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Chapter 708 - Angel Wings

Best Rookie?

No one in Conquering Clouds, Parade, and Radiant had heard Zhao Yuzhe’s self-introduction earlier, so when they heard his name, they were obviously quite surprised.

“Zhao Yuzhe? Where? Where?” Quite a few people shouted. Even though they weren’t fans of Team Wind Howl, award-winning players always attracted a lot of attention. Very few fans of Glory wouldn’t know their names.

Zhao Yuzhe liked the attention, but his current circumstances just weren’t quite right. He was still thinking about the words Ye Xiu had just said.


That was his image in the eyes of those guys? What had he become? Being bullied and being defeated were two completely different concepts!

He was a magnificent pro player, the Best Rookie of the season! Him, bullied?

Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t tolerate Ye Xiu’s wording, so he was unable to appreciate the attention from the surrounding players at the moment, but how was he supposed to explain it? He couldn’t think of any excuse to use as a cover. In the end, he would still need to fight to prove his strength and let everyone know that he definitely hadn’t been bullied. 

After West Riding Wind sighed at how God Ye Qiu could see through everything, he realized that, after those words were said, even if their guild was at an absolute disadvantage facing four enemy guilds, Zhao Yuzhe definitely wouldn’t retreat.

Moreover, West Riding Wind also had a better understanding now of why Zhao Yuzhe went to look for a fight with Heavenly Justice. Perhaps it was because God Ye Qiu showed such a nonchalant and disdainful attitude towards him, and this proud Best Rookie wasn’t able to bear it.

As a result, West Riding Wind grasped Zhao Yuzhe’s intention to battle. In this battle, victory wasn’t the most important part. He needed to prove his strength to everyone.

West Riding Wind didn’t want to accompany Zhao Yuzhe and prove their guild’s strength, but things had already reached such a stage. They didn’t have any path of retreat either. Their elite group had a good deal of fans and many of them were furious at Ye Xiu’s mocking words. Zhao Yuzhe was even angrier and shouted: “Stop with the bullsh*t!”

“Ah! That’s Zhao Yuzhe?” Several players found him. There was a distinct gap between Hazy Scene’s position and Howling Height’s other players.

“He didn’t come out on his Elementalist, Beautiful Light?” Someone asked.

Beautiful Light was the character that Zhao Yuzhe used for official matches under Team Wind Howl. An account for a rookie usually wouldn’t be very good, but it was still better than many other accounts in the pro scene. It was worthy of being given attention to. However, Hazy Scene was just some character that no one had heard of before. Zhao Yuzhe was only controlling this character. These kinds of situation didn’t usually feel very realistic for most players.

“The situation’s a bit complicated. Should we try and break through the encirclement?” West Riding Wind messaged Zhao Yuzhe, asking him exactly what he had been planning on doing. As of now, the four allied guilds were gathered together. Fighting them head-on would only end in an utter slaughter. In this kind of situation, breaking through the encirclement was the most rational and normal decision. And after grasping Zhao Yuzhe’s intentions, West Riding Wind also understood that Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t seeking a death match. He could show off his skill in this way too. That kind of outcome would be good for both sides.

However, there was also an even more important point, West Riding Wind hoped Zhao Yuzhe wouldn’t think of: they were the ones who proposed the challenge. If they wanted to leave, the other side might not make things difficult and just let them go! An encirclement was also a bit far-fetched. If Howling Heights didn’t plan on fighting them, then the other side didn’t need to surround them, no? West Riding Wind hoped that when they “broke through the encirclement”, the other side would hit back a bit and then allow them to quietly leave.

From how God Ye Qiu saw through the last two issues, West Riding Wind was certain that, if God Ye Qiu didn’t want a fight to the death, then when they broke through, they would have a tacit understanding of one another.

“Charge!” West Riding Wind received a reply from Zhao Yuzhe. He wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but he didn’t have any time to ask,1 because Zhao Yuzhe had already started moving. Hazy Scene waved his staff and pointed forward. From what West Riding Wind saw, even if they were breaking through, it seems like they were choosing the most forceful way….. Hazy Scene fired his magic at Enlightened Lord.

Fire was perhaps not the most appropriate word. A better word would probably be draw.

Elementalist skill: Ice Line.

A line of ice would form after a one second delay wherever the magic drew past. If a player touched the line of ice, there was a one hundred percent chance of being locked in a four second freeze. That line of ice would also stay in effect for 12 seconds. The cast time for the spell was only three seconds. In other words, however many Ice Lines were formed within those three seconds depended on the user’s hand speed.

