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Chapter 756 - A Fierce Youth

Ye Xiu and the four guild alliance wasn’t going to fight with Tyrannical Ambition until one side lost. Everyone was here for the wild boss, after all. However, Lin Jingyan had been lured out with their little chat together. Ye Xiu wanted to seize this rare opportunity to see if he could throw the enemy troops into confusion. Unfortunately, Lin Jingyan wasn’t just ordinarily cunning. He was a wily old fox. When he exposed himself, he had thought that this might happen. He soon hid to who knew where.

After some time, the two sides eventually joined Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden in the fight for the boss. Three other guilds joined shortly afterwards and the field became a mess.

The battle continued until a system announcement came out. Guild Radiant stole the boss. It was a victory for Ye Xiu’s side. Tyrannical Ambition may have Zhang Xinjie, Lin Jingyan, and stronger troops, it didn’t mean that they were unstoppable. Let alone Ye Xiu’s four guild alliance, even the other guilds often had opportunities to attack the boss. It was just rarer, that’s all.

When the system announcement appeared, the battle immediately stopped. The various guilds had withdrawn their troops, but there was still a battle going on.

Liu Xiaobie and Lu Hanwen.

The two had been fighting, when Ye Xiu’s side arrived, and they were still fighting now.

26 minutes.

That length of time didn’t even include however much time they had been fighting before Ye Xiu’s side arrived. These two had unexpectedly kept fighting. 

The other guilds didn’t really know the identities of these two Blade Masters, so they weren’t too curious. It wasn’t any secret that Team Blue Rain and Team Tiny Herb were rivals nor was it strange to see the two sides unable to stop fighting with each other. As a result, the other guilds had already dispersed. In the end, only Ye Xiu’s four guild alliance and Tyrannical Ambition remained.

“Congratulations. You’ve gotten another boss.” Zhang Xinjie saw that Ye Xiu’s Let There Be Light had also come over to watch the fight. He called him over. It was as if he were politely congratulating his opponent after the end of a match.

“It’s really only a fifth of a boss.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s still better than nothing.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“True. Let’s watch those two!” Ye Xiu said.

Liu Xiaobie and Lu Hanwen were still in battle against each other. Neither of the two had any intentions of retreating as if they needed to decide the winner. But at this moment, the two sides had summoned their Clerics and Paladins to join in. No matter how hard the two fought, with a bunch of healers healing them, how could any of them ever fall!

Before, in order to restrain the other side, the healing couldn’t lag behind. But now the battle had ended, yet the two still wanted a winner and a loser. Should they stop healing? The two sides clearly didn’t know what to do. If we don’t stop, won’t this go on forever? If we stop….. What if the other side doesn’t? Won’t our side suffer?

As a result, the two sides observed each other’s movements and neither side let up. Finally, someone shouted: “Will this ever end? How about you all stop healing or else this will go on forever.”

Many players followed the voice and found out that the speaker was neither from Blue Brook Guild nor Herb Garden. The player’s name sounded very lofty: Let There Be Light. This guy was telling them not to heal.

How could the two guilds not understand this logic? But the other side wasn’t stopping, so although they heard his shout, the two sides still had their misgivings and didn’t stop. Then, they heard him speak again: “What is everyone else standing there for? Kill the healers!”

“Stop stop stop! Everyone stop healing!!”

The guild leaders of Blue Brook Guild and Herb Garden leaped out. If they do something, the two sides might start beating each other up.

Once the two guild leaders gave the order, the heals stopped. A large circle was formed. The battle between Liu Xiaobie and Lu Hanwen didn’t change because the heals suddenly stopped. The two continued to fight.

“Young people are amazing. To think they could fight for so long without knowing what tired means.” Lin Jingyan had his Brawler slip out again and expressed his admiration.

“Time waits for no one!” Ye Xiu empathized with him.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t say anything. The players of the golden generation were at their peaks right now. Agreeing with Ye Xiu and Lin Jingyan wasn’t appropriate.

“Is Tyranny working so hard for these wild bosses to help you create your Brawler’s equipment?” Ye Xiu said.

“How could I answer that?” Lin Jingyan said.

“I really can’t stand the scene. Even trivial matters always need to be kept a secret. It’s as if you guys are hiding something.” Ye Xiu remarked with disdain.

“Cough….…” Lin Jingyan almost coughed blood. It had only been half a year since Ye Qiu had retired and he was acting as if he were completely clean from the scene now. Ye Qiu was criticizing the pro scene, but it didn’t feel right to Lin Jingyan.

“If you’ve got any needs, tell them to me! I’ve got a few extra in my hands!” Ye Xiu followed up.

“Oh? What needs do you have?” Lin Jingyan was indeed cunning. This type of trade wouldn’t give the other side any way to cheat you. Usually, if you urgently needed something and you wanted to find someone to trade with, it was very difficult to find a fair trade. You need it badly, but who says we don’t either?

Thus, it was best if the two sides could trade for materials that they needed. Neither side would lose out in that case. If only your side urgently needed something, that was equivalent to slicing your own throat. So when Ye Xiu asked this question, he obviously wasn’t doing it for Lin Jinyan’s sake. Ye Xiu must want something too, so he wanted to see if he could make a fair trade with Tyranny.

