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Chapter 758 - The Inconceivable Transfer

In the blink of an eye, another week passed.

The battle for bosses continued to be a you-login-when-I-get-off scenario. Both sides would clash occasionally. Those fights always felt tough. However, this week something surprised both Ye Xiu and Tyrannical Ambition. From Herb Garden, a Witch actually appeared.

Even Wang Jiexi wanted to make a mess out of things?

At first, everyone felt depressed when they thought about this. If more and more Gods joined, wouldn’t boss fighting become way too tiring? Even pro matches wouldn’t be as exhausting. There was only one match per week, but wild bosses? More than a few per day. Trying to outwit all the Gods every time would drain the energy of even immortals!

Fortunately, Wang Jiexi soon made it obvious that he was not coming to fight for wild bosses. He was here to observe Lu Hanwen, the 14-year-old newcomer that had joined Team Blue Rain, who came to his attention in the tit-for-tat duel with Liu Xiaobie that day.

What conclusions Wang Jiexi drew from his observations would be unknown to outsiders. Anyway, the witch disappeared after a few battles. Those concentrated on snatching wild bosses let out a huge sigh of relief and continued on with their week.  

During the second week, there were a lot of transfers. News of rookies like Lu Hanwen signing on, even when advertised by Team Blue Rain as their most important transfer, were soon buried by other news. Who didn’t know what PR was? These newcomers had neither the fame nor data. Who would care about them?

Despite the lack of All Star transfers, there were plenty of trades and adjustments in multiple team main rosters. All the big teams had started to prepare for the new season. From this week on, one could almost discern the direction many teams were going to go in for the new season. Were they going to re-build the team completely, or strengthen their weaknesses? Were they dissatisfied with certain positions and wanted to change those.

The newly crowned Samsara was one of those teams that made no moves in the first two weeks of the transfer window. This was not exactly unexpected. As the champions, of course they did not require too many changes in their team, and it was highly unlikely that someone would ask to leave because they were unhappy about winning the championship title. During these two weeks, they took part in many marketing events as the new champion.

Zhou Zekai was at such a peak in popularity that even Samsara had no idea how they could promote him more. With such popularity, simply keeping it at the same level would be a tremendous victory. Team Samsara had now started to try and promote their vice captain Jiang Botao. From some of their publicity moves, they apparently wanted to establish him as a Master Tactician of the new generation.

To be fair, Team Samsara’s declaration wasn’t without reason. Jiang Botao was indeed highly experienced in strategies and tactics. He was the actual commander of Samsara. He was the bridge between Zhou Zekai and the team. However, regarding him as a Master Tactician was still met with a lot of controversy. Many people thought that Jiang Botao only knew Zhou Zekai’s intentions very well. He was a player that had a strong connection, but only with Zhou Zekai. His tactics only worked well based on such foundation. Moveover, Zhou Zekai’s personal performance definitely contributed the most to Samsara’s victory. In many occasions, they did not break through because of tactics, but Zhou Zekai alone. Saying that Jiang Botao was already a Master Tactician was a bit of an overstatement.

Samsara was very experienced in promoting and advertising their players though. They did not boast or say anything definite at the very beginning. They mostly tried to raise their arguments in a less serious atmosphere, or in a joking manner. They were testing the waters for the public’s reactions. Now that they saw Jiang Botao needed more solid plays and the wind was not going in their favor, they stopped immediately. Their words were gone with the wind. At this point, those words would become their foreshadowing. Whenever Jiang Botao really gained such name and status, they could dig the words out: look, we told you so! If Jiang Botao didn’t in the end, the words could just be buried like a real joke.

Samsara’s publicity tactics were indeed masterful.

But Samsara’s publicity moves had too little gossip value to become the center of the spotlight. At this time, they were even less interesting than the current transfers from any main roster.

Once two weeks had passed, the fans and player looked forward to the upcoming week in hope of some big moves, as if transfers would spawn each week like wild bosses.

In reality, transfers did spawn randomly, similar to the wild bosses, but instead of spawning weekly, they spawned all throughout the entire transfer window.

In the first week, there weren’t a lot of transfers, but among the few were big names like Xiao Shiqin, Lin Jingyan, and Tang Hao.

In the second week, the number of transfers rose, but none of them were All Stars.

What would happen in the third week?

Everyone was waiting expectantly.

The first day, the second day, the third day…...

Little shrimps, little shrimps, and little shrimps. All the transfer news in the first three days were about little shrimps.

