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Chapter 763 -  Actually Collusion

Chen Guo was dumbstruck. 

Poor Deception! At night, he would die to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng. During the day, he faced Zhang XInjie and Lin Jingyan. All Stars would be rotating shifts with a mission to kill him. How was he supposed to even play Glory? Seeing this set-up, Chen Guo felt like it must succeed, or else it would truly be too sad.  

“Should we wait for him before registering?” Chen Guo asked.

“Sure. We just need to register before the month ends.” Ye Xiu tapped the table.

“Will Little An and Luo Ji be coming over? When the time comes for Deception to join, we might be able to gather everyone together.” Chen Guo said.

An Wenyi and Luo Ji were university students. They were currently on vacation. An Wenyi was first going to return home for a period of time. He said that he would pay a visit in August. Luo Ji was currently studying under his professor. He could only start once his break in August started, but he said that he would try to come and take a look.

August had arrived. Neither of the two said when exactly they would be coming. From what they said, they could be coming any day now.

Wei Chen had guessed Deception’s situation correctly. After being killed over and over again while scrap picking, he had figured out that it was all because of Ye Xiu. No one could stay up 24/7 without rest. Who didn’t know that? As a result, Deception began playing the time difference game with Ye Xiu. Sure enough, as soon as he started his activities during the day. His situation instantly improved.

Deception was quite cunning. He didn’t completely switch schedules. From time to time, he would intentionally play at night. He couldn’t play 24/7 either though. He left traces of his activity at night, but spent the majority of the time in the day. Unfortunately, An Wenyi had carefully kept track of his appearance rate. Along with someone as cunning as Wei Chen analyzing it, his trickery was easily exposed.

Deception knew very well that he would not encounter any of those guys during the early morning. That morning, Deception logged in full of joy. Those guys weren’t going to appear, so it didn’t matter if he was using his main or his alternate account. His alternates were useless anyways.

Deception went out for a stroll, obviously thinking about scrap picking, but as a lone wolf, what he lacked most was information, which restricted the scope of Deception’s scrap picking. However, he had been in the business for a long time and had accumulated plenty of work experience. He would notice details that could be used to infer things that were going on.

For example, he would do his best to keep track of which wild bosses had spawned each week. He would obviously avoid any areas where the wild boss had already been killed. He also took note of the teleportation portals, waiting at places where players had to pass through. If a huge number of guild players were moving towards a certain area, something was mostly likely happening.

Wild boss battles were Deception’s favorite scrap picking fields. It was like how people who often flew on planes didn’t want to ride on trains anymore. When there was so much profit to be earned, Deception could no longer look at small fights between normal players. No matter how much he scrap picked from normal players, they could never compare with what the elite guild players dropped.

Wild bosses were where the club guild’s most high-end battles took place. A high-end scrap picker like Deception would only scrap pick here.

After getting rid of his biggest obstacles using the time difference tactic, Deception excitedly started his day.

August 2nd was Friday of the fifth week of the summer transfer window. There were still three days until the end of the week. The majority of the boss had already been killed. In these situations, finding information was much easier because there was less information to look through.

Deception wasn’t able to make it to the previous boss. He only knew about it after the system announcement appeared. He wasn’t dispirited though. With just himself to rely on, he didn’t make it to most of the wild boss battles. It was almost the weekend too, which meant there were plenty more opportunities.

Finally, the movements resulting from the spawn of a new boss caught Deception’s eye. He quietly followed behind a group of Blue Brook Guild players that came out of a teleport portal to a leveling area outside of the city. Soon, he could see the boss as well as the competing guild, Guild Misty Castle.

Recently, the guilds who arrived first were always in a hurry because of the two dominating powers. If either of them showed up, it never spelled good news for them. No one dared to wait for these two opponents to arrive. Every guild would try to attack the boss as much as possible before they showed up. Accumulate more points in aggro before before they could do anything. Afterwards, they would play it by ear. Through this method, they just might be able to get a boss every few days. At least, they wouldn’t be completely empty-handed.

When Blue Brook Guild arrived, they saw Guild Misty Castle and immediately pounced on them. The two guilds clashed very lightly. It was as if they were peacefully fighting the boss together. They wanted to make preparations for Tyrannical Ambition’s arrival and didn’t want to bother with one another.

This scene wasn’t one that Deception liked. No PKing meant no equipment to pick up. The battle had just begun though. Deception didn’t go forward. He patiently waited on the side. Two other guilds soon arrived. One of them was Tyrannical Ambition. The guild tags lined the heads of their troops. Deception knew that the moment he was waiting had finally come.

