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Chapter 764 - Still Not Interested

Deception had originally found a way to avoid being pursued, but after being killed five times by Tyrannical Ambition, he was finally feeling despair. The strength of Ye Xiu and his guys were something that he couldn’t survive against. As for Tyrannical Ambition, Deception had been caught off guard at first, but later on, he was definitely aware of their hostility, yet he still couldn’t escape. He realized Tyrannical Ambition’s strength as well.

He paid attention to wild bosses day after day. How could he not know of Tyrannical Ambition’s recent dominance in the wild boss competition, so he was able to easily recognize that Tyrannical Ambition was an opponent that he could not handle.

Day and night…..

The entire day was occupied by the enemy! Deception felt like he had no way out. He needed to find that guy and make things clear! Deception thought with hatred.

Because he had been forced to sleep earlier, he could at least console himself for having a good sleep schedule. He yawned and waited resentfully.

Deception soon noticed some movements. Relying on his experience, he quickly found a new wild boss. At the same time, he saw Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Parade to no surprise.

Deception didn’t hide. He quickly stood in their line of sight. As a result, in the next second, he saw the other side rush towards him like a tidal wave.

Deception hastily ran. He had to at least wait for that guy to show his face! He couldn’t get drowned by these unknown people.

Let There Be Light was that guy’s most recently used account. Deception knew of this piece of information, so he searched for any signs of this Battle Mage.

Ye Xiu obviously wouldn’t hide like Lin Jingyan. On the contrary, whenever he found Deception, he would personally greet him. However, Deception always avoided him like a mouse running from a cat. Deception didn’t run this time though. Since he was looking for Ye Xiu’s character, the two quickly came across each other.

“How has your scrap picking been going these days?” When the two faced each other, Deception heard Let There Be Light ask.

Deception was trembling with anger. He really wanted to charge at him and start fighting, but he knew that, against this person, let alone him having a numbers advantage, he had no chance in a 1v1 either.

At this moment, Deception felt like he was being forced to lower his head. That wasn’t a good feeling at all. He was already thinking about abandoning his original plan and preparing to fight to the death with this person, but he suddenly felt the pressure lessen. The other side seemed to have calmed down. He didn’t need to dodge around anymore. Then, he heard that guy continue: “See! See as long as we put in more effort, scrap picking isn’t possible. What’s the point in doing something pointless?”

Deception was slightly startled.

Although his words weren’t entirely correct, it had some logic to it. Deception frequently scrap picked during wild boss battles. He obviously knew that, for the absolute majority of the time, it wasn’t that his individual skill was vastly superior, but rather the other side was busy with the wild boss and had no time to deal with him. Now he seemed to have encountered someone who was willing to put in the time and effort to kill him, so not only was he unable to scrap pick, he was turned into scrap time after time.

“Join our team! If you really find it boring, then it won’t be too late to go back to scrap picking.” Ye Xiu said.

“Fine!” Deception spoke his first word since the start of the conversation.

“Oh?” Ye Xiu was surprised, but Deception’s reply sounded firm and decisive. He couldn’t waste time, so he asked: “Is it convenient for you to come over to our place?”

“Where?” Deception asked.

Ye Xiu told him their location. After Deception replied with an “Okay”, he didn’t wait for Ye Xiu to ask anything further and his character suddenly stopped moving.

“DId he just log off?” Ye Xiu wondered. Not long afterwards, Deception had disappeared. Sure enough, he had forcefully closed the game.

“He agreed just like that?” Ye Xiu was still figuring out what had just happened. Deception’s decisiveness exceeded his expectations.

“No way. That fast? Didn’t he just arrive?” Wei Chen had been paying attention to their situation, but he only heard Ye Xiu talk. He couldn’t hear any of Deception’s replies.

“Yeah. I just said a few words and he agreed.” Ye Xiu said.  

“F*ck, so straightforward! There aren’t going to be any problems, right?” Wei Chen found it hard to believe.

“I have no idea!” Ye Xiu really didn’t know because he wasn’t familiar at all with Deception.

“F*ck, he’s not going to come over and PK you in real life because he knows your address now, right? I feel like it’s definitely possible!” Wei Chen said in a serious tone. Deception had been living in an abyss of suffering these past few days. Everyone here was a target of resentment for him!

“Mm, I can’t rule out that possibility. It’s a good thing I left him with your name.” Ye Xiu said.

“What the f*ck!!” Wei Chen cursed. Ye Xiu messaged him with a typed answer, so it was easy for the other side to record it! Wei Chen didn’t know what he had written. Now that he heard about it, he was furious.

