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Chapter 709 - A Small Difference

The surrounding players watched the extremely high-level battle, yet without any contact between the two players. They already felt amazed, but in reality, these normal players failed to accurately analyze everything that was going on. The only people who truly understood what had really happened were Ye Xiu and Zhao Yuzhe.

Everyone had guessed why Enlightened Lord jumped in place, but they were only half-right.

Blocking Zhao Yuzhe’s cursor was Ye Xiu’s goal, but if it were just to block the cursor, it wouldn’t have been necessary to jump. Glory was played with a first person perspective. No matter how hard Zhao Yuzhe tried, he wouldn’t be able to see behind Enlightened Lord, let alone trying to wrap around him with his cursor.

A dead angle would always exist in some place, even if Zhao Yuzhe moved Hazy Scene horizontally. That would only cover the previous dead angle. There would just be a different dead angle now that he had moved. Relying on moving around to complete the entire line wasn’t possible. The ice line could only be drawn for three seconds and a character could only travel so far in those three seconds.

As a result, if Zhao Yuzhe wanted to draw his ice line behind Enlightened Lord, he would have to jump. Only by elevating his line of sight would he be able to continue drawing the line behind Enlightened Lord without hitting his body and cut him off from the rest of the players.

Ye Xiu had Enlightened Lord jump just at this moment. He was using this jump to completely deny Zhao Yuzhe chance of jumping and drawing the line behind him.

Zhao Yuzhe was startled when he saw it. Just when he thought of using the difference in timing between their two jumps, Enlightened Lord suddenly activate Angel Wings to float in midair. Zhao Yuzhe noticed the wings and immediately changed the ice line’s path. He tried to draw the line through the space beneath Enlightened Lord’s feet, but then Enlightened Lord cancelled his Angel Wings not even a second after activating it. Enlightened Lord fell down and he had to change ice line’s path again…..

In this confrontation, there had been several ups and downs. Zhao Yuzhe displayed his ability to react and adapt. How could it be as simple as Enlightened Lord jumping up and down to block his cursor?

After a few exchanges, Ice Line’s cast time reached its end. When Enlightened Lord landed back on the ground, Zhao Yuzhe tried jumping again to complete the line, but there wasn’t enough time left. He could move the mouse cursor very quickly, but he had to do it while moving, which made it that much more difficult…..

In the end, Ice Line formed, but when the line reached Enlightened Lord, it suddenly curved as if it feared him. In the eyes of the surrounding players, this wasn’t just a defeat for Zhao Yuzhe, but a very funny defeat. Some of them even started laughing.

The laughter was like a slap to Zhao Yuzhe’s face.

Nothing else but killing God Ye Qiu’s character would be enough to prove his skill now. However, Enlightened Lord was a Cleric, so he definitely wouldn’t go to the front lines and would be protected by others instead. Killing him would be very difficult. It had been a rare opportunity to have a chance at separate him from everyone else. Who would have thought that he would be able to escape from Ice Line without anyone’s help. 

Even though Zhao Yuzhe was a pro player, who had experienced many battles, he had never seen such terrifying awareness and judgement from someone else before. For a moment, he somewhat in a daze.

However, in West Riding Wind’s eyes, although Ice Line failed to imprison Enlightened Lord, it still cut off a good portion of people from him. Not utilizing these 12 seconds of time would be a waste. If Zhao Yuzhe decided to forcefully breaking through in the most troublesome way possible, it was pointless to argue, so he might as well just hurry and take this chance to attack!

“Charge!” West Riding Wind ordered in the group chat. The elite players were still normal players of the highest skill level. They saw this opportunity too. When the order came down, none of them hesitated and started firing all sorts of attacks and spells. Enlightened Lord was standing at the very front, so he naturally bore the brunt of the attacks. In a large-scale battle, everyone just attacked wherever it was convenient to. No one really cared who was who.

Ye Xiu couldn’t ignore a hundred people suddenly attacking him. He immediately ran back to his group while healing himself. When facing so many attacks, many people felt like running around in a zig zag was pointless. A straight line would be the best choice. However, Enlightened Lord didn’t duck his head and headed straight for his group. He chose a jagged path. After looking at him run for a bit, they saw the reason.

Enlightened Lord didn’t completely avoid all of the damage, but he dodged the most concentrated attacks. When he rushed back to his group, his health was already red. Then, he said: “Why wasn’t anyone healing me?”

God also needs healing?

Everyone stared blankly. They had been preoccupied with admiring how God would escape from so many attacks that no one had thought of healing him. After hearing his question, everyone suddenly realized: how dangerous! If God Ye Qiu hadn’t chosen to dodge the high damage attacks with his pathing, he probably would have died already.

