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Chapter 700 - Concentrate

Howling Height’s fourth tank was panicking, when he heard both shouts calling him out. The tank, off tank, and third tank leaving the stage let him know that standing out like an iron wall was definitely not a good option, so when he heard both sides yell out “Fourth tank!”, he decisively withdrew.

His actions didn’t incite any criticism from his guild because their leader immediately switched plans. Peace must be maintained at home before foreign aggression could be resisted. The internal conflict between players hadn’t been resolved yet. How could they worry about the boss?

The leader ordered the Howling Height players to block Heavenly Justice. At the same time, he urgently notified their guild leader, West Riding Wind, about their circumstances.

West Riding Wind’s side had slain Loulan Slash awhile ago.

Loulan Slash had been completely confident that he would be safe, so he had decided to charge into the enemy ranks with a Colliding Stab, but his health bar never increased. He wanted to show off his might and take revenge on Hazy Scene, when he quickly realized that something wasn’t right. He soon figured out the issue. It was because he had rushed in too quickly! Loulan Slash immediately tried to retreat, but it was already too late. How could Howling Heights let him go just like that? The guild leader tag floated above his head. Howling Heights would do everything they could to kill him!

Howling Heights originally thought that the other side would try and rescue him, but the other side unexpectedly ignored him and threw their guild leader aside.

West Riding Wind wasn’t just here for fun like Zhao Yuzhe was. He was very startled by this unusual move.

“Could he have been bait?” West Riding Wind couldn’t help but think. After killing Loulan Slash, West Riding Wind received a message saying that there was an emergency going on at the boss’ end.

“F*ck!” West Riding Wind was gloomy. Directly using a guild leader as bait to lure their attention was too crazy! But how much time could Loulan Slash stall for? In just that short amount of time, the other side was able to make a complete mess out of the boss’ side. These enemies were very difficult to deal with!

Even though Lord Grim still hadn’t been spotted, there was always a shadow in West Riding Wind’s heart. Their big guilds had been tussled around by Lord Grim from the start of the tenth server, all the way to the Heavenly Domain. West Riding Wind knew that the alliance had been created by Lord Grim and was worried that this alliance would be stronger than the Three Great Guilds. How could the Three Great Guilds compare to God Ye Qiu?

“Quickly!” West Riding Wind hastily rushed back to save the situation. He also looked for Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene: “Maybe Ye Qiu is among them.” Fortunately, he had a pro player helping him out, which put West Riding Wind at ease.

“Oh? Really?” Zhao Yuzhe initially heard that Ye Qiu wasn’t there, so he had been disappointed. Now that he heard that Ye Qiu might be there, he immediately became spirited again. This guy was clearly someone who liked to pursue big name targets such as Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader and Heavenly Justice’s guild leader. However, none of those could compare to Ye Qiu.

“Where?” Zhao Yuzhe impatiently asked.

“We still haven’t seen Lord Grim, but he might be using an alternate account.” West Riding Wind didn’t have proof, but he had a feeling that the other side’s offense was too abnormal. Ye Qiu leading them would be the only explanation.

“Okay. Let me pick him out.” Zhao Yuzhe said haughtily. This time, West Riding Wind didn’t feel too disgusted. He was actually feeling quite gratified. He really needed someone like this Best Rookie by his side right now. 

West Riding Wind quickly led his troops back to the boss’ location. They had been close by the entire time. but by the time he arrived, the situation with the boss had already changed. The Gladiator Vitalivis was no longer in the grasp of Howling Height’s. Heavenly Justice was now leading the boss around by its nose.

“How did this happen?” West Riding Wind was shocked. It had been a while since they snatched the boss away from Tyrannical Ambition. Pulling back the boss’s aggro so quickly shouldn’t be possible! Yet how did Heavenly Justice do it?  

West Riding Wind looked more carefully. He discovered that Heavenly Justice hadn’t taken the boss just yet. They were relying on skills like Provoke and Roar to forcefully taunt the Gladiator Vitalivis into attack them. The tank responsible for the boss was following Gladiator Vitalivis along the entire time, attacking it nonstop. West Riding Wind knew that this tank was establishing aggro. Once the boss turned towards this Knight, Heavenly Justice would have full control over the boss.

West Riding Wind saw through the situation in a single moment. He didn’t think that the person in charge of this side, nor any of the elite players wouldn’t be able to see through it. When he looked more closely, he saw that the players from Howling Heights recognized the issue and were trying to snatch it back, but there didn’t seem to be any effect.

