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Chapter 766 - Student Luo Ji

“So it was just a rumor. Everyone’s making a fuss over nothing!!!” Ye Xiu and the others in the room got up quickly and came back just as quickly. They did a quick search and discovered that it was only speculation. Moreover, the reasoning wasn’t even very convincing. The person who shouted it out in a hurry was a brainless gossiper.

Chen Guo said as she hatefully glanced around the Internet Cafe. She wanted to see who that idiot was. Starting a rumor in this type of place should be considered a capital offense.

The others followed after her and sat back down. In reality, despite everyone jumping up together all at once to see the news, not everyone cared too much about the transfers. For example, Su Mucheng and Tang Rou both wore indifferent expressions on their faces. Steamed Bun was just blindly following the crowd…...

But in Mo Fan’s eyes, the attention given to this piece of news by these guys as well as the entire Internet Cafe made him quite curious about the pro scene.

Although Zhao Yang’s transfer was only a rumor, it wasn’t anything strange to hear about him.

Zhao Yang was an All Star player, but was always the most lacking compared to all the other All Stars. He and his Qi Master character Immeasurable Sea were a part of Team Seaside. Team Seaside was a classic example of a middle-tier team, which wasn’t good enough to reach the top, but still better than those on the bottom. Neither the playoffs nor relegations seemed to be any concern to the team.

No team with an All Star player and character had as little of a future as Team Seaside did. Even the relegated Team Excellent Era had once been a brilliant team. Despite being relegated, the team was still able to attract an All Star like Xiao Shiqin to join their ranks. Their case was extremely unusual. As for Team Seaside, although the team possessed an All Star player and character, they weren’t competitive enough to make it to the playoffs. It was truly a bit embarrassing.

Of course, Team Seaside had their reasons.

There were four teams with only one All Star player: Team Royal Style, Team Seaside, Team 301, and Team Thunderclap.

The other three had the competitive strength to make it into the playoffs. Team 301 and Team Thunderclap had even won a spot last season. Team 301 had their All Star captain Yang Cong and his character Scene Killer, but apart from that, the team also had Xu Bin, a very skilled player. Xu Bin was never considered any worse than the All Star Knight Deng Fusheng. Some even thought that he was better than Deng Fusheng.

Team Thunderclap used to have the All Star player, Xiao Shiqin. A Master Tactician could help a team shine. As a result, Team Thunderclap was much more threatening than Team Seaside.

As for Team Royal Style, although they failed to make it into the playoffs last season, they had a powerful background. In season one, the team had competed against Team Excellent Era in the finals. The team’s core Exorcist, Peaceful Hermit, had been famous since the start of the Alliance. It was a top-tier God character ranked alongside One Autumn Leaf and Desert Dust.

If one were to say that Peaceful Hermit was stronger than Team Seaside’s Immeasurable Sea, no one would have any objections.

Looking from this perspective, Team Seaside seemed to be somewhat inadequate. Their barely passable win record was very reasonable. However, the team’s All Star player might not think so. With so many big-name transfers this summer, who knew if he might transfer?

That was the logic behind the rumor of Zhao Yang’s transfer. Sure, it was possible, but coming to that conclusion with just that sort of weak reason was a bit far-fetched. After Ye Xiu and the others talked about Zhao Yang’s situation, they didn’t take the rumor to heart. As expected, on the second day, Team Seaside and Zhao Yang made a public announcement expressing that the two sides were content with their current situation and had no plans on separating.

Of course, a public statement wasn’t necessarily proof. It might just be a marketing method. The rumor from yesterday was truly unreliable. It was practically the same as someone taking a piece of fantasy work as non-fiction.

The day passed by and the new week began. During their resting time in the daytime, another guest arrived at the Internet Cafe. Luo Ji, Concealed Light’s owner, had finished helping his professor with his task and had now come to report to Happy Internet Cafe.

The employee working at the time knew that the boss was currently sleeping, but he still called for her. If something happened in the Internet Cafe, there were always ways to call for the boss!

When they woke up from the call, they headed downstairs to take a look. Luo Ji was standing beside the front desk with a big backpack on his shoulders. He wasn’t tall, but he was dressed neatly. He was looking around curiously in a pure and innocent manner.

“Concealed Light!” Ye Xiu greeted. He called him by his in-game name first because he was more used to it. Concealed Light wasn’t like Deception, who wouldn’t tell him his real name. He never really called him by his real name in the game either.

“Oh!” Student Luo Ji looked over and saw Ye Xiu. He immediately smiled.

“You’re here.” Ye Xiu went over to pat him.

“Mm.” Luo Ji nodded his head.