It seems like even God Ye Qiu felt a lot of pressure when facing so many people.

They were still thinking about this as the Clerics hastily topped up Enlightened Lord’s health. Howling Heights had started ferociously attacking them. Zhao Yuzhe regained his composure. Hazy Scene was fearlessly leading the charge, coordinating his spells with his movements. It almost seemed like his Mobile Cast was constantly active, when it was actually because of his almost perfect grasp of the rhythm. Zhao Yuzhe was definitely worthy of bearing the title of Best Rookie. 

In his eyes, Enlightened Lord was still his main target. When Howling Heights began attacking, Enlightened Lord instantly fell  dangerously low. However, Zhao Yuzhe had been in a daze at that time.When he woke up, he stamped his feet in anger. That was a perfect opportunity to kill Enlightened Lord! To think he would actually miss it.

He was the only one to be stunned on his side, but on Enlightened Lord’s side, the troops from the three guilds were all also stunned. Enlightened Lord was being chased like mad by a hundred players, yet they were just standing there watching him come towards them…….

“Teams one, two, three, and four block the left side. Elementalists from teams, six, seven, and eight strengthen the Ice Line. Everyone else accompany LIttle Zhao and charge!” West Riding Wind kept on instructing his group.

Ye Xiu’s side instinctively resisted against the other side’s charge. However, it went just as West Riding Wind predicted. Apart from Heavenly Justice, the other three Club guilds stood there: if the other side wanted to leave, then go ahead and leave? Why stop them?

West Riding Wind had clearly recognized the small differences between the four guilds. The other three Club guilds wanted to preserve their strength. They didn’t want to fight. Heavenly Justice fought against Howling Heights head-on though. Unfortunately, if it was just them, they were slightly weaker than Howling Heights, whether that was in terms of average skill level or average character strength.

And neither side really had a strategy in mind in this type of conflict. In just a few short seconds, they had already began clashing. The average player’s skill level and character strength eventually became the deciding factor. Heavenly Justice had trouble defending, and Howling Heights soon tore an opening open. Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene was particularly dazzling. He actually didn’t notice that it was because ¾ of the enemies weren’t participating. He thought he alone was making the decisive difference and blasting open a path through the enemy ranks.

Zhao Yuzhe was quite sharp. Unlike a lot of other players, his attacks weren’t random. His attacks were purposeful. They always did damage and his attacks came rapidly too. He really did help Howling Heights gain an advantage.

West Riding Wind had an experienced eye. He saw that those three guilds were just standing there relaxing and God Ye Qiu didn’t seem to be doing anything with Heavenly Justice.

That was good though. If they really had charged blindly, West Riding Wind was really afraid that Zhao Yuzhe would see through the issue and make another terrible move. With the way things were going, it should be enough to make up for the blow to that punk’s pride, right?

“Hazy Scene! Hazy Scene!! Focus your fire on him!!” Heavenly Justice didn’t seem to understand the situation though. From the battlefield, it was easy to see just how useful he was. They were shouting for everyone to kill him at all costs.

“Don’t stop them. Just attack back a bit and let them go.” Ye Xiu had given the order awhile ago, but the problem was that he could only give the order. He couldn’t control everyone’s characters. Heavenly Justice had been attacked too fiercely by Howling Heights. It was difficult for them to suddenly stop halfway through. Letting them go was fine, but no one wanted to not put up a fight!

“If you’re low on health, pull back. Knights stand at the front. Healers, heal well. Melee classes scatter to the left and right. Keep backing away as a whole!” Ye Xiu said. If he couldn’t control their characters, he could only give them concrete instructions.

His orders and the shouts from everyone else to kill Hazy Scene weren’t on the same page. However, killing off Hazy Scene was a suggestion given by someone without authority. It didn’t count as a group order. However, Ye Xiu’s words had the tag “Group order” in the group chat. Words with a title naturally held more weight than the some shouting of random players.

Heavenly Justice followed Ye Xiu’s orders. They immediately restrained their attacks as if they were being pushed back by Howling Heights.

West Riding Wind saw the change. For a moment, he wasn’t sure if Heavenly Justice was planning on retreating or preparing for a counterattack. In theory, with God Ye Qiu leading, it should be the former, right?

He was thinking about this, but Zhao Yuzhe didn’t care. The other side was retreating, giving him an opportunity to continue charging forward. 

Heavenly Justice had thoroughly experienced the might of this Best Rookie. Seeing him rush over, they started to panic a bit.

“Zhao Yuzhe is coming again!!” Countless players cried.

“Steamed Bun, throw a brick at him.” Ye Xiu ordered.

“YES, SIR!” Steamed Bun immediately acted. Only the heavens knew where this Brawler got a brick, but it had once again come out.

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