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Chapter 745 - The Difference in Treatment

Zhang Xinjie hadn’t finished dealing with the opponents before him, when he began pondering over what to do with Blue Brook Guild. No matter how capable he may be, he truly didn’t have the ability to cope with every side simultaneously. Let alone Blue Brook Guild, when he shifted his attention towards Samsara’s movements, he no longer commanded the Tyrannical Ambition players behind him, resulting in them being unable to hold their own against the assault led by Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin.

Zhang Xinjie was unable to personally check Blue Brook Guild’s movements, so he gave the task to Jiang You. Following afterwards, he immediately turned around to organize the troops behind him.

Jiang You suddenly felt terrified when he heard that Blue Brook Guild might attack as well. Even he could tell that their formation was whirling around rapidly. After Samsara attacked, their complete and sturdy formation immediately started to fall apart, especially when Samsara started shifting to the side. Samsara began attacking their sides, while their defenses were unable to keep up. Even worse, Zhang Xinjie needed to urgently deal with Ye Qiu’s troops at the same time.

Jiang You’s face dripped with sweat as he took over Zhang Xinjie’s position to lead this side. As the guild leader, he naturally had some skill of his own. He had a good understanding of Zhang Xinjie’s system.

Zhang Xinjie gave a few orders on that side and turned his head to organize this side.

“Not bad.” Zhang Xinjie approved of Jiang You’s actions. He gave a few more detailed orders and then turned back around again to contend against Ye Qiu’s side.

How long can this last? Jiang You felt even more worried, seeing Zhang Xinjie’s hurrying about. However, no matter how anxious he was, he couldn’t think of any way to break out. Despite Zhang Xinjie’s desperate efforts, he still failed to regain control of the situation. If he didn’t respond, it would be over. If he responded, perhaps there might be a chance.

Unfortunately, Zhang Xinjie’s predictions played out as expected. The group tried to force a complex adjustment and, sure enough, numerous players made mistakes. The defensive formation quickly fell into disorder and could no longer resist against the enemy’s assault.

It was too early to give up though. For Zhang Xinjie, this was just a loss for this stage in the battle. A professional match would go through several ups and downs. There weren’t many situations where a single tactic would thwart the enemy completely. This situation was similar to a basketball match. It constantly went back and forth. The two teams would constantly switch tactics, finding a way to stabilize the situation or turn the situation around.

In Zhang Xinjie’s eyes, the opening move of the match had gone quite well. The unexpected appearance of Xiao Shiqin forced him to go on the defensive. After Zhang Xinjie switched tactics, he steadied the situation. However, Samsara appeared, completely messing everything up. It was still too early to say that Tyrannical Ambition had lost though.

If the boss’s aggro was converted to numbers, Tyrannical Ambition was leading by quite a bit! However, in the next stage, the other side would probably be able to close the gap.

“Retreat in the 4 o’clock position. Leave the boss on the edge.” Zhang Xinjie gave a new order. This time, Zhang Xinjie wanted to divert the enemy’s attention. Everyone was here for the boss, not to wipe the other side out. Weren’t the two enemies charging at them because they wanted to surround the boss? Now that Tyrannical Ambition withdrew and left the boss behind, what else would those two enemies do?

After resisting for a long time, Tyrannical Ambition finally pulled back to the mountainside to let the tigers fight. 

He gave Samsara a choice as well. Samsara clearly knew that they could break through Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses, so they did so, but now? The leaders of the two enemy sides would see that Tyrannical Ambition was letting them fight each other, but what else could they do? Let the boss sit there and not take it? Ally together and annihilate Tyrannical Ambition? 

The latter choice sounded good, but it was unlikely to happen because of their relationships with each other and their frequent fights for bosses.

It went just as Zhang Xinjie predicted. The boss was left at the edges and the two sides set their eyes on the boss instead. After breaking apart Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses, the two sides sent a group towards the boss.

Fight! Let me have a good look at how you two fight each other.

Zhang Xinjie relaxed and spent some more time paying attention to Blue Brook Guild. It looked like Blue Brook Guild still didn’t plan on making a move yet. For now, Samsara’s enemy commander was still a mystery. That previous strategic decision conformed with Yu Wenzhou’s expertise, but making a conclusion based off of a single move was too hasty. After all, such a tactic wasn’t impossible to replicate as the synergy of the Best Duo.

But even if Samsara’s enemy commander wasn’t Yu Wenzhou, he was certainly an expert. On Samsara’s side, vice-captain Jiang Botao was quite accomplished in tactics. That was something that he was completely capable of doing.

Under Zhang Xinjie’s eyes, the two sides clashed with the boss at their intersection.

