take him three or four days to get to Level 25. Cold Night definitely couldn’t waste these three or four days. Their elite members would definitely pass Level 25.

“The opposing party has three or more pro level players.” Ye Xiu said.

After Cold Night and Endless Night heard this, they waited a bit for a follow up. But in the end, they only heard this statement without anything behind it.

Just when Cold Night was about to ask, Endless Night already jumped up and yelled: “F*CK, so you’re saying our skill levels aren’t good enough??”

Because Endless Night had been excluded several times from the elite party due to him being a Cleric, he had unfortunately raised a habit of self-doubt. At this moment, Endless Night had already understood what Lord Grim was implying.

“To break a normal record, then you guys are fine. But this record….. would only be possible if you had an Orange equipment party of Level 25s.” Ye Xiu said.

An Orange equipment party in the new server was clearly a fantasy. Even in the old servers, to use up money just to make a Level 25 Orange equipment party only for the Frost Forest dungeon record was too much of a joke.

After all, this was only the lowest level dungeon. Wasting their blood and tears like this wasn’t worth it.

Cold Night was worthy of being called a guild leader. Although his gift for self doubt wasn’t as good as Endless Night, he already heard another implication : “Don’t tell me we need to find pro-level players?” After saying this, Cold Night could only feel that this was inconceivable. This was only the tenth server’s lowest level Frost Forest Dungeon and they actually needed pro players to confront it? That was too delusional!

In the end, Ye Xiu laughed: “It’s only Frost Forest! Using pro-players would be too ridiculous. Actually, as long as you have players with a bit of hand speed then you can reach the limit too.”

“A little hand speed and then the limit? Then pro-players would be even higher!” Endless Night said.

“Let me say it to you like this. First, disregard the strength of your accounts. At the new server’s current level, each of the guild’s five elites from equipment to skill are all around the same, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah…..” Cold Night admitted. In this sort of five player party, their advantages over the other guilds were limited. After all, as long as their was a party of five elites then they could compete. The five player elite parties from lower grade guilds like Excellent Dynasty wouldn’t be worse than theirs.

“So in the end, what most affects the clear record is your mechanical skill. Suppose a pro-player’s skill level is a 10. But in such a low-level dungeon like Frost Forest, the max they could go to is a 5. A skill level 10 or a skill level 9 could only bring out a max of a skill level 5 in this dungeon. Do you understand now?”

Cold Night and Endless Night obviously understood this. This was like if their opponents had 100 life. A 1000 damage attack was the same as a 100 damage attack. Although the former was ten times greater than the latter, the end result was the same. The reason the 1000 damage attack couldn’t be fully displayed was because of that meager 100 life.

“If you’re talking about our mechanical skill, then Cold Night and I aren’t bad.” Endless NIght said.

“They aren’t bad. You two are probably Tyrannical Ambition’s most mechanically skilled players over here right? But you guys….. one’s a Knight, one’s a Cleric…..” Ye Xiu said, “Can you play other classes?”

“What……if we could?” Endless Night asked carefully.

“If you say it like this, then I guess you can’t.” Ye Xiu said.

While Endless Night was depressed, Cold Night followed up: “I can play as an Elementalist….. But it’s be a bit difficult with this account. The account I can borrow will definitely power level. It definitely won’t stop at Level 25.”

“If it’s like this, then even if you ask an expert to come over and play for you guys, then this account problem won’t be easy to resolve!”

“True!” Cold Night admitted. Over here in the new server, all of the Level 25 accounts were concentrated on power leveling. They couldn’t just stop temporarily. As for the other level players, those newly recruited players in the new server, they had only just became familiar with them. How could they just ask to borrow their accounts? Even if someone was willing to, their account cards were real-life objects. Both sides would have to be in the same place.

“Player and account. I can help look around for those.” Ye Xiu said.

Cold Night felt long ago that this guy’s self-confidence was definitely one of his strong points. As a guild leader, he had already began to weigh the pros and cons of this situation. If this guy completely found his own party, then his price would definitely be higher. If it was just for a Frost Forest dungeon record, then Cold Night already felt that it wasn’t too worth it. He firmly replied: “Our offer won’t go any higher.”

Unexpectedly, Lord Grim, who they had thought was extremely greedy, didn’t actually have the intention of raising the price and laughed: “I don’t need that. The price stays the same. But you guys will have to do a little extra.”


“Those five characters from Excellent Dynasty that cleared the record, give me info on their classes, equipment, everything. The more detailed the better.” Ye Xiu said.

“This….. I can think of a way.” Cold Night said.

“Also, I may need you guys to provide a few equipment.” Ye Xiu said.


“The most important ones are the Level 25 Purple weapons. Of course, other equipment are welcome too. These will only be borrowed temporarily. When I’m done, I’ll return them to you. If you guys need a mortgage from me, then I can do that.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“What classes?”

“First find info on those five players from Excellent Dynasty. After that, I’ll determine exactly how many pro-level players they had.” Ye Xiu said.

“First tell me what classes. I’ll begin preparing.” Cold Night said.

“Then, one Battle Mage, one Brawler, and….. a Launcher, these first.” Ye Xiu said.

“Battle Mage? You aren’t going to look for Thousand Creations right?” Cold Night began sweating. Currently, in the tenth server, Blue Brook Guild’s Thousand Creations was a Battle Mage with high mechanical skill.

“Obviously not. If it was him, would he need a Purple weapon?”

“That’s true.” Cold Night said, “Then who are you looking for?” He deserved to be called a guild leader! He was always sensitive towards talents.

“I still have to think about it!” Ye Xiu said.

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