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Chapter 710 - Please Sir, Get Into the Boiling Pot

The brick whistled by!

Zhao Yuzhe was currently very focused. He didn’t dare to slack off even a little. He immediately noticed the brick flying over. He tilted Hazy Scene’s head slightly to dodge the brick. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t care who the brick would strike behind him. He found the guy, who launched the brick, among the opposing crowd and immediately fumed. 

You think I’m easy to bully? You steamed bun!

Zhao Yuzhe was no longer fighting alone. The players from Howling Heights coordinated with his attacks very well. He didn’t want to ignore Steamed Bun’s provocation. Hazy Scene pointed his staff at Steamed Bun’s Brawler and fired a spell. The players of Howling Heights beside him instantly matched him and sent over similar attacks.  

Steamed Bun hastily controlled his Brawler to dodge. He looked rather vulgar as he rolled and crawled around. Attacks such as the Brawler brick were only mid-ranged attacks and didn’t count as a long-ranged attack. In order to throw it, Steamed Bun had to leave his previous position in the formation. It was easy to come out, but difficult to return. With Zhao Yuzhe making things difficult, Steamed Bun only managed to survive through the desperate efforts of Heavenly Justice’s Clerics.   

Zhao Yuzhe felt so satisfied!

He was finally able to fix up the guy who had put him in a sorry situation! He saw Steamed Bun hide behind his allies, while continuing to search for opportunities to throw his brick. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t plan to let him go off just like that. 


This was the first time Zhao Yuzhe coordinated with everyone today. Before, he always fought by himself and waited for the others to coordinate with him. However, in order to take down Steamed Bun, he intended to lead the charge.

At this moment, Enlightened Lord appeared on the frontlines of the enemy side. When Zhao Yuzhe saw this, he burst with joy. Compared to the unknown “Steamed Bun”, taking down the character of a God was much more exciting. 

Zhao Yuzhe itched with impatience and felt regretful for not being a Battle Mage. Otherwise, he would rush over with a grand and majestic Dragon Breaks the Ranks and give Enlightened Lord a beating. How great would that be?

Even though the damage from an Elementalist wouldn’t lose to any other class, in terms of the satisfaction from a blow, Elementalists couldn’t able to compare with close-ranged classes who made waves with every blow!

“Cover me!” Zhao Yuzhe ordered again. His hand speed increased as he prepared to cast the Elementalist’s skill, Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. In such a chaotic scene, he was the only pro player who dared to move his Elementalist to the frontlines. If he threw Heavenly Lightning into a crowded area, even if it didn’t kill anyone, it would still be very thrilling to watch. This was perhaps a feeling of bliss that close ranged players would never be able to taste. 

Who would have thought that Heavenly Justice’s troops would create a gap in their formation on their own? The dust rolled to the side, and a Battle Mage rushed over with her spear.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Zhao Yuzheng wanted to use this skill just a moment ago. In the end, it was someone from Heavenly Justice who used this skill to greet him. He looked at the ID and realized that it was the person who forced him to burn his Teleport, then used Rising Dragon Soars the Sky to kill him.

An enemy! Another enemy!

Even though Zhao Yuzhe somewhat lost his cool, he at least knew that he wouldn’t be able to use his Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. 

Dragon Breaks the Ranks had higher priority. Even though there were characters standing in front of Hazy Scene, Dragon Breaks the Rank couldn’t be stopped by a single person. Wherever it was aimed would surely be the spear’s final destination. Even if there were thousands of men and horses, this fact wouldn’t change. 

“Give way!” Zhao Yuzhe gave another firm command. 

Since you want to come, then come! But once you get here, don’t even think about leaving. 

Zhao Yuzhe’s reaction speed and APM was quick. Hazy Scene jumped aside as he spoke. However, the players that were standing before him weren’t as quick. They had realized it, but were too slow to react. Tang Rou’s Dragon Breaks the Ranks headed right their way. Her spear penetrated through their bodies. Even a heavily-armored Knight wouldn’t be able to slow Dragon Breaks the Ranks down in any way. The Knight was sent flying at once. If Hazy Scene hadn’t dodged, the spear would’ve directly pierced through him as well. However, Zhao Yuzhe had predicted this, so he dodged it cleanly. He was taking his time throwing out his spells, while coldly ordering: “Keep him here.”

Did he need to say that? No one wanted to leave such a reckless person alive. However, the Battle Mage was the quickest to react.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks was a rare high-leveled skill, which had little ending animation lag. Although she pierced the Knight in front, she failed to hit Hazy Scene, so Tang Rou cancelled her skill at once. Immediately after the animation ended, her Battle Mage soon struck out with a Falling Flower Palm. She managed to make a move before everyone else.

Once the palm flew out, the unprepared players received the attack and were blasted aside, crashing into those behind them. Howling Height’s formation was destroyed by a Battle Mage’s low-leveled skill. Tang Rou’s fast hand speed allowed for her character to act quickly.

Tyrant’s Destruction!

Tang Rou’s following skills were no longer low leveled. This was a sweeping skill, which targeted the ankle. When it activated, she managed to sweep a majority of the players away with this skill. 