It was undoubtedly a powerful skill, but one thing of note was that the magic could draw through a position a player or an NPC. In other words, it wasn’t possible to directly draw a line through a character’s body and freeze a character in such a way. The line of ice could only be left in the environment. After the line of ice had been formed, the player or NPC had to touch it for the spell to take effect. While drawing the magic, if the magic hit a character’s body, the skill would be interrupted.

Hazy Scene waved his staff and magic poured out continuously. Ice had already begun forming wherever he pointed. Everyone could instantly tell that he was drawing Ice Lines. However, the speed of the lines being drawn showed everyone that he truly was a pro player.

Under the lead of Zhao Yuzhe’s fast mouse movements, those Ice Line were drawn at speeds which the ice nearly couldn’t keep up with. Quite a few players wanted to have their characters run into the path of the magic and stop the spell, but their characters’ movement speed couldn’t match the magic’s animations.

Moving one’s mouse faster than a character could run was something anyone could easily do, but moving it so precisely was naturally much more difficult.

Zhao Yuzhe had undergone specialized practice. He drew quickly and accurately. He didn’t impatiently aim at Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord. First, he drew lines to block off other players from interfering. As for Ye Xiu? He watched the path of the ice lines carefully and quickly leaped backwards.

Too late? Everyone thought. Enlightened Lord’s movement speed couldn’t compare to the speed of Zhao Yuzhe’s Ice Line. The huge difference made it easy for everyone to determine: Enlightened Lord would definitely be separated from everyone else because of the Ice Lines.

Just when they were thinking of this, Enlightened Lord jumped in place. They didn’t understand why he jumped in place, when the Ice Line suddenly changed paths. Everyone thought that the lines would keep going, cutting Enlightened Lord off, but the Ice Line suddenly curved.

Everyone thought that this sudden curve was completely pointless. Then, two holy lights suddenly blossomed from behind Enlightened Lord. The two holy lights exploded out to the left and right. Enlightened Lord rose up in the air, but didn’t come down. 

Cleric skill: Angel Wings.

The visual effects for this skill were incomparably beautiful. The two wings behind Enlightened Lord were formed completely out of light. The brightness made it difficult to look at directly. Even the clothes on Enlightened Lord became blurry from the contrast, as if he really were an angel descending from the heavens.

However, in comparison to the gorgeous visual effects, the skill’s usage was extremely simple. Everyone could see it right now: it let the character float in the air. The character could move around, but the character could only stay at a certain height, unable to rise any higher or descend until the skill’s duration ended.

Why is he using Angel Wings?

Everyone was puzzled because, even if he used Angel Wings, he still wouldn’t be able to escape from the prison formed by the Ice Line. If not, why would this spell be so troublesome? Otherwise, they could just jump over the Ice Line. The height at which the Ice Line formed couldn’t be determined just by looking at them. After thorough testing from players, it was known that there was a limit. However, there were no methods to directly leap over the limit of the Ice Line. The limit was found by testing the skill at different terrain heights. In practice, there wasn’t really a limit.

No could understand the reason for the sudden casting of Angel Wings, but before anyone could think further, Angel Wings was cancelled. Enlightened Lord suddenly dropped down. The Ice Line formed by Hazy Scene passed by him. However, none of them went past Enlightened Lord’s back. If the Ice Line had failed to reach past Enlightened Lord, it meant that the lines failed to block Enlightened Lord off from everyone else.

Now they understood why Enlightened Lord made those actions.

Enlightened Lord’s coordinates on the map didn’t change with that jump. However, his vertical height changed. By switching positions, he was blocking Zhao Yuzhe’s cursor.

The lines were drawn by holding the right click button while moving the cursor. As long as this were happening, if the cursor touched a character, the skill would end. The players were trying to stop the spell by reading the movement of the Ice Line. They naturally wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speed of the lines. On the other hand, Enlightened Lord’s jump was made by determining where Zhao Yuzhe’s cursor position was and then changed his position to bump into Zhao Yuzhe’s cursor.

As a result, Zhao Yuzhe’s Ice Line suddenly curved. Afterwards, Enlightened Lord floated in the air for a bit with Angel Wings and then quickly fell. These actions were probably done after determining the path that Zhao Yuzhe’s cursor would take. This exchange between two pro players was on a completely different level from anything normal players like them would ever experience.

They only understood one point. For God Ye Qiu to be able to execute such a method meant his familiarity with Glory had reached the greatest of heights. By looking at Hazy Scene’s position, he could imagine the screen that Zhao Yuzhe was looking at. Then, by looking at the movements of the Ice Line, he could determined where Zhao Yuzhe’s mouse was pointing to…...

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