Charging at the enemies wasn’t enough to defeat them and when their Knights used Provoke or Roar, it seemed to be completely useless, leaving the Knights puzzled. It was their first time experiencing such a situation, which required such precision and timing. How could they know that Ye Xiu was leading Heavenly Justice, paying attention to their usages of Provoke and Roar, and stopping the effects from working.

West Riding Wind was worried. Zhao Yuzhe didn’t care about any of that though. He warped a few times and jumped onto another very high stone pillar. He shouted loudly: “Ye Qiu! Come out and fight me!!”

He also typed it out in words too. Everyone on the scene saw it. West Riding Wind immediately searched Heavenly Justice’s troops. He also wanted to know where Ye Qiu was hiding! With a God like Ye Qiu leading them, someone like Loulan Slash was worthless. West Riding Wind thought in this way.

“Ye Qiu! Come out and fight me!”

“Ye Qiu! Come out and fight me!”

Zhao Yuzhe shouted non-stop. The messages in chat kept on being spammed. Everyone saw it and some people wanted to go out to shut that guy up. Ye Xiu kept on commanding the troops, while doing his job as a Cleric. Next to him, Ocean Ahead was casting spells. Seeing that God Ye Qiu was very busy, he couldn’t help but remind him: “Someone is challenging you to a fight!”

Zhao Yuzhe was too arrogant. Even West Riding Wind felt uncomfortable, let alone the enemies. Everyone wanted to see this guy fall. And this guy didn’t seem to know what was good for him and kept challenging God Ye Qiu to a fight. Ocean Ahead felt like this punk needed to hurry up and die.

“Mm.” Ye Xiu nodded.

“To the front!! Berserkers, move to the vanguard. Paladins, pressure the rear! Knights, don’t be negligent! Don’t rely too much on the Clerics!” 

“Thieves, keep placing traps on the ground along our retreat path.”

“Mages, don’t just think about dealing damage! Use more crowd control skills.”

Ye Xiu gave a simple reply and then continued commanding the troops. At the same, Enlightened Lord’s cross kept flashing, healing others.

“Someone’s calling you out!” On the other side, Thousand Falling Leaves also came over to remind him.

“We’re here to kill a boss. Ignore that lunatic and concentrate!!” Ye Xiu berated.

When he said this, there just happened to not be any huge explosions from skills. Ye Xiu didn’t lower his voice either and shouted it out like an order. His voice seemed to echo throughout the entire battlefield. At the very least, many people heard it.

The battle instantly turned stiff. Zhao Yuzhe was standing so high up and spamming the chat too. Everyone knew who was shouting, so they knew who Ye Xiu was calling a “lunatic”. At this moment, everyone’s eyes turned to look at Hazy Scene, who was still flooding the chat with the same message and shouting from up high.

The battlefield suddenly seemed to become silent.

There was a reason for this. The players from Howling Heights all knew that this person was this season’s Best Rookie and their team’s rising star, Zhao Yuzhe, but now he had been called a lunatic. It was quite a harsh remark. 

Heavenly Justice obviously didn’t know who this person was. They thought he was some idiot who didn’t know his place. To think that he would actually challenge God Ye Qiu. Look. Ye Qiu doesn’t give two farts about you.

As for Zhao Yuzhe? He heard these words loud and clear. He was furious! Pro players truly weren’t ordinary. He was able to tell the direction in which the voice had come from. When he looked in that direction, he could see Ye Xiu’s Enlightened Lord standing out.

Everyone had a guild tag, except for him. In a chaotic battle, no one would take notice, but Zhao Yuzhe was specifically looking for anything abnormal, so he immediately noticed it. Zhao Yuzhe found his target and made his move. Hazy Scene pointed his staff at him and cast a Piercing Lightning.

This skill had a quick cast time and a fast missile speed. Very few normal players had the ability to dodge it. When the lightning shot out, Zhao Yuzhe saw that Enlightened Lord didn’t seem to move. He just seemed to stand there. He was happy that the attack would hit, but if it hit so easily, maybe this person really wasn’t Ye Qiu? Even if he had retired because of his age, he should still be more skilled than normal players.

Zhao Yuzhe was somewhat disappointed, but then Enlightened Lord suddenly turned his body. The cross in his hands flashed and a healing light showered towards somewhere else. At the same time, the lightning passed through him and hit the ground.

No way?

Zhao Yuzhe thought it was a coincidence at first. Enlightened Lord had turned around and cast a spell on his target didn’t seem like a dodging motion, but he did dodge it…..

If it wasn’t a coincidence…..

Zhao Yuzhe thought to himself. Hazy Scene activated Mobile Cast and leapt down from the stone pillar, similar to when he had fought against Jiang You’s Wandering Peak.

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