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Chapter 704 - Unafraid Against Ten

Ocean Ahead and Zhao Yuzhe had fought against each other earlier. Although it wasn’t a true 1v1 and no winner was decided, Ocean Ahead had experienced Zhao Yuzhe’s skill for himself. The notion, which Ye Xiu helped him realize, that “pro players aren’t as simple as you think” was once again reinforced. God Ye Qiu suddenly called him to go and fight him. Ocean Ahead wasn’t confident at all though.

“What are you afraid of?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I don’t think I’m his opponent.” Ocean Ahead admitted honestly.

“You have a hundred players backing you. What are you afraid of?” Ye Xiu was gloomy.

“Oh, that’s true!” Ocean Ahead suddenly understood. It turns out Ye Xiu wanted him to bully Zhao Yuzhe with numbers. He thought Ye Xiu wanted him to duel him!

“Hurry! If he’s here, Howling Heights will probably be here soon too. We’ll first stop him, while the rest continue to move the boss.” Ye Xiu made a decision.

“Understood.” Ocean Ahead didn’t hesitate this time and lead the attack. At the same time, he called out a few players in the chat to support him. Everyone else prepared to move the boss away.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…...

Zhao Yuzhe’s eyes swept over the field and he saw ten players rushing towards him. The rest were preparing to move.

Ten players? Zhao Yuzhe sneered. This sneer was towards Enlightened Lord, who was among those ten players. A great God like Ye Qiu actually had to bring ten other players with him before daring to attack. What a joke!

Zhao Yuzhe looked down on this God, but he didn’t dare to treat these ten players lightly. He had fought against Ocean Ahead before, and he still had an impression of him. Although Ocean Ahead’s skill level wasn’t anything amazing, he still recognized that it exceeded a normal player’s skill. If it were just ten normal players, Zhao Yuzhe wouldn’t pay any attention to them. However, there was someone with some skill among these ten players, so Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t be careless. However, Zhao Yuzhe had no intentions of retreating. Long-ranged classes like Elementalists had an innate advantage when fighting against many. Kiting from afar allowed him to do just that.

The composition of the team being sent to deal with him was a bit troublesome. Zhao Yuzhe really wanted to show off. He wanted to see just how much ability a retired God and a somewhat skilled player had.

The ten players rushed forward. The first to attack was actually from Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene, showing his boundless confidence.

“Oh, how wonderful. He actually didn’t run.” Ye Xiu was delighted.

Ocean Ahead had asked Ye Xiu how many players he should ask to come with him. At that time, Ye Xiu told him that if he brought too many, they would scare off the other side. If he brought too few, they wouldn’t be able to  bully the other side with their numbers advantage. In the end, Ye Xiu told him that they should have around ten players. He was certain that Zhao Yuzhe wouldn’t retreat against this number.

Even though Ye Xiu hadn’t paid too much attention to Hazy Scene today, when Ocean Ahead told him that he was Zhao Yuzhe, Ye Xiu knew very well who this person was. He didn’t need to see it for himself to know the skill level of Howling Height’s Best Rookie.

Zhao Yuzhe took the initiative to attack. He cast a spell directly targeted at Enlightened Lord.

Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord was the only healer among these ten players. When fighting one against many, if the opponent’s side had a healer, it was common sense that there was no way of winning. In order to have a chance, killing the healer was crucial. Zhao Yuzhe was very courageous. He saw a healer among his opponents, yet he still dared to fight. He clearly didn’t care about anyone other than Enlightened Lord and Ocean Ahead. In his eyes, it was pretty much a 1v2. 

Enlightened Lord sidestepped the spell. Among the ten player team, there were two long-ranged attackers, Ocean Ahead and a Launcher. When they saw Hazy Scene attacking, the two didn’t hesitate to return fire.

Hazy Scene dodged while retreating. No matter how confident Zhao Yuzhe was, he wasn’t so stupid as to let his Elementalist get surrounded by them. He had to keep his distance.

Retreat while casting! Pro players could utilize their hand speed to gain time. It was very scary for normal players. Hazy Scene directly cast a high-leveled spell: Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire.

“Scatter!” Ye Xiu had given the order earlier. He didn’t say it out loud, but rather typed it in the team chat.

The instant Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire rained down, the ten players scattered. In the end, only two players, who reacted slowly, were trapped inside. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t happy at his result. It seemed like he had been too obvious, allowing the other side to see through his intentions. No matter the case, a retired God had plenty of experience. Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t fight so simply anymore.

Ye Xiu cast a heal-over-time spell, which healed health every three seconds for twelve seconds, on the two players who were trapped inside Heavenly Lightning’s effective area and then left them alone. He instructed the other eight to surround Hazy Scene.

