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Chapter 739 - Give Us a Hand

Xiao Shiqin knew that his visit today had been a bit rash. Very few would barge directly into an enemy team’s practice room to look for information on them.

But just because few did it this way didn’t necessarily mean that others didn’t want to do it. In truth, it simply wasn’t possible. If it were actually possible to infiltrate an enemy team’s practice room discretely and see how the team was practicing, especially before a match, the information gained would be extraordinarily valuable.

Unfortunately, no Club guild would allow such things to happen. Casually letting anyone into the practice room and openly divulging information wasn’t logical. Normally, if an outside team were allowed into another team’s practice room, it would be a social activity set up by both Clubs. It would be completely unrelated to scouting for information.

For Team Happy, Xiao Shiqin successfully obtained information through this method though. He was mostly taking advantage of Team Happy being newly created. A newly created team obviously wouldn’t have many regulations set up yet! Xiao Shiqin reckoned that if he just came over, they wouldn’t be able to stop him. It went just as he predicted.

However, after arriving, he saw that the the enemy players just seemed to be playing the game. He didn’t see any sort of systematic training routine going on. Xiao Shiqin obviously knew that it was too early to expect to see how they would fight against Excellent Era. He mainly wanted to know more about Team Happy’s strength, whether it be information on their characters or their players. 

He wasn’t going to get any information by just sitting there and waiting for them to tell him. He had to make deductions based on any tiny hints revealed. Xiao Shiqin felt like he did a fairly good job. Based on Steamed Bun’s reaction, Team Happy must have quite a powerful Brawler. As for the others, there were clear signs that they weren’t ordinary.

But just knowing that Team Happy wasn’t merely at an in-game team level wasn’t enough. Xiao Shiqin needed to know more, but he didn’t have any good methods right now. Maybe he should go to the game and start probing them? Don’t look at how Xiao Shiqin just seemed to be sitting there. He was constantly thinking. When Ye Xiu walked over to chat with him, he knew that he wouldn’t be getting any information out of him. Instead, he fell into a psychological trap…...

As a former team captain and ace player, Xiao Shiqin wouldn’t panic so easily. He quickly collected himself: “In any case, I’ll still be doing my best.”

“Mm, that’s a good attitude to have.” Ye Xiu appeared as if he were lecturing a rookie and not an experienced team captain and All Star player. Xiao Shiqin could only give a forced smile in response.

Just when he was about to say something else, Chen Guo suddenly shouted: “Something’s come up!”

“What is it?”

“Another boss has spawned!” Chen Guo said.

“Ah! So fast!”

Ye Xiu immediately ran over. His Lord Grim wasn’t logged into the game at the moment! This time, Heavenly Justice had discovered a boss. Loulan Slash couldn’t find Ye Xiu in the game, so he shouted at him in the chat group. Ye Xiu wasn’t in front of his computer though, so how could he see the message? As a result, Loulan Slash looked for Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze to get Ye Xiu’s attention.

“What boss?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Level 70. Red Mage Mierworr.” Loulan Slash brightened at Ye Xiu’s reply. 

“Gather! Gather!” Ye Xiu called. If there was a boss, of course they needed to go kill it. At the same time, he tilted his head towards Wei Chen: “Did you guys receive the new?”

“Of course.” Wei Chen’s expression was grave. He turned his head back to look at Ye Xiu: “We’re going to be needing this one.”

Ye Xiu shot a glance: “I can hear the excitement in your heart!”

“Don’t hold back!” Wei Chen said.

Ye Xiu knew why Wei Chen was so excited. Wei Chen had already come up with a clear blueprint for his weapon’s upgrade, all the way to level 70. As a result, Ye Xiu paid attention to any materials needed for Death’s Hand when they split boss drops.

Death’s Hand required five level 70 rare materials. Ye Xiu had already obtained three last week. As for the remaining two, both dropped from Red Mage Mierworr. A boss wouldn’t only drop a single material. If they got Red Mage Mierwoor, there would be a high probability of gathering both remaining materials for Death’s Hand. 

As for the other materials, the two million yuan worth of materials from Samsara covered it. At that time, the upgrade process for Death’s Hand had already been formed, so there was no way Ye Xiu wouldn’t have accounted for any required materials. 

Wei Chen had worked for so many years to upgrade his Death’s Hand to level 60. Now he had the chance to finally upgrade it to level 70 and fulfill his long-cherished wish. How could he not be excited?

“If the situation allows, maybe you can provide us with some help.” Ye Xiu said.

“As if you need to say that.” Wei Chen replied. This was his value in being a spy. When commanding Samsara’s second elite group, he could employ tactics to secretly help Ye Xiu snatch the boss.

“I’ll think of some way to deal with Zhang Xinjie!” Wei Chen was prepared to go all out for his Death’s Hand. He obviously knew who their most troublesome opponent would be today. Yesterday, Wei Chen had secretly helped Ye Xiu’s side, but it still didn’t go smoothly against Zhang Xinjie. After all, there were a lot of competing guilds. All of them were trying to stop each other. Wei Chen couldn’t be too conspicuous. As the saying goes: water flowing out in a trickle takes a long time to exhaust. He was willing to throw it out the window for his Death’s Hand though. 

