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Chapter 741 - Assault from Two Paths

Tyrannical Ambition’s chief Knight charged forward and the battle for the boss officially began. Zhang Xinjie had personally arranged everyone’s position. The boss itself was secondary. The primary battle would be against the other competing guilds, especially Ye Qiu’s forces, which were of the utmost priority.

The first opponent that Zhang Xinjie would meet wouldn’t his most troublesome foe, Ye Qiu, but rather Blue Brook Guild.

Changing Spring, Blue Bridge Spring Snow, Ice of Dawn, Chilling Nightfall, and Flying Brushstroke. All of Blue Brook Guild’s Five Great Experts had come out for this battle. Important battles such as competitions for level 70 wild bosses were naturally the highest stage for these in-game experts to stand on.

However, the star of Blue Brook Guild wasn’t any of these five today.

Flowing Cloud.

Zhang Xinjie noticed this Blade Master. In their struggle for Red Ribbon Janna, the one to Enrage the boss and turn the tides was actually this fellow.

But rather than turning the tides in Blue Brook Guild’s favor, he created an opportunity for Ye Qiu. He was most definitely one of those sh*t sticks whose job was to stir sh*t up.

This fellow’s individual skill was certainly outstanding though. Zhang Xinjie couldn’t help but regard him as a ticking time bomb. That time, there had only been one small crack in their defense and that little ghost happened to find it. By the time they tried to respond, it was already too late. It wasn’t Zhang Xinjie being too slow to react, but rather Tyrannical Ambition was unable to carry out his orders quickly enough. No matter how outstanding a commander was, if his subordinates couldn’t carry out his instructions, it was difficult to be effective.

This time, he wouldn’t allow this little punk burrow into an opening.

When Flowing Cloud appeared, Zhang Xinjie took notice. In his eyes, he was perhaps the only threat that Blue Brook Guild posed to him.

“Group one, team four, team five. Group two, team four, team five. Prepare to engage with Blue Brook Guild!” Zhang Xinjie ordered. Tyrannical Ambition took the initiative to strike. Both team fours had been positioned towards Blue Brook Guild’s direction according to previous intelligence, so attacking Blue Brook Guild was very convenient for them. Everyone had come here with confidence in their skill and it didn’t seem like they would need to do much thinking.

Blue Brook Guild didn’t seem to be certain about what they planning on doing, when Tyrannical Ambition suddenly attacked.

“Ah! They’re coming!” Lu Hanwen cried out in astonishment. Flowing Cloud unsheathed his sword.

Zhang Xinjie headed Tyrannical Ambition. Changing Spring obviously knew about this piece of information, but it wasn’t like he could just give up on such an important battle. No matter how difficult the battle would be, he could only face the challenge head on. Changing Spring started taking notice. If Zhang Xinjie continued to support Tyrannical Ambition in this way, he might need to ask the Club for help. There was no hope of him beating Zhang Xinjie. If he could topple Zhang Xinjie, he would be leading the pro team, not just the guild.

“Long-ranged, attack. Melee, push. Even push.” Changing Spring only typed six words. His dislike for typing really made those under him curse silently. If a new person joined them, they probably wouldn’t understand his instructions. However, everyone here was a part of the elite group. They understood Changing Spring’s short instructions very well. In this way, Blue Brook Guild’s elite group would be more efficient in battle because the commander didn’t need to spend as much time typing out his orders. 

Blue Brook Guild’s forces pushed forward. Flowing Cloud led the troops. His dazzling swordplay sliced apart Tyrannical Ambition’s forces.

However, when he looked ahead, Lu Hanwen noticed several Knights facing him.

“Not good!!” Lu Hanwen could feel an ominous premonition creeping up in his mind. It had only been two hours ago that a bunch of Knights had toyed with him. His Flowing Cloud still hadn’t recovered all of its lost experience. His stats were still red!

Lu Hanwen immediately maintained his distance from those Knights, but it was too late. An enemy Knight activated Knight’s Spirit and used Roar. Its range was sufficient to reach Flowing Cloud. Flowing Cloud turned around and charged towards the Knight.

He didn’t learn his lesson well enough. He had been too rash!

Lu Hanwen scolded himself, while hastily calling out for help: “Situation!”

“What situation?” Changing Spring was puzzled at the message. Blue River, who had fought with Lu Hanwen not long before, seemed to have telepathic powers and shouted: “Not good! Hurry up and find a Knight and Qi Master! He must have been Roared away.”

Blue River wasn’t wrong, but their rescue arrangements came too slowly. Under Zhang Xinjie’s personal command, these Tyrannical Ambition Knights worked together to bring Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud farther and farther away. Lu Hanwen was helpless. He could still use a technique like Shadow Steps while taunted, but it wouldn’t help him in any way. Roar forced his real body to move.