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t think of using this opportunity to kill off those two trapped players. That sort of delay could put him in a dangerous situation. He wasn’t stupid. He needed a better opportunity. When fighting one against many, he had to keep his distance while dealing damage. He needed to be patient. Understanding the situation, Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t rash. Seeing the other side closing in, he chose to move backwards. At the same time, he noticed the other side moving the boss away and guessed the other side’s intentions. Zhao Yuzhe obviously wouldn’t let their plans go smoothly so easily. As he kited the enemy pursuers, he also planned on chasing after Heavenly Justice. His retreat direction would be in the same direction as Heavenly Justice.

“Attack him from all sides. Cover his back. Three swordsmen close in on him in a triangular formation. Don’t be in a hurry to chase after him. We have to restrict his movements.” Ye Xiu instructed.

A method like mindlessly chasing after a character and attacking wouldn’t be effective against a pro player. Not only would their attacks not hit, they wouldn’t be able to disrupt the enemy’s goal either. If they blindly chased after the enemy, the enemy would just be leading them around by the nose, especially in a situation where they were fighting against one person with many. Blindly chasing after the target and attacking was a waste of their numbers advantage.

After being instructed, Ocean Ahead cast a Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire around Hazy Scene. Zhao Yuzhe saw it and gave another nod towards Ocean Ahead’s skill level. In front of him was a Berserker and two Blade Masters. The three didn’t stay close to each other. Instead, they spread out in a triangle formation as if they were planning on trapping him inside a net.

You want to stop me like this?

Zhao Yuzhe sneered again. He instantly saw through the other side’s intentions, but he didn’t care about these three characters. Even if these little characters were arranged in a solid formation, did they have the ability to keep him here?

Forcefully charge through them!

Zhao Yuzhe decided. Hazy Scene didn’t avoid them. Instead, he directly charged at the three swordsmen. As he ran, he used his quick hand speed to quickly cast low-leveled spells. These spells were almost instantaneous casts. Hazy Scene’s staff traveled in a circle, shooting three spells at each of the three targets. Hazy Scene rushed towards the Berserker following behind the Frostball he sent out.

The Berserker ignored the Frostball and met with him face to face. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t surprised. The Berserker didn’t need to care about this tiny bit of damage, but did that Berserker really think that this Frostball was to open up a pathway for him?

The Berserker closed in on his target. He was about to use a skill, when he heard a bang and his character flew up into the air.

Raging Flames!

Zhao Yuzhe had used Frostball to hide his Raging Flames. The Berserker wasn’t prepared at all. He didn’t think that Hazy Scene’s attack would come out ahead of his. The Berserker was launched into the air and Hazy Scene sprinted under him. He also left an Elemental Power under him.

This was a feature of the Elementalist class. The spell covered a large area and had a long duration. During these three seconds, any character that was in Elemental Power’s range would stay in the air for longer. Zhao Yuzhe thought the Elemental Power he threw down was very well done, but before he could finish being happy, he heard an explosion from behind him. Zhao Yuzhe looked back and saw that the Elemental Power had been blown apart by the enemy Launcher.

A powerful knock-up skill like Elemental Power naturally had a lot of counterplay. After being thrown down, it could be broken apart in such a way.

The enemy side reacted so quickly, surprising Zhao Yuzhe. Before he could regain his composure, he suddenly felt something abnormal beside him. Zhao Yuzhe couldn’t turn to look in time, so he rolled to the side first. When he looked over, he saw a rectangular object at his former location.

Brick Throw!

This Brick came out of nowhere, giving Zhao Yuzhe a fright. Seeing where this Brick was coming from, it would have definitely been a back attack and induced a stun……  if he were stunned, he would be surrounded. Even if he could escape, he would be in a sorry state.

Under Ye Qiu’s lead, the coordination between these guys was very tight.

Zhao Yuzhe thought that the Brick and the Launcher’s attack on the Elemental Power was all because of Ye Xiu.

He turned around to look for Enlightened Lord, when he saw sand coming towards him. Sand Toss!

Zhao Yuzhe deserved to be a pro player and the Best Rookie of the season. He didn’t use an unsophisticated method like looking away. While he was still in his roll animation, he rolled again to dodge the Sand Toss.

When he was about to get up, he saw the light around him start to dim. Someone had blocked his path in front, a Brawler! His two hands were extended to push down Hazy Scene.

Tyrannical Chain Punch!!

Zhao Yuzhe was from Team Wind Howl. Which class was Team Wind Howl’s best character? A dirty Thief was one, but the other was their team captain’s Brawler, Three Hits.

And the character who was just about to beat him down was a Brawler. If he were hit by Tyrannical Chain Punch, he would be pinned to the ground, giving them more than enough time for them to surround him.

He had to roll again! Zhao Yuzhe reacted incredibly fast. He rolled again and actually dodged the attack.

“Steamed Bun, don’t be in such a hurry.”

Zhao Yuzhe heard someone say.

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