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Chapter 705 - So Many High-Leveled Skills

“Steamed Bun, don’t be in such a hurry.”

 When Zhao Yuzhe heard this voice, he looked around, even while rolling. He quickly swept through the names on the surrounding enemies.

He was looking for that Steamed Bun. From what he just heard, this Steamed Bun played a crucial role in this fight. The person leading wanted him not to be in a hurry. Zhao Yuzhe needed to be wary of him. Hazy Scene had been forced to roll several times in a row without being able to get up to counterattack. He was in a dangerous situation, yet the other side unexpectedly didn’t immediately follow up with further attacks and instead was told to slow down. Knowing that there must be some sort of card up their sleeve, Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t help but be alarmed. He wanted to hurry and find that Steamed Bun, so he could prepare himself for whatever came next. But when he looked around at the ten enemies, there was no one named “Steamed Bun.”

Zhao Yuzhe was gloomy. He now knew that the Ye Qiu wasn’t calling out a character’s name. Which one was Steamed Bun?

Then, he heard a “Okay.” from in front of him.

It’s this Brawler?

Zhao Yuzhe had good hearing and instantly determined where the voice came from. The Brawler, who had just narrowly missed his Tyrannical Chain Punch, was Steamed Bun. After this Steamed Bun replied, he didn’t follow up.

Ye Qiu was telling him not to attack?

Zhao Yuzhe was surprised. This Brawler had forced him to roll continuously in order to survive. He had to admit that this Brawler wasn’t as weak as he had originally assumed him to be. Even though Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t a Brawler player, he wasn’t a stranger to it. After all, he was a member of Team Wind Howl. Team Wind Howl had the number one Thief, but the more famous character was their team captain, Lin Jingyan’s character: Three Hits.

Although Lin Jingyan was a declining figure, Three Hits was genuinely the number one Brawler character in the Alliance. Zhao Yuzhe clearly knew how powerful Three Hits was. Having been trained in this kind of team environment, he naturally took more notice on the habits of Brawler players. And this “Steamed Bun” had actually been instructed to not follow up despite forcing him into an ugly situation? What did he have planned?

Pro players were on a relatively higher level and thought more when playing. Zhao Yuzhe was bewildered and paid full attention to this person in front of him. Then, he saw this Brawler suddenly extend his hands.


Zhao Yuzhe immediately had Hazy Scene retreat. When fighting one versus many, an attack with CC was far more terrifying than a high damage attack. He was also worried about any high-leveled skills from his opponents. He could have dodged the attack with just a single step backwards, but he retreated three steps back and continued to watch this Brawler’s moves carefully.

The Brawler raised his hands and threw a Brick. Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene tilted his head and dodged it.

These two attacks…...

Zhao Yuzhe pondered. Truthfully, he couldn’t see anything strange about these two attacks, which made him feel even more uneasy. He subconsciously looked around and saw a Battle Mage behind him raise his spear.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

This Battle Mage’s equipment wasn’t anything good, but this Dragon Breaks the Ranks didn’t feel weak. Elementalists didn’t have any skills that could directly face such a high-priority move like Dragon Breaks the Ranks.


At the crucial moment, Zhao Yuzhe teleported. Dragon Breaks the Ranks passed by, but Hazy Scene was already gone. Zhao Yuzhe was able to cast the spell in time, but was left frightened and unsettled in his heart.

Difficult. Really difficult.

His usage of Teleport hadn’t been graceful at all. He had used it to run away. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t have time to analyze how he had been forced into such a state when he heard a loud sound from behind him. Flames engulfed his screen.


Zhao Yuzhe didn’t even have time to check his surroundings after teleporting, when the explosion arrived. No, to put it more accurately, this explosion had arrived the moment Hazy Scene arrived, not giving him any chance to dodge. He had walked into a trap.

The fiery light from the explosion still hadn’t faded, but Zhao Yuzhe was a pro player, after all. He still had the senses he should have. Hazy Scene had been in the center of the explosion. The shockwaves from the explosion sent him into the air. Zhao Yuzhe hastily adjusted his view. He knew that being in the air would give the enemy many opportunities. Once he landed, he might drop into the middle of the enemy’s encirclement.

The other side had guessed correctly as to where he would choose to teleport to. Was this a coincidence? 

Zhao Yuzhe remembered that God Ye Qiu was there. He understood that it was something that could be done with the experience he possessed. His teleport had been done in haste. He simply teleported, wherever it was convenient to. It wasn’t something difficult to guess.

Zhao Yuzhe adjusted his viewpoint in a bit of a fluster, while quickly activating Mobile Cast. He felt like the following situation wouldn’t be easy. He might not have time to stop and cast any spells, so he decided to activate Mobile Cast, which would allow him to move and cast spells with greater ease. 

