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Chapter 754 - Team Blue Rain’s Important “Transfer”

A week passed swiftly. Zhang Xinjie and Lin Jingyan both joined hands to help Tyrannical Ambition, stirring up trouble in the competition for wild bosses. The other guilds could only admire Tyrannical Ambition for having these kinds of pro players helping. In any case, that was the current situation. They braced themselves for battle. Even if they couldn’t get the boss, they still needed to try their best! None of this could be considered new for the Club guilds during these two months in the summer. It was just the first time Tyrannical Ambition had come out with such force.

As for the other Club guilds, it wasn’t like no pro players came to their aid. At Blue Brook Guild, Lu Hanwen was as diligent and as fierce as before. This youth seemed to have an endless amount of energy and no matter how many times he failed, his spirit stayed strong. After a day of defeats, he was still full of energy the next day. His yelling invigorated the morale of the other guild members.

At Herb Garden, the pro player, Liu Xiaobie, also participated. He became famous in the competitive scene for his hand speed, but because his control never fully matured, he was never able to completely utilize his hand speed properly. In a large-scale group battle, he was just another strong individual, similar to Lu Hanwen. His value to Herb Garden wasn’t as high as the value of an expert tactician like Zhang Xinjie.

At the same time, although Team Excellent Era may have been relegated, their guild Excellent Dynasty couldn’t be ignored. However, their competitive strength was only so-so. Their performance wasn’t anything special. 

As for the newly championed Samsara, their record this week wasn’t great either. They continued to only earn disappointment at being unable to fulfill their reputation as the new champions. In addition, there were rumors of sparks flying between the first and second elite groups. It seemed like their relationship wasn’t good. Quite a few guilds caught the smell of it and found out that a lot of the small teams were becoming restless. 

In comparison, Howling Heights stood out. Their Team Wind Howl’s newly joined Tang Hao was exceptionally diligent. From time to time, he would appear in game and help the guild out. Last season’s Best Rookie, Zhao Yuzhe, also frequently appeared in the game.

However, Tyrannical Ambition was still the guild which won the most. The pro players of the other guilds showed up randomly, like bosses. They didn’t often stay on for long. On the other hand, Tyranny’s two pro players helped out the guild everyday, as if it were their full time job.

Even though Tyrannical Ambition was dazzling, Ye Xiu and the four guild alliance still drew the most attention. It was simply because these guilds had never been opponents in the eyes of other guilds before. However, now that they had joined hands, they were second only to Tyrannical Ambition this week.

Tyrannical Ambition ruled during the day. The four guild alliance ruled the night. In any case, it wasn’t any other guilds.

As for Ye Xiu, apart from being second only to Tyrannical Ambition in the wild boss competition, he had now killed Deception numerous times this week. Besides the main account Deception, there was also his alternate account called Not White. He even discovered a second alternate account called White Not. It was the so-called crafty bunny that has three burrows. Deception had three accounts and occasionally appeared on the battlefield for wild bosses, but he encountered Ye Xiu every time and his death was inevitable. Deception sometimes died in confusion, while other times with a clear understanding of what had happened, but after realizing why he was dying, he could guess the reasons for all of his confusing deaths.

Poor Deception! This week, his harvests had decreased considerably. Even worse, Ye Xiu’s power surpassed his imagination. He couldn’t just avoid those few players that he recognized. Deception had no idea which people were under Ye Xiu’s control. In any case, no matter which account he used or which wild boss battlefield he went to, there would always be people shouting and trying to kill him.

Deception really wanted to find Ye Xiu and ask him what exactly he wanted, but in his recent four deaths, he had yet to see Ye Xiu’s character, so he had no way of throwing out his question.

That was more or less how his week had progressed thus far. Outside of the game, there were quite a few other transfers, but the only two important transfers were Lin Jingyan and Tang Hao. Xiao Shiqin was a big name too, but he had joined Excellent Era, which wouldn’t be a part of the Alliance next season. After being criticized as an idiot, very few paid any further attention to his situation.

News of the competitive scene during the summer mostly consisted of transfers. Rumors and guesses also filled the air. This week, most of the discussion was focused on who Team Hundred Blossoms, which now had ten million on their hands, would pick up to inherit their core Spitfire character, Dazzling Blossoms.

