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Chapter 701 - Elementalist Charge

Raging Flames!

A pillar of fire shot up from beneath the stone pillar and enveloped Hazy Scene. Zhao Yuzhe really liked this move. It was a very flashy entrance and it also made it difficult for the opponent to grasp his whereabouts. Zhao Yuzhe felt great just thinking about it.

It would be the same as before, right?

Zhao Yuzhe thought to himself. When he quickly cast his spell and prepared to attack his target, he suddenly discovered that he couldn’t find his target!

He could see a lot of players in his field of view, but none of them were his target. Where did that Enlightened Lord go?

Zhao Yuzhe had been delighted at himself because he thought the opponent wouldn’t be able to find him, but he didn’t think that he himself would be the one to be unable to find his opponent. The pillar of fire from Raging Flames would hide him from view, but it also obstructed his line of sight. During that time, Enlightened Lord unexpectedly disappeared from view. There were players running around and fighting everywhere. Just where did he go?   

He had already cast the spell and the skill went on cooldown. If he didn’t throw the spell somewhere, it would be a waste. Zhao Yuzhe was helpless. He could only place the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire at the position where he remembered Enlightened Lord being at.

Hazy Scene soon landed on the ground. There was still no sign of Enlightened Lord inside Heavenly Lightning’s area of effect. Finding a specific person in such a large-scale fight wasn’t easy, even for a pro player. Pro players wouldn’t practice this sort of combat awareness. The team competitions were five versus five. Why would he ever need to practice large-scale battles like the one taking place here?

However, all pro players came from the game. If the pro player never played the game, how did the pro player get noticed? Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t a stranger to large-scale battles. He didn’t care about which side won the battle. He only wanted to hurry up and find that Enlightened Lord.

Zhao Yuzhe thought in this way, but who else did? Anyone with a Howling Height guild tag was a target for Heavenly Justice. As soon as he landed, several players started attacking him.

Zhao Yuzhe was truly quite skilled. Hazy Scene landed on the ground and did a 180 degree turn. His Elementalist chanted several instant-cast spells, stopping the incoming players from closing in on him. Then, he formed an Elemental Power, launching three players into the air. Zhao Yuzhe had no plans on tussling with these players and dashed into the enemy ranks. His Elementalist charged into battle like a Battle Mage. Zhao Yuzhe clearly didn’t think much of these players.

Of course, if he really was up against so many enemies alone, he wouldn’t be so rash. However, he knew that he wasn’t a lone soldier fighting an army. He might not admit it, but he was very satisfied with how Howling Heights coordinated with his movements.

It was the same as before. West Riding Wind knew that he couldn’t order Zhao Yuzhe to do anything, so he dispatched a group to assist Zhao Yuzhe. It was very effective. Zhao Yuzhe’s skill level was much higher than the enemy players and he easily tore through Heavenly Justice’s formation. West Riding Wind immediately ordered his troops to charge through that opening.

Even though Zhao Yuzhe’s target wasn’t the group battle, West Riding Wind still fully utilized his skills.

“Cut off their contact with the boss. That Knight!!” West Riding Wind shouted.

He hoped Zhao Yuzhe would see this point and help him attack that Knight, but he knew that it was just an extravagant hope. Zhao Yuzhe was only thinking to kill that God to show off his skills. How could he care about a boss?

Who would have thought that before he even finished yelling it out, he saw a spell hit that Knight. It hit that Knight right when the boss was attacking him too. Not only did both attacks hit and deal heavy damage, but it also interrupted the Knight’s rhythm. Gladiator Vitalivis’s direct hit knocked the Knight to the ground. 

That attack was too beautiful!

West Riding Wind praised. It was unexpectedly Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene, who executed that attack. West Riding Wind’s impression of Zhao Yuzhe improved by a lot. When it mattered, that punk was really dependable!

“Protect him!” On Heavenly Justice’s side, eighty percent of Ye Xiu’s attention was on the boss. How could he not have seen that attack? Don’t look at how their Knight group was leading the boss along, the crucial moments depended on that Knight called Knight of the West. The other Knights were relying on their taunt skills to hold the boss. Those taunts couldn’t chain together for very long. A steady control over the aggro still depended on Knight of the West.

Heavenly Justice had failed to protect Knight of the West, but then again, Zhao Yuzhe wasn’t an ordinary person. His attack had been extremely precise. He borrowed Gladiator Vitalivis’s attack to put the Knight of the West in danger. Knight of the West wasn’t always Gladiator Vitalivis’s target. His aggro was constantly being split between the other Knights. Knight of the West just happened to be in the way. The boss wasn’t so stupid that he wouldn’t care about any other players when he was heading towards his target.

