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Chapter 707 - Unrelated Boss

How about a hundred?

Such a shocking reply left Zhao Yuzhe speechless. Let alone a hundred, he didn’t even feel confident fighting ten. During the period of time while he had been dead, revived, and all throughout his pursuit of Heavenly Justice, Zhao Yuzhe had been thinking about the previous fight. Had he really died from those consecutive high-leveled skills because of the unnecessary three steps that he had used to dodge Strangle?

If he hadn’t stepped back three times and instead only stepped back once, what would the outcome have been?

If Dragon Breaks the Ranks still went through, it would just be a difference of two footsteps. If he hadn’t used Teleport, would he have been able to escape from that high-leveled skill’s area of effect?

He wasn’t sure. The speed of Dragon Breaks the Ranks depended on the character’s stats. Zhao Yuzhe also understood another point: perhaps the chain of high-leveled attacks had been arranged because he took three steps backwards. If he had only stepped back once, perhaps the chain of high-leveled attacks would have been set up differently. 

If that were the case, the result would have been the same. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t sure though because there were no ifs.

Zhao Yuzhe wanted to challenge them again because of this uncertainty, but at the same time, he got rid of his initial nonchalant attitude. He decided that he would put in his all against them starting from the very beginning. However, the other side proposed a 1v100. Was that a joke?

“Are you…... joking?” Zhao Yuzhe asked in the end. He thought about it. He didn’t think it was an embarrassing question. Someone who dared to challenge a hundred players alone was someone who didn’t play Glory! 

“Oh, if you don’t dare to, then it’s just a joke! If you do, then it’s not a joke. We can start right away.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s not that I don’t dare, but don’t you think that kind of victory is pointless?” Zhao Yuzhe said.

“Of course it’s not pointless! Your equipment’s pretty good…….” Ye Xiu said.

Zhao Yuzhe wanted to cough up blood. That guy really is here to snatch bosses! Does he think I’m some sort of boss? Since he wanted an account, West Riding Wind obviously wouldn’t be stingy. His set of equipment was top of the line. Everything from top to bottom was Orange. For a Club guild like Howling Heights, getting a character with a full set of Orange equipment wasn’t difficult. The quality of equipment that he dropped really would like those dropped from a boss from one perspective. The value of his equipment was worth more than a dungeon boss too! Dungeon bosses didn’t have a one hundred percent chance of dropping Orange equipment. On the other hand, his Hazy Scene had a full set of Orange equipment! If any of them dropped, it would definitely be Orange!

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t know how to reply. He wanted to challenge them, but the other side was thinking about the issue in a completely different manner than he was. Before, the other side wanted the boss’s material. Now, seeing him, they wanted his equipment! In the end, they didn’t care about his strength as Best Rookie!

While the two sides went back and forth, West Riding Wind and Howling Height’s troops caught up to him. Zhao Yuzhe received his messages, but didn’t reply to them. Zhao Yuzhe seemed to be looking around still, allowing West Riding Wind to more or less guess his intentions. This Best Rookie died and wasn’t happy, so he came to get revenge!

West Riding Wind sighed. Pro players really did care more about winning and losing to an opponent than losing equipment.

Ah, young people are so impulsive. You’re chasing after them, but they have a entire group. How are you going to fight all of them? West Riding Wind thought. Zhao Yuzhe was a part of Team Wind Howl though. How could he not be concerned? Thus, he immediately brought everyone with him and chased after Zhao Yuzhe. From the looks of it, he really had gone and challenged Heavenly Justice. That Enlightened Lord, who was supposedly God Ye Qiu, was standing in front of Hazy Scene.

Were they going to fight?

West Riding Wind sized up Heavenly Justice’s troops. Their numbers were about the same. In terms of equipment though, the elite group of Howling Heights held the advantage. There was no boss to fight, so it would only be a PvP. Truthfully, no Club guild wanted their elite troops to clash. However, a pro player from their team had rushed forward to the front lines, so he couldn’t just sit around and watch. Even if he didn’t order anything, the other players from Howling Heights might not be able to stand still. They were still loyal fans of the team. Zhao Yuzhe winning the Best Rookie Award made him a very popular player among the fans of Howling Heights.

“Little Zhao, what do you plan on doing?” West Riding Wind calculated, while asking Zhao Yuzhe his intentions.

“The materials dropped by the wild boss have already fallen into their hands. Guild leader, have you never thought of taking those materials back from their bodies and making up for our losses?” Zhao Yuzhe suddenly said. A rookie may be a rookie, but he wasn’t stupid. He wanted to prove his strength, but he didn’t care about what type of environment he had to prove it in. The other side would have had a numbers advantage, treating him like a wild boss. Trying to prove his strength in that kind of situation was a bit too difficult. Fortunately, his guild had just arrived. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t mind starting a huge battle. In any case, the person who would stand out the most would still be him.