The problem was that after Zhang Jiale retired, there was no other Spitfire player at his level. No Spitfire player was qualified enough to become the team’s core player. Thus, there were actually more potential recruits to choose from. Team Blue Rain’s Zheng Xuan, Team Royal Style’s Shen Wanhe, and Team Void’s Ge Zhaolan were all relatively good players, but they were still lacking compared to a God level Spitfire like Zhang Jiale. Become a team’s ace player and core? Did the above-mentioned players have the potential to do so? Many people believed that since there weren’t many outstanding Spitfire players currently in the Alliance, Team Hundred Blossoms might be better off giving Zou Yuan another chance. Zou Yuan was at least familiar with Team Hundred Blossom’s environment and tactics. Last season, Tang Hao’s outstanding performance caused them to change their style. As a result, Zou Yuan’s position as the core wasn’t well established. This season, if they firmly established Zou Yuan as the core and polished their teamwork around him over the course of the season, he might not be any worse than any player that could be bought.

Opinions flew around, but Team Hundred Blossoms still didn’t seem to be making any movement. For transfers, making the first move was always an advantage. If they waited too long, it might not be possible to choose someone. They might not be able to spend their ten million yuan check because a player could only be transferred once during each transfer window. If another team picked up the player that Team Hundred Blossoms had been eyeing, Team Hundred Blossoms had no way of re-signing that player until next summer. Team Hundred Blossoms didn’t make any hints at a transfer, nor did they say anything about Zou Yuan’s position. The fans were currently very worried. Quite a few thought of their retired captain Zhang Jiale again.

Zhang Jiale’s retirement had been very sudden. No one thought that it was time for him to retire yet. Zhang Jiale was an old player, who had joined the competitive scene in season two. This year, he would be turning 25, which was considered quite old. However, it wasn’t so old that he could no longer play. As the Alliance grew, innovations in tactics and playstyles were constantly being developed. As a result, the length of a player’s career extended too. Lin Jingyan had joined Team Tyranny. Han Wenqin proclaimed that their goal was to be the champions. These two old generals were two years older than Zhang Jiale, and yet they were still as ambitious as ever. Why couldn’t the younger Zhang Jiale come back?

These were just the fan’s hopes and guesses. Club Hundred Blossoms hadn’t given out any statements yet.  

Week two of the transfer window had no big transfers either. However, Team Blue Rain announced a promotion for someone from their training camp. A new young player would be officially joining their team next season: Lu Hanwen. 

An unknown newcomer usually wouldn’t receive much attention, but Team Blue Rain convened a press conference solely for him, calling it an important “transfer” for this new season. Their bombast and confident statement drew much curiosity and attention.

The media did some digging and was shocked.

Lu Hanwen was only 14 years old! After registering as an official player, he would be the youngest player to ever join the Alliance.

In the early years of professional Glory, there were strict requirements. A player must be at least 18 years old to join, possess the capacity for civil conduct, and independently assume any civil obligations according to the law. These requirements had to do with the social environment at that time. Going into eSports wasn’t considered a respectable occupation. Investing in the game as a pro player was looked down on even more. Under such concerns, a minor would only have their education delayed and also be pushed in the wrong direction.

As the Glory competitive scene rapidly grew, people became more accepting of a career as a pro player and no longer saw it as something terrible like they had in the early days. Many started looking upon the Glory competitive scene like traditional sports such as football and basketball.The Alliance constantly revised their regulations and the age limit was finally removed. However, a 14 year old like Lu Hanwen becoming a pro player was definitely worthy of shock.

In the press conference, everyone saw Glory’s youngest pro player ever. His innocent face and voice didn’t appear nervous at all in front of the media. He said whatever he was thinking and answered any questions that came his way. His behavior was enough to make them think of him as the opposite of the current number one player in Glory, Zhou Zekai. The experienced reporters could tell that Lu Hanwen had never received any special training for interviews. He was just acting like a child would. The media liked energetic players like him. However, as a pro player, his actual skill was still in question.

Unfortunately, there was still a long time before the beginning of the new season. Even when the season started, it was hard to say when a new player like him would come up on stage. It wasn’t like there hadn’t been cases of a reserve player sitting on the bench for an entire season. What’s more, most of these cases were new recruits. Didn’t Team Tiny Herb have a reserve player who had never appeared on stage in the entire last season?

Poor Qiao Yifan. Many were comparing him to Team Blue Rain’s newcomer, but practically no one knew his name. They had just vaguely remembered that there was such a player. In many people’s eyes, Team Tiny Herb only had one newcomer that season, Gao Yingjie. As for Team Blue Rain’s new recruit? He was completely unknown. Even though Team Blue Rain spread news of his addition to the team, they didn’t give any concrete information on his skill level or their plans for his position on the team. The media didn’t even know what class this kid played.

Would he be a new star in Glory?

People now had even more to look forward to in the upcoming season.

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