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Chapter 711 - All Forces Annihilated

Everyone could see just how dangerous the situation was. Howling Heights wanted to rescue him, but they lacked the strength to do so. Those farther away wouldn’t be able to make it there in time. Those closer had been swept away by Tang Rou’s attack and were trying to find their bearings. Their posture had been destroyed. The swaying motion could be felt too, making it difficult for players to move precisely. Interrupt? That would be completely impossible. As of right now, they could only wait and see if Zhao Yuzhe could escape on his own.

After seeing the enemy Battle Mage charge over and then get pulled back by Cloud Grasping Fist, Howling Heights felt enlightened. Players in the same group couldn’t injure one another, so Cloud Grasping Fist couldn’t be used to pull an ally back. That Battle Mage must have been kicked out of the group temporarily. As a result, West Riding Wind told his Howling Height’s Qi Masters to hurry and pull him back, while also kicking Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene from the group.

Hazy Scene had been kidnapped by Cloud Grasping Fist. Before he landed on the ground, a Sacred Fire was thrown onto his body.

Teleporting away wouldn’t be possible anymore. Having been silenced, his character could only perform basic attacks and maneuvers. Elementalists sought after casting speed, not attack speed. If an Elementalist actually started beating an enemy with their staff, the Elementalist’s attack wouldn’t look like as if it were moving in slow motion, but it was slow enough to make melee classes uncomfortable. Melee classes, even those who used slower attack speed weapons like greatswords and spears, tended to value attack speed in other equipment, so none of them would be as slow as an Elementalist waving his staff around.

Zhao Yuzhe was a pro player though! No matter how much confidence he had in his own skills, as an Elementalist, he couldn’t be completely unprepared for a close quarters combat fight. The instant he had been grabbed by Cloud Grasping Fist and burned by Sacred Fire, he decisively switched weapons from a slow staff to a much more agile magic wand. The difference in speed could visibly be seen. With a click of his mouse, Hazy Scene landed domineeringly on the ground and trembled.

Zhao Yuzhe heard Enlightened Lord speak in an astonished tone: “No way, Best Rookie. Falling Flower Palm is a skill too. You don’t know what Sacred Fire does?”

This time, Zhao Yuzhe’s face actually turned red.

Yes, in that instant, his brain had turned into mush. He had only been thinking about what methods he could use to escape from a close combat battle, so he switched his weapon. Then, he did the motion for a Falling Flower Palm to try and push the enemies in front of him away. He had completely forgotten about Sacred Fire’s crowd control effect.

Sacred Fire sealed all skills, unlike the Elementalist skill Magic Shackles, which only sealed magic-related skills. It had no effect on physical skills.

This mistake from Zhao Yuzhe had purely been because his brain had short-circuited, not because he mixed the two skills up. When he had tried to perform Falling Flower Palm, it obviously failed. The only thing came out of his character was a stupid-looking tremble. Even worse, the other side had completely seen through his intentions…..

Amid the loud laughter, Hazy Scene fell to the ground.

Because of this mistake, Zhao Yuzhe was so ashamed, he couldn’t focus. Tang Rou’s Battle Mage used a Circle Swing and threw Hazy Scene onto the ground. Everyone swarmed him; their hands and feet flying about everywhere. Zhao Yuzhe received the notification that West Riding Wind had kicked him out of the group. He didn’t misunderstand the action though and guessed West Riding Wind’s intentions. However, when he looked around, Hazy Scene was already surrounded by players. Cloud Grasping Fist couldn’t pass through enemies. How would they manage to grab him?

Zhao Yuzhe tried one last struggle and swung his magic wand.

Players had complete control over their normal attacks. When Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene swung his wand, it looked like it had come from a Battle Mage.

Of course, a normal attack didn’t have the power or priority of a skill, but it could still hit people’s feet. Unfortunately, he had only started his swing, when Tang Rou’s Battle Mage stabbed at the ground, blocking it.

This Battle Mage wasn’t weak at all…...

Zhao Yuzhe had become determined a bit too late. The enemy weapons rained down on him and he died instantly. From his ghost’s perspective, he saw those guys scrambling over to grab his dropped equipment. As for Howling Heights? Their Qi Masters had only just arrived at the front of the group, but they couldn’t see their target at all. West Riding Wind shook his arm and Howling Heights charged, but it was over for Zhao Yuzhe….. Everything was over. How could he have the face to stand up and fight again! He could only blame himself for being too arrogant and not taking the game seriously enough.

Zhao Yuzhe logged off. His character didn’t revive at all.

This character wasn’t his. It belonged to the Club. After using it, he would need to return it to West Riding Wind. He originally wanted to use his vacation time and show off in game, but who would have thought that things would turn out so badly? He had already died twice…… Out of all those Howling Height players, which of them had died twice today?

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t want to show off in the game anymore. Playing together with his fans would only make him feel more embarrassed. He was even somewhat unsure of how he should return this account card. How would those people in the guild studio look at him? Zhao Yuzhe stared blankly at his computer screen.