Zhao Yuzhe was a pro player, yet he wanted to show off his strength in this type of environment. West Riding Wind felt a bit disdainful towards his intentions, but even though he couldn’t hear absolute certainty in victory from Zhao Yuzhe’s words, he could at least tell that Zhao Yuzhe felt like they had enough players on their side to win.

What could West Riding Wind say? Even if Zhao Yuzhe hadn’t given such a poor reason, if he had just said “Let’s fight”, West Riding Wind still couldn’t refuse such a demand. Fighting alongside a pro player was something very meaningful to team fans. If West Riding Wind told everyone to leave and let him play on his own, he reckoned that quite a few players would definitely have objections. If news of that spread, even more players in the guild would be unhappy.

“Ha ha. That makes a lot of sense. If they took the drops by killing the boss, then we just need to kill them and take those drops back.” West Riding Wind obviously wouldn’t pick out any flaws in that sort of thinking. He just went along with what Zhao Yuzhe said. It seemed like today he would need to accompany him. In the guild chat, quite a few players were already cheering. As expected, many of them were very excited to be able to play alongside Zhao Yuzhe. This could be seen ever since Zhao Yuzhe had logged onto Hazy Scene and was introduced to everyone.

“Hm? Your helpers finally arrived?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“You snatched away our boss. Did you really think that you could escape so easily?” West Riding Wind truly was a good person. He simply kept going with Zhao Yuzhe’s reasoning.

“It wouldn’t have been the first time and it won’t be the last either. If we keep doing this every time, wouldn’t you find that very annoying?” Ye Xiu said. 


West Riding Wind sighed. How could he not understand that sort of reasoning? That was why competitions for wild bosses had unwritten rules set in place, because if everyone did this 74 times every week, everyone would be stuck in an endless war, day after day, year after year.

As a result, if no extremely disgusting behavior occurred in the fights for a wild boss, when the boss fell, everyone would instantly turn over a new leaf. The large guilds had fought countless times. They had pretty much seen everything there was to see, so doing anything extremely disgusting wasn’t easy. For example, they had pretty much already put aside everything that had happened today. West Riding Wind was currently cooperating with Zhao Yuzhe about a matter of the past! When he heard Ye Xiu’s reasoning, he felt a sort of connection with Ye Xiu. He had the heart to lead this troops over and stand alongside him.

Of course, he couldn’t actually do that. He just humphed coldly. In any case, they were going to fight. Saying anything more would be pointless because West Riding Wind knew the reasoning he gave was just pretense. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t fighting because of this reason anyways, so why keep talking?

Sparks were already flying between the two sides. At this moment, a bunch of people suddenly excitedly ran over to Heavenly Justice, asking: “What dropped? What dropped?”

Guild Parade!

West Riding Wind saw the guilds tags on these guys. Before he could respond, a bunch of people thundered in from behind him. When he turned to look, it was Conquering Clouds.

Conquering Clouds was clearly very surprised at Howling Heights being there. They immediately halted their footsteps. The players crowded over and quickly crammed into the path that Howling Heights had come from.

Two other guilds had arrived so soon after. Radiant must not be too far then. The next second, Radiant arrived. The direction that they came in from didn’t block Howling Height’s path. Even though they saw Howling Heights there, they weren’t too surprised. The boss had just died. Howling Heights lost. Maybe they were cleaning the battlefield?

That was what would happen under normal circumstances, so no one paid too much attention to Howling Heights. Only Conquering Clouds was surprised for a bit before making their way forward. However, Howling Heights was blocking the opening in the wall. Conquering Clouds went over and kept saying “Excuse me, excuse me” as they pushed past. 

Parade’s guild leader, Martial Awareness, and Radiant’s guild leader, White Stream ran over and asked impatiently about the drops before seeing Conquering Clouds stuck over there. The two guilds suddenly jeered: “If you don’t hurry up and come, you won’t get your share.”

“Everyone, wait! It’s not over yet!” Ye Xiu finally said.


“Howling Heights has expressed their intent on not letting us go so easily.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah!” Conquering Clouds was still trying to squeeze through Howling Heights. Parade and Radiant started hollering even louder.

This was their difference with Heavenly Justice. Even though they were relatively small, they were still Club guilds. Heavenly Justice had only taken its first step into the professional scene. They still didn’t have a proper perspective of all the bosses. Howling Heights lost the boss and wanted to fight for revenge. They thought it was very normal, so they weren’t surprised or anything. They prepared themselves for a battle. On the other hand, the other three Club guilds heard Ye xiu’s words and suddenly went into an uproar. That wasn’t rational at all! Why did Howling Heights still want to fight? What’s wrong with them? Their gossipping spirits started to come out of hiding though…..

“Everyone, let’s not make such a fuss.” Ye Xiu spoke again, “This has nothing to do with the wild boss. The real reason is that their Best Rookie was bullied by us.”

He must be one of my long lost relatives! West Riding Wind was about to cry . It’s like God Ye Qiu can see through me! Why do his words always move me so deeply?

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