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Chapter 755 - Incredible Newcomer

Lu Hanwen…...

To the outside world, the media only knew this tiny bit of information about this child. His skill was a complete mystery. On the other hand, Ye Xiu and the others at Happy had already witnessed this child’s skill many times, but because he kept losing one battle after the other, Chen Guo and the others didn’t think too much of him. Only Ye Xiu regarded him highly. When he saw Team Blue Rain’s statement, his expression became serious: “This kid will definitely astonish everyone.”

“Because of his eight Shadow Steps?” Chen Guo laughed. After being with Ye Xiu for awhile, Chen Guo had taken a look into the pro scene. In the past, she would have very shocked to see Lu Hanwen summon eight shadows with his Shadow Steps. Now she had Ye Xiu to comment on things though. She knew that Lu Hanwen’s eight shadows were good enough to trick her and other normal players, but in the pro scene, it was full of holes. Those eight shadows would be equivalent to four mere shadows.

“Don’t underestimate him just because he keeps getting killed in game. This is the game. It’s completely different from the pro scene.” Ye Xiu said. Ye Xiu was very familiar with people like Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan. Once he knew that they were his opponents, he stopped paying particular attention to them. On the other hand, Ye Xiu frequently took note of Team Blue Rain’s Lu Hanwen. This kid’s energy and unwavering spirit had left a deep impression on Ye Xiu. He even had thoughts of trying to pull him onto Happy. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t have a chance to do that anymore. Team Blue Rain was decisive. They directly accepted this 14 year old into the team as an official member.

Then again, even if Team Blue Rain didn’t sign him, it would have been difficult for Ye Xiu to rope in Lu Hanwen anyways, because 14 year olds were still categorized as children. Team Blue Rain could sign him because eSports had gradually become more accepted. Lu Hanwen would be under the category of an athlete and would be approved as a result. Only an official club under the Alliance, like Club Blue Rain, could get this type of approval without any problem. It would be a thorny issue for Ye Xiu’s side.

It was good that Team Blue Rain decisively promoted Lu Hanwen to the team though. Ye Xiu no longer needed to worry about that issue. He thought highly of this kid’s future in the pro scene.

“God! Boss!” White Stream sent a message to him at this very instant. Guild Radiant had discovered information of a wild boss spawning.  

“Who’s already there? Has Tyrannical Ambition arrived?” Everyone hurried over, while asking. Tyrannical Ambition was their biggest concern. Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan were extremely difficult to deal with. If they didn’t make proper preparations, they would have no chance.  

“We haven’t seen them yet, but Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild are already here.” White Stream passed along the news.  

After Ye Xiu and the others arrived at the wild boss’s location, they found out that Tyrannical Ambition had arrived too. Tyrannical Ambition was only watching from the sidelines though and didn’t hurry forward. The boss was currently being contested over by Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild.

“What is Tyrannical Ambition doing?” Ye Xiu observed them carefully. Tyrannical Ambition’s troops weren’t arranged in any sort of formation. They just stood there casually. The four guild alliance was used to Tyrannical Ambition being their main opponent. Seeing that Tyrannical Ambition wasn’t moving, they didn’t dare to be hasty.

Ye Xiu’s Let There Be Light walked out from his troops and headed towards Tyrannical Ambition’s side. Tyrannical Ambition suddenly became nervous and hastily went into formation. Ye Xiu considered Tyrannical Ambition as his main opponent. How could Tyrannical Ambition not also consider Ye Xiu’s four guild alliance as troublesome? Recently, everyone knew that Ye Qiu was the Battle Mage Let There Be Light. Ye Qiu frequently led the charge too. Seeing him step forward, everyone in Tyrannical Ambition felt like an attack was coming and immediately fell into formation. Tyrannical Ambition had been under the lead of their team’s vice captain for several days now. Their combat ability had greatly improved.

Then they heard Ye Xiu shout: “What are you all panicking for? Where’s Zhang Xijie? Tell him to come out.”

Tyrannical Ambition hissed in return. Of all the teams in Glory, Team Tyranny regarded Ye Qiu as their worst enemy. They disliked him the most.

Zhang Xinjie quickly received the message. Misty Mountains walked out from the crowd not long afterwards.  

“Where’s Old Lin?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Haha.” Zhang Xinjie laughed. Lin Jingyan’s Brawler was still hiding and playing dirty. How could Zhang Xinjie just reveal Lin Jinyan’s character like that?

“You still haven’t moved yet. What kind of scheme are you plotting?” Ye Xiu asked directly.

“We’re watching first and then we’ll see what to do after.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“What’s there to see?” This was what Ye Xiu actually wanted to ask. If the other side had a plan in mind, the other side wouldn’t just tell him if he asked. Tyrannical Ambition had just been sitting there, not moving. It really looked like they were watching something. When he asked the question, he turned to  see what Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountain was looking. He soon found out what exactly Zhang Xinjie was observing.

