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Chapter 712 - Worries of the Alliance

Dying in the game had been difficult for Zhao Yuzhe to accept, but it wasn’t a setback he couldn’t recover from. Asking West Riding Wind about Tang Rou and Steamed Bun showed that he recognized that these two players weren’t normal. Keeping the account card also signified that he didn’t plan on giving up either. 

Seeing how Zhao Yuzhe hadn’t gotten tilted, West Riding Wind felt gratified.  However, he wasn’t sure if he should allow Zhao Yuzhe to keep on hunting wild bosses with them. Having a pro player’s assistance naturally improved their strength significantly, but Zhao Yuzhe alone wasn’t enough to deal with God Ye Qiu and the four guild alliance. In fact, the confrontation resulted in injuring the confidence of Team Wind Howl’s future star. It was a difficult decision to make. After leaving Zhao Yuzhe’s room and returning to his room, he could already feel his head begin to hurt.

Ye Xiu didn’t care about what was happening at Howling Heights.

Snatching the boss was already a victory. Howling Heights didn’t seem to know what was good for them and had continued to persistently attack, ending in their quick demise. Even though it didn’t matter too much for Club guilds, from an emotional perspective, it felt very good. Equipment dropped by Howling Height players scattered the ground. The four guilds had a good time picking them up.

With their statuses as Club guilds, arguing over who should get which spoils of war was a bit meaningless. How to split the boss drops held a higher priority.

The five parties discussed the list of drops and split the goods. A perfectly even split wasn’t possible, but if one party lost a bit this time, that party would gain it back in the next wild boss hunt. The five guilds were quite trusting of each other now, so everything was much easier to agree on.

Afterwards, each party returned to the city and went to do their own thing. The subject of this battle still continued though. After all, this battle had been a bit abnormal. For example, this was the first time the alliance had won a Level 70 wild boss from a powerful guild. The alliance also defeated a guild, which had the assistance of a pro player, and the Best Rookie at that. That guild refused to give up too and was wiped out.

This battle made the guilds, which could usually only “poach”, happy for a long time.

This battle was truly eye-brow raising! Many people had these thoughts.

This day, the Alliance kept on receiving news of bosses and continued to fight for them, reaping bountiful harvests, especially for low leveled Level 55 and Level 60 wild bosses.

This had to do with the big guilds not attaching as much importance on low-leveled wild bosses. However, guilds like Parade and Radiant went all out for these Level 55 and 60 bosses.

In truth, with the current development state of these smaller Club guilds, they needed these lower-leveled wild bosses because these guilds recognized their own strength and only did what they could do with that strength. If they needed to use Level 70 wild boss materials for all of their Silver equipment, it would be truly be too difficult for them. They couldn’t grab any in the game and no one sold such materials on the market. In the end, they could only shelve those blueprints. As a result, the smaller Club guilds mainly researched low-end Silver equipment. After all, they had a decent chance at scavenging these low-leveled wild bosses.

Ye Xiu couldn’t care less. They didn’t have any Silver equipment to begin with. Let alone Level 55 and Level 60 Heavenly Domain wild bosses, he still needed wild bosses from the normal servers. He didn’t have the strength to do that right now though.

One day, two days, a week passed.

A total of 74 wild bosses spawned every week in the Heavenly Domain. The Alliance was able to win 33 of these wild bosses, a very impressive number. Up until now, no guild had ever reached such a number. Those Three Great Guilds only got a few more than the other guilds. Being able to reach double digits was already quite amazing. However, because these 33 bosses were split between five parties, each party only got around 6-7 wild bosses each, which was on par with what the top guilds usually got every week. However, for Heavenly Justice, this was a huge breakthrough. Moreover, since only 74 wild bosses spawned every week, if the Alliance took away 33, the other guilds must have gotten much less than before. 

The core members of the big guilds had fervent discussions over this topic in the chat group. God Ye Qiu’s destructiveness finally came and this time, it directly touched on the meaning of why Club guilds existed. This wasn’t something they could deal with. 

As the Alliance stole the spotlight and snatched bosses this week, the core members of the guilds argued for a week, but couldn’t come up with a solution.

There were only two ways to salvage this situation. The first way was to disperse the opponent’s alliance. The second way was to come out with a force that could compete with the Alliance. 