When Tang Rou’s Battle Mage used Falling Flower Palm, her left palm pushed out, while her right hand grabbed the end of her spear. She chained this skill after drawing back her hand, so she could swing out her spear after gripping the end. A deep and clear humming sound pierced through the air from behind the Battle Mage. Tang Rou’s Tyrant’s Destruction made a 270 degree arc around her.


Countless people from Howling Heights yelled out. 

It was unnecessary to mention the range of a sweeping spear. Speaking of a close-ranged weapon’s length, the spear was definitely the longest. How many ankles did this 270 degree sweep strike? Even Tang Rou didn’t know! The Howling Height players who were hit by Falling Flower Palm flew, crashed, tumbled, and fell. However, this was just the beginning. The surrounding players nearby also began to stumble. Those who hadn’t fallen yet soon fell. Those who were swept off their feet by Tyrant’s Destruction tumbled through the air like flying, spinning tops.

“Trash!!” Zhao Yuzhe shouted out in anger. For an instant, no one knew whether he was challenging the opponent, or criticizing the members of Howling Heights for being useless.

Even though his spells hit Tang Rou’s Battle Mage, how high would his damage output be when he fought alone? When Tyrant’s Destruction was used, Hazy Scene was now within her attack range, forcing him to move back another step. 

Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t bear taking a step back from an opponent he didn’t respect. He threw out another spell as he shouted. He didn’t expect that this Battle Mage’s spear, that came from the left would suddenly curve upwards towards him.

So quick!

Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t willing, but he had to admit that this Battle Mage wasn’t weak at all. Compared to Steamed Bun, there was less bafflement, but much more ferociousness. She rushed into her opponent’s territory, yet she still had spirit to take him down with her spear. Zhao Yuzhe felt weak facing a hundred players alone, but this person in front of him made him feel like, even if there were a hundred players blocking her, if she wanted you dead, she would attack despite the odds.

Jump back.

Zhao Yuzhe had no other choice. The distance between Hazy Scene and this Battle Mage would already be considered close. He thought that she would panic after rushing into so many enemies alone, so he hadn’t been concerned, but when she arrived, she chained two skills flawlessly and swept away the characters next to him. Afterwards, she immediately closed the distance between herself and his Hazy Scene.

I have to kill her!

Zhao Yuzhe felt anger surge through him. When his Hazy Scene jumped back, he suddenly lost control over his movements and shifted horizontally…..

Last time he died, he had been moved horizontally too. That time, he had been forced aside by that Battle Mage’s Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, but this time? There were no magic undulations around him. Instead, there seemed to be some sort of indistinct force in the surrounding air.

Cloud Grasping Fist!

How could Zhao Yuzhe not realize by now? If not, then how could he deserve the title of Best Rookie?

When he thought of this move, Zhao Yuzhe’s heart immediately sunk.

Where was Cloud Grasping Fist going to bring him? Did that even need to be said? The other side’s sudden one-man charge was a tactic especially for him! And this time, he had been caught once again!

Cloud Grasping Fist…..

Everyone was prepared for this skill. In a large-scale battle, where boths sides could easily be distinguished from one another, Cloud Grasping Fist was a commonly-used skill. Everyone knew that if an enemy Qi Master grabbed you, you were guaranteed to die. As a result, everyone was wary of Cloud Grasping Fist. Zhao Yuzhe hadn’t been negligent. However, the enemy Battle Mage’s sudden charge drew most of his attention. He was then isolated by the Battle Mage and was forced to dodge. Who would have thought that the other side would suddenly make things so difficult for him? Before he even landed on the ground after his jump, he was caught by Cloud Grasping Fist.

Aren’t those all Knights in front of him? Where did the Qi Master come? I don’t see any!

Zhao Yuzhe’s gaze suddenly shifted towards Heavenly Justice. He looked at Enlightened Lord and then felt the urge to cough blood.

How low!

If he had seen a Qi Master nearby, how would he have been so careless? However, Enlightened Lord was standing right in front of the Qi Master, blocking his view. That was why he hadn’t been able to defend against it!

Blocking someone was fine, but you’re even blocking two? Is that so there were no mistakes?

Zhao Yuzhe thought to himself, but realized that he was wrong. The two Qi Masters weren’t both targeting him.

“Who else are they grabbing?” Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t help but take a quick look around, when he saw that valiant Battle Mage was also flying back towards Heavenly Justice.

However, that Battle Mage was being rescued, while he was being sent to his death.

No one can interrupt them?

Zhao Yuzhe hoped someone would be able to, but when he turned around, he lost all hope. After his allies had been swept away by that Battle Mage, they were still clambering around. If any one of them could accurately aim an attack and interrupt the other side’s Cloud Grasping Fist, that person would already be on a pro team.

The enemy troops formed ring after ring around his landing location. In a short few seconds, they had already prepared a coffin and burial spot for him.

F*ck…… they even lit up a will o’ wisp for me.

Zhao Yuzhe saw Enlightened Lord lighting up the area with a Sacred Fire just for him.

TLNote: The alternate account that Tang Rou is using is a male Battle Mage, but for consistency and less confusion,  we will refer to the Battle Mage as she/her, which will be more directed towards Tang Rou’s actions rather than the character itself.

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