Fire Wall.

During his brief duration in the air, Zhao Yuzhe pushed his hand speed to the limit. When Hazy Scene landed, he finished his spell. The moment he landed on the ground and got up, he raised his staff and a Fire Wall rose up.

Fire Wall didn’t hit any of the enemies. That wasn’t why he used the spell, nor was it to block them. The other side had greater numbers. The bit of damage dealt by the Fire Wall was insignificant to them. Zhao Yuzhe simply wanted to block the other side’s line of sight, so that they wouldn’t be able to see his position. For normal players, such a reason might sound pointless, but in a high level battle, it might be enough to turn around the situation.

Zhao Yuzhe became cautious. He clearly didn’t dare underestimate those ten enemies anymore. He wanted to win some time, so he could adjust his attitude and start the battle again with a new mindset.    

The moment the Fire Wall rose up, flames spouted out from near Hazy Scene. Dark clouds started to condense above him. Lightning flashed. In the blink of an eye, the lightning above began to weave between the fire spouting from the ground.  

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire was more complicated to execute than Fire Wall and it naturally had a longer cast time. If the Heavenly Lightning rained down at the same time that Hazy Scene erected a Fire Wall, there was only one possibility: the other side had predicted where he would land and started casting the spell earlier. Zhao Yuzhe had been trying to erect a Fire Wall to cover himself. How could he have known the other side had already placed a Heavenly Lightning at his landing position?

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t appear to be too flustered after having been caught though. He was an Elementalist, so he was naturally very familiar with Elementalist skills. Normal players thought that standing still would allow them to take less damage than if they rushed out of the spell’s range, but in the pro scene, the damage taken wasn’t their only concern. There were many other things they had to consider.

For example, if Zhao Yuzhe wanted to take less damage from Heavenly Lightning and stood still, waiting for the spell duration to end, he might be surrounded by his enemies. The small amount of extra health he earned from standing still wouldn’t be worth it. As a result, he obviously wouldn’t make such a decision. The instant he discovered that Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire was being formed, Hazy Scene never stopped moving. Zhao Yuzhe knew how to deal with this attack and prepared to break out of the spell’s range. As soon as he stepped forward, he immediately realized that this Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire wasn’t being automatically controlled by the system, but rather being controlled by the caster.

Controlling the spell by hand would naturally cause the spell to be more focused on the target, but the effectiveness depended on the caster’s skill level. Zhao Yuzhe had only taken two steps and he was already feeling truly bitter. The other side’s control over Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire couldn’t be considered amazing, but it was better than the system’s automatic control. The advantages of controlling the spell by hand could be seen. Zhao Yuzhe was still confident in breaking out of the spell’s range before the duration ended, but it would definitely take longer than he had originally anticipated.

I need to break through forcefully!

With no other alternative, he could only go with the heroic option and charge forward, while ignoring any damage taken. He figured out which direction he wanted to move towards and instead of dodging, he directly charged through the spell range.


The area ahead was vast and open. Hazy Scene finally made it out from the flashes of lightning and fire. Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire still hadn’t ended yet. Zhao Yuzhe turned around to look at the surroundings, when he saw his surroundings turn red like blood. This time, the Berserker skill Crimson Storm was waiting for him.

Without a doubt, the other side must have prepared this ambush ahead of time. A high-level skill like Crimson Storm had a long start-up animation. Hazy Scene had just broken through Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire. It was impossible for the Berserker to have executed the skill in an instant, but in his current situation, Crimson Storm was waiting for him. The Berserker’s greatsword crashed into the ground. No matter how capable Zhao Yuzhe was, this time, he couldn’t avoid it.

At the same time, two brilliant sword lights came flying at him. The two Blade Masters directly executed Formless Phantom Blades on his two sides. The Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire behind him still hadn’t ended yet. The caster had concentrated the attacks behind him as if forming a wall. 


In this situation, even Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t escape from being hit. The two Formless Phantom Blades intertwined around him. Up above, a thick pillar of light descended from the skies, enveloping Hazy Scene. Launcher high-leveled skill: Satellite Beam.

Zhao Yuzhe finally fell into despair. So many high-leveled skills against one person. Unable to escape, he could only cast some spells to throw some resistance towards his enemies. When he turned around to find a target, he saw that Enlightened Lord and that Steamed Bun standing on the side idly, watching the spectacle. At the same time, Enlightened Lord was instructing him: “That Tyrannical Chain Punch from before was too rushed. Go carefully watch the video of Lin Jingyan that I sent you last time and see how he uses it compared to how you use it just now.”

F*ck! Zhao Yuzhe listened. Whatever spells Hazy Scene was about to cast went up in smoke.

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