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Chapter 703 - Support

Heavenly Justice had already started falling apart from their attacks, when Conquering Cloud suddenly rushed out and disrupted the balance of the battlefield. They were like the Great Wall. They suddenly popped up from the incline and blocked the way. Heavenly Justice knew about them beforehand and calmly left the battlefield.

Zhao Yuzhe saw that his target was running away and attacked with a flurry of spells in anger. West Riding Wind didn’t care about any of that. Heavenly Justice can run however they liked to, but don’t bring the boss with you!

Yes, Conquering Clouds was standing between Howling Heights and Heavenly Justice, but how could Howling Heights just let Heavenly Justice go so easily? Of course not. However, both sides had been cut off. The side going after the boss was also being blocked by Conquering Cloud’s sudden appearance.

The few players still near Gladiator Vitalivis were scattered around and surrounded by enemy troops. Before they could do anything, the enemy killed them off. West Riding Wind saw Heavenly Justice’s Knights continue Provoking the boss, leading the Gladiator farther and farther away. And them? They could only watch helplessly. How could they break through the carefully prepared defense set up by Conquering Clouds so easily? Even with Zhao Yuzhe, it wouldn’t be possible to do it so quickly. Zhao Yuzhe was starting to lose his patience too. He was randomly firing off attacks to vent his anger, making it impossible for West Riding Wind to coordinate with him. Afterwards, Hazy Scene suddenly disappeared.

Where’d he go?

For a moment, West Riding Wind really couldn’t find him with so many people out there. He didn’t have time to worry about him though. Gladiator Vitalivis had completely escaped from their attack range. As time went on, their aggro on the boss would slowly decrease. Heavenly Justice would then be able to easily take the boss for themselves.

West Riding Wind was becoming anxious. He wasn’t in the mood to waste time fighting with Conquering Clouds. He looked closely at the direction Heavenly Justice was heading towards and immediately ordered his troops to pretend to retreat. They would switch directions and cut them off. He wasn’t willing to lose the boss just like this! It hadn’t been easy winning against Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle.

Tyrannical Ambition?

Misty Castle?

He suddenly thought of these two guilds. West Riding Wind realized that he couldn’t ignore these two guilds either! These two guilds hadn’t given up yet. After Howling Heights snatched the boss from Tyrannical Ambition with the help of Zhao Yuzhe, Tyrannical Ambition had been counter attacking fiercely the entire time. Misty Castle glared at them like a tiger watching its prey as well. Howling Heights had been defending against them the entire time, but now?

Right when West Riding Wind was thinking about this, he saw Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle players enter his view. Heavenly Justice’s sudden interference disrupted the balance. Howling Heights had invested more and more resources into dealing with Heavenly Justice. With their defenses weakening, they finally couldn't defend against those two guilds any longer.

West Riding Wind obviously wasn’t so stupid as to think that they could win a 1v3 with just Zhao Yuzhe. It was just that since they had the boss and weren’t having trouble fighting it, he thought they would be able to last until the boss was killed. However, he didn’t think that Heavenly Justice, with God Ye Qiu leading them, would be so fearsome. After rushing into battle, they directly took the boss from the hands of the tank, secondary tank, and third tank, instantly turning the tables on Howling Heights.

The situation didn’t end up in a deadlock like West Riding Wind had expected. Instead, they had been led around by their noses. Under such circumstances, how could Howling Heights care about Tyrannical Ambition or Misty Castle?

Tyrannical Ambition’s and Misty Castle’s goal wasn’t to take down Howling Heights. They wanted the boss too. They had been delighted when Heavenly Justice suddenly interfered. They thought that they could use this opportunity to win the upperhand. However, they didn’t think that Heavenly Justice would be so quick. Heavenly Justice charged in and charged out with the boss without tussling with them.

The two guilds thought they could take advantage of the situation when they saw the boss being taken away. The two guilds also hastily chased after it, when they saw this scene as well. The other side had set up hidden troops to provide support, blocking any pursuers and allowing them to make a smooth escape.

These two guilds didn’t go and fight with Conquering Clouds. They reacted faster and immediately circled around to cut Heavenly Justice off. West Riding Wind saw these two guilds running in that direction and immediately knew what they were planning. How could he rest? Without any delay, he ordered everyone to also give chase, but they were in a tougher spot. Conquering Clouds was following them like a ghost, refusing to leave. If they turned around to fight, they would lose time. If they ignored them, wouldn’t they get wiped out? If they split forces, they wouldn’t be able to beat Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle. West Riding Wind also didn’t forget this time. Heavenly Justice and Conquering Clouds had appeared, but the other side still had two other guilds in their alliance. Where were Parade and Radiant?