Dispersing the alliance would be way too difficult. It looked practically impossible right now at least.

The alliance guilds gathered together by Ye Xiu used to be pitiful. In the past, they practically never earned any wild bosses. The alliance could be classified as giving medicine to a dead horse. They had nothing to lose, so they were naturally willing to make this gamble. After tasting sweet victory, they had the confidence to continue now. Maybe after they became stronger, the alliance might crumble, but that would be in the distant future. As of now, the alliance was very stable.

As for fighting back against the alliance, the various guilds had tried doing so by sending out more troops. It worked. After all, of those 74 wild bosses, they ended up taking 41, but the results weren’t good. There were around ten guilds capable of fighting for wild bosses and they had to split 41 bosses? Every guild had a noticeable drop in harvests because 33 wild bosses had been forcefully snatched away.

Their solutions weren’t able to increase their respective guild’s competitive strength from the roots. What else could they do? They thought of an alliance, but everyone instantly fell silent at that thought. An alliance would be way too difficult for them. They fought against each other for wild bosses, dungeon records, etc. daily for since the creation of Glory. The accumulated rancor between one another was infinite. Suddenly, they had to let go of their enmity and join hands? That wasn’t something they could accomplish with just a few words.

Finding a reliable partner was difficult among guilds. More importantly, allying with their competitors didn’t fit with their duties as Club guilds.

Even if their guilds weren’t on the road to winning the championships, they at least went for the playoffs. Beating their opponent in the game matched well with their team getting a good record in the Pro Alliance.

They were different from guilds like Conquering Clouds, Radiant, and Parade. These guilds were considered too weak to earn a high placing, but were too proud for a low one. Going for the playoffs? These guilds didn’t have the ability. Staying in the Alliance and not get relegated? They had done this for many years, so they weren’t under much pressure. For these teams, which read books to the princesses, their growth was much more important than beating other teams. In order to grow, they were okay with sharing the benefits with one another. It wasn’t something ambitious teams like Blue Rain, Samsara, or Tiny Herb could do.

For these championship teams, anything that could weaken their opponent could increase their chances at becoming the champions. Victory was accumulated bit by bit. Robbing their opponent’s resources wasn’t enough. Now they would have to share resources with their opponents? How could the group chat not fall into silence?

An alliance was possible, but not between any of the guilds in the chat group.

Besides an alliance, there weren’t too many options. They had to compete against the other guilds too. If it wasn’t done properly, they might give the others an opportunity to take advantage of them.

How difficult!

Although all 74 wild bosses had spawned, the week wasn’t over yet. The various guilds were getting ready for next week’s work.

Radiant, Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Heavenly Justice were in accordance with who these guilds wanted as allies. If they could ally with these guilds, they would weaken their current competitors.

It wasn’t just one or two guilds thinking about it either. Radiant, Conquering Clouds, and Parade suddenly became very popular. Their guild leaders were personally messaged by the leaders of the top guilds. 

“It must have felt good getting all of those bosses this week. How about you come and kill bosses with us? With your four guild alliance and Ye Qiu, the drops are split between five parties right? You guys killed quite a lot of bosses last week, but the average number you got is just so-so, no? If you ally with us instead, we can get the same results, but each of us will get 16 wild bosses? Isn’t 16 an impressive number?”

All sorts of persuasive words were said. They really were enticing.

They were only able to get 6-7 bosses this week. If they could get 16-17 the next week, how could that not be an attractive offer?

16-17….. 16-17…...

These two numbers left these guild leaders in a trance. If they could get 16-17 wild bosses every week, they would grow at breakneck speed!

While these guild leaders were at a loss at what to do, they received invites. Ye Xiu had formed a QQ group.

“How is it? You’ve probably received a lot of enticing offers, right?” Ye Xiu got right to the point.

“No? What offers?” Radiant’s White Stream played it dumb.

“Yeah. Quite a few guilds are looking to ally with our Heavenly Justice.” Loulan Slash was honest. His past experience taught him that it was better to be honest with Ye Xiu.

The other two guild leaders saw his message, but didn’t say anything. In any case, someone had already said they got offers, while the other one didn’t. They might as well wait and see what Ye Xiu would say.

Ye Xiu typed a smiley face: “Little White, why are you pretending you don’t know?! Did you think that I wouldn’t receive an invite?”

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