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Chapter 687 - Scrap Pick Transporter

Samsara celebrated without restraint.

In the early days of Glory, champions like Team Samsara could log into the game and interact personally with their fans. However, in these recent years, the competition had become fiercer, and this type of activity had already died away. The game was equal to everyone. If pro characters like Cloud Piercer or Empty Waves appeared, would they be able to parade on the streets? The fans of the other teams would help them celebrate by gifting them with their flashy attacks….. 

There was only killing in the game. Even celebrating looked the same. It was currently the weekends, right now, so there were more players online than in the weekdays. Even though only two guilds were fighting, it seemed even more intense than in the past.

The fans might be fighting fiercely, but the guilds exercised restraint. They knew that this time, the other guilds would definitely be watching the battle from the sidelines. They had to preserve as much of their strength as they could because this battle could only result in losses. There was no winner or loser in this battle.

Blue Brook Guild was stronger than Samsara, but it wasn’t by so much that Blue Brook Guild would be able to wipe Samsara out.

In particular, for Club guilds, the word “wipe” couldn’t really be used. As long as the team still existed in the pro scene, the guild would survive. If the team left the pro scene, you wouldn’t need to actively try and wipe out that guild; it would quickly fade away on its own. These kinds of occurrences had happened before in the past.

The two guilds carefully moved about. They had a tacit agreement not to let their elite forces collide. Thus, the war this time appeared less real. Ye Xiu’s group was originally going to run around scrap picking, but when Ye Xiu heard Wei Chen describe the situation, he immediately lost interest.

If the elite forces would avoid direct conflicts with each other, wouldn’t they just be going around bullying normal players and showing off their might? Both guilds were very well aware that they needed to participate in this war. The two guilds wouldn’t be provoked by their surroundings. The core of the guilds were professionals. They would calmly survey the situation to see how they could win just like the pro players.

Of course, this was only limited to the core circle. Whether it was the main guild or the branch guilds, the vast majority of players were purely fans, who could be rational or impulsive. Some would listen to the guild’s advice, while some thought right now was the time to stand out.

The guild couldn’t care about everyone. In any case, the elite members strictly followed orders. In addition, they tried to avoid putting in as much resources as possible. As a result, they did a good job preserving their strength.

In reality, even the non-elite players still had fairly good equipment. After all, they were all members of Club guilds. Even if they weren’t able to buy or obtain the items that they wanted from dungeons or marketplaces, they could still obtain them by contributing to the guild and trading contribution points for items in the guild storage. Club guilds were able to keep so many players together, relying on this method.

However, Ye Xiu’s group was only focused on picking up items dropped by the elite teams. The equipment dropped from these elite members were all top equipment in the game. Picking up second-rate or third-rate equipment felt meaningless to them now.

But then again, wasn’t getting equipment this way faster than running dungeons? Wasn’t the equipment for the guild storage? In the end, Ye Xiu’s group still went scrap picking. It wasn’t like they had anything else to do. Normal players would try and get their equipment properly through dungeons, but like Wei Chen said: Think of your status! You’re going to stoop to their level and do the same? Why not just buy or steal?

In the past, running dungeons could be considered as practice for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun to get used to controlling their characters. However, half a year had passed. The two of them had grasped the basics a long time ago. Running dungeons wasn’t very meaningful to them anymore. Even though they could still do some training through the dungeons, these past few years, the pro scene had already developed more efficient and specialized training methods. They had their own programs that allowed them to create all sorts of simulations. The technology department of the various Clubs weren’t just for creating equipment. They were involved in a lot of projects.

Many of these training methods were secrets of the Clubs. Those that could be downloaded publicly certainly wouldn’t be these. Even though Ye xiu was very familiar with the training methods that Team Excellent Era had, the problem was getting or creating the programs used for these training methods. How could he know about any of that? Team Excellent Era wasn’t going to provide those programs for him, so he didn’t have any.

Team Happy didn’t only lack talented players. Compared to the Clubs, they were still at a very crude level. If all a team needed was a practice room, it would be the same as eight years ago, when a few players could just register and join the pro scene.

If even the Club guilds needed to be personally managed by the pro players, how could the Glory Alliance have grown this big? Any established team nowadays had strong funding backing them. How could they resort to scrap picking for equipment? Just look at Loulan Slash did things. He just needed to throw his money and sweep the market.

Thinking about this made Chen Guo feel a little sad.

