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Chapter 702 - Just This Guild?

“Don’t run!” Zhao Yuzhe shouted loudly, when he saw Enlightened Lord retreating.

Ye Xiu ignored him. He focused on instructing the Knights on dealing with the boss because the boss would soon enter the trap zone set up by their group’s Thieves.

Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene chased after Ye Xiu. Ocean Ahead noticed that this enemy Elementalist was very skilled and wanted to confirm it for himself. After sending players out to block any enemy support, the two Elementalists began fighting each other.

On the boss’s side, Gladiator Vitalivis was chasing after the taunting Heavenly Justice Knights. The Howling Height Knights followed after the gladiator liked idiots. No matter what they tried, they couldn’t get the boss’s attention. Helpless, they could only use their bodies to block the gladiator from advancing. The boss wouldn’t just lock onto their target and ignore everything else. When it needed to attack, it would attack. The Howling Height Knights stalled for time using their bodies as meat shields. The rest of their group charged over and tried to disrupt the enemy’s control over the boss’ aggro. Heavenly Justice was obviously trying their hardest to prevent that from happening.

Characters fell one after another. Equipment dropped all over the ground, but not many paid too much attention to these pieces of equipment. The wild boss was way more important than anything else right now. Any losses in the battle would be compensated by the guild, so no one complained. 

Gladiator Vitalivis had difficulty advancing because of this Knight blockade. There were always Howling Height players in front of him risking their life to block its path. A huge number of players slowly moved forward in this way. Ahead of them was the trap zone. Heavenly Justice was well aware of it and tried their hardest to conceal it. Howling Heights didn’t notice it though. They continued to tussle with the boss until the first trap activated!


A blaze exploded into a lotus flower: a fire trap. That wasn’t the only trap in the area. As soon as the first trap triggered, two other traps next to it also triggered. A sea of fire instantly engulfed any surrounding players.

The Heavenly Justice players wouldn’t take damage from the triggered traps. Gladiator Vitalivis was a powerful Level 70 wild boss. Let alone three traps, thirty traps were nothing to him. The Howling Height players suffered though. They were focusing on blocking the boss from reaching Heavenly Justice’s players and had no idea that there would be traps placed here.

The damage from three Fire Traps wouldn’t be enough to instantly kill anyone, but Heavenly Justice wasn’t just standing around, watching the flames burn. When the traps triggered, Heavenly Justice immediately barraged Howling Heights’ knights with AoE attacks, instantly killing numerous players.

“There are traps!” Howling Heights finally noticed them.

“Disarm them!” Someone shouted. Several characters rushed out from the troops and ran forward into the area of traps. Not long afterwards, a few traps had already been disarmed.

Thieves could place traps and disarm traps. In addition, Thieves were Howling Height’s specialty. The Alliance’s number one Thief player, Fang Rui, was a part of Team Wind Howl. Whether it was playing dirty or using Thieves, Howling Heights were the experts of it all.

At this moment, the Thief group skillfully disarmed numerous traps, making Heavenly Justice’s Thieves quite gloomy.

“Have people leave the group and trigger the traps!” Seeing how skillful Howling Heights was at disarming traps, Ye Xiu gave a ruthless order. Because he wasn’t familiar with the players in the group, it wasn’t good to pick out names for this kind of suicidal tactic. He simply passed it on to Thousand Falling Leaves and had her arrange it.

Don’t look at Thousand Falling Leaves as a girl. She was quite decisive. Without any delay, she gave the order in the group. The names didn’t matter. It was more important that the ones who undertook the task would be compensated.

The dirty Thieves immediately became brave after knowing that they would be compensated for their actions. Thousand Falling Leaves obviously couldn’t have them swarm out into the field and make a mess, so she picked out names and made arrangements. The first willing player from Heavenly Justice headed back to the battlefield. The Howling Height Thieves were still disarming traps, when suddenly “Bang!” Numerous traps triggered and exploded. All of the traps were AoE attacks. In an instant, poison, ice, and fire swallowed their group…….

The Thieves from Howling Heights were all experts! No one questioned whether one of them had been careless. They guessed that Heavenly Justice had directly dispatched players to trigger the traps.

In an instant, all of the Thieves knew that their situation wasn’t looking up. They weren’t tanky classes in the first place. After being caught up in the explosion of several traps, their health bars had drastically fallen. Heavenly Justice had naturally made arrangements beforehand. Heavenly Justice’s executioners launched their attacks and wiped out the Howling Height Thieves.

The boss wasn’t affected in any way. Heavenly Justice’s Knights were heavily protected. They didn’t need to come any closer to the traps either. For now, Howling Heights had no way of disrupting them. Many of their troops were supporting Zhao Yuzhe and coordinating with him. And now, when they needed him the most, instead of helping them stop Heavenly Justice from killing the boss, he just had to go over and kill the other side’s leader.

