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Chapter 747 - Huge Success

How familiar!  

Zhang Xinjie thought to himself, as the spear close in on him.

The name Let There Be Light only sounded mighty. In reality, who knew how much of a difference there was in strength between it and One Autumn Leaf. Even so, Zhang Xinjie could see One Autumn Leaf’s style emanating from Let There Be Light, or perhaps that was simply a reflection of the player’s style.

Zhang Xinjie obviously didn’t find Let There Be Light familiar at all. When the spear came, he pushed down with his hand. Misty Mountain immediately rolled away, while calling for his nearby allies to shield him. Zhang Xinjie had no intention of fighting Ye Qiu’s Battle Mage with his Cleric, even if his Cleric had superior equipment compared to Ye Qiu’s Battle Mage.

The nearby Tyrannical Ambition players heard Zhang Xinjie’s call for help and immediately rushed over. They also knew that this Battle Mage was Ye Qiu. How could they dare to be careless? Although they clearly had the advantage in numbers, they were actually mostly on the defensive, but before they could gather together, a Satellite Beam descended from the sky. The pillar of light split into several smaller pillars and began to expand. Satellite Beam was being manually controlled by Su Mucheng to strike these nearby players. Several characters were enveloped by the light. They could barely protect themselves, so how would they have any time to block Ye Xiu?

Ye Xiu seemed to have already known that this would happen. Let There Be Light completely ignored these Tyrannical Ambition players and dashed between them. His Battle Mage thrust his spear towards Misty Mountains once more.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t think the assistance he called for wouldn’t be of any use. It was as if they weren’t even there. Ye Qiu and Su Mucheng hadn’t been secretly practicing right? How else could their synergy still be so perfect? His astonishment wouldn’t help him dodge this strike though. Let There Be Light struck Misty Mountains with a Circle Swing. He then shook his sleeves and sent out a Witch’s Shadow Cloak. Level 20 and below Mage skills could also be learned by Battle Mage. Let There Be Light had clearly added a point to this skill.

Shadow Cloak wasn’t used on Misty Mountains, but rather the several players struck by Satellite Beam. After wrapping them into a bundle, he followed it up with a Falling Flower Palm to sent them all flying away. When he turned back, Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountains had just gotten up. Let There Be Light stabbed at him once more.

A normal player definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge this strike, but Zhang Xinjie wasn’t a normal player. Even though he wasn’t using a combat class, how could a pro player not practice dodging basic moves like a simple spear thrust?  

As the spear approached, Misty Mountains rolled to the side. Zhang Xinjie suddenly heard a bang. Smoke and fire erupted, and Misty Mountains was knocked back.

Su Mucheng! Su Mucheng again! A perfectly timed and coordinated attack rendered Zhang Xinjie’s predictions completely helpless. The Best Pair was a one plus one is greater than two existence. Fighting against the two of them alone was much too difficult.

Misty Mountains was naturally blown back into Let There Be Light’s spear and Ye Xiu’s attack…...

Zhang Xinjie was always skilled enough to survive on his own for awhile. However, he had to split his attention to lead Tyrannical Ambition’s troops, while facing the coordinated attacks from the Best Pair. It was equivalent to sacrificing himself. Zhang Xinjie tried his hardest to survive, while searching for reinforcements, but before anyone could rescue him, Tyrannical Ambition’s frontline collapsed. Xiao Shiqin’s agile counterattack, along with Ye Qiu’s sudden flank completely destroyed Tyrannical Ambition’s push. 

Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountain hadn’t lost much health…….

Zhang Xinjie instantly understood.

Ye Qiu’s attack towards him hadn’t been to kill him, but rather to distract him. Ye Qiu didn’t allow Zhang Xinjie to concentrate on commanding his troops. Instead, Tyrannical Ambition was thrown into disorder while trying to protect their God. And the result? The result was what had just happened. A complete collapse. Zhang Xinjie hadn’t been able to escape from their attacks either. Perhaps he could hurry and switch accounts in order to reorganize his troops. 

Zhang Xinjie looked left and right. In Tyrannical Ambition’s game studio, there were several core elite members participating in this battle. Zhang Xinjie could switch places with any of them to break free from his predicament and return to leading his troops.

But would that work?

Zhang Xinjie glanced at their screens. The battlefield had already turned into chaos. They were practically fighting with no strategy and just joined the fray.

Zhang Xinjie sighed. He felt like switching accounts wouldn’t make that much of a difference at this point.

“Look, it’s a good thing that we didn’t join!” Wei Chen joyfully told Samsara’s guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths.