But how many years had Club Tyranny been accumulating materials? It was unlikely that they urgently lacked any material. If they really did need something, trading was the correct way to go. In the game, a boss only spawned once a week. No one knew when it would spawn, let alone guaranteeing that they could snatch the boss from everyone else. Even if they did, it might not even drop, so a trade was the most reliable option. They mainly fought for wild bosses because it was always better to be prepared just in case. More importantly, it was because these old team members were willing to contribute to the team.

As a result, if Ye Xiu wanted a trade, Lin Jingyan wouldn’t be impatient. He instead asked Ye Xiu what he needed.

Ye Xiu’s needs would be more pressing than Tyranny’s. Ye Xiu had only just started getting materials. He might not have any amount of what he needed!

“I have a lot of things I need, but if I don’t know what you guys want, how am I supposed to trade?” Ye Xiu put it plainly. He showed clearly that he wanted an equal trade. He also knew that with Club Tyranny’s foundation, the club probably didn’t need anything right now. But who knew if they got stuck in some area and needed to use more materials? By asking, if Tyranny needed something, they might look for him first. He had materials that he needed, so an equal trade would be possible! If Tyranny looked for another Club to trade with, they would need to spend much more to get what they wanted!

“Okay, I got it. If we have any needs, I’ll talk to the club about it.” Lin Jingyan understood Ye Xiu’s intentions and nodded his head. His words were very fitting. He had just joined Team Tyranny. If he slammed down the hammer saying I’ll definitely look for you, acting like he were the owner, he would appear too domineering. Old players knew what conduct was considered appropriate to the club.

As the two talked, the fight between the two never stopped. Both players fought at an extremely fast pace. Their figures were constantly moving about, exchanging various skills. For a moment, no one could tell who held the upper hand.

Lin Jingyan soon called out: “Oh, it looks like our little friend is about to run out of mana.”

“Liu Xiaobie is about to run out too.” Ye Xiu said.

Without any support, the two Blade Masters were actually unable to decide a winner before running out of mana. They didn’t stop though. They began using normal attacks, which didn’t require mana, to continue. 

Hack, strike, slash, sweep…….

Normal attacks were very flexible. The player could control the path of each attack with his mouse. Sword aura had disappeared. Only sword light could be seen now with the two using normal attacks. The crisp sound of metal clashing rang like a torrential rain, showing the fast speed of their fighting.

The surrounding players watched in awe. If these normal attacks were used against them, these normal attacks wouldn’t be much different than skills. They would probably have several holes through them in the blink of an eye.

But these two! Despite such a fast pace, the two could see the other side’s weapon and accurately block it with their own.

Everyone knew that the two weren’t a part of a wuxia performance. The two were blocking by using their attacks to neutralize their opponent’s attacks. Because the two were both using normal attacks and of the same class, the priority of their attacks were the same. Using attacks to defend worked very well.

In the eyes of everyone watching, they couldn’t help but think the two had choreographed this beforehand. How could they be so accurate every time?

While the normal players were in awe, Ye Xiu and the other experts were judging the two sides.

”Fighting with normal attacks is advantageous for Liu Xiaobie. He doesn’t need to control his hand speed.” Lin Jingyan said.

“But the kid is actually able to block them all.” Ye Xiu said.

From their words, Liu Xiaobie held the initiative. He was the one on the offense.

“With his onslaught of attacks, a single mistake could be very troublesome.” Lin Jingyan said.

“But he’s been able to defend the entire time.” Ye Xiu said.  

“Do you think he has some sort of hidden trick up his sleeve?” Lin Jingyan asked.

“How am I supposed to know? I’m not familiar with him.” Ye Xiu said.

“Just make a guess!” Lin Jingyan said.

“I think so.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why do you think that?” Lin Jingyan asked.

“Didn’t you just tell me to make a guess?” Ye Xiu retorted.

“F*ck!” Lin Jingyan was speechless. Even if you’re guessing, you can still give a reason, no? Did you actually just flip a coin to come up with an answer?

Suddenly, a blue aura emanated from Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud. Everyone stared blankly. No one here was a noob. They recognized this skill. Liu Xiaobie was astonished. Flowing Cloud slashed with his sword, carrying a blue sword aura. Only a skill that used mana could release sword aura.

A skill had higher priority than a normal attack. The attack passed through Liu Xiaobie’s guard. Lu Hanwen followed up the attack with several more hits, killing Liu Xiaobie’s Blade Master. The two had been fighting for a long time, so neither of them had much health left.

“I win!” Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud lifted his sword high up into the air and cheered.

“Despicable!” The players on Herb Garden realized what had happened and were furious.

“It’s a group battle, who told you it was a 1v1?” Lu Hanwen refuted in his high-pitched voice.

Everyone in Happy Internet Cafe glanced at Ye Xiu. Why did that sound so familiar! This kid wasn’t going to be led astray just from coming across Ye Xiu a few times, right?

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