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Chapter 765 - Nothing to Do

Mo Fan stayed behind to pull an all nighter.

Mo Fan wasn’t a stranger to pulling all nighters, but it was his first doing it with so many other people. After sitting down expressionlessly at an empty seat, the person next to him gave him a smile. 

“Hi……” Mo Fan couldn’t ignore Su Mucheng’s friendly smile and greeted her, but then he saw the character on her screen: Chasing Haze…...

Mo Fan wanted to retract his greeting. Chasing Haze had blasted him into dust numerous times over these past few days. She was the most troublesome enemy next to Ye Xiu. So it’s this girl? He couldn’t connect that warm smile with that fierce Launcher from the game!

Too deceitful! Mo Fan thought to himself, while quietly sizing up everyone else. Although the Launcher was sharper, the female Battle Mage was much more ferocious! Which one? Mo Fan looked at Chen Guo and Tang Rou. It was easy to connect beauty with kindness. Seeing those two girls, no matter which one was the Battle Mage, Mo Fan only had one evaluation: too deceitful.

After looking over everyone, Mo Fan had nothing to do. What should I do? After logging into the game, he felt a bit bored. Usually, he would organize his information on wild bosses and then pay attention to any potential areas, but did he need to do any of that now?

Mo Fan was staring blankly at his screen, when he suddenly heard Ye Xiu call out: “Mo Fan, how about you come and hunt wild bosses with us?” 


“Add me as a friend first.” Ye Xiu said. 

After going through their game settings, the two turned on the option to accept friend invites and eventually added each other as friends.

“If a boss spawns, I’ll PM you.” Ye Xiu messaged.

“And if there isn’t one?” Mo Fan couldn’t help but ask. 

“You’re free to do whatever you want.” Ye Xiu replied.

Thus, he just sat there staring at his screen up until the sun came up. Starting from when Mo Fan arrived at Happy Internet Cafe at around 3 o’clock until now, not a single wild boss had spawned. Wei Chen was in an extremely bad mood and looked at Mo Fan with hostility. It was as if he believed Mo Fan was the reason that no bosses were spawning today. Wei Chen even searched around for the weapons that he found yesterday, but he couldn’t even find them. Then, he remembered that Steamed Bun had finished all of the drinks long ago.

“Punk, come with us!” After breakfast, Wei Chen called out to Mo Fan fiercely.

Mo Fan wasn’t scared at all by Wei Chen’s gangster-like personality. He had finished his breakfast a while ago and was staring blankly out into the distance. He stood up and followed Wei Chen, Steamed Bun, and Qiao Yifan out. He didn’t say goodbye to Ye Xiu or the others who had stayed.

“This person……” Chen Guo stumbled on her words. She didn’t know what to say. After awhile, she asked Su Mucheng and Tang Rou: “Did any of you talk to him?”

“No.” Tang Rou shook her head.

“I smiled at him once.” Su Mucheng said.

“It seems like he isn’t the type who likes to socialize.” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu.

“Seems like it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then what do we do? What if he’s determined to remain uninterested in our team?” Chen Guo asked.

“If he really isn’t interested, then there’s no point in keeping him.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was surprised at first, but she soon understood Ye Xiu’s meaning.

“But what if his mood doesn’t change?” Chen Guo said.

“I hope not!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Don’t be like you have nothing to do with this!” Chen Guo was angry, “He’s feeling like that all because of what you’ve done to him.”

“We have to take things step by step!” Ye Xiu said, “I feel like our current situation isn’t too bad. At least, he’s here.”

Then, they went to rest. When they woke up and logged into the game, they discovered that while they were away, the last six bosses of the week had all spawned. Tyrannical Ambition happily and easily took them all. Ye Xiu and the others could only sigh at their bad luck. Wei Chen gave Mo Fan a hateful look. It was a classic example of releasing one’s anger on someone who didn’t deserve it. Mo Fan ignored it though.

“He’s got a strong will.” Ye Xiu continued to sigh.

With no wild bosses left, there wasn’t much point in playing the game for the people in this room. Ye Xiu went into the Arena and entered the equipment editor. He pulled up numerous resources for materials and began studying the next step of the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Wei Chen wasn’t idle though! Samsara might not have anything to do for him, but that wasn’t his main work. In the competitive scene, a single Silver weapon wasn’t enough. Wei Chen began researching other equipment based on what he required.

As for Chen Guo, she needed to manage the guild. Quite a few players in the tenth server managed to reach Level 70. However, the majority of these new players from the new server were stuck on the Heavenly Domain quests. Players ambitious enough to enter the Heavenly Domain spent the majority of their time here. For these players, as long as they put in enough time and work, they would be able to pass the regular quests, but the Arena requirements actually required a certain amount of skill to pass. Why else did the saying “the Heavenly Domain had no noobs” exist?

