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Chapter 744 - Three Opponents

Samsara’s second elite group leader was of course, Wei Chen. After he said those words, everyone in Samsara raised their eyebrows. Who were their opponents? Zhang Xinjie and Ye Qiu, two of Glory’s Master Tacticians. Even so, he dared to boast about his ability to command in front of them! Not only did no one in Samsara feel confident, they also started to doubt Wei Chen. Quite a few players didn’t give him any face and typed a sweating face emoji into the team chat. Wei Chen may be the second elite group leader, but his position in Samsara wasn’t actually that high, especially among the elites. Anyone with talent would be used to their full ability, but a becoming a true elite required loyalty and trust. A newcomer couldn’t gain trust in such a short amount of time.

Their doubt towards Wei Chen made him feel gloomy.

Everyone felt like he was just speaking big words. However, Wei Chen didn’t think so. Not only did he did not think that his words were ridiculous, he thought he had a seventy percent chance of turning them into a reality.

If we don’t try, how will we know?

Wei Chen even thought that he had been more on the modest side. Who was he? He saw the opposing sides and instantly analyzed the situation and the stakes involved. If Samsara helped Ye Xiu’s side, breaking through Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses wouldn’t be a problem at all.

After Tyrannical Ambition set up defenses against Ye Xiu’s four guild alliance, they had also made sufficient preparations for any following guilds. That was only the case for normal players though. In Wei Chen’s eyes, the amount of strength dedicated to defend against other guilds was nothing to look at.

In fact, Wei Chen was one hundred percent sure of being able to break through Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses. However, if he appeared so certain, Samsara probably wouldn’t believe him. After all, in their eyes, their opponents were way too powerful. Wei Chen had already held back in his speech, yet who would have thought that Samsara still wouldn’t believe him? There weren’t too many boos, but many disapproved. Their attitudes could be seen above their heads. Weren’t they overreacting?

I really am too skilled to be a spy!

Wei Chen sighed. He might as well continue with his “overconfident” attitude: “What? You don’t believe me? Zhang Xinjie and Ye Qiu are evenly matched in tactics. However, Tyrannical Ambition’s overall strength is greater than the four guild alliance’s. In a one on one battle, Tyrannical Ambition doesn’t need to be on the defensive. Something unexpected must have come up for Tyrannical Ambition to be on their back foot. Right now is the perfect time to fish in troubled waters! If you guys insist on waiting for one side to beat the other before acting…… don’t blame me for being too blunt! Whether Zhang Xinjie or Ye Qiu wins, without an evenly matched opponent restricting the other, how will we manage to beat them?”

Wei Chen was reasonable. It didn’t sound like he was being brainlessly overconfident. Everyone fell silent. No one randomly complained.

“If we’re going to act, then we must do it before it’s too late! Tyrannical Ambition isn’t trying to beat Ye Qiu’s side right now. Zhang Xinjie is only trying to stall for time, so they can kill the boss before their defense gets broken through. The more we watch from the sidelines, the happier he will be. We’re actually a bit late already. If we wait any longer, how are we going to generate enough aggro to steal the boss?” Wei Chen followed.

In the end, Samsara’s guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths couldn’t hold back anymore. They weren’t here to watch a movie. Their goal was the boss. At this moment, Wei Chen added: “We’re a championship team’s guild. Don’t you guys have any pride?”

These words struck Three Realms Six Path’s wound. Guild Samsara’s recent achievements were quite shameful for a championship team’s guild. Three Realms Six Paths couldn’t calmly continue pondering. They were already here. Dawdling around was truly a bit disgraceful.

“I’ll lead group one. Sky will lead group two. Everyone, get ready!” Three Realms Six Paths ordered. Wei Chen’s spy Warlock was called Sky Trip. Three Realms was letting Wei Chen command or telling the second elite group to listen to Wei Chen.

“I’ll lead the second group to tear open Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses. Your first group will trap the boss and lead it away.” Wei Chen said.

“Okay!” Three Realms Six Paths agreed. A boss’ aggro was generated group by group, not by guild. As a result, between the first and second group, only one group could hold the aggro. Leaving the aggro with his group put him more at ease.

“Samsara, our team is the championship team. Show some spirit! Everyone, advance!” Three Realms Six Paths roared and Samsara charged forward.

“Samsara’s coming.” Jiang You had been hoping that Samsara would be like Blue Brook Guild and keep watching foolishly, but not long after arriving, they charged over murderously. He hastily reminded Zhang Xinjie, so he wouldn’t forget.

“I see them.” Zhang Xinjie replied plainly. The current situation, as well as the progress on the boss, was going very well. Just Samsara alone wouldn’t be enough to tip the balance. However, he couldn’t completely ignore them either.

