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Chapter 706 - Come Again

The blow was too heavy!

Zhao Yuzhe thought the words “Steamed Bun, don’t be so rushed” was some sort of tactic aimed against him. As a result, he became wary of Steamed Bun and stepped back an extra two times to dodge a low-leveled skill like Strangle. In return, because of these three steps, he ended up placing himself in a position that was within the range of that Battle Mage’s spear. 

Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

Zhao Yuzhe was certain that if he hadn’t dodged this attack, he would have ended up in an even more miserable state than he was in now. However, because he dodged it, he stepped into a path fraught with high-leveled attacks.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire, Crimson Storm, and two Formless Phantom Blades.

Elementalists stacked Intelligence, so their Magic Resistance was decent at best. However, of these four high-leveled attacks, only Heavenly Lightning dealt magic damage. The other three purely dealt physical damage. Elementalists had low health and weak defense. After taking so many high level skills, he was practically at death’s door.

This was just the damage dealt to his character. Zhao Yuzhe had taken a heavy blow to his mental state too. Those words “Steamed Bun, don’t be so rushed” brought a calamity upon him and now he knew that Ye Qiu was just commenting on Steamed Bun’s usage of Tyrannical Chain Punch.

Zhao Yuzhe finally realized that, in the eyes of his opponents, he wasn’t as intimidating as he thought he was. He thought that defeating ten players by himself was something within his capabilities, so he dared to challenge them directly, but it turned out that ten players was more than enough to deal with him. God Ye Qiu had only cast two heals so far and his Hazy Scene was already almost dead. God Ye Qiu even had the time to stand off to the side and give Steamed Bun pointers! Ye Qiu didn’t even seem to be looking in his direction at all.

Zhao Yuzhe was furious!

He felt like he shouldn’t be receiving this kind of disdain. Wasn’t the reason he fell into this tragic situation because of those sudden words? Wasn’t it because he misunderstood those words that he retreated three steps instead of one? If he hadn’t taken those three steps, he wouldn’t have been forced to teleport away from that Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

Everything was because he misunderstood those very words!

Zhao Yuzhe was upset. He refused to admit defeat in such a way. Although he didn’t have much health left, nor could he see any chance of victory, he still had to prove his strength. He had to make these guys understand that their reason for winning wasn’t because he wasn’t good enough, but because they got lucky.

These four attacks failed to kill Hazy Scene. He still had a chance!

Zhao Yuzhe made his decision. His right hand firmly grasped his mouse, and he turned to look at the Brawler and Enlightened Lord. He would win back his pride through these two players, but at this moment, Zhao Yuzhe suddenly felt something coming from behind him. Before he could turn around to look, Hazy Scene suddenly flew out as if he were gliding across the ground.

He obviously wasn’t making these movements. Zhao Yuzhe saw the magic undulations coiling around his Hazy Scene. He hastily turned his viewpoint to see that the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire was slowly beginning to fade away. In the middle, the figure of a person could be seen. However, the figure was growing smaller and smaller because his Hazy Scene was being pushed farther and farther away.

This figure had a spear with magic undulations shooting towards Hazy Scene’s direction.

Battle Mage, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.

After four high-leveled skills, a fifth one finally came.

Zhao Yuzhe hadn’t expected it at all. Relying on the visual effects from other skills to hide was originally what he excelled at, and now he had fallen for such a ploy. 


Rising Dragon Soars the Sky crashed into Hazy Scene. This skill was a two-stage attack. The first attack dealt physical damage and the following explosion would deal magic damage. After taking the brunt of four high-leveled skills, Hazy Scene didn’t have the health to survive this Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.

“F*CK!” Zhao Yuzhe slammed his keyboard, but that couldn’t stop his screen from turning gray. From his ghost’s viewpoint, Zhao Yuzhe saw those guys glance at his corpse. None of them took much interest in it. On the other hand, they were much more interested in the items that had dropped from his corpse. After picking up the dropped items, they immediately left without staying for even another second.


They were absolutely treating him with scorn! Did those guys actually think they beat him so easily by chaining five high-leveled skills?

“Stop! Don’t leave!” Zhao Yuzhe shouted. However, ghosts couldn’t speak. No matter how loud he shouted, he couldn’t explain to those guys about this misunderstanding.

Besides, telling them about the misunderstanding with his mouth? It was as if he were looking for some sort of excuse. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t want to do that. He needed to prove it with actions and not words.