Such a chaotic fight between so many made it difficult for even Zhang Xinjie to see every detail clearly. Moreover, he quickly discovered that he didn’t need to analyze the situation because Samsara had already lost. Samsara clearly had better elite troops and an outstanding commander, but when the two sides clashed, Heavenly Justice quickly swarmed the boss away. Samsara tried their hardest to snatch it back, but all of their efforts seemed meaningless. The other side easily neutralized all attacks and the boss was moved farther and farther away.

“Why is it like this?” Zhang Xinjie was having a hard time understanding. Samsara appeared way too weak in that moment. Where was the Samsara that thoroughly thwarted his defenses? How come they suddenly turned into jello when facing Ye Qiu’s troops. Why was there a huge difference in treatment? Could Samsara’s performance previously have been coincidental?

Zhang Xinjie felt gloomy at this point. They couldn’t keep waiting any longer. Tyrannical Ambition needed to attack at full force. Their current situation was different from before. Whichever side held the boss would be attacked on both sides. The pressure from two enemy sides, which Tyrannical Ambition had to resist before, would now shift over to Ye Qiu’s alliance.

Tyrannical Ambition chased after them, but were blocked by Radiant and Parade shortly after. After fighting for awhile, Zhang Xinjie already knew that Xiao Shiqin was commanding. For a moment, he felt his head hurt. Xiao Shiqin was a defense-oriented tactician. Breaking through his defenses wouldn’t be an easy feat.

What about Samsara? We can help each other! 

Zhang Xinjie looked for them and saw Samsara rushing over. Xiao Shiqin’s troops didn’t seem to be planning on blocking Samsara. Why would Samsara waste time here then? They happily chased after the boss.

For a moment, Zhang Xinjie felt like he believed in his guess. He was afraid that he had truly made a mistake. Samsara didn’t actually have any expert commander on their side. Perhaps the sudden appearance of Su Mucheng or Xiao Shiqin caused his mind to lean towards such thoughts. He had been wary because of Samsara’s flexible tactics, when in reality, there was actually nothing to be afraid. As a result, he had misunderstood, but Ye Qiu hadn’t. That was why he let Samsara go because he believed that he could hold the boss while resisting Samsara’s attacks.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the reversal of circumstances. Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin had decided on the same strategy as his initial one. The alliance didn’t care about a decisive victory over him. Xiao Shiqin focused on leading the defense. As long as he could stall for enough time, Ye Qiu’s side would be able to finish off the boss.

Although he could see through the other side’s intentions, Zhang Xinjie didn’t dare to completely forego their defense and pour everything into attacking because his opponent was Xiao Shiqin, who only cared about dragging out the battle. Xiao Shiqin didn’t need to care about doing anything else. However, Xiao Shiqin didn’t tend to be solely on defense. He was most adept at defending before counterattacking. Zhang Xinjie couldn’t neglect to take precautions, especially against Xiao Shiqin.

Behind the confrontation between Zhang Xinjie and Xiao Shiqin, Ye Qiu led the other two guilds to defend against Samsara’s attacks, while dealing with the boss.

Ye Qiu was at the forefront. His Let There Be Light and Su Mucheng’s Chasing Haze created the spearhead of their team’s attacks.

Yes, they were completely on the offensive. They didn’t bother defending and attacked instead. Their troops were slightly weaker than Samsara’s, but their troops also had pro-level players, specifically  the Best Pair.

Samsara couldn’t hold on. Samsara’s guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths, was blaming himself deeply. Wei Chen consoled him on the side: “Don’t take it to heart. This is just like a pro match. No one can ever be sure of the final outcome.”

Three Realms Six Paths sighed: “You broke apart Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses and created an opportunity for us, but I wasn’t able to grasp it firmly enough and let Heavenly Justice take it away. It was my mistake.”

“Look clearly. Ye Qiu must be leading that side. That Battle Mage called Let There Be Light! That one with the disgusting name! Yes, that’s him. I’m sure everyone will understand.” Wei Chen said.

“Yes, that’s definitely him, and that Launcher. Could it be……” Three Realms Six Paths stared.

“If it really is her, then there is no need to feel ashamed at all. How are we supposed to contend against a f*cking God? One day, maybe one of our champion players will come over and then we’ll see who’s arrogant.” Wei Chen sounded indignant.

Just when they said this, the two leaders were fleeing with their tails behind their backs! They weren’t able to defend against such fierce attacks! The several players leading the assault were simply too powerful, especially that Battle Mage and Launcher duo. Three Realms Six Paths felt like they were definitely Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng.

“How do we do this?” Three Realms Six Paths felt hopeless. He didn’t realize that the person next to him wasn’t putting in any effort at all.

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