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Chapter 740 - First Come First Serve

If they were not in their team studio, the four guild masters were most likely in their own homes. No matter what, an online game was rarely played outside. However, as of that moment, all four of them felt as if the wind had drowned out Ye Xiu’s words. 

“WHO?” The four asked again in disbelief.

“Xiao Shiqin.” Ye Xiu emphasized clearly again.

The four all quieted down immediately. 

“Hello…” Xiao Shiqin greeted them helplessly. He knew clearly that the guild masters were the equivalent of a department head in the club. The four in front of him were all core members of their respective clubs. Allowing them to know that he was helping Ye Qiu steal bosses in the game was the same as telling these clubs and their teams about it. Within no time, the entire community would probably know as well. 

Xiao Shiqin was a bit worried, but he had to admit, revealing his identity was the fastest way for others to accept him as a commander. This acceptance was very important for good teamwork. No matter how Ye Qiu explained how incredible he was, the others would still doubt, hesitate, and try to test him.  

As of now, people were simply speechless at Xiao Shiqin’s name because this was an identity that everybody knew of.  The only one doubtful was White Stream, who said with a trembling voice, “Is he THAT Xiao Shiqin?”

“Yep. That’s the one.” Ye Xiu confirmed. 

“Ay! Hello, hello. What brings you here?” White Stream finally started greeting him frantically. At the same time, the other three had just snapped back to reality and hurried over to offer their own greetings as well. 

“Alright. Let’s stop wasting time. Radiant and Parde, would you follow Xiao Shiqin?” Ye Xiu spoke up. 

“Sure, sure. No problem!” White Stream and Martial Awareness answered hurriedly. Their second-rate teams weren’t in the spotlight, nor were they low to the ground. Therefore, they weren’t too popular and didn’t have any feuds with other teams. Unlike Tyrannical Amibition’s players, whose mood deteriorated at the mention of Ye Qiu’s name, these players did not harbor such strong feelings towards anyone. The members of their own teams were unquestionably their favorite. As for the other God level players in the league, that was completely up to personal preference. There were no feelings behind it that were associated with their supported teams. 

Xiao Shiqin was quite popular.. None of the four guild masters seemed to dislike him. They were all asking around and being friendly with him. 

Loulan Slash even sighed regretfully, “If we knew God Xiao would transfer teams, we Heavenly Justice would have welcomed you no matter the cost.” 

Loulan Slash was more than just a guild leader. He was also the captain and the owner of the club. To be honest, the significance of his identity was an entire level higher than both Ye Xiu and Xiao Shiqin. After he threw out such a weighty comment, Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness were all at a lost of words. 

“Ha. Looks like Heavenly Justice is doing well.” Xiao Shiqin steered the topic away calmly. 

People from the guilds were slowly gathering. Ye Xiu led two guilds and put the other two under Xiao Shiqin. As they traveled towards their destination, Xiao Shiqin picked out the members of Team Happy. Regretfully, these people wouldn’t be joining his troops, so he wouldn’t have a chance to evaluate their strengths closely. 

Despite having matched all of the members to their characters, there was one person that Xiao Shiqin could not find anywhere. In the end, he could not hold in his own curiosity anymore and asked, “Um, Wei Chen… He doesn’t seem to be here yet?”

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu answered.

That’s it? Xiao Shiqin scratched his head, Would saying one more word kill you? Wei Chen was a pro player, but by the time Xiao Shiqin joined the Alliance, he had long since retired. When he was learning about Team Blue Rain, Xiao Shiqin learned about this founding team leader. However, since he was no longer an opponent he had to face, Xiao Shiqin did not spend much time studying this retired person. Does he want to re-enter the pro scene after so many years?

Xiao Shiqin counted: he had being away for six years. If he wanted come back, then what had he being doing in the past six years? If he were coming back now, then how powerful was he?

The thing Xiao Shiqin cared the most about was still the strength of Team Happy. 

Not long after everyone left Sarke City, they arrived at the nearby Midnight Inn. 

No matter how big the Inn was, it could not be big enough to be a leveling ground by itself. It was just a landmark building in the area. This time, Red Cloak Warlock Mirworr had just respawned here. 

Midnight Inn was getting more lively as more people were arriving to fight for the boss. The small place was packed with players from various guilds, as well as those who did not belong to any big guilds. 

The clubs saw fighting over wild bosses as their main job, but that didn’t mean other regular players weren’t interested in these boss fights. As of this moment, there were a number of level 70 players who had gathered into a random team, hoping to take down the boss for themselves. Unfortunately, after a few futile struggles, they all eventually died. Red Cloak Warlock Mirworr left without even sparing a glance at the numerous corpses around. He made it seem as if the bloodshed were as insignificant as raising his hand. 

“F*ck. Everytime! There are alway idiots.” Salty Not Sweet complained. He was a player in one of the four branch guilds of Tyrannical Ambition. He was not some elite member, nor was he a star player. He had just happened to bump into Red Cloak Warlock Mirworr’s respawn when he had been roaming around the leveling area, going about his own business. 