Did Ye Xiu like to go scrap picking? No, of course not. He just didn’t have any other choice. Chen Guo didn’t like this method, but it’s not like she had a ton of money either. If she didn’t let him go scrap picking, how would they get a huge amount of equipment? How would they establish their guild storage?

Sayings like “There’s always another way” or “As long you try hard” were all nonsense. Chen Guo wasn’t a little kid. She wasn’t so innocent. There are many things in this world that can’t be accomplished through hard work alone. There were 20 teams in the Alliance. Which team wasn’t trying hard? There was only one champion every season though.

Chen Guo had enough money to buy some equipment and the money Wei Chen earned from the skill points guide could be used to develop the team too. Their current capital would have been considered exceptional eight years ago, but this wasn’t eight years ago. The scene had developed rapidly during these eight years. Their capital wasn’t considered much in the Pro Alliance nowadays. They were still at the level, where they needed to split a bill in half before using it.

As a result, even if she looked down on scrap picking, she didn’t raise any objections. She even went along with them to pick up scraps. If a God like Ye Xiu was going to stoop so low, she didn’t have any excuses.

However, Ye Xiu refused because her skill level was too low. “Are you planning on picking up their equipment or having them pick up your equipment?” His honesty made her furious.

Without any other choice, Chen Guo could only be a transporter. Ye Xiu’s group was too efficient. The war this time was even more intense. There was equipment everywhere. The three went back and forth. Their storehouses were about to be full. Chen Guo immediately grabbed their alternate accounts and used those as storages. After thinking things from a long-term perspective, she ordered another set of Heavenly Domain accounts. She listened to Ye Xiu’s advice and got one of each class.

Today, their work didn’t seem like scrap pickers, but transporters. They had to save some energy to defend themselves, when scrap picking in the elite battles. But now that they were scrap picking with normal players, they didn’t need to use as much effort. They went about round and round. Even Loulan Slash’s eyes were red, when he heard of it. But no matter how red his eyes were, he wouldn’t go and scrap pick. Around three months later, he would be standing on the pro stage. Loulan Slash was looking forward to this very much. He clearly looked down on taking advantage of this situation to scrap pick.

But seeing how God Ye Qiu was scrap picking so calmly, Loulan Slash could only feel inferior: a God really is a God. He’s so high-profile in anything he does. This scrap picking….. f*ck, he’s going back to the city. Is his inventory full already?

Because it was the weekend, the wild bosses this week had all spawned. The four guilds in the alliance had benefited greatly. As a whole, it was the biggest harvest in history. The big guilds usually competed for these wild bosses exchanging wins. No single guild had ever monopolized so many bosses in a single week! After killing all of these wild bosses this week, each party in the alliance looked at their accounts. They discovered that even though they split each boss five ways every time, because they killed so many bosses, their profits surpassed the amount a big guild usually got.

This alliance is too amazing!

Each party in the alliance praised. Although the big guilds hadn’t participated in the competition for most of the wild bosses this week, their future looked sound. Even if their harvest decreased in the future, they definitely hadn’t lost out this week. Just think, if they didn’t have such an alliance and they took advantage while the big guilds were fighting to get a few wild bosses, it would just be the small Club guilds competing with each other instead of the big guilds. No one had a monopoly. In the end, the drops would have been split between numerous guilds. Their harvest then certainly wouldn’t be as good as their current harvest.

This satisfying result made these guilds hopeful for the future. They wanted Monday to hurry up and come, so they could begin killing next week’s wild bosses. They understood the importance of God Ye Qiu in this alliance and placed great importance on what God Ye Qiu asked for them to do. Loulan Slash was currently watching the two big guilds fight it out. He noticed Lord Grim’s group nimbly entering the battle, run around, and run out slowly. The weight in their inventory must definitely be slowing down their feet. Soon afterwards, he received a message from his guild: Deception has been seen.

Yes. This was what Loulan Slash and the others were helping God Ye Qiu do. When Loulan Slash received this news, the other three guild leaders, Yue Ziqin, White Stream, and Martial Awareness also received this message. Just like Loulan Slash, they cared very much about this task! 

As a result, Ye Xiu quickly received the news from the four guild leaders: Deception is on. 

“Ah!” Ye Xiu hastily called out to Chen Guo: “Hurry up and take this load off me!!”

Take this load off me…… was he really regarding scrap picking as transporting? Chen Guo silently cursed as her character went over. She also asked: “Is there something that came up?”

“That’s guy’s on again.” Ye Xiu said.

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