There was nothing wrong with this type of strategy, but they had been trying for a long time now, yet the enemy leader wasn’t under any pressure. It was hard to avoid people from criticizing it.

Howling Height’s Thief group didn’t dare to move forward again. If they did, the other side would launch suicide attacks again. It was pointless to force their way through the traps.

“The boss is still advancing.”  Howling Heights didn’t have any choice left. In the end, instead of blocking the boss from advancing, they would let the boss move through the traps before trying to snatch the boss back.

“Watch their Thieves carefully!” As the guild leader, West Riding Wind couldn’t only give orders. He had to survey the entire battlefield. Right now, their forces were split into two sections. One side was fighting with Zhao Yuzhe and trying to kill the enemy leader, while the other side was trying to block the boss, but neither side was going well.

If neither side was working, why not try focusing on one side?

West Riding Wind decided to concentrate their forces towards one side, but which one? It was too easy to choose. He couldn’t order Zhao Yuzhe to do anything and since Zhao Yuzhe refused to give up, wasn’t that the only side he could choose?

He obviously wouldn’t shout this order for everyone to hear. West Riding Wind gave the order in the team chat. Howling Heights quickly shifted their attention and began coordinating with Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene.

Ocean Ahead was attempting to measure Zhao Yuzhe’s skill, but in such a chaotic battle, who would give them a peaceful environment to fight in? As they fired spells at each other, their respective allies also rushed forward. A chaotic battle wasn’t a bunch of one versus one fights taking place simultaneously. Just attack wherever there was an opportunity to. Who could care about all the other details?

In the midst of the chaotic battle, Zhao Yuzhe once again created an opening in Heavenly Justice’s formation. Ocean Ahead’s attacks didn’t seem to be stopping him, which made Ocean Ahead very shocked. Not being able to beat God Ye Qiu was whatever, but where did this guy come out from?

“Who are you?” Ocean Ahead couldn’t help but ask.

Zhao Yuzhe was slightly surprised. He was so confident that he had forgotten about his circumstances. He thought that after being awarded the title of Best Rookie this season, everyone would recognize him. Now that he was asked this question, he suddenly realized: he was in the game, using an alternate account. His enemies didn’t know who he was.

However, this question also confirmed that his skill level far exceeded that of a normal player. Of course, it would be surprising to see someone with such skills in the game. Zhao Yuzhe had no intention of keeping a low profile. He had been very happy after receiving the award. There were also no matches to be played during their vacation period, which was why he had gone to the game to show off in the first place. Now that someone had noticed his existence, he suddenly became even more prideful.

“Zhao Yuzhe.” After saying this name, Zhao Yuzhe mercilessly returned a spell at his opponent.

Zhao Yuzhe!

Ocean Ahead was surprised, when he heard this name. He wasn’t too surprised now that he was having trouble against him.

This season’s Best Rookie!

Even though it couldn’t compare to something like the MVP title, since it was restricted to only pro players in their first year of their career, being called the Best Rookie proved that he was an outstanding talent. 

Ocean Ahead adjusted his position. He didn’t dare to underestimate any pro player, let alone one with such an impressive award.

“Best Rookie, Zhao Yuzhe???”

When this name came out, Ocean Ahead wasn’t the only one who heard it. Because he was an Elementalist, he was more familiar with pro Elementalist players, so he immediately recalled this name. The other players took a bit longer, but they quickly realized who was in front of them.  

Best Rookie!

Even though he was still a rookie, he still won this award. He had already garnered quite a bit of attention during the season. Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t a new name. Even more people remembered it after he won the award. Now that Heavenly Justice’s players finally realized who it was, they were slightly stunned from astonishment.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Zhao Yuzhe was very satisfied by the shock that his name brought to the other players. West Riding Wind was crafty. He knew that when Zhao Yuzhe shouted out his name, Heavenly Justice would certainly pause for a very short moment.

“Charge charge charge charge charge!!”

How could he let this opportunity slide? That instant, West Riding Wind gave a loud roar. The Howling Heights players all charged forward and broke apart Heavenly Justice’s formation. Enlightened Lord, who was suspected to be God Ye Qiu, wasn’t he standing right there?

“Retreat!” Ye Xiu also gave the order. Heavenly Justice quickly pulled back. When all of the Heavenly Justice players gathered together, West Riding Wind suddenly felt like something wasn’t right.

Four guild alliance! Why is there only Heavenly Justice? Where are the other three guilds???

“Relay!” Ye Xiu typed out.


The cries of countless players echoed out. Conquering Clouds suddenly popped out from the incline. With Conquering Clouds behind and Heavenly Justice in front, Howling Heights had been successfully flanked.

“F*ck! This stupid place!!” West Riding Wind was furious! Dolaki Stadium’s terrain allowed the other side to set up an ambush, and he hadn’t noticed it at all.

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