Howling Heights seemed to have gone insane. Ye Xiu immediately ordered everyone: “Fight back a bit and then retreat. Let’s see if they’ll leave or not!”

Their previous retreat had created some distance between Heavenly Justice and Howling Heights, but now that Howling Heights was charging at them again, they thought in the same way as the other three guilds and fought back a bit before retreating.

Howling Heights charged to the front and immediately saw Hazy Scene’s corpse sprawled on the ground. Many of the loyal fans were furious. West Riding Wind checked his friends list. Little comrade Zhao had since logged off. It seemed like the blow to his pride wasn’t light!

West Riding Wind couldn’t stop his players from becoming furious. It had nothing to do with benefits, but rather their honor. Their team’s player had been killed. Everyone wanted revenge.

“Sigh, what a terrible loss…..” West Riding Wind sighed to himself. He could only watch as his troops angrily attacked Heavenly Justice out of revenge. At this moment, he also noticed that Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Parade had begun to move.

Of course.

They thought Howling Heights would just charge out and leave. Of course, they would quietly let them go, but Howling Heights refused to rest against Heavenly Justice though. As allies, how could they stand still and continue watching?

The guild leaders had given the orders and their troops began to move…..

Half an hour passed.

Zhao Yuzhe was still staring blankly at his screen. It wasn’t like he had never suffered a loss before, but he had never felt so miserable. The game should have been a leisurely place, yet why did he lose face instead?

Just when he was lost in thought, he suddenly heard a knock at his door. Zhao Yuzhe woke up and confirmed that it was his door.

During the break, the Club didn’t mind the player staying in the provided dorms. The majority of players chose to leave though, whether it was for their families or to travel. Even those who still wanted to play Glory might not stay at the Club. In Team Wind Howl, besides him, there weren’t any other players here. Who would knock on his door…...

Zhao Yuzhe opened the door and saw the guild leader West Riding Wind. He immediately fell silent.

West Riding Wind had to muster up the courage to knock on Zhao Yuzhe’s door. Zhao Yuzhe stayed offline and never logged back on. West Riding Wind could imagine how he was feeling right now, but he felt like he should come over. Even though their guild department didn’t need to be concerned about a pro player’s condition or growth, West Riding Wind was still a loyal fan of Team Wind Howl. Their team’s Best Rookie had taken a truly heavy blow. He was in the area, so he wouldn’t ignore the issue and instead went to go console him, especially since he knew that there weren’t any players around besides Zhao Yuzhe.

When he opened the door, Zhao Yuzhe really was depressed. It was as if he wasn’t the same person, who had come running over to him that morning in high spirits.

“Uh….. I saw that you logged off and never logged back on, so I came over to check up on you.” West Riding Wind said.

“What’s the situation over there?” Zhao Yuzhe asked.

“Extremely heavy casualties.” West Riding Wind told him the truth. Zhao Yuzhe was no longer there. The four guilds had banded together. How could Howling Heights resist? Even more so when very few of them were still cool-headed. In the end, Howling Height’s troops were completely annihilated. Heavy casualties was actually an understatement.

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t ask any further questions. He just suddenly went blank again. He seemed to have forgotten that West Riding Wind was still in his room.

 “Ahem…..” West Riding Wind coughed to interrupt the awkward silence: “It’s no big deal. It happens in the game all the time.”

“Besides, we were against four guilds allied together and even a demon like Ye Qiu. Let alone our Howling Heights, even the Three Great Guilds would have been easily crushed.” West Riding Wind said in order to ease the embarrassment in Zhao Yuzhe’s heart. He could tell that this Best Rookie ran to the game thinking he was invincible. Then, he ended up dying twice. He had been singled out the first time, but the second time, he had been the focus of a huge group! Let alone pro players, even guild leaders like Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader Jiang You and Heavenly Justice’s Loulan Slash were priority targets. Pro players should be worth even more than guild leaders!

“You… don’t need to console me…..” Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t stupid. He could see through West Riding Wind’s intentions.

“Oh oh…….”West Riding Wind didn’t want to say too much. Zhao Yuzhe had high aspirations. He was afraid that if he said too much, Zhao Yuzhe misunderstand and think he was underestimating him. That would not be good.

“Just….. Keep up the good work!” West Riding Word left these words of encouragement. He could mediate arguments between guild members, but he had never provided mental counseling for pro players before!

“That Battle Mage and Brawler with them. Who were they? They seemed to be like Ye Qiu’s Enlightened Lord without any guild tags.” Zhao Yuzhe asked.

“Oh, those two. They aren’t using their actual accounts. That Brawler is called Steamed Bun Invasion. The Battle Mage is called Soft Mist. These two have been with Ye Qiu ever since he began in the tenth server.” West Riding Wind had noticed them. Looking at their classes, he was certain that these two were definitely them.

“Steamed Bun Invasion….. Soft Mist?” Zhao Yuzhe took note of their names. At the same time, he pointed at the table: “That account card, Hazy Scene. Is it okay if I keep using it?”

“No problem. No problem at all.” West Riding Wind immediately replied.

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