Right when Gladiator Vitalivis happened to be attacking Knight of the West, Zhao Yuzhe attacked. A pro player truly did know how to seize opportunities.

Ye Xiu immediately ordered players to go up and protect him. At the same time, he healed Knight of the West. Fortunately, Gladiator Vitalivis’s aggro wasn’t on Knight of the West at that time, so he didn’t continue attacking. If not, even an immortal would have trouble saving Knight of the West.

Gladiator Vitalivis didn’t continue. How could Howling Heights miss this opportunity? West Riding Wind had his troops charge ferociously to do anything they could to take down Knight of the West.

Ye Xiu had predicted it though. After Knight of the West was rescued, he didn’t continue attacking the boss and instead retreated to the protection of his allies. If he didn’t attack, the boss’s aggro on him would slowly decrease, but his life was much more important right now. 

Ye Xiu was prompt with his decisions. Although Howling Heights pounced on him fiercely, the target was quickly protected. No matter how fiercely they fought, they wouldn’t be able to kill their target. As the two sides fought, Ye Xiu finally noticed Hazy Scene. That attack was perfectly timed. If it was on purpose, then no matter if it was his mechanics or his awareness, this player was very skilled. Any player could see that. 

“Who is he?” Ye Xiu asked Thousand Falling Leaves. He was using a Cleric, so he often stood with Thousand Falling Leaves, who was also a Cleric.

“Who?” Thousand Falling Leaves didn’t know who Ye Xiu was talking about.

“That Elementalist, Hazy Scene.” Ye Xiu said.

“No idea. I don’t recognize him.” Thousand Falling Leaves said.

“He’s quite skilled.” After Ye Xiu noticed him, he could tell that he was an expert. That previous attack wasn’t a coincidence.

“He is.” Ocean Ahead went over to comment. Players of the same class liked to compare themselves to one another. Ocean Ahead had been comparing himself with Hazy Scene ever since he started noticing him. He was quite surprised because this person wasn’t an ordinary expert.  

While Ye Xiu and the others were observing him, Zhao Yuzhe was constantly searching. In the end, he finally found Enlightened Lord. 

He really is still here!

Zhao Yuzhe was delighted. West Riding Wind thought his attack was to help him win this battle for the boss, but in reality, Zhao Yuzhe wanted to injure the enemy’s core in order to lure Enlightened Lord out. Now that he finally found his target, he tossed the boss aside and directly went after Enlightened Lord.

West Riding Wind wasn’t ready for such a sudden change in target. Although the two sides didn’t communicate, he always sent out players to assist him. It was a crucial moment for the boss right now, but Hazy Scene was suddenly going somewhere else…..

West Riding Wind turned around and saw Enlightened Lord.

He’s still trying to go after the leader? West Riding Wind thought about it. That was good too. If they could get rid of the leader, their victory would be that much easier.

As a result, while he continued to have his players cut off Heavenly Justice from the boss, he also sent out a portion of his players to assist Zhao Yuzhe’s attack.

“He’s coming!” Ocean Ahead cried out, when he saw Hazy Scene charging over.

He’s charging over!

These words were rarely used to describe an Elementalist!

“He’s coming for you, God!” Thousand Falling Leaves shouted.

“Protect me.” Ye Xiu said.

This was very normal for a Cleric, but it felt weird for Ocean Ahead and Thousand Falling Leaves, hearing it come out of Ye Xiu’s mouth…..

Thinking was one thing, but they still did what they had to do.

Ocean Ahead waved his staff and cast a Fire Wall towards Hazy Scene to push him back.

Hazy Scene flickered and warped through the Fire Wall with a Teleport. He waved his staff and returned a Fire Wall to push Ye Xiu and the others towards him. The other Howling Height players ignored the fire wall. They had Clerics. That little amount of damage was nothing.

With a Fire Wall coming at him, Ye Xiu had Enlightened Lord retreat as he continued to instruct the Knights on the other side. 

“Pull it towards the trap zone!” Ye Xiu didn’t shout this order out and instead typed it into the team chat.

The Knights understood. They had prepared this set-up beforehand. The Knights checked the direction and pulled Gladiator Vitalivis over

The eyes of the Thieves, who had set up the traps, lit up. They had been waiting for this moment for a long time!

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