“Don’t lose your head.” Ye Xiu logged onto Enlightened Lord. Then, he turned to look at Xiao Shiqin: “Little Xiao, it’s not like you’ve got anything else to do. Come. Why not give us a hand!”

How casual! How natural! It made him feel bad to refuse.

But how could Xiao Shiqin accept so easily?

He could obviously tell what Ye Xiu was going to do. They were going to go boss hunting again. Killing bosses was for materials and materials were used for creating Silver equipment. Help the other side create Silver equipment and beat Excellent Era in the Challenger League?

If Xiao Shiqin helped them out here, wouldn’t he be working against his own interests?

How could Ye Xiu not understand something so obvious? Of course, he wouldn’t, but he seemed to not know what was at stake. It was as if he were talking casually to a good friend. His words came out naturally as if it were a “Hey, I’m moving some stuff. Come help me out.”

How many guests could refuse such a request?

Xiao Shiqin was conflicted!

They didn’t slam the door in his face or treat him like an evil enemy. That made him rejoice, but now he regretted it. The other side was now asking for his help. If he helped, he would be biting his own hand. If he didn’t, he would appear rude and unscrupulous. They were letting you play in their practice room despite your identity, but you only cared about your own interests!

To put it plainly, Xiao Shiqin was let in out of kindness. Now they wanted you to return it, but they wanted you to do something very wrong. It would make anyone feel troubled.

Xiao Shiqin felt a bit at a loss facing this request. He looked around and saw everyone waiting for his response. He suddenly thought of something.

Helping the other side in their battle was a good opportunity to see their strength! Even if he helped them take down the boss, it was still just a boss. How could that be a deciding factor? Through this way, he would be able to obtain a lot of information on each of Team Happy’s members.

Thinking of this, Xiao Shiqin nodded his head. As for whether he was agreeing for enemy intelligence or because it was difficult to refuse, Xiao Shiqin admitted: it was both. It was two birds with one stone! As for gathering intelligence, while intentionally messing up their boss hunt, Xiao Shiqin had no intention of doing so. He wasn’t so despicable. If he didn’t want to help them, he would have outright refused from the beginning. He wouldn’t pretend to agree and then deliberately make a mess.

“Boss, give him a Mechanic account.” Ye Xiu saw him agree and called out for Chen Guo.

Chen Guo took out a stack of cards from a drawer and gave one to Xiao Shiqin. At the same time, she said warily: “This account has a lot of materials inside the storehouse. You won’t take any, right?”

Xiao Shiqin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Wasn’t her suspicions a bit rude?! What was his identity? How could he do something so despicable, but the other’s suspicion was very straightforward. Xiao Shiqin responded with an “I won’t”, and Chen Guo handed the card over to him.

“Can I use any of these computers?” Xiao Shiqin asked.

“Mm, anyone that you like!”

Happy’s practice room had twelve computers with every three grouped together. Wei Chen, Ye Xiu, and Chen Guo were one group. Tang Rou, Steamed Bun, and Qiao Yifan in another. There were six empty computers. Xiao Shiqin picked a random one and turned it on.

Then, he heard Su Mucheng say joyfully: “Then shouldn’t I also play?”

Xiao Shiqin’s eyeglasses almost fell off. He felt like he was the one setting the example. He came out to help and then Su Mucheng followed after grandiosely.

Xiao Shiqin hadn’t thought of that, but he had already agreed. It didn’t matter anyways. He rolled his eyes at her, telling her how cunning she was.

Su Mucheng had said those words for Xiao Shiqin to hear. She was naturally looking at him too! She didn’t mind Xiao Shiqin’s eye roll and sat down delightedly ---- Chen Guo gave her seat to Su Mucheng. She found another Launcher account and switched computers.

Xiao Shiqin logged into the game and saw this Mechanic’s equipment. How terrible! When he checked the guild info and felt even more miserable. There weren’t many in the guild in the first place. Right now, besides him, there were a total of seven. Lord Grim wasn’t one of these seven. Then, he saw someone called Let There Be Light: “Come to Sarke City.”

Xiao Shiqin skimmed over the member list. This Let There Be Light was a Battle Mage, probably Ye Qiu. He replied “Oh” and then started controlling his poor Mechanic over. How many years had it been since he had used such a garbage character? Xiao Shiqin’s mind started to wander off.

The four guild alliance had gathered at Sarke City. The four guilds were already there. Xiao Shiqin’s Mechanic teleported over and saw Let There Be Light, who called him over.

“I’ll lead two guilds. He’ll lead the other two.” Ye Xiu said to the four guild leaders.

The four guild leaders glanced at the lousy Mechanic. They clearly felt a bit unconvinced at Ye Xiu’s arrangements. “And just who is this person?” The four guild leaders practically asked at the same time. 

“Xiao Shiqin.” Ye Xiu said.

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