Zhang Xinjie turned his gaze towards Samsara and adjusted his troops slightly. Against Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin, two troublesome opponents, he couldn’t spend too much time dealing with Samsara.

Just when he finished making his arrangements and started shifting his attention back to the two Gods, he suddenly discovered that Samsara’s incoming group quickly adjusted their offensive formation and direction in response.

Zhang Xinjie was startled, but the two groups had already began to clash.

A huge cloud of magic undulations formed, instantly enveloping countless figures. Samsara had strong Spellblades, similar to how Tyrannical Ambition had strong Clerics. However, their strongest class was probably still their Sharpshooters. Their Sharpshooters were more outstanding than the featured classes of other guilds. It was simply because of Zhou Zekai’s insane popularity. His influence not only increased the popularity of Sharpshooters in Samsara, but the popularity of Sharpshooters in all of Glory.

Glory was a very balanced game, but that didn’t mean the class distribution was completely balanced. The existence of the Pro Alliance affected players the most. An outstanding player made many players incorrectly think “This class must be very strong.”

During Excellent Era’s period of dominance, there was a saying in Glory: there are as many dogs as there are Battle Mages. Nowadays, Zhou Zekai’s popularity increased the number of Sharpshooters in Glory. The players, who became Sharpshooters because of Zhou Zekai, were often fans of Zhou Zekai and Samsara. The most outstanding among the numerous Sharpshooters appeared in Samsara. There were already too many Sharpshooters in Samsara. Anymore and many of the guild’s activities would start to get affected. More players meant more experts. The strength of Samsara’s Sharpshooters were indisputable. As a result, in their confrontation with Tyrannical Ambition, Samsara’s offense came quickly and furiously.


Sharpshooters attacked in the first wave. Spellblades attacked in the second wave. Although Tyrannical Ambition counterattacked, they clearly suffered the larger loss. Afterwards, Samsara’s melee classes charged forward. They randomly walked in a circle and didn’t even attack before retreating.

“Don’t move!!” Zhang Xinjie saw his players subconsciously step forward to chase. If they chased, their formation would crumble. However, if they didn’t chase and traded blows with their long-ranged classes, they would be on the losing end. They couldn’t rely on their Clerics to carry them. If it were a one on one, it would work, but right now, Tyrannical Ambition could only deploy a limited amount of resources to each side. Not only did they need to defend against two powers, they also needed to deal with the wild boss!

“Hm! How patient!” Wei Chen saw that Tyrannical Ambition’s members didn’t chase. After a moment of surprise, he followed up with a message to Three Realms Six Paths: “Guild leader, provide us with some cover. Have your mid-ranged and long-ranged classes coordinate with us.”

“Okay.” Three Realms Six Paths replied.

As a result, another wave of attacks from Samsara pressured Zhang Xinjie even more. 

“Move the boss away in the six o’clock direction. Everyone press towards this side.” Zhang Xinjie quickly ordered. If the other side wouldn’t come over, he could only have his own troops go over.

“Move move move to the left.” Wei Chen immediately commanded. Samsara began to shift horizontally.

Zhang Xinjie was once again surprised at the turn of events. If he wanted to respond, his team would need to move in addition to rotate. However, his defenses for each side were arranged differently. Moving and rotating was too difficult for so many people. Many would certainly make mistakes in trying to maintain the formation, while moving. One too many mistakes and his opponents would instantly find an opportunity to break through. After all, his opponents were Ye Qiu and Xiao Shiqin!

No! There was one more!

Who was the person leading Samsara?

Zhang Xinjie didn’t regard Samsara’s tactics as mere coincidences. He was more willing to regard Samsara’s movements as intentional and began to create countermeasures accordingly.

But if this enemy commander was making these decisions intentionally, this commander was truly quite skilled. Baiting the enemy into making a mistake and then seizing that opportunity…...

Zhang Xinjie suddenly felt his heart go cold.

Baiting the enemy into a mistake and seizing that opportunity was the style that Team Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou was most proficient in! It was this style, which created Glory’s greatest opportunist, Huang Shaotian. What was going on today? The other three Master Tacticians had allied together to teach him a lesson?

Zhang Xinjie felt dizzy. He started looking for any conspicuous Warlocks among Samsara’s troops, but when he looked at all the guild tags above their heads, he suddenly felt like something wasn’t right.

Wasn’t Blue Brook Guild over there? Yu Wenzhou ran over to help Samsara? Did he finish eating and have nothing left to do?

Could it be…… Yu Wenzhou was using the strength of another to do his dirty work? He would first borrow Samsara’s strength to break through Tyrannical Ambition’s defenses?

The more Zhang Xinjie thought about it, the more convoluted his thoughts became…...

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