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Chapter 83 – Almost the Limit


Perhaps to the majority of players, this was just another record on the leaderboards. But for Endless Night, Plantago Seed, Blue River, these sort of players from big guilds that were always thinking of these records on the leaderboard, only these players understood what this record signified.

13:24:21. This was only the tenth server’s record. This record clearly broke the all-time record in all ten of Glory’s servers.

This record didn’t have any system rewards. At first, players recorded these records for themselves to compete for. Later, Glory officially ranked the records for each of their respective servers. Frost Forest’s all-time record was only 14:31:58. Although Blue River and the others couldn’t clearly remember this number, they knew that it wasn’t below 14. But now, in the tenth server, Excellent Dynasty had actually broken this record by a minute.

In the end, Herb Garden’s players couldn’t even celebrate for one minute. Tyrannical Ambition’s players couldn’t celebrate either.

Ye Xiu’s record-setting party had already passed the 15 minute mark. They obviously couldn’t break this new record.

“F*CK!!” When this record popped up, the four DPSers were all astonished. No matter how hard they tried, their efforts were already futile. In the entire process, they were careful, careful, and more careful. Their palms were extremely sweaty but they didn’t dare wipe it. They feared that they would delay the record by a second. But now? Just when they thought that they could break Herb Garden’s record without any problems, this 13:24:21 record was like a bolt from the blue.

The four were already motionless, but the battle sounds were still resounding in their ears. The four players recovered and looked. Lord Grim was still fighting with the Frost Thain.

“Brother, did you see the system announcement?” One player couldn’t help but say.

“I saw it.” Ye Xiu replied.

“We’re already too late.” One player sighed.

“We should at least finish the dungeon, right?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“You’re still laughing. Since it’s like this, you won’t be getting anything either.” One player said, but he started to attack again.

“Yeah, I’m out of luck.” Ye Xiu said.

“Excellent Dynasty……. d*mn, 13 minutes, isn’t this already this highest record in all ten servers?” Among the players, an unsure player said.

“It is! There wasn’t any record that broke 14 minutes before.” Another player said.

“This……. We’re way off then?” Another player said.

“Correct, we’ll finish this dungeon in 16 minutes at best.” Ye Xiu said.

“Sigh……” While they sighed, the Frost Thain was finally beaten. Their end record was 17:07:66. This did beat Herb Garden’s previous record and could be considered as the tenth server’s number two record. But a number two record, although it wasn’t easy for small guilds, to Tyrannical Ambition, it didn’t mean anything.

When Lord Grim and the four DPSers exited the dungeon, Endless Night and the others were still fighting in the dungeon. Cold Night hadn’t returned from his report back to the old server. On the other hand, Herb Garden’s players experienced the descent from heaven to hell. They had just been celebrating their new record, when a new record beat theirs by four minutes. It felt like they had been slapped in the face. This wasn’t over yet though. In another moment, Lord Grim’s party beat their record again. Herb Garden’s efforts looked meaningless.

At this moment, Plantago Seed received a message from Blue River: “What a tragedy! A tragedy.”

“F*ck, 13 minutes!! How the f*ck did they do that. Who’s in Excellent Dynasty?” Plantago Seed didn’t notice Blue River’s taunt. Instead, he discussed with this expert how such a record was possible.

“Excellent Dynasty……” Blue River didn’t reply to Plantago Seed’s message. He only pondered over this guild name.

He wasn’t unfamiliar with this guild. It was a level lower than the Three Great Guilds, but Excellent Dynasty was still a distinguished guild. And this was only its current form. In the past, it was once the most glorious guild. In that time, the Excellent Era Club swept the Professional Alliance, dominating the pro scene for three years.

Correct, Excellent Dynasty, the professional club that backed them was Ye Xiu’s former team, the Excellent Era Club.

The Professional Alliance was the peak in Glory’s community. Each and every move of a club could have a lasting impact on Glory. And the guild that was backed by the club even more so. When the club rose, the guild rose. When the club declined, the guild declined. Excellent Era’s achievements in the recent years weren’t good. In the game, their guild was immediately surpassed by Blue Brook Guild, Tyrannical Ambition, and Herb Garden. However, their foundations was deep. Although they were surpassed, they didn’t decline too far.

Within the tenth server’s tussle, the Three Great Guilds competed against each other and didn’t put the other guilds in their eyes. Who knew that Excellent Dynasty would suddenly attack heavily. Before, they were hiding their true strength. None of the other leaderboards had their name on them. But at this moment, they amazed the world with a single brilliant event. In an instant, they took the Frost Forest clear record.


They not only broke the tenth server record, but they even beat the all-time Frost Forest record by a whole minute. Was Excellent Dynasty preparing to rise in power again?

Thinking of this, Blue River immediately thought of Excellent Era Club’s most recent change. The old generation captain Ye Xiu retired and the new generation expert Sun Xiang took the Battle God One Autumn Leaf. They clearly intended to shuffle the cards and rebuild. Then was the Excellent Dynasty’s sudden rise in the game related to the Club’s movements? If it was like this, then relying on them to stop these players from setting new records was a little extreme. This record probably wasn’t done by ordinary players like them.

“They’re experts.” Outside of Frost Forest’s dungeon, Ye Xiu was talking to Endless Night, who had just finished his run, and Cold Night, who had just returned from his old server.

Cold Night was like Blue River and ran back to the old server to report his work. In the end, when he returned back to the tenth server he heard that something big had happened. 13:24:21. Cold Night was also astonished by this number. He hurriedly ran to outside the dungeon and happened to hear Ye Xiu’s opinion.

“You don’t say! We also guessed that they were experts.” Endless Night said.

“They’re not ordinary experts. This party should have at least three players who are at a pro level.” Ye Xiu said.

Cold Night and Endless Night were dumbstruck. To them, pro-players were existences that they could only hope to reach. In the moment of their shock, they both forgot to think how Ye Xiu could determine this so clearly.

“This record is almost the limit for Frost Forest’s clear record.” Ye Xiu said.

“Almost?” Endless Night heard this keyword.

“So you’re saying, this isn’t the limit?” Cold Night said.

“How could the limit be so easy to reach?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“So you’re saying?”

“Wait until I’m level 25 and then we’ll see! You guys should also hurry!” Ye Xiu said.

“Hurry what?” The two were both startled.

“The items I want! You guys have time to gather them now!” Ye Xiu said.

“F*CK!” The two shouted together. Such a shocking event had just occurred and this guy was still thinking about those materials and equipment……

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