All of the guilds tensed up when Tyrannical Ambition appeared. Deception could even hear gasps of terror from many of the players. Deception ignored their nervousness. It had nothing to do with him. Once the bloody battle began, he would rush forward to pick up equipment.

How much would he earn today?

Deception calculated in his mind. Tyrannical Ambition walked closer and closer to him. He was unexpectedly in the middle between the two Tyrannical Ambition groups.

Deception didn’t think too much of it. He thought it was one of Tyrannical Ambition’s tactics. Unfortunately, he didn’t know about the conversation that was taking place between the leaders of the two Tyrannical Ambition groups.

“Hm? Isn’t he that guy Ye Qiu was talling us about?” Lin Jingyan said.

“Deception. Yes, that’s the name.” Zhang Xinjie replied.

“Look at how sneaky he’s acting. It looks like he really does intend on scrap picking.” Lin Jingyan said.

“Mm, let’s hurry up and kill him. We shouldn’t waste any more time.” Zhang Xinjie replied. He had already given the orders. Lin Jingyan did the same.

Tyrannical Ambition carried out their God’s orders and attacked Deception.

Deception was dead. He wasn’t even able to say anything before he died. The troops instantly burst him down. He was thinking right now: was it some sort of accident?

Because from his ghost’s perspective, he could see Tyrannical Ambition charging towards the boss. They didn’t stop in order to kill him. Killing him didn’t even seem to be intentional!

Yeah! There were two pro players commanding their hundred troops. Targeting him on purpose would be a joke.

Deception revived and returned. Good. The boss battle hadn’t ended yet. It was completely shrouded in chaos, the perfect opportunity for him to scrap pick. Deception immediately rushed over. Tyrannical Ambition’s players meticulously took note of whatever their two pro players were concerned about. Someone immediately reported: “That Ninja we previously killed has returned.”

“Oh, kill him!” Zhang Xinjie said bluntly. Tyrannical Ambition immediately focused their fire onto Deception.

This time, Deception was aware and immediately dodged, but facing two Gods, he was unable to escape.

Deception stared stupidly at his screen.  

In the past, he had never seen a club guild put in so much effort just for him, especially during a critical moment like for a wild boss.

Deception was very experienced. He always chose to move when the other side had no time to spare on him. If not, if he were to just directly charge into the middle of an intense exchange, no matter how skilled he was, he would still be smashed into a pulp! However, this time, the other side actually turned around to attack him, not caring about anything else. This situation was like when that b*stard was chasing him! Deception’s brain was drawing blanks. Those two were clearly from Team Tyranny. What’s going on?

“Oh? That guy’s got some skill!” At this moment, Lin Jingyan noticed that Deception was still in somewhat good shape. He started to gain some interest and personally threw a brick at him.

With an expert personally coming out along with the support of numerous others, Deception was unable to escape.

“Not bad. To think there was actually someone with that kind of skill in the game.” Lin Jingyan said to Zhang Xinjie.

“No wonder that guy is interested in him. He probably doesn’t just want revenge does he?” Zhang Xinjie said.

“You actually believed the lie that he came up with!” Lin Jingyan laughed.

“Let’s see if he comes back.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“If he comes back, do we kill him?” Lin Jingyan asked.

“Kill him. We agreed, so of course we’ll kill him.” Zhang Xinjie didn’t hesitate.

Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan were busy in the morning, while Ye Xiu and the others in Happy were fast asleep. The two pro players would definitely be able to see that Deception wasn’t an ordinary player. If they saw that, would they try to steal him away? Chen Guo was worried about this question. Ye Xiu nonchalantly said: “Two ace players just joined their team. Team Tyranny has way too many people right now and should be trying to get rid of them instead. You think they’re going to try to get more people in? Teams play the game to compete, but forming a team isn’t a game. Seeing someone pretty good and roping him into the team is something only those in the game would do.”

That morning, Deception died a total of five times.

The first time may have been an accident. The second time was hard for him to believe, but the third and fourth time showed that Deception had finally been noticed, so he switched accounts and came back on again. His character Not White was the fifth contributor to the death count.

Deception finally understood now! He was still being targeted by that guy! Even during the day, he wouldn’t get a chance to scrap pick. He had been scrap picking the entire time. How could he not know that Tyrannical Ambition always happened to come on, when those guys weren’t!

“So those two groups were originally together! No wonder they split up to play at different times!” Deception thought angrily. His logic was a bit too simple though.

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