West Riding Wind deeply felt the disruption towards the wild boss competition brought by this alliance. It seemed like, in the future, all of the guilds would need to dispatch more troops. If not, it would be way too difficult to fight against these four guilds.

However, that was all in the future. It was too late now. West Riding Wind finally decided to split his troops. A portion of his troops would fight with Conquering Clouds and the other portion would carefully pursue the boss. The other side still had two guilds that hadn’t shown their faces yet. West Riding Wind hoped that these two guilds would stop Tyrannical Ambition and Misty Castle.

Everything happened as West Riding Wind wanted it to.

When the portion of his troops circled around to cut off Heavenly Justice’s path, they saw Tyrannical Ambition being blocked by Radiant. Tyrannical Ambition was quite ferocious though. They seemed prepared to directly charge through Radiant’s defenses. Their elites were truly very powerful. Many players in Tyrannical Ambition were fearless men. It was all related to their team’s playstyle.

West Riding Wind obviously wouldn’t go and join the battle. He led his group to circle around them, when he saw Misty Castle and Parade fighting with each other. Misty Castle wasn’t as tough. They wanted to shrug off Parade, but Parade refused to let them go. West Riding Wind didn’t join them and was prepared to circle around them. But this time, he felt a bad premonition.

Circle circle circle!

Circle to where? Did he still know where Heavenly Justice was? West Riding Wind thought of the direction Heavenly Justice had headed off towards and his current location. His heart suddenly froze. Now he understood the intentions of these three guilds.

To block them?

Yes, but more importantly, it was to stall for time. The other side didn’t plan on simplifying matters and attacking the boss, while defending against their enemies. The other side was very careful and crafty. They repeatedly blocked their pursuers until no one knew where Heavenly Justice had led the boss to.

“F*ck! This d*mn terrain!!” West Riding Wind cursed again. This Dolaki Stadium had medium-size fields inside large fields and small fields inside medium-size fields, all separated from one another. There were also plenty of drains and moats everywhere. It currently looked like a perfectly straight path, but there might be holes and tunnels along the sides, leading to other places.

It was very easy to hide in this map. Heavenly Justice had a hundred players attacking the boss. Even though the target was big, Gladiator Vitalivis didn’t have much health left. Heavenly Justice now had control over the boss too. The boss would probably be dead very soon. If he sent out scouts to search for them, by the time they found them and sent their troops over, would the boss even be alive?

West Riding Wind was gloomy. He even had reports saying so and so guild had arrived, but West Riding Wind knew that no matter how many guilds arrived, it would be useless. If he received these reports, Heavenly Justice certainly received them too. If they avoided these guilds, they would certainly have enough time to take down the Gladiator.

Their boiled duck flew away in the end!

West Riding Wind had already lost all hope. He saw that his troops were still anxiously searching around. He didn’t want to ruin everyone’s mood, so he thought about how he should tell everyone their current pickle, when he suddenly received a message. West Riding Wind opened it listlessly. It was Hazy Scene, Zhao Yuzhe’s character. There were no words, just two numbers and a period: coordinates;   

“Ah! Is that the boss’s location?” West Riding Wind replied.

“Hurry.” Zhao Yuzhe replied.

West Riding Wind dind’t mind this harsh reply. His bad impression of Zhao Yuzhe immediately went away.

“We’ll be there immediately!” West Riding Wind replied. Afterwards, he gave a shout and told everyone to rush towards the coordinates sent by Zhao Yuzhe.

He really was an expert and a talent! West Riding Wind kept thinking to himself. Zhao Yuzhe was able to figure out the enemy’s location all by himself. Had he silently followed them at that time? West Riding Wind thought. He was happy that Wind Howl had such a talented player. The duck that flew away had just landed back in their hands. 

At some place in Dolaki Stadium, Heavenly Justice finally escaped from danger and took control over the boss. They had more than enough players left to finish off the boss. Everyone’s morale was high. Right when they were about to take down the boss, the Elementalist Hazy Scene suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Zhao Yuzhe!!” Quite a few players shouted.

“Mm?” Ye Xiu asked. He had been busy commanding the troops earlier, so when Zhao Yuzhe shouted out his name, so he hadn’t noticed.

“Best Rookie!” Ocean Ahead said solemnly.

“Oh. From Wind Howl?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes.” Ocean Ahead was wary of Hazy Scene. The other side didn’t seem to have any intentions of charging at them. After all, he was just one person. Challenge everyone all by himself? What a joke! Even so, he wasn’t standing so far as if he had people backing him.  

“That little kid’s like a ghost who refuses to leave. Kill him!” Ye Xiu said.  

“You go!” Ocean Ahead was excited. Two experts were about to fight!

Enlightened Lord turned around to look at him: “Bro, I’m a Cleric right now! You go!”

“God, don’t joke with me!” Ocean Ahead cried.

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