Zhao Yuzhe moved his cursor to click on the revive back at the city option. Right when he was about to click on it, he suddenly thought of messaging West Riding Wind. Howling Heights should be here soon. If he had the Clerics revive him, he would save a lot of time. By the time he revived back at the city and traveled back here, the battle might already be over. Zhao Yuzhe also didn’t know which city this character had set its revival point to because he didn’t even think he would die, so he had never checked his character info page for such information.

He didn’t click on the option and moved his cursor away. 

Zhao Yuzhe hesitated. Reviving here naturally saved a lot of effort. but when West Riding Wind arrived and saw his corpse, wouldn’t that be too embarrassing? But then again if he revived back at the city, he wouldn’t be able to cover up his death anyways. Hazy Scene’s red stats were proof. In this instant, Zhao Yuzhe hated how Glory reduced experience and stats upon death.

In any case, he wouldn’t be able to hide it, so he made his decision and waited.

West Riding Wind led his troops over to the coordinates. On the way over, he told everyone how Zhao Yuzhe was truly skilled. They would need to rely on him in the future.

When they got near the area, West Riding Wind didn’t see Heavenly Justice fighting the boss like he had imagined. West Riding Wind had his second thoughts, when one of his players shouted: “Hazy Scene!”

“Where?” Everyone asked. Finally, they saw a corpse on the ground.

“Zhao Yuzhe died!” Someone cried out in astonishment. At this moment, none of them said the character’s name. They all said the name Zhao Yuzhe. It wasn’t strange to see a character dead, but Zhao Yuzhe’s character dying was something worth being surprised over. 

“Was he discovered……” West Riding Wind paid a silent tribute as he told a Cleric to revive him.

White light scattered and Hazy Scene stood up. West Riding Wind looked at his screen and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. Hazy Scene didn’t wait for him to speak though. After standing up, he quickly rushed in a certain direction. The Clerics were still hastily healing him back to full health, but he didn't care. West Riding Wind didn’t dare to be slow and immediately told everyone to follow him.   

Zhao Yuzhe knew his knowledge was outdated. No signs of Heavenly Justice fighting the boss could be seen in the surrounding areas either. Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t find them, but he didn’t say a word. He continued to move forward. West Riding Wind thought he knew what he was doing and had his troops follow him closely until the system announced: Congratulations Heavenly Justice for killing Gladiator Vitalivis.

The players from Howling Heights were instantly dumbfounded. Not just them, but when this announcement came out, all of the other guilds in Dolaki Stadium were stunned. Because this announcement told them: the boss battle at Dolaki Stadium had come to an end.

The guilds often fought over bosses, so they wouldn’t continue fighting just for this boss. The previous second, they were locked in an intense battle with the other guilds. The next second, the announcement came out and everyone immediately put their weapons away, clearing the field of any pieces of dropped equipment.

The only person who didn’t stop was Zhao Yuzhe. It was as if he hadn’t see that announcement. His Hazy Scene continued to search the stadium. He clearly didn’t have any interest in the boss. He only had one thought on his mind: those guys needed to know that his death was a one time mishap.

“Little Zhao, the boss has already died.” West Riding Wind thought he didn’t see the system announcement, so he immediately gave him a reminder.

Zhao Yuzhe ignored it. After passing over a wall, he finally saw Heavenly Justice, who was happily laughing and cheering.

 Zhao Yuzhe didn’t have any regrets towards not finding the boss just a bit sooner. He only felt gratified that he managed to find them.

“Look, look. It’s that guy.” At this moment, Heavenly Justice noticed Hazy Scene standing on the stone wall as if blocking their path.

The laughter gradually died down. Everyone turned their heads to look at him in confusion. 

Ye Xiu also saw him. He had Enlightened Lord walk over until he wasn’t too far away and greeted: “Little Zhao! The boss is already dead. Did you not see the announcement? Try again next time!”

“I’m not here to look for the boss.” Zhao Yuzhe said. 


“I’m here to challenge you guys. I want to fight against the same ten.” Zhao Yuzhe shouted.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu understood what Zhao Yuzhe was thinking and grinned: “It seems like you’re not happy about how you died?”

“Yes. Let’s go again!” Zhao Yuzhe said.

“Another ten?” Ye Xiu asked.


“That number’s too small. How about a hundred instead?” Ye Xiu asked.

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