Blue Brook Guild joined and had been forced to retreat.

Shortly afterwards, Tyrannical Ambition was utterly defeated.

This scene seemed as if Samsara not joining was a wise decision, but Three Realms Six Paths kept feeling like something wasn’t right?

What wasn’t right? He couldn’t figure out what though, but the scene in front of him showed that despite having God Zhang Xinjie leading, Tyrannical Ambition’s elite forces were still defeated. It seemed as if there really had been no point in Samsara joining the battle.

Even if they had gone over carrying their pride as the champions, they would only be smearing their own name.

After routing Tyrannical Ambition, the four guild alliance quickly contracted and widened their defensive line. As for Tyrannical Ambition? After being defeated, they reorganized and left without a pause.

There were a few guilds left who tried to break through, not understanding the situation. All of them were met with bleeding heads. In the end, the system announced that Ye Xiu’s four guild alliance had killed Red Mage.

“D*MNIT!!” Wei Chen roared loudly. Samsara’s players quickly consoled him: “Forget about it. We were already expecting this to happen. Were you hoping for some sort of miracle?”

“Wouldn’t it have been nice if the server had suddenly gone down?” Wei Chen hatefully said. Glory’s servers hadn’t gone down for many years now. The game company maintained their servers exceptionally well!

Wei Chen grumbled and complained to Samsara’s players in game. Outside of the game, he was beaming with joy as he walked over to Ye Xiu’s screen. He was anxiously waiting to see what the boss had dropped.

Wild bosses dropped several different kinds of materials, but not all of them would drop. Wei Chen only needed two materials. It was possible that these two materials hadn’t dropped this week.

The boss belonged to Heavenly Justice. As Loulan Slash picked the items up from the ground, the materials were displayed in the group chat. Ye Xiu’s Let There Be Light belonged to this group, so he naturally saw all of the drops.

“Beautiful!!” Wei Chen suddenly shouted. One of the materials needed for Death’s Hand, Heart of Desire, had dropped.

One more!

Wei Chen waited anxiously for it to show up. At the same time, he estimated how many had been picked up and calculated the probability of it happening.

When the words “Loulan Slash picked up Red Mage’s Staff” appeared, Wei Chen suddenly couldn’t utter a word. His body completely relaxed and he slumped into his chair. He was silent for a good while.

Right afterwards, it was time to distribute the goods. Ye Xiu obviously requested these two materials. He looked back at Wei Chen, who wasn’t suspicious at all because he trusted that Ye Xiu wouldn’t fail at this stage.  

“Are you going to do it now?” Ye Xiu asked Wei Chen.

“In a bit. I’m going to go out for a smoke first.” Wei Chen stood up and quietly stepped out of the practice room.

Wei Chen wasn’t usually so well-mannered. He rarely went outside to smoke. With his shamelessness, standing by the window to smoke was already giving Chen Guo face. The current Wei Chen had succeeded at the final step. He had finally fulfilled a long-cherished wish of his. 

In these past few years, who knew how many times he had dreamed of Death’s Hand being reaching its level 70 form, becoming the only weapon in the game that could rival a pro player’s Silver weapon.

Reality had been cruel though. Gathering the materials just by relying on his own strength was too difficult. After Ye Xiu had appeared, even the most difficult to obtain materials had been acquired.

What had Ye Xiu relied on? He didn’t have the backing of a strong guild. He mixed in with these guilds and succeeded.

When he reached the final step, Wei Chen suddenly thought of many things.

Why had he clung to this Silver weapon? Could it actually help him in the game? With just his skill alone, he didn’t need a Silver weapon to strut around in the game.

And would he sell this Silver weapon? Probably not.

After thinking about it, this Death’s Hand didn’t seem to mean anything to him, yet he had spent so much effort on it.

Was this love?


Wei Chen felt disgusted at his own train of thought.  

But no matter how disgusted he felt, he couldn’t help but admit that even if this wasn’t love, it comprised of his many years of unwillingness to leave the pro scene. He had funneled all of his unwillingness into this Silver weapon. This was different from creating the skill book guide. That had been done for its monetary value. He had never thought of earning money using his Death’s Hand though. It was a reminder of all the memories he had made during his career.

And he finally succeeded. More importantly, he was going to bring this weapon into the pro scene. At this moment, Wei Chen’s emotions could truly be described as fluctuating up and down. He had thought about his many years of perseverance and his struggle during his two years as a pro player. He thought about the two punks that came to the team at that time and were now Team Blue Rain’s stars.

This, this was all the past now.

What’s most important is that I'm back!

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