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Chapter 85 – Steamed Bun Invasion

Cold Night was extremely perplexed. This tenth server really was cursed. In an instant, so many experts popped out? This wasn’t Glory’s style!

In ordinary games, a single server was a single world. In old servers, unhappy players would often restart when a new server opened. Like this, maybe they could become the king or tyrant of the new server and stir up troubles. But in Glory? All of the experts ended up gathering in the Heavenly Domain. No matter how rampant you were in the first, second, third, fourth server, etc. if you didn’t even have the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Domain, then you were just a joke.

As a result, in Glory, veterans that wanted to abandon their old accounts and start anew didn’t have to switch to a new server. In the old server, a veteran could use their old account’s money to buy items and their strength to level faster; how great was that?

As a result, of those veterans that came to the new server to pioneer, the overwhelming majority of them were like Cold Night and the others, who came to run their guild. But now, they met Lord Grim, an unprecedented expert. And this player claimed that he could find players with mechanical skill higher than him and Endless Night, that level of players.

Although he and Endless Night were way inferior compared to pro players, among the player masses, they were still considered extremely skilled. They were the elite of Tyrannical Ambition’s elite. They were comparable to Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts, that sort of level. However, this Lord Grim seemed as if he could just casually find a few better than them. This made Cold Night extremely perplexed. With regards to such a confident character, how could he not be curious.

“You guys go level up! No one’s going to try and beat this record anyways. Wait until I level up and then I’ll help you clear it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then….. let’s contact each other later.” Cold Night patiently said. No matter who Lord Grim found, he would eventually find out in the end.

Cold Night and Endless Night carried their doubts and left. Their entries for Frost Forest had all been used up. They could still do Boneyard though. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was only Level 21 and couldn’t enter Boneyard. Right now; he could only complete quests and clear monsters to level.

While he went to a place to level, Ye Xiu opened up his friends list and yelled out to “Steamed Bun Invasion”.

Although this Steamed Bun Invasion was a noob at Glory, after hunting the Blood Gunner and dungeoning with him a few times, Ye Xiu found that his hand speed was quite quick.

His situation was a bit similar to Tang Rou’s. He wasn’t familiar with Glory, but he had the hand speed for it. In comparison, although Steamed Bun Invasion’s hand speed wasn’t as fast as Tang Rou’s, his coordination was better. Seeing how crazily enthusiastic he was towards Glory, this hand speed was most likely practiced through playing games.

At this moment, Steamed Bun Invasion was still in the Frost Forest dungeon with Seven Fields and the others. Ye Xiu had done his last run with Tyrannical Ambition’s players. Seven Fields and the others randomly added another person for their last run. In such an ordinary party, with their ordinary characters, ordinary equipment, and ordinary coordination, their dungeon clearing speed really was too ordinary. They almost needed thirty minutes to clear it.

Steamed Bun Invasion had a high hand speed, that wasn’t wrong, but the fact that he was still a Glory noob couldn’t be ignored. As a result, his display of strength was greatly related to the leader’s leading skills. With outstanding leading to replace his own thinking, instructing him on his position and damage, only then would his full strength be displayed. Right now, their party’s leader was Seven Fields. He was only an experienced player and couldn’t even be considered an expert.

“Ah, God, we’re still in a dungeon. Is there anything you need?” Steamed Bun Invasion replied quickly. While in a dungeon, while fighting monsters, he could swiftly reply back. This was one indicator of hand speed.

“I’m done. In a bit, I’ll come look for you for some business.” Ye Xiu replied.

“It looked like…….your name wasn’t on TV?” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Yeah, I failed.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah, what a pity!”

“First finish your dungeon. Let’s talk later.”


Ye Xiu had chatted with Cold Night for a long time after exiting the dungeon, so Seven Fields and the others should almost be done with their dungeon too. In a short while, five players exited the dungeon, depressed and dejected. Without brother expert overseeing them, Seven Fields and the others were extremely unsatisfied with their efficiency, but were also helpless to improve their situation. Even though they saw how brother expert led them, there was no way that they could copy him. This situation was similar to how the Three Great Guilds couldn’t copy Ye Xiu’s One Wave Rush.

Blue River and the others obviously understood how to use One Wave Rush to fight. However, they also had no way to copy it because they had no way to achieve the skill level needed to be the core player.

“Brother expert……” That random player from Seven Field’s party immediately left while the remaining four greeted Ye Xiu. They had also heard of his failure to set a new record. When they were still in the dungeon, they checked the record leaderboards. They saw Lord Grim’s name in the second place party. The difference in time between theirs and the first place party’s wasn’t small. Seven Fields and the others guessed that brother expert wouldn’t be feeling too good, so they only greeted and didn’t say anything else.

“Right now, the situation for the Frost Forest record has changed. In order to break the record, then I need a party with some skill.” Ye Xiu said.

“Definitely not us!” Seven Fields started sweating. He clearly knew about his own skill. Their skill wasn’t even comparable to the elites of the big guilds.

“What do you think of Steamed Bun’s skill level?” Ye Xiu said.

“Steamed Bun?” Seven Fields, Sunset Clouds, Drifting Water each sent an appalled emoticon. Finally, they said: “Steamed Bun doesn’t really know how to play?”

Steamed Bun Invasion copied them and sent each of them an appalled emoticon.

“Yeah, he doesn’t really know how to play. But Steamed Bun’s hand speed is very quick.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really?” Seven Fields and the others doubted. They hadn’t noticed it.

“Yeah, this is true. My hands are very quick. How did God know?” Steamed Bun Invasion was amazed.

“I could see it.” Ye Xiu laughed. Actually, because of Steamed Bun Invasion’s unfamiliarity with the game, it wasn’t easy for him to display his hand speed. But who was Ye Xiu? He was textbook-level player who couldn’t be more familiar with Glory. Relying on a few particular actions, he could determine a player’s reaction speed and hand speed. The things he could see weren’t things ordinary people could see.

“My hand speed is pretty good, but……”

“You feel like you can’t put it to use!”

“Right, right!” Steamed Bun Invasion immediately followed.

“Come with me tonight to clear monsters. Let me teach you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay okay!” Steamed Bun Invasion said happily.

“Brother expert, teach us too!” Seven Fields and the others blurted out.

“Do you guys still need me to teach you? You guys only need to improve your hand speed.” Ye Xiu said.

Seven Fields and the other’s cheeks streamed with tears: “We’ve been practicing the entire time!”

“I can’t avoid saying it. Sometimes, there’s something called natural talent that makes strange things happen.” Ye Xiu said.

Seven Fields and the others cried: “Brother expert, we know already know you’re very tactful, but why does it seem like you’re being so direct!”

“We can go together then! Those without talent can only rely on hard work. It’s just that most people haven’t put in the effort that’s all.” Ye Xiu said.

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