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Chapter 736 - Human Bomb

Ye Xiu’s words stumped Blue River. He remembered the time when he had only just met Lord Grim in the tenth server. At that time, he hadn’t known Ye Qiu’s identity as a God and had dungeoned with him. How did Ye Qiu act when they played together? Blue River recalled. Lord Grim’s skill astonished them, of course, but no matter how high of a skill level he played at, he never failed to coordinate with the rest of the team. It was only because of that that Blue Brook Guild’s five-man team could instantly achieve such a domineering dungeon record. That record hadn’t been set because they had an incredible expert, who soloed his way through the entirety of it, but rather his existence improved the strength of the entire team. 

Blue River contemplated. Lu Hanwen expressed his approval towards Ye Xiu’s words though: “That’s very reasonable, senior!”

“Of course.” When Ye Xiu said these words, who would have thought that he had been forced to roll on the ground due to the pressure exerted by Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud.

But Lu Hanwen was only able to keep it up for a short amount of time. Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord wasn’t fighting alone. Many others had already begun protecting him.

None of them were elite players though, so fighting against Lu Hanwen didn’t end well for them. Of the three who had arrived, two were sent flying from a blow away skill, while the other was thrown into the air. Lu Hanwen whacked him and the poor player shot towards Enlightened Lord like a cannonball.

Ye Xiu used that moment of interruption to retreat, while fulfilling his duty as a healer. However, three normal players and a healer wasn’t going to be enough to beat Lu Hanwen. These normal players couldn’t stop Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud at all. They were knocked aside after a few hits as if they didn’t even exist.

“AoE attacks!” Enlightened Lord had many long-ranged classes around him. They clearly weren’t suitable to directly contest against Lu Hanwen’s Blade Master. Ye Xiu shouted and these long-ranged classes used their AoE skills. Lu Hanwen responded with a Shadow Steps, instantly forming six of them. Even Ye Xiu couldn’t figure out which was fake. The others wouldn’t be any better. They randomly guessed and launched their AoE skills. Who cares if it was real or fake? Just fire more attacks.

The attacks covered the ground. In the end, Shadow Steps could only make it so that the attacks were more spread out, so Flowing Cloud wouldn’t immediately die, but with this barrage, Ye Xiu was able to identify which shadow was real. Although all six were heading towards Enlightened Lord, it was very obvious which was the real one. When Flowing Cloud rushed out, Enlightened Lord cast a Holy Commandment. It didn’t hit, but it gave everyone a general idea of where to aim. AoE attacks didn’t need to be aimed with extreme precision.

“See, this is the power of teamwork!” Ye Xiu said and another wave of explosions came. Who knew how many players attacked in that general area? Lu Hanwen tried his best to escape, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. Only a portion of the skills hit, but it was more than enough to kill Flowing Cloud.

Enlightened Lord walked over to pick up Flowing Cloud’s dropped equipment. He looked around: “What about that other one?”

The “other one” was Blue River’s Blue Bridge Spring Snow. Even Lu Hanwen wasn’t able to survive the bombardment, let alone Blue River. His Blue Bridge Spring Snow had died before Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had.

“The annoyances have been eliminated! Keep fighting the boss!”

Everyone returned their attention to Red Ribbon Janna. Tyrannical Ambition was also fighting hard to increase their aggro. Zhang Xinjie looked at Red Ribbon Janna’s health and felt like the two sides weren’t too far apart. Right now, Ye Qiu had the advantage. They had control of the boss, so they were building up aggro faster. However, Tyrannical Ambition had a more solid foundation. If they continued to deal damage and maintain their aggro, they might not surpass the enemy side, but they wouldn’t be too far behind. When Red Ribbon Janna dropped below 10% health and became Enraged, his attack would reset the entire battlefield. Perhaps he might be able to turn the situation around before the boss fell.

Zhang Xinjie instructed his troops, while beginning to make arrangements for their final stand. Red Ribbon Janna’s health rapidly fell. Finally, it was only a sliver away from dropping to red health. The compact forces surrounding him were starting to loosen up. The nearby players prepared to retreat. They were only waiting for the order now.

“Disperse!” Ye Xiu finally gave the order. The players around Red Ribbon Janna immediately dashed away. Tyrannical Ambition wouldn’t try and get closer at this moment. They also retreated to a safe distance away. They stood on the very edge of the safe zone. This was Zhang Xinjie’s plan. Tyrannical Ambition had been on the outside the entire time. If they lined up here, they could try and prevent the other side from retreating.

It really did work. One of the opposing Knights rushed towards them, when he saw Tyrannical Ambition’s brick wall. They weren’t going to let him through. If he wasn’t killed by them, he would be killed by the boss, however at this moment, Zhang Xinjie suddenly realized something.