Wild boss fights were the troubles of the elites. However, reporting boss respawns were the responsibility of every guild member. When he reported it to the management level of the guild, he quickly got a reply from the highest command, Wandering Shockwave: Keep watching. Report any changes immediately. 

Salty Not Sweet had been quite excited. 

A wild boss fight would be a battle of the highest level in the guilds. Despite being weak, to still be able to participate in such a way was still something worth rejoicing over for a fan. The players who provide the information would be rewarded by the guild with contribution points later.  

Salty Not Sweet carried out his mission carefully. He roamed around while avoiding the boss and keeping track of the nearby players. Unluckily, a random team decided to challenge the boss first, but ended up getting pulverized. To make the matters worse, these players almost got the scouts like him involved. He watched a player from Misty Castle die from a single Shadow Arrow from Mirworr just because he had reacted one second too slow. 

“Wild bosses are truly terrifying.” Salty Not Sweet sighed. Although he was a member of a a major guild, he had not witnessed the true powers of a wild boss before. 

“A team just got wiped along with a player from Misty Castle.” While marveling at the powers of a boss, Salty Not Sweet did not forget his mission and reported the newly confirmed information. 

“The troops from the guild will arrive soon.”

Salty Not Sweet’s eyes lit up in delight: This boss must belong to Tyrannical Ambition now, right? 

He was not disappointed after seeing the troops from Tyrannical Ambition arrive shortly afterward.  Not only did he see the guild leader, Wandering Shockwave, who he would have no chance of meeting normally, he even got called over and got to speak with the guild leader. This special honor would have Salty Not Sweet all excited normally, but today, his attention was not on the guild leader. There was a Cleric standing quietly besides him: Misty Mountains.

Tyrannical Ambition was never short of Clerics, or Cleric experts. However, the one in front of him right now was a Cleric who stood at the pinnacle of Glory, not just Tyrannical Ambition or the Heavenly Domain. He was the vice captain of Tyranny: Zhang Xinjie. 

All secrets would be revealed eventually. On top of that, Zhang Xinjie leading the troops in a wild boss fight was not some kind of secretive plan that needed to be hidden from everyone else. When every other guild knew that Zhang Xinjie had come himself, what reason did Tyrannical Ambition have to not know it as well? Just by staring at this godly cleric in Glory, Salty Not Sweet’s excitement drowned out the words of Wandering Shockwave. He was just thinking about how regretful it was for Zhang XinJie to use this account. If it had being his usual account, it would have been even cooler.

In the end, Salty Not Sweet mustered up the courage to speak to Zhang Xinjie’s Misty Mountains: “Hi Captain Zhang.” He intentionally dropped off the “vice” part, when calling the team’s vice captain, directly promoting him one rank. This was a common approach often seen in society, but Zhang Xinjie replied seriously: “Hi. It should be vice-captain.” 

“Uh…..” Salty Not Sweet didn’t know what to say in response.

Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader and Wandering Peak’s user, Jiang You, laughed amusingly. He had been talking to Salty Not Sweet. Right when he turned his head to look somewhere else, Salty Not Sweet went over to greet Zhang Xinjie. Jiang You appeared as if he wasn’t being respected, but the reason for the disrespect was because of Zhang Xinjie. What could he say? He understood a fan’s adoration of an idol too.

“Ahem…… Blue Brook Guild has arrived.” Jiang You received news of other players coming.

“What about Ye Qiu?” Zhang Xinjie asked. He clearly only worried about Ye Qiu’s forces. As for Blue Brook Guild, he had encountered an extremely sharp kid in the previous battle, who he even suspected was Huang Shaotian in the beginning. But after watching this kid more carefully, he knew the kid was not. Huang Shaotian didn’t like to charge forward and strike head-on nor would he be so quiet. Lu Hanwen might not be considered as too quiet, but he was compared to Huang Shaotian. Even against Huang Shaotian, Zhang Xinjie still wouldn’t be as concerned over Blue Brook Guild as he would be over Ye Qiu’s side. Yu Wenzhou was a different matter. In wild boss hunts, hundred player groups were the units in battle. The scale of the battle surpassed a professional match by several tens in magnitude. The value of a God adept in tactics far surpassed that of a single blade.

“They’ve also begun moving. It’s just a matter of time at this point.” Jiang You answered.

“What other guilds?”

“Samsara, Misty Rain, Howling Heights.” The reports in Jiang You’s hands had information on these three guilds.

“Okay, let’s begin. We’ll first ascertain our advantage.” Zhang Xinjie didn’t delay any further. In a battle between tacticians like him and Ye Qiu, advantages were gained little by little. Arriving early was one type of advantage. Zhang Xinjie didn’t want to let this advantage slip through and wait for another opportunity in the future.

Advantages needed to be accumulated. Acting a second early won them one second of an advantage. Tyrannical Ambition quickly moved to surround Red Mage Mirrwor.

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