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Chapter 746 - Punish You Out of Battle

“It looks like…… Samsara is unable to hold on……” Of course Tyrannical Ambition would pay attention to Samsara’s situation. In the end, Jiang You carefully worded his report because, under the usual reasoning, Samsara should be on the offensive, while Heavenly Justice and Conquering Clouds would be suppressed. However, Samsara was the side labeled as being unable to hold on. For the side on the offense to be “unable to hold on”, Jiang You could only think of the word pathetic to describe them.

“Sigh…….” Zhang Xinjie sighed deeply. If he had known that Samsara’s tactic was a false alarm, if he had been a bit more courageous and ignored their movements, they would still be in an advantageous situation. Samsara probably wouldn’t have actually gotten anything done with their move. He had been too cautious and messed up his own troops!

It was too late to regret though. Xiao Shiqin and his two guilds weren’t opponents for Zhang Xinjie and Tyrannical Ambition. In terms of pure strength, Xiao Shiqin’s side would not be able to contest against Tyrannical Ambition, but stalling for time was a completely different matter for these tacticians.

With Samsara broken apart, Xiao Shiqin immediately pulled back, clearly to coordinate with Ye Qiu’s two guilds. If that happened, Tyrannical Ambition would have an even harder time shattering the stalemate.

Samsara’s guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths, noticed this scene. He immediately halted and looked backwards. He suddenly spoke: “Right now, Tyrannical Ambition is pushing their way over there. When the two sides are in a deadlock, perhaps there might be an opportunity for us to join?”

“That’ll depend on the circumstances.” Wei Chen reacted instantly: “If that kind of situation from before is replicated, of course we can, but if the pressure put on by Tyrannical Ambition isn’t strong enough, giving their opponents energy to spare, we might not be able to gain the advantage.”

“You’re right.” Three Realms Six Paths nodded his head.

“We’ll see!” Wei Chen spoke in a serious tone.

His analysis was correct, but he didn’t give Three Realms a complete picture. The four guild alliance had Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin, two Master Tacticians, to deal with Zhang Xinjie. They didn’t need to pull back and shrink into a defensive ball like Zhang Xinjie had needed to do before. The two tacticians were enough to keep Tyrannical Ambition’s troops busy. The alliance also had two powerful attackers, Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng.

Three Realms Six Paths anxiously waited for an opportunity to appear. Wei Chen’s thoughts wandered elsewhere. He was already lusting for his level 70 Death’s Hand. A long-desired wish of his was on the verge of being fulfilled. Wei Chen was starting to get emotional.

“Hurry up and kill the boss!!!”

Wei Chen couldn’t bear it anymore. He took of his headphones and urged Ye Qiu to pick up the pace.

“What are you getting impatient for? It’s just a matter of time.” Ye Xiu’s confidence put Wei Chen’s heart at ease. He was still determined to give him a helping hand. He didn’t bother listening to Three Realms Six Path’s observations. He needed to guard against any unexpected occurrences. If there were, he could still remind Ye Xiu, even if it wasn’t convenient for him to stop it from happening.

Wei Chen’s Warlock, Sky Travel, began to turn. Wei Chen was being wary of any surrounding movements.

Blue Brook Guild had arrived quite early, but Tyrannical Ambition had forced them into a submissive state. It seemed like they were beginning to move again.

“Be careful of Blue Brook Guild.” Wei Chen immediately warned Ye Xiu.

Right when Wei Chen finished warning Ye Xiu, Blue Brook Guild acted. Blue Brook Guild had suffered fairly heavy losses from Tyrannical Ambition’s previous attacks, but now the dead had revived and they had rallied together. Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had once again returned to their troops.

Since they had been waiting and watching the entire time, they clearly still had a plan. Now that everyone was ready and the two sides were in a deadlock, they immediately made their move. Blue Brook Guild could rely on Lu Hanwen as a blade. Lu Hanwen didn’t dare to act rashly anymore. Flowing Cloud carefully followed the troops to meet the enemies. Several support classes accompanied him. As soon as he started moving, countless buffs were placed on him. At this instant, who knew how many times stronger Flowing Cloud had become as he bravely charged forward.

“I’M HERE!!!” Lu Hanwen shouted.

“Blue Brook Guild’s sh*t stick is back.” Loulan Slash reported helplessly.

Ye Xiu had listened to Wei Chen’s warning, so he was already paying attention to Blue Brook Guild! When he saw the countless buffs on top of Flowing Cloud, he couldn’t help but smile: “He’s been buffed quite a lot!”

“You keep holding on.” Ye Xiu told Xiao Shiqin. He and Su Mucheng turned towards Blue Brook Guild and headed over.

Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud had already slaughtered his way to the front like a general showing off his might. Su Mucheng took aim. A beam of light exploded from Chasing Haze’s cannon. Lu Hanwen reacted quickly. His character flipped over the beam of light, dodging it. The instant Flowing Cloud landed, a spear emanating magic undulations stabbed towards his body, instantly piercing his body.

A dazzling magic explosion erupted. Flowing Cloud was blasted into the air as he yelled: “Who is it!!!”