Until the fourth day came. At dusk, Ye Xiu and others were gathered for dinner on the first floor. Suddenly, a scream rose from one of the customers at Happy Internet Cafe. After some communication, the entire Happy Internet Cafe exploded. Chen Guo went up and asked what was going on, then threw her bowl and rushed to a computer to search for something. She wished she could move the monitor to the dinner table for everyone to see.

At the dusk of the fourth day in the third week, a gigantic bomb was dropped in the transfer market, more than enough to exceed everyone’s expectation. This was another record-breaking transfer, completed at 16 million yuan. However, this transfer was not for a player, but a character.

The core character of Team Hundred Blossoms, the Spitfire, Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, was bought by Team Tyranny for the price of 16 million yuan.

Nobody knew what kind of expression they should put on in the face of this transfer.

Neither Hundred Blossoms nor Tyranny had made any public statements on this transfer. This recording-making news appeared quietly in the transfer list of the Glory Alliance official website. When it was dug out and posted online, some even thought it was a mistake, or a joke, or thought someone had hacked the Glory Alliance official website.

Once the journalists confirmed with the Alliance that it was not a joke nor a hack, everybody finally believed it, but at the same time they were all dazed by it.

They had no idea what the purpose of this transfer was.

Team Hundred Blossoms gave up their core character. Even though the record-breaking 16 million was deserving for a God-level character like Hundred Dazzling Blossoms, what about the future of Team Hundred Blossoms after this transfer? It was true that sometimes a team wanted to start over and reconstruct, but there was never a reconstruction as thorough as this before.

Their most valuable core player had been sold.

Their most powerful core character had been sold off.

What’s next? Was Hundred Blossoms going to change their names, and treat themselves as a new team in the Alliance?

People were so shocked that they didn’t know how to respond.

As for Tyranny, this was equally confusing.

They bought Lin Jingyan, but they had no Brawler character in their team, so they used a lot of resources to build a new one. Now they bought Hundred Dazzling Blossoms, another class that didn’t originally exist on their team, which meant that they did not have a player to use it either. What were they trying to do? Show off their tyrannical ambition through spending? Did they hold a grudge for not owning the transfer record, so they just found a record-breaking target to purchase?

Crazy. Both teams were crazy.

The comment section was full of opinions like that. Both teams were crazy, which made countless people who followed this transfer also crazy. They couldn’t give a rational reason for the contents of this transfer, because rational reasoning would never come to this decision.

Only Ye Xiu immediately understood it when he saw that news.

“So that guy’s going to Tyranny!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo had also more or less had figured it out. She knew the situation of Zhang Jiale, and even dreamt about this God joining their team, but unfortunately, Zhang Jiale was aiming for the championship title. He would only go to a team that could touch the title. A team that was struggling in the Challenger League, even with a god like Ye Qiu, offered no temptation for him.

His goal was clear, so it was not hard to guess where he would go. There were only a few teams in the Alliance with the championship as their goal. Ye Xiu was certain that Zhang Jiale would be going to one of those teams, but he didn’t know which one. For a player at the level of Zhang Jiale, he would not blindly believe the stats on paper. The team he would join needed to show him not only the strength to win the championship, but also the ambition for claiming the title, as well as their plan.

What about Tyranny at the moment?

They signed Lin Jingyan, then Zhang Jiale, plus Han Wenqing was already on their team…...

This was in no way a team of the future. The three players were all old players. They did not have much time left. However, their thirst for the championship was something that no young players could match up to. Because they didn’t have much time, because they didn’t have many more opportunities, they could burn everything they had towards the end, because there was no turning back.

“This team is so......” Ye Xiu didn’t know how to describe it. 

This would be a team that never lacked the fighting spirit or faith. Lin Jingyan, who had never once played in the finals; Zhang Jiale, who had reached the finals three time, but lost all of them; and Han Wenqing, the man who never knew what was retreat was. Their thirst for championship exceeded anything else.

However, this was also a bold and risky cooperation. They were a brand new team, with zero experience to follow up. The foundation of Tyranny was completely changed by these two transfers. It had become a team consisting of only gods and aces. How to combine them together would be their biggest issue.

But soon, Ye Xiu recalled the changes Han Wenqing adopted last season, and suddenly remembered Zhang Jiale seemed to have made the decision by that point.

“These old dudes. Had they planned for this long ago?” Ye Xiu slurred.

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