The tenth server’s Guild Happy had no Ye Xiu to support them, so their development was rather mediocre, but they had a solid following now. Chen Guo frequently leaked out that the guild’s growth in the Heavenly Domain was flourishing. The guild was just waiting for them to join. Her words fired up the players. Was Guild Happy thriving in the Heavenly Domain? Everyone had their own opinions. From their competitiveness for wild bosses, Guild Happy could stand proud over all of the player guilds and even the majority of the Club guilds. 

But from a numbers perspective, their guild level and size were terrible. Most of them were alternate accounts, which didn’t even appear online. The several friends that Chen Guo had urged to come pretty much left after making up for the shortage of members. They needed the guild’s Guardian buff. However, Happy’s guild level was so low. With just their few people, how could they ever hope to reach max level? That wasn’t something these stopgaps could accomplish.

Chen Guo felt like she could rally a great number of supporter through Ye Qiu’s name. However, considering that the guild would need to an integral foundation for their pro team, Guild Happy would also need trustworthy elite members. As a result, Chen Guo felt like it was better to develop slowly, so the guild didn’t randomly add members in order to hurry and level up the guild. Chen Guo was looking forward to those in the new server. Those new players had been with the guild the entire way. They could be considered as having a certain level of emotional attachment to the guild. Chen Guo awaited for the day that they poured into the Heavenly Domain. 

Chen Guo busied herself with these things. When Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Qiao Yifan weren’t busy fighting for wild bosses, they dungeoned, killed monsters, or went to the Arena to carry out specialized and purposeful training.

Everyone seemed to have their own tasks to take care of. Mo Fan was at a loss though. He decided to observe what Su Mucheng and everyone else was busy with.

Then, he saw Su Mucheng log out of the game. She opened up a web browser and did a quick search. A window popped up on her screen and a TV show began playing. Su Mucheng took out a bag of melon seeds from her pocket, put it on the table, and started busying herself with those.

But…… he couldn’t copy doing that!

 Mo Fan’s poker face was about to change into a different expression. Was this what a rumored pro team was like? Watch TV and eat melon seeds when there was nothing to do….. Just like that?

Mo Fan was astonished. Su Mucheng felt Mo Fan looking towards her side and turned her head. She saw Mo Fan staring at the bag of melon seeds on her table, so she grabbed the bag and started pouring out melon seeds onto his side of the table.

“No need……” By the time Mo Fan responded, half the bag had been poured out onto the table. Su Mucheng gave him a friendly smile again before going back to watching her TV show.

Should I also watch a show? Mo Fan was at a loss. He glanced at Su Mucheng’s screen. The show’s name was called “A Familiar Stranger”. She was 24 episodes in. If he started watching now, he wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Mo Fan felt stupid right now. He even forgot what he usually did when he wasn’t scrap picking. He stayed lost in thought all the way until dinner came, when Ye Xiu asked him “How are you feeling?” Mo Fan replied “Very bored.”

“Yes.” Ye Xiu said, “The season hasn’t started yet. It’s the preparation period right now.”

“What do I need to prepare?” Mo Fan asked. When he asked this question, he couldn’t help but glanced at Su Mucheng. Even if he didn’t know how to prepare, he definitely knew that watching TV and eating melon seeds wasn’t preparing.

“For now, stealing bosses and wild boss materials to create Silver equipment are our main priorities.” Ye Xiu said.

“Stealing wild boss materials!” Mo Fan’s expressionless face actually brightened up a bit.

“It’s more of killing wild bosses. We split the materials after killing a boss.” Ye Xiu explained. It wouldn’t be good if Mo Fan followed along to help kill the boss and then when it was time to split the materials, it would be very embarrassing if he rushed forward to grab the materials that Loulan Slash or Yue Ziqin or White Stream or Martial Awareness dropped onto the ground.

“That’s because wild boss materials are the rarest and most important materials. As for other materials, there were other ways to obtain them. They’re easier to get, so there’s no need to fight over them.” Chen Guo added. When the word “steal” was mentioned, Mo Fan’s spirited look gave her a fright.

“There aren’t anymore wild bosses left this week.” Mo Fan said.

“Yeah, so everyone can relax for the rest of this week and then we start again next week.” Ye Xiu said.


“But not for you.” Ye Xiu suddenly switched topics, “You need to receive training. If not, how are you going to compete in a pro match?”

Before Mo Fan could reply, he suddenly heard a shout from the Internet Cafe downstairs: “D*mn, Zhao Yang is going to transfer too!!”

“What?” During the transfer window, everyone was sensitive towards this type of news. When everyone at the table heard this shout, they immediately got up and stood around a computer. Mo Fan was suddenly the only one at the table.

They weren’t the only ones excited. The entire Internet Cafe exploded into noises of discussion about the news of this Zhao Yang.

“Is the pro scene…… really that interesting?” The liveliness of the Internet Cafe astonished Mo Fan. He took another bite and his mind began to wander.

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