“The most troublesome one.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“F*ck, stop playing around. Hurry up and get rid of Blue Brook Guild.” Wei Chen went over and roared. Afterwards, he sat back down, put on his headphones, and said in a serious tone: “Don’t be rash. We have to wait and see whether Blue Brook Guild will give them enough trouble or not! We’re not any weaker than Blue Brook Guild, but what happened when they fought against Tyrannical Ambition?”

“Just one might not be enough, but with Blue Brook Guild and us, that’ll make three. Three guilds together might be enough to force open an opportunity.” Three Realms Six Paths wasn’t muddle-headed. His clear-headed thinking worried Wei Chen. He obviously knew that if three guilds fought against the alliance, it was hard to say how the situation might turn out. Why else did he urge Ye Xiu to hurry up and get rid of Blue Brook Guild?

“If three guilds work together, we might able to disrupt the balance, but will we be the ones to benefit?” Wei Chen continued to try and stop Three Realms Six Paths from acting.

“Under normal circumstances, this is still a good opportunity, but with those two Gods fighting it out evenly matched, I feel like if we act too hastily, we’ll only be helping Tyrannical Ambition.” Wei Chen slowly said. He wasn’t speaking slowly to show his careful thinking, but to stall for more time.

Three Realms Six Paths didn’t say anything and carefully pondered. Wei Chen hastily racked his brains to search for more excuses. Tricking the person in front of him wouldn’t work. Three Realms Six Paths was the guild leader of a large club. He was probably more experienced in the game and boss hunts than even Wei Chen was. His greatest flaw was experience dealing with Gods, so Wei Chen felt like exaggerating the strength of a God would work.

“Think of before. Why did we fail to get the boss? Because when we broke through their defenses, Tyrannical Ambition shrunk back, intentionally throwing the boss in front of Ye Qiu and us. They wanted us to compete against Ye Qiu. How could we be Ye Qiu’s opponents? These Gods are too crafty. The current situation is still the same. If we join the fray, even if we break apart Ye Qiu’s defenses, Ye Qiu would probably be as crafty as Zhang Xinjie and throw the boss in front of us. I feel like this isn’t an opportunity for us.” Wei Chen continued to analyze.

“Then what do you think we should do?” Three Realms Six Paths asked.

“Wait and see the situation more clearly.” Wei Chen said solemnly.

“Sigh…..” Three Realms Six Paths sighed. Wei Chen wasn’t speaking nonsense. Three Realms Six Paths felt that it was reasonable enough. If they pushed Ye Qiu away, they had to fight against Zhang Xinjie. If they pushed away Zhang Xinjie, they had to fight Ye Qiu. Those two Gods could be half-dead and would still crush them easily.

Wei Chen saw that Three Realms Six Paths couldn’t come to a decision and finally let out a sigh of relief. He immediately checked the situation on Ye Xiu’s screen.

The situation was a carbon copy of the previous one. The only difference was that it was Blue Brook Guild instead of Samsara. Blue Brook Guild may have a powerful expert like Lu Hanwen, but a sharp blade without a good swordsman couldn’t be utilized to its full potential. Against a normal guild, it was a huge advantage, but against Gods like Ye Xiu and Zhang Xinjie, Lu Hanwen’s blows tickled.

This time, Ye Xiu personally fought him. By coordinating the troops to support him, even the buffed Flowing Cloud could only survive for a few short breaths before dying.

Flowing Cloud’s death dealt a huge blow to Blue Brook Guild’s morale. Their strongest expert kept dying instantly again and again. Not matter who they were up against, their expert just died with a flop. How were they supposed to battle against these Gods?

After fighting messily for awhile, Blue Brook Guild could’t find any opportunities. Their guild leader, Changing Spring was straightforward and simply typed “Retreat.” Blue Brook Guild once again withdrew dejectedly.

“See!” Wei Chen saw this scene and immediately started discussing with Three Realms Six Paths: “Blue Brook Guild couldn’t hold on at all. They only started fighting for a bit and had to run away. They’re even worse than us.”

“Sigh, it’s completely out of our control.” Three Realms Six Paths empathized with Blue Brook Guild.

Ye Xiu didn’t go back to defend after forcing Blue Brook Guild to retreat. He directly led his team to attack Tyrannical Ambition from the side to counterattack in the passing.

Zhang Xinjie reacted quickly and immediately sent troops out to defend. However, as soon as his offense towards Xiao Shiqin weakened, Xiao Shiqin immediately seized the opportunity. He deserved to be reputed for defending before counterattacking. As if an attack had been brewing the entire time, it instantly burst forth. Xiao Shiqin’s change in tactics was as smooth and powerful as a river. He seemed to attack and defend at the same time, flustering Zhang Xinjie. The defense placed on the side failed to be of any use. Ye Xiu didn’t command his troops in this flank, but personally led the way as the main attacker. His Battle Mage tore through their ranks with Su Mucheng’s Launcher freely opened his left and right sides. This familiar scene once again appeared in Zhang Xinjie’s eyes, except it was all happening close to him as if they were in a match.

“You really are too troublesome! I’m going to need to punish you out of battle!” Ye Xiu swiped his mouse and Let There Be Light’s spear stabbed towards Misty Mountains.

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