It was naturally time to introduce him to the others. Luo Ji said hi three times in a row, but didn’t say anything else. He had only started playing Glory when the tenth server had opened. Although he might admire pro players, he wouldn’t have that same zealotry as Chen Guo. Su Mucheng didn’t shock him too much.

“Let’s go up!” Then, they went to the second floor’s practice room.

“This is the practice room for now. It’s a bit simple.” Chen Guo introduced as the boss, “Your living area is in a nearby area. It’s quite spacious. There are currently four people living there. Steamed Bun is over there too.”

“Steamed Bun……” After hearing that name, Luo Ji looked as if he had come across an evil enemy. He felt a headache coming: “Please don’t make me room him with him!”

“Oh, that’s up to you guys…… I haven’t made any fixed arrangements.” Although Chen Guo said this, when she thought about how Steamed Bun might think, it was very possible that Steamed Bun might directly take Luo Ji’s backpack and find a place for it himself. Would Luo Ji even have a chance to choose? Chen Guo wanted to know too.

“Would you like to take a rest first? Have you eaten lunch?” Chen Guo asked.

“Not yet.”


Everyone ate a simple meal together. During their lunch together, Ye Xiu asked a question, which made Luo Ji want to cry: “Have you still not passed the Heavenly Domain challenge?”

“Yeah…..” Luo Ji replied in embarrassment. He was like many others in the guild, still trying to finish the quests. Actually, for new players, it wasn’t unusual for them to be unable to pass the quests at this time. Even in December, when the eleventh server opened, it still wouldn’t be strange for many in the tenth server to be stuck on the quests, but the people that Luo Ji made friends with were on a higher level! Ye Xiu had completed the Heavenly Domain quests at Level 50. The other people that he was familiar with like Tang Rou and Steamed Bun led the pack. Compared to them, he could only feel ashamed!

“Don’t worry. Take your time. Have you kept on practicing the things that I arranged for you?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ve been practicing.” Luo Ji nodded his head, “But I usually don’t have much free time.”

“It’s currently the holidays. It’s the perfect time to intensify your practicing!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Luo Ji didn’t object. He was also anxious about being so far behind everyone else! In the academic field, he was a top student. No matter how modest he was, it wasn’t unusual for him to be a bit arrogant. He didn’t have an easy time in the game though. In the beginning, his guides were criticized as being trash. It hurt him very much. Latter, after Ye Xiu gave him a few tips, he put in some more effort and finally proved the value of his guides. However, in real time in-game combat, compared to the people next to him, Luo Ji lagged behind considerably. 

However, compared the rest of the guild’s progress with the Heavenly Domain quests, Luo Ji’s Concealed Light was actually at the front. After all, although the others in the guild might have started playing the game at the same time as Luo Ji, they didn’t have professional coaching and guidance from someone like Ye Xiu.

With the training methods provided to him, if Luo Ji wasn’t any better than other normal players, the practical and theoretical effectiveness would need to be discussed.

Reality proved that these training methods helped Luo Ji improve significantly. It was just that compared to the talented Tang Rou and Steamed Bun, his achievements felt feeble.

When they returned to the practice room after eating lunch, Ye Xiu stood behind Luo Ji to watch him do the quests. Being watched like this made Luo Ji extremely nervous. He had never been so flustered, even when world-class mathematicians watched him solve problems. It was simply because he was more confident in his ability to do math, but in the gaming world, Luo Ji knew that he wasn’t particularly bad, but he definitely wasn’t outstanding. In any case, he didn’t stand out in the game like he did in his studies. Right now, he needed to rise above the millions playing the game and enter the pro scene, where the top two hundred or so players competed. Luo Ji felt like he needed to be even more excellent in the game than he was in his studies. He didn’t dare to be negligent.

Ye Xiu saw his nervousness, so he didn’t say anything in the beginning. He just waited for Luo Ji to slowly get used to it. Once he calmed down and steadied himself, he began carefully observing his progress and his strengths and weaknesses.

Soon, Ye Xiu noticed a very obvious bad habit of Luo Ji’s.

He was too much of a perfectionist!

He would have all of the summons he would use appear on his summon list. Then, he would try and have every one of those summons perform to their maximum capability. He would set his heart towards accomplishing this goal.

This was in contrast to Team Blue Rain’s Lu Hanwen. Lu Hanwen wanted to perfect his eight shadowed Shadow Steps. In practice, there wasn’t any issues, but in real combat, his eight shadows were equivalent to just four shadows.

As a result, for real combat, Lu Hanwen settled for the next best thing and adapted by using six perfect shadows instead. As for Luo Ji, he was currently attempting the challenge quests. It was real combat, which he couldn’t be sloppy with, but because he kept trying to pursue perfection, he kept failing.

“Luo Ji, you’re being too stubborn.” Ye Xiu finally spoke.

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