In that direction, in the middle of the battle between Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild, two Blade Masters were fighting intensely. Cold light flashed and sword aura weaved. These two were clearly beyond a normal player’s skill level.

“That Blue Rain one is Lu Hanwen, the one who was just signed today, right? Zhang Xinjie was talking about one of the Blade Masters, Blue Brook Guild’s Flowing Cloud. It seems like Lu Hanwen had never introduced himself to Zhang Xinjie. It was only up until today that Zhang Xinjie knew who he was. 

“Yeah, he’s quite an impressive newcomer.” Ye Xiu sighed.

Neither of them talked about the Blade Master on Herb Garden’s side. Seeing that rampant hand speed, that person was obviously Liu Xiaobie.

Lu Hanwen was currently fighting against this unique main roster player in an even battle. In their fight, besides an occasional heal, no one else assisted them.

Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie just watched. The players on both sides gradually found this battle taking place and began to watch as well. Chen Guo finally knew that she had underestimated Lu Hanwen. To be able to fight evenly with a Blade Master from Team Tiny Herb, Lu Hanwen’s skill level wasn’t like a newly joined 14 year old at all. With his current skill and his record-breaking young age, he would certainly shock all of Glory.

“Liu Xiaobie might lose.”

Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie were just a few units apart from each other as they watched the two Blade Masters duke it out. They suddenly heard a voice from between them. The two turned to see who it was and saw a Brawler standing there. 

“Old Lin, you’re finally willing to come out?” Ye Xiu looked down on him.

“I can just switch accounts and then you won’t know who I am anymore.” Lin Jingyan said.

“You’re becoming more and more crafty with age.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“That’s a must.” Lin Jingyan said.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t pay much attention to their conversation. Instead, he answered Lin Jingyan’s first words: “Yes. If there weren’t any heals, Liu Xiaobie would probably have already lost.”

“This newcomer is quite amazing.” Lin Jingyan said.  

“He could be a part of the main roster.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“He’s only 14 years old.” Ye Xiu said.

“How long are we going to stand around and chat for?” Lin Jingyan asked.

“It’s about time.” Right when Ye Xiu said this, Let There Be Light suddenly stabbed towards Lin Jingyan’s Brawler. Lin Jingyan was prepared though. His character used Receiving Throw and grabbed Let There Be Light’s spear instead.

Receiving Throw was a dismantle skill. It had an even higher priority than a grab skill like Circle Swing. Ye Xiu wasn’t going to be countered like that and immediately canceled the skill. Lin Jingyan also switched attacks and threw a handful of sand. Ye Xiu’s Let There Be Light leaped up and spun 360 degrees. While dodging the Sand Toss, he threw out a Tyrant’s Destruction. Lin Jingyan jumped backwards to dodge it.

In just an instant, the two had exchanged several moves. These were old generals. Their decision-making always walked in front of their mechanics. Their hand speed might not be fast, but their variations would always be faster.

Neither side had the upper hand. Lin Jingyan chuckled, wanting to say something, when he suddenly noticed a flash of light from the corner of his eye. He lowered his head and saw a marker glowing beneath his feet. It was still glowing!

Lin Jingyan hastily dodged in surprise. With the marker already there, how could the Heat-Seeking Missiles be slower than a character’s movement speed? Just when Lin Jingyan’s Brawler jumped, the missiles exploded and a mushroom cloud rose up. Lin Jingyan tried to control his character, but he still tumbled in the air several times.

Ye Xiu wasn’t going to wait for him to land. He seized the opportunity and chased after him.

Zhang Xinjie had taken action though. He cast a heal on Lin Jingyan’s Brawler, while casting a Hypnotism in Let There Be Light’s direction.

Hypnotism required the caster to be facing the front of the target. The spell didn’t work from behind. However, it wasn’t a material object like sand, so it was much more difficult to dodge than Sand Toss. Ye Xiu was experienced though. As soon as he noticed Misty Mountains lift his cross into the air, he didn’t wait for the spell animation to complete before turning around.

Zhang Xinjie wasn’t hoping that the skill would actually hit Ye Xiu’s Let There Be Light. Sometimes all the skill needed to do was force the opponent to move in the other direction, even if only for a moment. While the other couldn’t see him, he would cast a spell. At this moment, Zhang Xinjie immediately threw out a Sacred Fire.

How could Ye Xiu not know a simple trick like that? He moved with a Z-Shake and went around the sudden blaze of white fire. His spear pointed upwards with a Sky Strike to hit Lin Jingyan’s Brawler right back into the air. Right when it was about to hit, a brick suddenly came out flying from underneath him.

This attack was too sudden. Ye Xiu hastily jumped backwards and knocked the brick aside, but because of this, Lin Jingyan’s Brawler was able to escape from his range. This was no longer a duel. Tyrannical Ambition’s troops finally began providing support. The four guild alliance wasn’t any slower though. The four guild leaders had already rushed forward.

The boss was still between Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild, but Tyrannical Ambition and the four guild alliance had begun fighting each other already.

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