“Not good!” The careful Zhang Xinjie rarely said these words, but he did this time.

“Kill that Knight!!” Zhang Xinjie shouted urgently. Right now, he regretted that he was using a Cleric. If he were a damage dealing class, he would have hurried over to kill that Knight.

Just when Zhang Xinjie pointed it out, that Knight turned around, extended his arms, and made an obscene gesture at Red Ribbon Janna.


Everyone finally understood. The other side was truly too despicable! Having this Knight bring Red Ribbon Janna over was the same as bringing over a human bomb!

This Knight had clearly been prepared. After using Provoke, he activated Knight’s Spirit and followed up with a Heroic Leap straight into Tyrannical Ambition’s troops. Normal players couldn’t react to such a speedy switch. While they fumbled around looking for the Knight’s location, Red Ribbon Janna had already rushed over. Bosses never moved slowly either.

“Knights, force him away!” At this moment, Zhang Xinjie could only make a suicidal attempt. It would work in theory, but in practice? The skill level of these normal players wasn’t enough to deal with this type of emergency situation. When the Knights attempted to rush out and sacrifice themselves, the four guild alliance began bursting Red Ribbon Janna, instantly dropping the boss’s health below 10%. It became Enraged and started the animation for its powerful attack. Tyrannical Ambition didn’t have time to dodge. Red Ribbon Janna smashed downwards with his two hands. Countless players flew into the air and whirled around until they were smashed into smithereens…..

Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountain didn’t die, but he knew that it was all over. They had suffered too many losses and no longer had the power to contest against the four guilds.

After the attack ended and the ground was littered with scars, Zhang Xinjie looked at Enlightened Lord, who stood in a conspicuous place. Enlightened Lord looked towards Zhang Xinjie’s directions and lifted his arms. He seemed to be waving his hands. The waving was done by the player and didn’t have any combat purpose at all.

“Thanks, Vice Captain Zhang! Tell Old Han I said hi!” Ye Xiu yelled.

Since the conclusion was set, Zhang Xinjie recollected himself and replied: “You’re welcome.”

Soon afterwards, Tyrannical Ambition dispersed. They didn’t try again or take revenge. Tyrannical Ambition officially gave up on stealing Red Ribbon Janna.

After becoming Enraged due to falling into the red zone, the boss’ stats would be permanently increased. There would also be a random chance of it using the tornado attack again. However, if there was no warning for the players, it would be way too difficult to deal with. Apart from meeting certain conditions to trigger the boss’ Enrage, enough warning was given for the tornado attacks so that the players could exit its attack range. Without any disturbances, the four guild alliance killed the boss with ease. Once the items dropped, everyone let out a sigh of relief.

They thought that choosing the level 55 boss, when two bosses spawned simultaneously, would be an easy victory. Who would have thought their most troublesome opponent, Zhang Xinjie, would actually run over. Luckily, they won this time. It wasn’t an easy one though. Each of the four guilds had suffered fairly heavy casualties.

“God, which one do you want? Take a look.” Loulan Slash didn’t forget about this. The reason they came for the level 55 boss was because Ye Xiu needed something. After picking up everything and listing it out in the group chat, they gave Ye Xiu first pick.

“Then I won’t be polite.” Ye Xiu only had one item he really needed. He already saw it among the list of drops, so he picked it out.

The other guild leaders paid attention. Iron Floating Phosphorous. It wasn’t anything particularly special. It was just one of the numerous rare materials out there, so they wouldn’t argue over it. Ye Xiu took the item. Afterwards, they started from the beginning and split the drops accordingly.

After splitting the drops, they withdrew their troops and started discussing this boss battle with each other.

“Why does it seem like Zhang Xinjie plans on coming over for materials every day?” Loulan Slash said.

“It looks like we really need to play the time difference game. In the future, we’re all going to need to change up our sleep schedules!” Yue Ziqin said.

“Ah, we have no choice! Luckily, it’ll only be for two months.” Martial Awareness said. Zhang Xinjie was a pro player, after all. Once the Pro Alliance started up for the next season, he wouldn’t have time to play the game.

“God, what do you say?” Loulan Slash asked Ye Xiu. When he looked around, Enlightened Lord had already disappeared to who knows where.

Then, when he checked his friends list, Enlightened Lord had already logged of. Lord Grim, which he hadn’t seen in a long time, logged on. Ye Xiu finally had all the materials to upgrade the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella to Level 55. This upgrade had been completely thought up of by Ye Xiu. He had not experimented with it. It only existed in theory, similar to Wei Chen’s Death’s Hand. Although Ye Xiu had gone through all of the details he could think of, the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella’s complexity couldn’t compare to Death’s Hand. Whether or not it would succeed was something Ye Xiu had no guarantee of.

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