The rescue that Lu Hanwen had hoped for never came. Zhang Xinjie had made prior preparations and stopped any attempts at a rescue. Afterwards, Lu Hanwen’s Flowing Cloud was quickly killed. This was the difference between this time’s experience and last time’s experience. Last time, he had been restricted to walking along with them. This time, he was immediately killed at the fastest speed possible. More enemies meant more danger, especially with a God leading them.

Two minutes after the two guilds clashed, Blue Brook Guild’s strongest player fell.

“I charged forward too quickly……” Lu Hanwen had Flowing Cloud revive in the city and typed an ashamed emoji in the guild chat, as if to explain what had happened.

“No worries!” Changing Spring replied. He even added an exclamation mark!

“Yes! I’m on my way back!” Lu Hanwen shouted.

Changing Spring laughed bitterly. By the time Lu Hanwen came back, what would Blue Brook Guild’s situation be like? Would they already be beaten into a sorry state? It was too difficult to expect his players to have the confidence to face a God. 

Changing Spring continued to lead his troops. Under the cover of their long-ranged attackers, Blue Brook Guild slowly advanced. Tyrannical Ambition was being pushed back. It seemed like their defense wasn’t able to hold on. It looked as if Blue Brook Guild’s forward push was going smoothly.

Unfortunately, everything was a facade. Just when Blue Brook Guild was thinking their push was going well, Tyrannical Ambition suddenly countered with a powerful rebound like a compressed spring. Once they were pushed to their limit, they suddenly shot forward.

The tide-like counterattack turned Blue Brook Guild stupid. None of their troops had made any sort of preparation for such a strong rebound, whether that was in tactics or mentally.

If Blue Brook Guild had advanced four coordinates, after this counterattack, Tyrannical Ambition repelled them six coordinates back.

Casualties? Dropped equipment?

Their losses couldn’t be totalled at this moment, but they wouldn’t be small. Changing Spring sighed. He wasn’t sighing at Blue Brook Guild losing morale. Facing Zhang Xinjie and the elite troops that he led, he wasn’t surprised that such losses would be the result.

At this moment, the two guilds both received new information: Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Parade were closing in.

If this were before, no one would have cared about these four guilds, but now, when they heard the names of these four guilds, no one could avoid their heads going numb.

Zhang Xinjie immediately inquired for any information. No guild dared to underestimate them.

The reports indicated that the four guilds had split into two. Heavenly Justice and Conquering Clouds along one path. Radiant and Parade along another. The two paths would converge towards Midnight Tavern. 

“Split into two groups…..” Zhang Xinjie thought to himself. Afterwards, he asked: “Which path did Ye Qiu take?”

“We haven’t seen Enlightened Lord.”

That was the answer given. It hid a hint. The person only said that he hadn’t seen Enlightened Lord, but not that Ye Qiu wasn’t there. Ye Qiu could switch accounts. Everyone knew he could do this, because they always made it their priority to kill him…...

“He doesn’t want us to know where their main defenses are.” Zhang Xinjie said, “But he must be on one side.”

Zhang Xinjie quickly deployed troops and made arrangements according to the paths those four guilds took. He didn’t put an emphasis on either side though. He arranged several flexible teams. These teams could attack the boss to gain some contribution towards winning the boss’ aggro . A gap was reserved between the two sides. When things became dire, these flexible teams could quickly turn around and patch up any holes.

“There’s no need to be too worried about either side.” After Zhang Xinjie made arrangements, he examined the entire battlefield carefully and felt very satisfied. As for Blue Brook Guild, once they received the news, they made a strategic withdrawal. Blue Brook Guild didn’t have the confidence to directly confront either of the two Gods. Their only chance was to watch these two tigers battle and see if there were any opening they could take advantage of. 

“They’re here!”

Jiang You received another report and passed it on to Zhang Xinjie. Everyone could already see the two armies coming from two directions.

“Prepare to clash. Don’t be polite. The faster we can determine where Ye Qiu is located, the faster we can formulate countermeasures.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Samsara has almost arrived too.” Jiang You said.

“Okay, understood.” Zhang Xinjie nodded his head. No matter how small, he would take everything into consideration. It was his style of doing things.

However, everything that had happened so far was within his expectations.

What if something unexpected occurred?

Heavenly Justice, Conquering Clouds, Radiant, Parade. The four guild alliance troops soon arrived. They made a few slight adjustments and directly threw themselves into the fray.

“Block them!” Zhang Xinjie ordered. The two sides clashed.

“We’re in danger on this side!!” The troops on the right side reported first. Zhang Xinjie smiled and waved his hands: “Flexible teams, assist the right side.”

The flexible teams stopped attacking the boss and began PKing. According to their previous arrangements, they immediately shifted to assist the right side.

Zhang Xinjie’s smile persisted for only a second, when the left side reported: “Danger! Danger!!!”

“What happened?” Zhang Xinjie was startled.

“An expert!! Expert!!!!” The players on the left side cried.

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