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Chapter 757 - Ace Player Sub Seventh Person

Ye Xiu was also astonished. He understood why Herb Garden was pointing furiously at Lu Hanwen and calling him despicable. The blue aura surrounding Lu Hanwen wasn’t a Blade Master skill. It was a Cleric skill: Wish Prayer.

This skill helped a character recover mana. Everyone thought that the two Blade Masters were fighting in a duel. Who would have thought that a Cleric on Lu Hanwen’s side would cast a Wish Prayer on him? Mana meant skills could be used. No mana was equivalent to being silenced. Liu Xiaobie had been caught off guard, seeing a blue aura suddenly surround Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud. He wasn’t able to react in time before Lu Hanwen counterattacked using skills. Neither of them had much health left. With this kind of overwhelming advantage, Lu Hanwen easily disposed of him in a few moves. It was only then did Herb Garden realize what had happened. Then, they saw him gleefully cheer “I win!” and immediately became furious at the results. 

Not only was Lu Hanwen not ashamed, he even argued as if he were  not wrong.

The people in Happy suspected that he had been influenced by Ye Xiu in some way. Herb Garden wouldn’t think of that though. They had already begun spitting insults. Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild had never been on good terms with each other. Seeing their own pro player get defeated in such a despicable manner, how could they bear to stand by and watch? Everyone in Herb Garden charged at Blue Brook Guild. Even if the guild leader tried to stop them, it would be pointless.

The spectating pro players had no plans on intervening. They quickly retreated from the chaotic battlefield.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that you aren’t using a Cleric, I would have suspected that you had been the one to cast Wish Prayer.” Zhang Xinjie said.  

“Randomly guessing like that doesn’t suit your careful personality.” Ye Xiu said.

“If I were more careful, I would ask if you had ordered a Cleric to cast it.” Zhang Xinjie asked.

“I think you did it!” Ye Xiu said.

“I didn’t.” Zhang Xinjie actually gave a proper response.

“If that kid asked for someone to cast it……” Lin Jingyan paused, “I can’t help but think of an old friend.”

“Old Wei?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yup!” Lin Jingyan said.

“Blue Rain’s former captain?” Zhang Xinjie asked.

“Yes. If it’s him…..” Lin Jingyan paused again as if he were trying to find the appropriate words to say.

“Extremely unscrupulous. Extremely shameless. Extremely underhanded.” Ye Xiu didn’t hold back.

“Haha…..” Lin Jingyan felt a bit embarrassed just hearing it. Although he agreed with the description, Lin Jingyan didn’t really like talking behind people’s backs, which was why he had hesitated. He couldn’t think of any other words to describe Wei Chen.

“It’s definitely possible if it was him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Haha……” Lin Jinyan laughed dryly.

Zhang Xinjie was a bit puzzled. He had become a pro player in season four. At that time, he didn’t have any opportunity to meet Team Blue Rain’s former captain. There weren’t even many rumors of him left. In season four, the rise of the two new players that joined Team Blue Rain completely overshadowed their senior. If it wasn’t for Han Wenqin, Zhang Xinjie probably wouldn’t even know of the name Wei Chen. Nowadays, many people didn’t know about the famous characters back in the early days of the Alliance.

“Who were you introducing me to?” Wei Chen came over. He had heard Ye Xiu say “Old Wei”.

“That kid from Blue Rain might be similar to you. He’s willing to do anything to win!” Ye Xiu said. He hadn’t expected Lu Hanwen to behave like that, but then again, he hadn’t had too many opportunities to meet him.

“Really? He’s got such a bright future ahead of him?” Wei Chen felt deeply moved. He praised this future star, or perhaps he was praising himself for being amazing.

The people, who originally wanted to jeer at Ye Xiu for leading this Blue Rain newcomer astray, couldn’t keep watching.

Completely ignoring the war between Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild, Ye Xiu’s side and Tyrannical Ambition dispersed. Everyone went to do their own business, until the next boss spawned.

During this free time, Ye Xiu would dungeon with and coach others, while accumulating dungeon materials for the future.

As for Zhang Xinjie and Ling Jingyan, if there wasn’t a wild boss, they wouldn’t waste their time in game. The two were discussing the newcomer to Team Blue Rain, Lu Hanwen.

“He’s quite good already. Even for a team like Team Blue Rain, he has the qualifications to be starter on the main roster.” Lin Jingyan gave his opinion.