“You must be careful in the future.” Ye Xiu said sincerely.

“You b*stard…..” Wei Chen cursed. He wasn’t really scared though. After all, with his background, he might even be less scared of a real life fight than an in-game fight, but on the morning of the next day, when he left the Internet Cafe back to his living place, Wei Chen still looked around the Internet Cafe. He didn’t find any particularly good weapons to use though. In the end, he grabbed a few pull-top cans and put them in a plastic bag. He carried them firmly in his hands and left. Steamed Bun saw Wei Chen’s actions and seemed to think hard for a few moments before nodding his head: “He’s already grabbed so many, so I won’t need to.” He left too.

Chen Guo was speechless. She would frequently look over at Ye Xiu’s screen when something happened. She had seen the message that Ye Xiu had given Deception. The person that he told Deception to look for was Ye Xiu, not Wei Chen.

Chen Guo didn’t reveal the truth to Wei Chen though. She was secretly hoping for those two shameless guys to fight each other. Perhaps that would make the world peaceful again? Chen Guo tried to justify her actions.

There was nothing to do today. Then, at 3:17AM, someone knocked on their practice door. An employee stuck his head in: “Boss, someone’s waiting downstairs?”

“What?” Chen Guo was surprised.

“Someone is looking for Brother Ye.” The employee said.

Ever since Excellent Era came over without an invitation, Chen Guo had given her employees some instructions on what to do in such situations. If a person was looking for someone here, have them wait downstairs. Don’t directly lead them up here, especially to the practice room.

The employee followed her directions, but it was very unusual for a person to be looking for someone at 3:17AM.

He’s not trying to take advantage while it’s dark to take revenge, right? Chen Guo looked at Ye Xiu and asked: “How many people?”

“Just one person.” The employee replied.

“What did he bring?” Chen Guo asked.

“I don’t think he brought anything.” The employee said.

“Shall we go down and have a look?’ Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu had already gotten up. The others also heard that someone had come looking for Ye Xiu at three in the morning and felt that it was very strange. They also got up.

Not long afterwards, they headed downstairs together and saw a guy standing by the front desk. He stared expressionlessly at the stairs. For him, that was where the employee had gone to go look for the people he was trying to find.

“Who’s looking for me?” Ye Xiu asked despite already knowing the answer. It could be considered as a “I’m Ye Xiu”.

“Me.” That person replied, “Deception.”

“Oh, it really is you! Why did you come at this time?” Ye Xiu said.

“The flight was at 12.” Deception said.

“Oh…..” Everyone suddenly understood. It turns out that this brother was indeed very decisive! He said he would come and he had bought a plane ticket here immediately.

“Where did you come from?” Chen Guo asked.

“City K.” Deception said.

“What’s your horoscope?” Steamed Bun also asked.


“Steamed Bun, stop with that nonsense.” Ye Xiu interrupted Steamed Bun, “Let’s go upstairs and have a chat!”

They brought Deception upstairs to the practice room. Deception looked around left and right, but didn’t say anything. He just continued to stand there expressionlessly. Everyone was starting to carefully measure up this new person.

Deception wasn’t too tall. He was around 170cm tall. His hair was around medium length. He was neither handsome nor ugly. His expressionless face gave them a hostile feeling though. Besides the hostility, he even seemed to carry a bit of murderous intent. That was obvious though. Anyone who had gone through what Deception had experienced would definitely be angry at Ye Xiu too.

“What’s your name?” Ye Xiu asked for his real name.

“Mo Fan.” Deception replied.

“Oh, shall I explain to your our team’s situation, then?” Ye Xiu said.

“No need.” Mo Fan said.


“Not interested.” Mo Fan said.

“Tsk tsk. You’re being emotional. That’s not good.” Ye Xiu sighed.

Everyone was speechless. It would be strange if he wasn’t feeling any emotion!

“Real matches will start in September. Experience the team for yourself until then. How about you stay here for a month!” Ye Xiu said.

“......” Mo Fan declined to comment.

“You weren’t planning on coming over to say you’re not interested and then going back to scrap pick, right?” Ye Xiu said.

Mo Fan didn’t reply, but from the looks of it, it seemed like that was indeed what he had planned on doing.

“How irresponsible! You’ve traveled such a long way to get here. Even if it’s cheaper to fly in the early morning, it still isn’t convenient! How about you stay here for a few days and then decide?” Ye Xiu arranged, “Pull an all nighter with us. Then, tomorrow you can follow those two back. There’s a place for you to live there. You don’t need to worry about anything. Did you bring anything with you?”

“My account card.” Mo Fan said.

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