“Blue Rain already has Huang Shaotian’s Blade Master. I don’t know what they plan on doing with another Blade Master.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Just being a substitute for Huang Shaotian feels like a bit of a waste.” Lin Jingyan said.

“It certainly would be.” Zhang Xinjie nodded his head.

Esports didn’t require much physical effort. Matches were only once a week too. Stamina couldn’t be used as a reason for switching out a player. A substitute had far less opportunities to show up on stage compared to a main roster player, especially a substitute for a core and ace player like Huang Shaotian. Unless something unexpected happened to Huang Shaotian, there was almost no way he would ever be subbed out.

“But then again, it isn’t impossible for him to be Huang Shaotian’s sub. After all, he’s still young!” Lin Jingyan suddenly said.

“Mm.” Zhang Xinjie nodded his head. He understood what Lin Jingyan meant.

It wasn’t easy to find a sub for an ace player because the team revolved around the ace player as the core. To ensure the team’s cohesiveness, it was best if this position wasn’t touched at all. As a result, if a sub was ever needed, the closer the sub’s strength was to the ace player the better. The sub for an ace player only had so many opportunities to appear on stage. How could a player close to the strength of the ace player be willing to idly sit on the bench for an entire season? 

This was what Lin Jingyan meant.

Because Lu Hanwen was skilled, but also young. It was common for a youth to be a sub. As a result, Team Blue Rain might have a sub that many could only dream of for their ace player. 

“It’d be good if he was just a sub.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Mm, but in the individual competition or group arena, I feel like Team Blue Rain will definitely give him chances to appear.” Lin JIngyan said, “Ace player sub seventh player. Oh, if you look at it from this perspective, it isn’t anything new.”

Ace player sub seventh person was commonly done by many teams. It felt more like a standard choice.

The sixth person to come out in the team competition could be considered as part of the main roster. The individual competition and group arena required six people to come on stage. These six could be the same six as those from the team competition, so for most teams, the six main players would play in the team competition and either the individual or group arena.

However, because the classes of the starting six usually had a healer or support player like a Cleric or Paladin, which weren’t suited for 1v1 battles like the individual competition ro group arena. As a result, there was usually a seventh player in the team that would appear in either the individual competition or group arena.

Many teams left this position to the sub for the ace player.

The sub for the ace player was almost always the best among the subs, often approaching the strength of a main roster player. This type of player wouldn’t stay if there was no opportunity to appear on stage. Thus, many teams would provide this opportunity by allowing them play in the individual competition or group arena. The ace player sub might appear in the team competition too, so it felt like they were a part of the main team. Thus, “ace player sub seventh player” was the term used to refer to this type of player.

But as the Glory competitive scene developed, there were more and more outstanding players. It was already becoming difficult to see the difference in strength between main players and subs. Right now, more and more teams pursued flexible tactics. Nine or ten players were often rotated for the team competition. Sometimes, the sub played better than a main roster player. This sub would become a part of the main roster and the the main roster player would become a sub. It wasn’t like this situation had never  happened before. However, these were mainly between ordinary main roster players. The ace players of each team were truly much better than the others members. A sub wouldn’t easily take over their spot. As a result, an ace player sub wasn’t always in a better position than the other subs. The identity as an “ace player sub seventh person” was a special, yet awkward position. Many teams had studied how to get rid of this issue. An “ace player sub seventh person” might not be enough to satisfy teams nowadays.

Lin Jingyan and Zhang Xinjie talked quite a bit about Lu Hanwen’s position in Team Blue Rain. They would obviously be more concerned about Lu Hanwen than Ye Xiu because if they wanted to be the next season’s champion, Team Blue Rain couldn’t be ignored. Team Blue Rain might very well be their opponent in the playoffs. An incredible newcomer, who was only 14 years old, could create a huge problem for Tyranny in the future. They couldn’t just sit and wait.

Their discussion was mostly about this topic. For the details, they would need to wait until the new season started to see how Team Blue Rain arranged their roster.

Today, Lu Hanwen had become the focus in Glory. Many were talking about him. Once his addition to the team was announced, quite a few people were beginning to match him with the Blade Master, Flowing Cloud. The first to take notice of him was Tyranny, but they weren’t the last. Liu Xiaobie, who had been defeated in a shameless manner by Lu Hanwen, wasn’t like his fans and could calm himself down. He quickly reported this Team Blue Rain newcomer to the team, telling them that next season’s Team Blue Rain would be different than it was in the past.

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